A/N: Welcome to my story! We begin the day before the Battle of Canary Warf and follow Ianto Jones as he seeks employment at Torchwood Three. My plan is to write up through the first two seasons, then make a decision about CoE. I have ideas for both the Fix-it version and the other version. Hey, maybe I'll end up writing both? Knowing that people are reading and following will encourage me to post faster. (I have scenes written through Cyberwoman, and planned through the first season.) Don't worry, though, there's a lot that has to happen before Ianto can get his new job. Enjoy!

Torchwood Files

Everyone at Torchwood London knew three rumors about Captain Jack Harkness, director of the Cardiff branch.

One: Jack Harkness flirted with anyone, male or female, human or alien. Some said he would shag anyone, too.

Two: Jack Harkness traveled with the Doctor.

Three: Jack Harkness couldn't die.

Chapter One: London

Ianto Jones smiled at his girlfriend Lisa Hallett as she walked into their shared flat and dropped her coat on the floor.

"Lisa," he began, his voice light and teasing. "What have I told you about leaving your things around like that?"

She hung up her coat and walked into the kitchen where he was preparing dinner. They kissed. "Sorry I'm late. I had the most amazing day," she said, her smile growing. "You won't believe who I met!" she exclaimed, her voice higher than normal in her excitement.

Lisa threw herself onto the sofa, kicked off her heels and put he-r feet on the coffee table, winking at Ianto's disapproving glare. "I met Jack Harkness! The Jack Harkness. The one everyone's always talking about."

"You mean, Captain Jack Harkness?" he asked mildly.

"Yes, that one. I guess he was here visiting, to talk about the whole ghost thing, and Yvonne took him on a tour. You should have seen him! He was so handsome." She glanced briefly at Ianto to be sure he wasn't upset that she'd just called another man handsome, but he continued cooking without saying anything, so she continued.

"So, you know how my desk is right near the room with the sphere that no one understands? Well, Yvonne was showing him around, and when she paused to input the security code for the door, he turned and smiled at me. I looked away. But when I looked up, he'd appeared right next to me, leaning his hip against my desk. He introduced himself, so I had to do the same.

"'Nice to meet you, Lisa Hallet' he said. And he turned my hand over and kissed it. Like in Cinderella. So I blushed, of course, but luckily he couldn't tell, and this shiver ran through me like I'd touched an electric wire, or something." She paused as Ianto handed her a plate of lasagna and sat down beside her.

"So, what happened next?" Ianto finally asked.

"Well, he noticed my bracelet. He asked where I'd gotten it, and I said my boyfriend, and he said that my boyfriend was very lucky to have me, and I said, yes, he was, and pointed to the picture of us that I have on my desk. You remember the one? The one where I'm in pink and kind of making a claw over your head?

"Then his grin got even bigger, and he said: 'If you and your boyfriend are ever in Cardiff, look me up.' And he winked at me. Then Yvonne called to him and he walked away, but there was his business card on my desk, and all it had was his name and phone number."

"So he's a flirt?" Ianto asked. "We all know that."

"Well, yes, but I was thinking…" she trailed off.

"You were thinking?" Ianto prompted.

"Well, it would be perfect, wouldn't you say? We could go to Cardiff and you could show me where you grew up, and then we could look up Captain Harkness…"

Ianto sighed and put his plate on the coffee table, turning to look at her. "What, exactly, are you suggesting?"

"You've always wanted to try it with a bloke," she answered. "Why not him? If he has even half as much experience as everyone says, I'm sure he's good at it."

Ianto blanched, then blushed. "Lisa, I –"

"Come on, don't say no," she pleaded. "You think I don't know you're bi? Or at least curious? You talk about it every time you're drunk! I mean, it's not like it's a bad thing, or anything. I don't care if you are or aren't, but Captain Harkness is gorgeous and I thought it would be a good idea."

Ianto turned away, speechless.

"Think about it," she said, rising to her feet and taking the dishes into the kitchen. When the dishes were clean, she realized that Ianto had gone to bed already. Sighing, she put the card from Captain Harkness in the pocket of one of Ianto's suits and got undressed to join him in bed. Ianto shifted, presenting his back to her.

"Look, Ianto, I'm sorry," she said, stroking his arm soothingly.

"I don't want to talk about it," Ianto hissed. "I'm with you, Lisa. I'm not interested in being with anyone else."

"All right," she muttered with a sigh. "I guess we should sleep. We have to be on call for the Ghost Shifts tomorrow. Yvonne says they're getting close to a breakthrough."

"I hate those bloody things," Ianto grumbled. "Nothing good's to come of them."

"I have a feeling, though. I think tomorrow will be an exciting day."

"Will Captain Harkness still be around?"

"No, I heard as I was leaving that he was on his way back to Cardiff. They're working on something big over there, too. Trying to analyze where the Ghosts are going to appear next."

"Torchwood London, Torchwood Cardiff, all the same to me," Ianto mumbled, yawning.

"Go to sleep, honey," Lisa said, leaning over to kiss him again. "We have to be at our best for tomorrow."