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The Prophecy of Never

Chapter Two

Neverpaw woke up in an unfamiliar place.

Where am I?, she thought blearily.

Finally she remembered the apprentice ceremony and shooted straigth uo like she had been dumped in icy cool water.

There was not a single apprentice left in the den.

Great. Late on your first day Neverpaw, the young apprentice thought as she quickly groomed herself and rushed out towards the fresh-kill pile to goble down a scrawny mouse.

"Tiss, tiss. Late on you first day. Why do I have such a dissapointing daughter?" Appledrop sneered down at her, her eyes glowing in hatred.

Neverpaw forced herself not to whimper like usually and held her head high in fake confidence.

"Go away Appledrop!" she snarled.

The pass queen's eyes began to narrow and her claws were unsheathed.

"You talk to me like that one more time and you'll be crow-food!," she threatened and then the she-cat walked away her tail held high.

Oh never mind her. When I'm leader she'll love me.

Neverpaw then checked the sun and gulped as she dashed away. It was way pass sunhigh!

The apprentice searched for her mentor and sighed in relief as she saw that Blazestar was still in the clearing.

But her relief was soon replaced with guilt as she realised that Blazestar was waiting for her with Mosswhisker and her brother, Alwayspaw.

"I'm so, so sorry!," Neverpaw apologized panting.

Blazestar purred in laughter and Always smirked smugly.

"Come on then!" Blazestar said and bounded away into the forest.

Neverpaw nodded in determination and followed the she-cat.

"Today we are going to split into two groups," Blazestar mewed ", Mosswhisker you shall show Alwayspaw the boundaries while Neverpaw and I shall go hunting. We will switch right before sunset."

Mosswhisker dipped her head in respect and walked of with Alwayspaw.

"Come on!" Blazestar urged.

Neverpaw flushed in embarassment for her ignorance and followed her mentor.

o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0

Neverpaw returned proudly back to her mentor with a plump squirrel the size of a cat!

Blazestar purred in satisfaction.

"Good catch!," she meowed ",let's bring that back to camp before going out to boundaries patrol."

The apprentice headed back home with ThunderClan's leader and held her head high as the clan caught sight of her catch.

There were a couple of congratulations while the rest just gaped in shock and Neverpaw beamed in happiness.

As she carried her squirrel to the medidine den for Ferngaze Appledrop stopped her midway and growled

"I bet Alwayspaw caught better you useless kit!"

Neverpaw dipped her head and sighed.

Will she ever earn her mother's love?

As Neverpaw entered the medicine den she was overwhelmed by the scent of herbs.

"Huh? Oh! Hi Neverpaw" Ferngaze mewed and her eyes widened when she saw the squirrel.

"Good job!"

Neverpaw purred in response for she was busy holdin the fresh-kill. Then she dropped the squirrel near Ferngaze and said "This is for you and Poppypaw"

Ferngaze smiled in thanks and ushered her out ",You better go now."

Neverpaw nodded and hurried out to catch up with Blazestar

o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0

The boundarie patrol had exhausted the small apprentice as she lumbered back to camp.

She headed toawrds the fresh-kill pile and closed her eyes for a second.


Neverpaw's eyes flew open as she realised she had stepped on an apprentice's foot.

"I'm sooo sorry" she apologized quickly.

The tom, Thornpaw along with his littermates, Palpaw and Speckledpaw chuckled.

"It's okay" he meowed and offered her to join them with their meal.

Neverpaw agreed shyly as she padded with the group to the fresh-kill.

"Do you like being an apprentice?" Thornpaw asked suddenly his eyes twinkling mischeviously.

"Yeah" Neverpaw replied smoothly but was suspious of the apprentice.

"Oh" was all the tom said.

For awhile their was an awkward silence as they munched on their meal.

'Okay... Do you promise not to tell anyone?" Thornpaw asked .

Neverpaw nodded in reply now curious.

"Well... Tomorrow ngiht we plan to go see the moonpool! We're asking if you can come?" Thornpaw whispered excitedly.

Neverpaw liked the idea of being invited to something but it seemed kind of rach.

"What if we get lost?" she asked.

"We thought of that to. Tommorow will be when Ferngaze and Poppypaw leaved for the meeting and we'll follow them from afar," Speckledpaw answered and added ", I thought of that."

Neverpaw nodded and smiled after all why not?

"I'll come."


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