I know this is not a chapter but I just wanted everyone to know that I'm going to be working on updating my stories right now. My first to finish would have to be Desires of the Heart! I'm really hoping to make that a good story.

I want to thank everyone who has followed with all my stories and those who commented! I really enjoy waking up and seeing new comments! Please send more my way~ hahahaha! Anyways, I just wanted to go ahead and post this authors note to let you know my plan.

For those who read my Desires of the Heart story please go back and re-read the first two chapters. I know that some of you greatly enjoy the story but I'm going to be making a few changes. Now I did receive one comment on Desires of the Heart that kind of got my blood pumping. I know I asked for help with some of the story details but please keep in mind that there are only two chapters right now and its not a competed story yet. I don't necessarily want my character to be a Mary Sue, but at the moment I haven't really had a chance to develop her character as much as I want. There is a reason that the main character has an elven name and is the adoptive daughter of Lord Elrond. The reason I had not enlightened anyone on the reasons why is because it would not be a good story if I were to suddenly make everything known about her within the first two chapters. She herself has many things that she still needs to learn about who she is. Also I know that I got a comment about how instead of writing "pure sky blue" for her eye color I should just go ahead and say blue. You have to understand that I'm a writer. I don't like just using the word blue. Think of it this way. I know that when you meet a person you think "wow, they have beautiful blue eyes" but in a writers world we are taught all about being descriptive with out details. There are many different hues of blue in the world so I merely helped the reader imagine pure sky blue eyes on my main character. I'm used to writing this way and if there is a problem with that then I'm sorry but I can't change what I was taught.

Also I tend to write most of my stories really early in the morning. That's just how I do things as well. You can blame all the years of doing papers for school in the early hours of the mornings. Which brings up to the whole getting someone else to read my story before I post it. I'm a little superstition about letting others read my not completed works. Which is why it takes so long for me to write another chapter. I feel that sometimes when other people read something that I've written and its not finished, I loose a lot of my inspiration and ideas. Call me strange but its happened before. I took me almost two years to write a novel because at one point I let a friend read what I had and I just... could not finish writing it. But I've come to feel better when it takes me a while to do chapter to chapter. I know its strange but please pay no mind to it. My point though is that I know my grammar at times can be rather... horrible. I go over and read what I've written but like I said, its early in the morning and I don't really catch everything.

Now when it comes to the whole, elves only mate once in their life, I know this. I don't need others to tell me that what I'm writing doesn't add up. I will be changing it to AU but at the same time down the road I will be including The Hobbit adventures into the story. Before anyone ask, I will using both the movies and the book later on for that section. So for the whole Thranduil meeting another and falling in love, I'm bending that rule only slightly. But of course I have to make it to where there is some conflict around the idea. Once again though, I'm only on chapter two and there are still many more to go so...

Also it was said that I'm too descriptive when it comes to the beauty of Imaldris and my character. Once again, I'm a writer! I love describing things and since Imaldris is said to be a magical and stunning place I'm sticking with that and making it appear amazing. I'm a descriptive person and I can't change that. I feel that if you have those sentences in your works, where you are describing a person or place it gives the reading a mental image to work with. If you don't like that in a fanfiction, then don't read mine. I like writing and I love being able to help my readers imagine the people and places I speak about. If you don't like that, then do not read my stories because no matter what this will not change in my writing style.

Alright so I think I covered most of what I wanted to say. OH! A little updating news, I've been working on another novel, this one a little more time consuming then my last one I think. A good friend of mine and I are working on it together. He started writing his own novel and I told him that I'd make one to follow after his. It is gonna be really cool~ hahaha~ lol or so I like to think. I've got all kinds of creatures in mine like elves, dragons, centaurs, vampires, demons, etc. If anyone is interested in hearing a little about it, I might post a little preview into another author's note, but only if anyone is interested in known the story~

I'm not sure if anyone has heard of Two Steps From Hell, but please listen to their soundtracks. The songs are amazing and have helped a lot in writing my new novel as well as some chapters for my fanfictions. If I ever finish my screenplay and would like a good soundtrack I would so ask for Two Steps From Hell~ hahahah~ If possible of course, lol~

Okay now I'm for sure done. Just please keep reading my stories and please keep giving me your thoughts on the chapters~ I do like to hear feed back, but I just wish for everyone to keep in mind that I only have a few chapters for some stories so.. not all your questions are going to be answered the first couple of chapters, then it wouldn't be good story. Alright then, good bye for now and I'll have some more chapters up for you all to read soon!