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The Prophecy of Never

Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny morning soothing Neverkit's worries. Just yestardy her brother, Alwayskit had said that he had overheard their mother, Appledrop and Blazestar talking about NOT making Neverkit an apprentice.

What kind of humilation will that be?

The sun soon rose higher into the light blue sky as Neverkit listened to the sounds of the forest, the clan was slowly awakening.

Warriors grumbled under their breathes about the sun rising to early as they setted out for the patrols.

"Hey Loserkit!"

Neverkit jumped, startled as her brother Alwayskit padded out of the nursery taunting her.

"Hey," Neverkit murmured back.

Alwayskit smirked.

"Dear StarClan you're not even groomed!" cried their mom, Appledrop as soon as she caught sight of her dear, dear son Alwayskit.

The queen immediately rushed out completely ignoring Neverkit... Which made the she-kit even more nervous.

Oh StarClan please let me be able to become an apprentice!, she thought.

When Appledrop was finally satisfied the she-cat turned to face Neverkit in disgust,

"Get yourself groomed at least you useless piece of fox-dung!," the queen spat then haughtily marched away with Alwayskit smirking at her tail.

Neverkit flinched but sighed in relief as she groomed herself until presentable for the ceremony.

Thank you StarClan.

Then the kit's heart skipped a beat as she realised Blazestar had calmly jumped onto Highledge.

"May all the cats who can catch their own prey join here for a clan meeting!," the leader yowled.

All around warriors and apprentices appeared.

"Alwayskit and Neverkit please come forward" she mewed.

Neverkit pratically jumped in excitement as she padded forward with her brother.

"Alwayskit and Neverkit you have reached the age of six moons. Do you kits wish to become an apprentice?"

"Of course!" Alwayskit answered immediately.

A couple of chuckles were made.

Blazestar nodded purring at his eagerness and turn towards Neverkit expectantly.

"I do" Neverkit murmured her eyes down.

The whole clan whispered and murmured suspiciously at the kit's quiet response while Blazestar just smiled broadly.

"Then from now on until you have earned your warrior name Alwayskit you shall be known as Alwayspaw. Mosswhisker you have known the courage and the intelligence of a warrior and I expect you to pass on all your skills to this apprentice."

Mosswhisker nodded and Alwayspaw touched muzzles with his new mentor.

"Neverkit from now on until you have earned your warrior name you shall be known as Neverpaw. And I Blazestar shall be your mentor."

The whole clan gasped in surprise and Neverpaw caught Appledrop snarl in anger.

With her heart beating of the speed of a cheetah Neverpaw touched muzzles with Blazestar while the entire clan cheered the new apprentices's names.

But as Neverpaw listened carefully she only heard

"Alwayspaw! Alwayspaw! Alwayspaw!"

Hurt bloomed into newly made apprentice's heart as she realised not a single cat cheered her name.

Sighing sadly she made her way to the apprentices den tears threatening to spill.

I WILL be respected by the clan and the cats who had made fun of me will hang their heads in shame... Especially mom and Alwayspaw, she vowed silently.


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