16 Freaking Candles

Something of a parody of one of my favorite old movies '16 candles', hence the title name with a dash of yaoi if you mix it all up together. Sorry for ANY OOCness. I do NOT own Total Drama or 16 candles, at all and never will.


Chapter 1: It's MY Birthday!

Scott's P.O.V

This was just great. Everything.
I still wasn't feeling 100 percent after my full recovery operation that I needed from Fang. (Thank God Cameron shared his winnings with everyone after he won, I wouldn't have been able to afford it, as if my family wasn't poor enough. I got lucky). I lost my lucky shark's tooth and… I know this one's my fault; respect from all the others on that godforsaken island, not even the 'veterans' liked me, at first I didn't really give a damn. After said recovery I thought going home would mean the best for me, and now today, a day that's supposed to be special was apparently forgotten. August 25th .

My fucking birthday.

I didn't look like it but as of today I'm turning 16 years old. And my family, even my favorite pappy. They all forgot my fucking birthday. In a sad sense of irony I remember times when my stupid little brother Liam (13) and little sister Nelly(11) would jump on my bed to wake me up when it was still freaking 12 in the morning to wish me 'Happy Birthday!' even though I knew it was just to wake me up early to piss me off. Little brats, if it weren't for them maybe mom, dad and pappy would've given me the chance to make the big announcement.

Flashback: 8:00 Morning

I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked more like an 17 year old than a 16 year old but still it's my fucking 16th birthday, that means something. I went into the kitchen awaiting for everyone to wish me a Happy Birthday but then Liam got in my way, "Make way, Prom-Reject!"

"Everyone, there's something important Nelly has to say to everybody!"

Oh this is great, Nelly wants to wish me a Happy Birthday, it's about time she said something respectful to her big brother.

She bumped into me "Outta my way Butthead!"

By the way, when it came to me she was Liam's partner-in-crime.

"Hey everyone it's Kylie's birthday today!"

My eyes widened, stupid little girl, It's MY birthday too, did she think about that? For even a second?

Kylie (12) was Nelly's stupid friend, literally stupid. She was the richest kid in our neighborhood she had everything, looks (for a 12 year old), money, big freaking house, but she was probably the dumbest person I've ever met. In a way she reminded me of that Lindsay girl who was also a Veteran for Total Drama Island, except Lindsay was hot and apparently saccharine while Kylie was annoyingly dumb and a selfish little brat, no wonder she and Nelly got along.

"Mommy, can we go to her party?" Nelly asked with those insipid puppy dog eyes, I don't understand how her puppy dog eyes worked on ANYONE. She's not cute she's a little rat. And I can't stand rats, like the ones that are always in our kitchen.

"Whatever you want sweetheart."

Figures, Mom and Dad always wanted a girl. So Nelly was the favorite child, Liam was the second because apparently they 'went wrong with me', I heard them talking about me one night. Bastards.

If they bothered to pay attention at all they'd see that Liam's a little asshole.

You think they'd appreciate the fact that their own son would risk his life, waking up everyday scared out his pants thinking a psycho 4-legged shark would try and maul him everyday, trying to win risky challenges to win money and support his family. But nooooo.

"Hello? What about me?" I asked flabbergasted and a little hurt.

"What about you?" asked Liam.

I glared at him, watching his stupid freckled face sneering back at me, it was like looking in a mirror but Liam's the type that would no doubt turn out as a bigger asshole than me. "C'mon, this is probably the only time we'll eat good. And I'm not missing out on that cake! So What's up your ass, Scotty? A Shark Tooth? Oh wait you lost it didn't you Scotty?"

Normally I was called Scotty on occasion but I HATED it whenever it came out of Liam's filthy little mouth.

"Nobody's gonna do anything?! Every fucking day he gets worse and worse, and you guys don't do anything!" I snapped, it's about time, I've been meaning to say that but I didn't really expect Mom or Dad to really do anything.

"Language Scott!" Mom barked.

"Liam don't talk to your brother like that, it's very naughty." Dad said. He didn't even try.

"I'm just trying to say that Scotty outta come with if he wants me and Nelly to enjoy that party"

"Yeah, I have to be there and I'm not letting Scotty ruin today for me!" Nelly whined.

Of course it's always 'me,me,me' with her, and it's all Mom and Dad's fault for spoiling her. She's the most selfish thing I've ever had the misfortune of being related to. When today was supposed to be MY birthday.

"Yeah, I mean he already blew it on that island, great job with that by the way numbnuts! You couldn't even win us the money!" Liam mocked me while Nelly pointed at me, cackling.

"Ok Liam, Nelly that's enough you little smartasses!" Pappy yelled, making Liam cower behind Dad and Nelly start crying to Mom, while I smiled at my Pappy and he smiled at me, that was the highlight of my morning.


Luckily Pappy loved me, I chose him as my father figure. He was like me in every way, same personality, same views and the fact that he couldn't stand Nelly or Liam either made me love him even more. But apparently today the fact that Kylie's rich made him forget about my birthday too. I was honestly okay with that, I'll forgive him while the rest of them can suck it.

P.S I do NOT own Total Drama in any way whatsoever, other characters: Liam, Nelly, Kylie, Scott's Parents belong to me