This is not to be taken seriously – I found the archive yesterday and decided to write this xx It literally took five minutes xx (But please still read and review) xx

Once upon a time, not that long ago, in a land not that far away their lived a man named Sir Piers Pomfrey. Sir Piers Pomfrey (to be forthwith known as Piers) hated women.

He loathed them.

And when he was beaten by a group of school girls from St Trinians this hatred escalated.

(And being ousted as a misogynist on live TV really didn't help his reputation.)

After a few short years, planning revenge against the girls that had dared to thwart and humiliate him (and failing in each of his retaliatory strikes), he met a young woman named Mina who was suitably submissive and not at all defiant. That was very good. She knew her place. Women were still cattle, but he needed someone to pass the Pomfrey line on to.

After two years Mina became pregnant.

And nine months later she gave birth to a little girl.

Piers was not happy.

And they all lived not-so happily ever after.

(The moral of this story is that women and men are equal. And karma sucks.)