Chapter 3: Friendly Reunion

Scott's P.O.V

I've never rode in a limo before, ever. This must be how the rich people feel, and it's great, or at least it almost would be great if that psycho Chef Hatchet wasn't the one driving it. Also it would've been great if those people I never wanted to see again weren't gonna be there, I hated pretty much everybody and they all hated me. Some were okay but not enough for me to like. The veterans are no better especially that Heather, or Duncan.

Thankfully it wasn't on that island and instead at a more safe location in Ottawa. Everyone was there and just like at the party at home, everyone here was having a good time as well, perfect. Some of the guys I knew began chatting with the old contestants and even started making friends with them. I just kept to myself, because after all I'm not here to make friends.

I remembered one time when I was with my team, Lightning just kept rambling on and on about himself, and then everybody else started talking about themselves (Except for B of course). I had told everyone my birthdate. It seems as if no one remembered or cared and not even Chris cared to make the announcement.

Bastard, he's lucky Chef Hatchet bothered to bail him out, though in reality he wasn't gonna get paid back.

Either way I hate this.

Normal P.O.V

The clock struck 9:00 and the reunion party seemed to now be playing romantic music for the young couples. Scott just sat at an isolated table scowling at the couples. Apparently nobody cared or even approached him, not even to say 'hi' and if they did come by they would just glare at him or ignore his very presence. One thing he noticed is that Lightning kept staring at him for some reason, but eventually he ignored it.

Poor Scott was forced to watch all the annoying people doing annoying things.

Katie and Sadie kept flirting with Trent, Alejandro recovered from his injuries as well and now he was here dancing with an annoyed looking Heather. However Scott could've sworn he'd saw her blushing.

Sam and Dakota-zoid were dancing in the sense that Dakota carried him around while Sam got to be lifted and flown around, he seemed to be enjoying it.

They were no couple but Jo and Brick apparently joined in for the sake of trying to out-dance each other over whose hands go on top, Bridgette and Geoff were making out under the table where the snacks were served and Lindsay was with Tyler.

During the slow dance Gwen and Duncan were dancing together, while from far away Scott noticed Courtney glaring at the two of them. While Scott got to see Mike and Zoey dancing together staring lovingly into each other's eyes, seemingly caught up in the moment.

The view practically sickened Scott, romance sickened him in general but this was different. He actually knew and was able to understand how Courtney felt. To be in front of a lovey-dovey kissy-face couple, all happy and romantic while both of them had their own problems to deal with.

As Scott remembers he did blackmail Mike about telling Zoey about his MPD, but eventually it became useless and love redeemed between them after all ya-da, ya-da, ya-da, either way he didn't give a shit.

Then right after Mike did get eliminated, Zoey had gone wild and practically fed him to a shark and then somehow she had the nerve to act like she was so big and tough, when she's clearly not. Just how the hell did she get further than him in the game?!

Scratch that he knew exactly how Courtney felt.

This was all their fault, it was their fault that he had lost and their fault that he couldn't win the money for everyone at home. Scott got angrier, today which was supposed to be HIS birthday, HIS day, has been terrible and nobody gives a damn! He was fed up, somebody has to pay.

Without thinking he ran up from his seat behind Mike

"HEY! Everyone say hello the happy couple and her boyfriend!" He yelled for everyone to hear.

"Check out his underpants!" With that Scott pulled down Mike's pants revealing bright pink boxers for everyone, and Zoey to see; much to the couple's embarrassment.

Both Zoey and Mike blushed crimson red as everyone began to turn to see and even began to laugh and point. The veterans especially, jerks like Heather, Alejandro, but Duncan even more so.

"Wow what a loser! You up for wedgie-time?" Duncan asked, unable to maintain his mischievous bully-like nature.

"NO!" Mike yelled helplessly as Duncan began to pull him in. Zoey wasn't gonna stand for it and so she got into it only for Gwen to step in, she wasn't gonna let a little newbie like her hurt her bad boy. Eventually Courtney joined in merely to try and pull some of Gwen's hair out. Everybody just stared shocked, mouths agape and eyes widened.

Outside Scott kept running and cackling, proud of what he did, they deserved it.

Only for the feeling to quickly be replaced with grief, remembering that everyone still forgot his birthday. He almost wanted to cry but he quickly brushed that off, 16 year olds don't cry. Even if everyone you knew forgot the day you were turning 16.

I felt so bad making this chapter! Poor Mike and Scott. I was so mean to them and I love both of them but what can you do when you have an idea? Forgive me for all you lovers out there! I'm SORRY!