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I don't really know what possessed me to write this but I just couldn't resist the idea of writing a fic for this fandom especially since their numbers are very limited.

I'm actually writing this in hopes that my fellow authors will also write a story of their own and expand this fandom, I really liked Psyren and I think that it shows much promise for those who want to write an AU for it.

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'Telepathic conversation'


"Telephone Conversation."

Yoshina Ageha woke with a sudden jolt.


"Huh, what am I doing in a place like this?" was his first words as he sat from the ragged hospital bed that he previously occupied

His eyes immediately locked upon the telephone booth in the midst of nothingness before his memories decided to make themselves known.

"Ah... That's right. I overused my powers... and I died." It was with a calm demeanor that he received this news, after all hadn't he done it all? He knew the risks and took it, and though he died he was happy with the knowledge that he saved the world from destruction...and that he had protected her.

Before he ponder more, a ringing was heard from the telephone booth.

Surprised but accepting, Ageha made his way to the ringing phone and answered.

"Who is this?"

"Finally!, You finally answered the call Yoshina Ageha." said the voice who Ageha knew he could identify even if only made a sound. It was the voice that stated his journey, how could he forget.

"!, Is that you no. 7!?"

"I've been waiting for an opportunity to talk to you again for quite some time... Currently you and I are connected across different worlds transcending time and dimensions..." no. 7 voice replied again

Knowing the way he left that world, Ageha immediately asked "Is everyone alright?!, and Ouroboros?"

"Ouroboros has been turned to debris and disappeared to space once more. In exchange for my brother and Grana's lives. He changed his body into energy and vanished it into the sky, they couldn't let Quat Nevas do whatever it wanted to this world. Then light shone down on the world." No.7 explained as another familiar voice interrupted again

"W.I.S.E and all those monster disappeared too... We've started a new life on the surface. This world will continue it's way from here onward Ageha!" said a voice he identified as...

"Kyle!" He shouted in surprise

"Everyone's okay and we're all doing fine." The boy- no Man who Ageha knew he could count on reassured him

"Now then, This is it for our talk. We have no more time, you as well."

"Eh?" was his only reply, after all how could he go back? He was already dead, and he knew it, so he continued with a solemn voice "E-even if I wanted to go back, I'm dead already." he answered, finally accepting it.

"You are still alive, Yoshina Ageha, and though I know that you deserved more than anyone else to see the world you saved, not even I can bring back the dead..." No. 7 answered again

"You can't bring back the dead?, but... you just said that I'm still alive..."

"Yes, in a sense you are still alive, and though I couldn't bring you back to the time where everything is already at peace, It is within my power to bring you back... to the time before everything happened. It is the least that I can do for you."

"Back?, before everything it started? Does that mean I can still see them?" Ageha asked, with his voice rising after every question.

"Yes, though the bonds and the memories have yet to form,you have to understand that resetting your time means that I will be resetting the time of others as well, even people like Mithra." the red head warned

"It's alright, I'll just face them again just like I have done in the past." Ageha replied, his hope to see his friends once again fueling his determination

"Then, this means that you agree..." No.7 clarified

"Yes, bring me back!"

"Understood, but before you go, take my last advice, everything you'll do will have an impact to the timeline, every change will have it's benefits as well as consequences. Hold your knowledge of the possible future to yourself unless there is a dire need to do so. Your foreknowledge will become useless if you are to change the timeline so soon. But always remember, even if this is farewell for life, know that we are connected. Yoshina Ageha."

And with that Yoshina Ageha opened his eyes once again

'Wha? No.7?' Yoshina thought as his eyes surveyed his room, it looked normal and it seemed just how he left it before.

'Have I really gone back?' He thought once again, as he tried to locate his calendar

and he left out a sigh of relief as his calendar showed the date.

"I really am back..." He said out loud as he looked out in his window.

'I've already got my psyren card at this time but...'

Before he could make any more plans, a voice shouted

"Damn it! Ageha, if you don't get out of that door in 5 minuted you're gonna get it!" Fubuki Ageha, his scary sister shouted threateningly.

"Shit!, I'm coming!" He replied as he donned his school uniform 'Past or future, sis is still scary!'

Yoshina sat in his desk with his face on his hands, as he tried to think of a way to talk to Amamiya without surprising her too much but his thoughts were once again interrupted when one of his classmates, Saka talked to him

"Yo!, What's with the long face, bro?"

"Nah, just something on my mind." He answered with a shrug

"Well, I don't know about you but you need to get up your game because your crush is going this way." The larger teen said as he pointed his fingers

'Amamiya is coming but...' His line of thinking immediately stopped as he caught sight of his 'crush' and his shoulders sagged

'That's right, I was courting her before the shit hits the fan wasn't I? Man, what was I thinking?' He thought before pasting a smile in his face

"Morning, know what that Honda guy came up to me and promised me that he won't follow me anymore. You're great! Thank you!." Madoka Matsumoto AKA Madoka-chan said with her usual cheery smile that in another time made his day but this time he knew that Madoka was one of the girls bullying Amamiya and hid her things.

"It was nothing." He answered with a shrug, making his friends eye's look at him with disbelief

"Oh right!, I promised you with a reward didn't I?, I think it was 10,000 yen?" the girls said as she looked for her wallet

"Yup, it was about that amount." He answered, once again making his friends eyes go bigger.

"Here you go." said the girl, as she handed him her payment though the flash if irritation in her eyes didn't escape his eyes.

Once Madoka had left, both Hiro and Saka finally managed to bring their fallen jaws to their proper place

"Oi!, what was that all about?!" Saka asked him

"Huh?, What are you talking about?"
"I thought you said that you weren't gonna charge her to get to her good graces!"

"Nah, she's my client so she's gotta pay. Being a cute girl doesn't make my services free you know?"

Before the two of them could answer, someone whispered "Look, it's her highness."

"She actually came to school." said Hiro

While his classmates were looking at Amamiya who just sat on her desk and read her book, paying the others no mind."

Ageha remembered the memories about the two of them, how she helped him when he first found out about Psyren, how she saved his and Hiryu's life, how she had confessed to him as Abyss and finally how she was the last thing he saw before closing his eyes to his original timeline.

Waking up again in the world before everything happened had seemed like a dream but when he finally saw her with his own eyes, he knew that it was real and he was going to be damned if he let her feel the same loneliness she felt before.

His classes passed with him just staring and observing Amamiya, and before he knew it everybody was already picking up their things.

"Oi, wanna go hang out today?" Saka asked him

"Nah, got things to do before I need to go home" the Blu-ish haired teen answered as he picked up his things, he knew that he had to find Amamiya's wallet that Madoka and the other girls hid before he confronted her, and so he went out to where he found the girls before.

About 30 min. had passed but Madoka and her friends finally appeared giggling and laughing as they talked about how hard Amamiya will try to find her things.

It seriously made him angry, how could this girls do this out of spite?!, didn't they have anything better to do?, he wanted nothing more than to confront the girls but he controlled himself, even though he knew he could intimidate them without using his Psi, he didn't trust himself to actually not use it.

Once the girls had left, he quickly found Amamiya's wallet and checked if she had indeed had her Psyren card, after checking he went to the lockers where he first found Amamiya searching for her wallet.

"Amamiya, I believe this is yours?" 'play it cool, Ageha. Play it cool' He chanted in his head as he held out the wallet containing the Psyren card

Her expression showed her surprise and relief as she identified the item she was looking for and went straight to him and snatched it, she put it in her chest protectively as she turned her back to him. It was the first time he had seen her so lonely for so long, in the future she had been happy, frightened, and sad but never lonely. Even Abyss didn't looked that lonely though she hid it in her violent tendencies.

"I found it on the ground..." He said, trying to break the awkward silence between them.

"I know, It happens all the time." Amamiya answered with a small, shy voice before continuing "Thanks."

Putting one of his hand in his head and trying hard not to blush, he answered "Um, yeah. No problem."

Seeing Amamiya going away already, he seized the chance

"I couldn't help but notice the red calling card you have, what is it for?" he blurted out

Amamiya stiffened before turning to him ''Calling card?, what are you talking about? I don't have anything like that! Quit joking around, Yoshina Ageha!" She angrily said as she turned her back to him once more "Listen, there are things in this world that you are better off not knowing in this world, If you're too curious then..."

Amamiya's statement was disrupted as she adopted a look of surprise mixed along with dread.

"Che, not now" the teenage girl muttered as she walked out of the classroom with haste

Already knowing what could provoke such an action, he followed though a bit more slowly

"Hey, where are you going?" He shouted

"Don't follow me" Amamiya answered without looking back, though he could see the strain and the hurt that she felt just walking away from him cost her

"If there's anything I could do for you, just ask!" He called out, he needed her to say it, for her to acknowledge that she wasn't alone...

Amamiya suddenly stopped, her body trembling. He couldn't bear seeing her like this, so helpless and afraid. So without conscious thought, he walked toward her trembling body as he heard the words that became his reason to go into the hellish future.

"Save me..." It was said silently and the first time he heard it, it took him quite some time to figure it out but now he could clearly hear it, her voice was also trembling because of her fear and dread. She had never had someone to turn to that was always close, her only confidant was Matsuri and even she had some obligations to fulfill that required her to be away from Amamiya, and now someone was offering help, but she still couldn't allow herself to hope even as she said those words.

He knew their time was limited, Nemesis Q would soon whisk her away, and so he fastened his pace and knelt down to her side, he put one of his arms in her shoulder before saying...

"Don't worry, I'm here for you..." Amamiya looked at him with shock and disbelief, before disappearing

Seeing her disappear, he immediately pulled out his wallet and take his card out, running to the nearest telephone booth.

After he found the booth, he immediately feed it his Psyren card, showing non of his initial hesitation.

and just like last time, someone on the other line welcomed him

"Greetings, your world is now co-nn-ec-ted~!, you've reached the Immigration Offices of Psyren, We will now commence the Immigration Examination. Please answer the following questions"

Not in the mood to be questioned more than 60 questions that were absolutely pointless, before it could ask the first question...

"Nemesis Q or Whoever you are, I'm not in the mood so just give me back my friend. I'm Shirakou High's Yoshina Ageha and I'm going to take her back and you better take me wherever the hell she is soon or I'm going to kick your ass'' He said angrily to the phone, already knowing how the other line would react

"Quit getting smart with me, you piece of shit! I was doing this for your sake, you little worm! Bah! forget it! you kids are all the same! You think the world revolves around you! you believe you can do anything! Quit screwing around! You're just a virgin anyway!"

"Oh ho?, Is that so?, would you like to test that out? heh... just ask a damn question already before I destroy this whole booth you little bitch." Ageha answered with a cocky smile, he knew that no.7 probably doesn't know him yet but still it was nice getting one over that woman.

"As if you could handle me, Hmph fine... Question no.1 Would you like to Psyren?"

Pressing no.2 for yes Ageha smirked as he answered "You know damn well I do."

With that he brought the phone down and went home, he knew he wasn't going to meet with Amamiya yet, It was still some time before Nemesis Q contacted him, not to mention that he had to prepare for the two goons that was going to bother him soon...

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