Chapter 5: Candles

Normal P.O.V

A little bit after 11-ish o'clock, Scott and Lightning had decided to sadly part ways to go back to their respective homes. The two had spend their time talking dude-to-dude, bro-to-bro. Lightning teased Scott a little about how he didn't really look 16 while Scott kept calling Lightning names like 'stupid' or 'brainless'.

"So…um… like I said before, thanks for the cake…" Scott thanked him holding the rest of the cake, they had eaten some while talking to each other.

"Aw you're welcome buddy. By the way best 16th birthday ever huh? Since you got to spend it with Sha-Lightning, right?"

Scott looked at Lightning annoyed, pouting a little bit "You're an idiot… but I guess that makes you charming…" he whispered.

"Lightning's more than charming, Lightning is HOT!" He gloated, while flexing.

"Yeah, yeah… I am actually glad I spent it with you…"

Lightning looked at him a little confused before punching him the shoulder again, "So does that mean you'll call me"

Scott sighed "Yes, I'm going to call you sometime."

"Well Lightning's ride is outside, say want me to take ya home or something?" He asked.

Scott paused, Lightning had actually offered him a ride, no one normally ever offered Scott anything so he really didn't know how to respond.


"Ya sure? Cuz Lightning don't care, in fact Lightning don't want you walking home all alone"

Whenever it came to rare acts of human kindness Scott naturally said no, but Lightning was being persistent. "Fine"

" I-I mean don't get the wrong idea! I don't care if you do, but good luck my little trailer's probably too far for you to drive."

"Na, Lightning knows where he's going"

Scott rolled his eyes, the ride home was going to take forever, he should've said no.

To Scott's surprise Lightning actually found his little town and little trailer.

"THIS is your sha-House?" Lightning asked stupefied, he lived in a big awesome mansion, so this…was completely out of his league.

"Yeah, I know, shithole."

"Na, it ain't like that, I bet if you did a little something extra it could look a little less like a shithole and more like a dump." Lightning said, making the ginger pout.

"Thanks for the ride home…" Scott said, feeling awkward when he realized everything that he had been through today with the jock, his ears and cheeks burning red.

"You're welcome, oh and here's my number."


"Oh and Scott?"

"Y-Yes?" He prayed to God it wasn't wouldn't be something that would make things even more awkward between them, but nonetheless he was ready to hear whatever it was that Lightning had to say. Instead he was greeted by a sudden kiss from Lightning, Scott wanted to pull away but at the same time, he wanted this moment to last forever. The kiss was passionate in the small-town's soft and quiet atmosphere with the crickets chirping and the wind blowing softly around the two. Lightning however was the first to pull away.

"Happy Birthday."

His eyes widened, reminded that someone did care and remember, what he really wanted all along.

"Sha-bye-bye!" Lightning said before driving off, leaving a still stunned and oddly touched Scott.

He stood outside for a long time, thinking to himself. He looked at the cake Lightning had given to him and even began to eat some of it, not caring that he was eating it with his hands, (When it comes to cakes, who needs forks anyway?). Then he looked at the 16 candles that were still there but had long been extinguished and began to count and think about what 16 wishes he could have since he still had a few minutes before the clock struck 12 and his birthday would be over.

"1…for a better house."

"2…for health to me and Pappy."

"3…for Liam and Nelly to leave me the hell alone."

"4…for Mom and Dad to get with the program."

"5…for luck, any luck that comes out of the sky."

"6…for Chris McClain to drop dead."

"7…for that maniac Chef to drop dead along with him."

"8…for Fang that psycho shark to be served up into Shark Fin Soup."

"9…for a lucky shot at the lottery."

"10…for getting by at school enough to get me in college."

"11…for everyone at school to respect me."

"12…for everything to go MY way"

"13…for Mike and Zoey to break up (it was their fault he got eliminated and Zoey's fault he had to undergo that hellish surgery)

"14…for Pappy to live to be at least 100"

"15…for me to get out of this crappy town one day"

"And 16…"

"…For me to see Lightning again…"

The clock had just struck 12, and even though Scott didn't believe in almost anything he was sure that his wishes would come true, he was just happy that his real wish came true.

Someone who cared.

HAUU...! I think this ending turned out pretty good! And as it turns out for you lucky readers I will do the TDROTI cast with a parody with the classic oldie 'The Breakfast Club' but don't get too anxious now i will get down to it.

P.S Scott's being so tsundere to Lightning right now but that's the kind of relationship I can just see with them!