I rolled out of the way as Fang attempted to stab me through the chest. I grabbed my arrows and had my bow trained on him. All the commotion had awoken Max. She saw that we had turned on each other.

Max grabbed her throwing knives and had one of them trained on either of us. One thing was for sure, if one of us attacked, we were all gonna die.

The Capitol realized that, too, because suddenly a horrid beast charged us from the bushes. At least 7 feet tall, the head of a bull, huge horns as well, and a tiger's body. We knew that it would kill us the first chance he got.

I immediately jumped into a tree. The bull-tiger obviously couldn't climb it, but its horns were razor-sharp, so it attempted to chop the tree down like a lumberjack.

I was worried for my very short life, when suddenly, the screams of Max and Fang filled the arena. The tree was almost chopped down, so I jumped over to the next one. The bull-tiger didn't notice. He kept whacking the tree.


The tree fell onto his skull and must've broken it in two. He was still breathing, so I fired an arrow right at his head.

I ran down to where I heard the screams, and that's when I saw them. The tracker jackers. They had already stung them a few times, but not enough to kill them. I fired an arrow and it brought the nest down. I was running because I knew they were going to swarm us. But they didn't. Instead, where they landed, they activated a land mine.

The three of us survived the explosion, but just barely.

"Thanks for saving our butts, Katniss" Max said.

"Yeah," Fang added, "sorry for trying to kill you."

I hesitated before adding, "Maybe you had the right idea" The two looked puzzled. "We're really good friends now, and now we're the final 3. Two of us are going to die. Then the Capitol wins."

They nodded in agreement.

"So why let them win" I asked. "We should do exactly what we did before. Set it up so we're all going to die. If they don't stop us, then they don't have a winner. If they do, then we get to go home."

Later, we set it up exactly the way things were 15-20 minutes ago. Our weapons trained on each other. The whole field silent...

"STOP!" we heard a voice yell. "Here are your three victors for the 95th annual Hunger Games!"

It took me a minute to sink in this information. But then I realized we could all go home. We survived another Hunger Games.


District Hunger Games looks just like home. After Snow's death, they rebuilt it exactly the way it was. No more rubble. No more ashes. I was still grieving the loss of my sister, when one day, I heard a familiar voice.


It was Max. And she was holding someone I knew. Prim.

I thought for sure the Capitol had killed her. But there she was, in the flesh. Apparently, she was being kept in District MR, and they were saving her for if I survived.

I did survive.

I guess there was no real proof that she died, but those parachutes were about as harmless as a rabid lion. She ran off as soon as the last parachutes blew up, and spent this whole time hiding from the Capitol. And now she was here. In my arms.

Well, Fang and Max ended up getting married, I was reunited with Prim, and District Twilight is still full of rubble.

We're all victors.