It was almost over, except for one thing: him. Lord English. They had succeeded in defeating Bec Noir, and in the aftermath of that, they had forgotten about their biggest enemy. Bec Noir was an ant compared to Lord English. Now they were weak, tired, and -most of them- injured. Dave was too, and he was scared. Scared of dying, scared that he would fail. But he had to do it; he had to at least try.

He stood up. "Guys, listen," he said and all the conscious people looked at him. "We forgot about one thing- Lord English. He's going to arrive here soon, but I won't let him get this far."

But it was too late. Lord English appeared.

As Dave walked up to meet him, John yelled, "Dave! No! You can't do this!"

"I have to John. It's my burden. I have to at least try. For my bro, and Rose's mom and Jade's grandpa and your dad. For everyone who's died. I'll probably fail, so you'll get to fight him in the end anyways."

Jade came running up to him and hugged him tight. "Dave! No! I-I'll help you. See, I'm still strong! I can fight!" She lifted her hands, and a fait green glow came from them, flickered, and went out.

"No, Jade. This is my burden. I have to do this. Alone. I'll probably die, so you'll fight him either way."

"D-Daveā€¦.I love you."

"I love you too. I love all of you guys."

Jade took his hand and led him over to where Rose lay, still unconscious. "Even her?"

Dave smiled softly down at Jade. "Even her. She may be a sarcastic snob, but she's still my sister and I love her."

The three hugged, then Jade stood on her tiptoes to kiss Dave on the cheek. Hand in hand, the three of them started to walk towards where Lord English was standing, watching everything with slight amusement. Dave stopped about 50 paces from him. I don't want you getting any closer to that-that monster." he said, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

Jade started to cry. It hurt her to see Dave like this. It hurt a lot. "Dave. Wait."

Dave turned. "Yeah?"

She turned and kissed him full on the mouth. Dave started out of surprise then wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in close, kissing her fiercely. They stayed like that for a minute or so, and it was a crazy image for onlookers. The two most powerful players kissing to the backdrop of their worst enemy.

Dave and Jade broke apart after what seemed like hours but was only minutes.

Jade smiled, tears streaming down her face. "Now you have something worth fighting for."

Dave smiled back. "That isn't a new thing."

They hugged tightly and Dave finally broke away. He walked towards Lord English and nodded to him. "Ready to die?"

"I should be asking you that, Knight. Follow me. Our battleground awaits."

Dave looked back one last time at his friends. Rose had just woken up and seemed to understand what was going on. Tears were starting to flow down her cheeks. Everyone else was crying, you could even see a few tears on Dirk's cheeks. Jade and John were the closest, and Jade was sobbing into John's shoulder while John tried to stop his tears for her sake. He had to stay strong. Dave caught his eye and gave him a look, darting his eyes from Jade back to John. John got the message and nodded. He would take good care of Jade.

"Coming?" Lord English asked.

"Get ready." Dave turned around and slowly walked forward. He pulled out his sword, nodded to Lord English, and disappeared into darkness.

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