Authors Note

Hello everyone, long time no see! It has been a while since I last wrote a chapter for my stories, and it will still be a while. For you see, I had lost ALL of my notes, chapters, drafts, etc. for my stories. Also I am in college now and am so busy it's ridiculous. However, I will get back to my stories one day until then I want to let people know that they are up for grabs. Meaning, that if anyone wants to do a remake of my stories or do sequels of them then they have my permission to do so. As long as they follow a few simple rules:

Spiderman and Black Cat stay in love with each other.

Black cat has spiderman's baby or babies.

Black Cat has a symbiote of her own along with powers.

Spiderman DOES NOT go back to being a "hero without a single bad bone in his body," and tries to stop the symbiotes; however if you want him to retire with Black Cat and raise a family or something along those lines then that is fine.

I still get credit for the original ideas for the stories, I do not mean the disclaimer for the franchise and stuff.

I want to be pm whenever a new story is published because I would like to read them.

NO SLASH, YURI, YAOI, there is enough of that in the Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Dragon Age, and Avengers areas.

Other than these few stipulations, I am willing to answer any questions you may have, just pm me. Also someone already wrote his version of sequel to my spiderman story, he had permission from me. I recommend looking it up, the author's name is SldCvr, he just published the first chapter to sequel to my spiderman story called Symbiote Conquest 2.

On a side note, I have come up with a couple of crossover challenges if anyone is up to it. They are:

Mass Effect Digimon crossover Challnge

Premise: Instead of humans the turians encounter the digimon on shanxi.



No Humans (They either died out form a disease that did not effect digimon or something similar.)

No Tamers, Partners/Digidestined.

Digimon have taken humanity's place.

Mass Effect x Sinister Six or Suicide Squad Crossover

Premise: the villians of either of these groups end up in the mass effect world during the second game.

Rules: Mostly the same as above except no digimon and the villains in either group must have been actual members in either movies, shows, games, or comics.