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~Harry P.O.V.~

I was woken up to the smells of delicious cooking filling Ron's attic room. The Dursly's had been happy to let me spend the last few weeks of summer at the Weasly's, Mostly to get me out of the house. " Breakfast!" yelled from down stairs. " After where going to Diagon Ally to get school supplies." Me and a half asleep Ron practically crawled down the stairs.

When we popped out of the leaky cauldrons fireplace, we made for the gate to Diagon Ally. When we passed through, sent me, Hermione, and Ron to go to Grengotts. "Who are they Harry?" Hermione asked me as we walked into Flourish and Blotts. They look about 16, our age. One was a boy, dark haired, Italian, or so he looked, and was wearing black muggle cloths. The other was a BEATUAFUL young girl. She had waist long black hair, stunning green eyes, a slim body with large boobs, and a teal tee shirt and jean booty shorts that showed of her butt. She was kind-of clinging on to the boys arm, but it looked like she was a little more scared of all the crowds, rather then in a relationship with the boy. At least that's what I hoped, and by Ron's face and his drool, he was hoping the same thing.


It hadn't been a good day. Lucy and I had to wake at the crack of dawn, just to go "Shopping" Lucy agreed with me that it was torture. When we entered the bookshop , Flourish and Blotts, Lucy grasped onto my arm. I looked at her questionably. " What's the matter?" I asked her in Greek. "Scared. There's to many people. It feels weird." I didn't really mind her hanging on. I blushed slightly when I realized that her boob was rubbing up to my arm.

When we exited the store, we say three kids about our age; one was a girl, with bushy brown hair and two boys. They were both eye raping Lucy and I was getting annoyed. One had black air and green eyes, and one was a ginger with brown eyes and freckles. I didn't like the way they were looking at Lucy; you could tell that she was uncomfortable. The girl smacked the boys in the head and then dragged them over to us. "Hello," She said pompously "my names Hermione Granger. This is-" "And I'm Ron Weasly!" The red head broke in, slyly slipping his hand around Lucy's waist. Lucy stiffened and I took a deep breath. Don'tblowyourcoverDon'tblowwyourcoverDon'tblow your cover I chanted in my head. Thankfully before I killed him, he removed his hand when the girl, Hermione I think, pinched him. "And I am Harry Potter!" The other boy, Harry, said pompously, as if expecting us to bow to him and Lucy to throw her self at him. "What?" Lucy and me said in sync. The kid's jaws fell to the ground.

"You don't know who Harry Potter is?"


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