Hi friends and readers,

I usually hate the "update chapters," but I think it's become necessary. I feel very bad that I've seemed to abandon several stories, and I wanted to give an explanation.

I suffer from chronic depression, and when I have a major episode, it takes months to recover. My writing suffers, and I feel guilty that it's not up to my usual standard, so I don't post. Then I feel guilty that I haven't posted. Then it seems too long since the last update, so I wonder why I'm even bothering to finish... This is all part of the depression.

I love writing and I love sharing my work with so many people. I appreciate all the encouragement you give me when you write reviews or PM me. It means a lot, which is why I decided to let you in so that you don't think I'm just being cruel to abandon good stories in the middle. It's not my intention, but depression is a difficult illness to control, and it gets in the way.

Thank you all for everything, and I promise that when I have the spoons, I'll write again and work to finish the stories. The endings are in my head, they just get a little scrambled.

Love and writing,