Cross Country Fun


Katniss' POV

I sit on my bed, dying, even though I have about 5 fans pointed directly at me. I'm not literally dying, but it is so hot it feels like it. The humidity doesn't really help, especially for my hair. It looks like I have an afro. I am also dying of boredness. Is that even a word? Boredness, or is it boredom. "OOH!" I screech. I have an idea! I jump of my bed, and frantically search for my iPhone. "AHA!" I screech once again. " KATNISS EVERDEEN, IF YOU DON'T STOP WITH YOUR ANNOYING NOISES NOW, YOUR GROUNDED!" yells my mother from downstairs. I groan. I really don't want to get grounded because it will ruin my idea. I refrain from yelling back at my mother. On my incredibly awesome iPhone, I dial my best friend Clove.

" Hey Clove."

"Hiya Kitty-Kat"

"what's with everybody's cat-related nicknames for me?"

"I don't know?"

"Anyways, I need you to call the boys, and tell them to meet us at my house."

"Uhh, okay. Why?"

"I know what we can do over this summer, Clove. I will call the rest of the girls, and when everybody gets here I'll tell."


"Okay, buh-bye."


I hang up the phone, run down stairs, and call my mom from the bottom stair. She comes out of the kitchen, asking me what I want. "The rebels are coming over, thought I'd tell you."

"Oh. Should I make extra dinner for them?"

"I'm not sure. I guess you should."

"Okay honey."

I walk back upstairs to my room, and call each of the girls. Glimmer, Madge, Johanna, Annie, Rue, and Felicia, but she goes by Foxface. They, as Clove was, questioning about why they were coming over. I told them the same thing I told Clove. After like 5 minutes I hear the door bell. I walk down the stairs, to see Prim, my younger sister, answering the door. "Oh hey, what are you guys doing here?" she asked the all 9 guys. "We were invited by clove, who told us your sister asked us to come over for something," Marvel counters. "Oh okay come in then." she opens the door wider for the guys to shuffle inside. Thresh, Cato, Marvel, and Gale jump onto the large couch in the living room. Seneca, and Finnick took either of the two recliners, leaving Vick, and Rory to the floor. Cato finds the remote, and turns on the TV and channel surfs. Peeta comes over to me, and gives me a light kiss on the lips. In return, I wrap my arms around his waist and give him a bear hug. " I missed you." he murmurs into my hair. " You saw me 3 days ago."

"I know, but that doesn't mean I cant miss you," he says pulling away.

"Okay," I say back, planting a kiss on his cheek. He smiles at me, and then goes to sit next to Vick and Rory on the floor. The door bell goes off again and this time I answer the door. Its prim. " what are you doing outside. I thought you were inside. Why did you even knock on the door, its open." I bombard her questions.

" I was milking Lady, because I forgot to this morning. I knocked on the door because my hands are slippery, so I couldn't get the door open myself.

" I see."

"yeah. Will open the door now so I can come in." I do, and she skips inside, washes her hands, and goes and sits next to her boyfriend, Rory. Ahh those youngsters. Me being an adult now, can call my little sister, and her friends, youngsters, them being only 16.

"Where are the girls going to sit, with all y'all taking up every other space." I ask the guys.

"All y'all? Really Catnip, really. Well they can sit on us." Gale says with a mischievous smirk on his face.

Gale could be my brother. We have the same black hair, and grey eyes. We both used to hunt up in the everglades. We had hunting trips, every Sunday. It was mostly for the birds, but every once in a while we would get a snake or two. You could say he's handsome, I guess, but not as handsome as Peeta of course. Him with his golden locks of lusciousness, beautiful electric blue eyes, and his happy-go-lucky attitude. Hmmm Peeeeetaaaa.

"Uhh Katniss. Are you there? Earth to Katniss!" someone waves the hand in front of my face.

"Uhh yeah," I reply, snapping back into reality.

"What were you day-dreaming of, Brainless," Johanna asks mischievously.

"Oh nothing," I retort.

"Probably Peeta" Glimmer says, totally disregarding what I said.

"Yep. You're probably correct." Foxface says.

"You have no proof! Anyways, who let you in?" I say, effectively changing the subject.

"Prim," they say in unison.

"Oh, well. Go into the living area. Sorry about the lack of seats, your boyfriends decided to take them all. I say giving each of them a glare. Except the ones on the floor.

"I know what to do about that," Jo says while flopping down on Seneca.

"Ahh I see." says Clove. She goes and launches herself at Cato. The rest do too, as do I. I think it's the funny when Clove jumps into Cato's arms, because she is about 5' 2 and him being a whole foot taller makes it hilarious, plus he has about 50-100 pounds on her. That makes their relationship quite interesting. He didn't even flinch when she landed on him, as Seneca did flinch a bit with Jo.

I make Cato stop making out with Clove long enough to turn of the TV. I then make Peeta scoot forward and turn around so that we are facing the rest of our group, with me still on his lap.

"Okay I bet your all wondering why I gathered you here today." They all nod their heads yes.

"I, being the awesome person I am, have an awesome idea for our summer vacation!"

"Go on spit it out," Vick insists.

"okay, okay. My idea is…