Psyren: A Rift in Time

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One moment, cheers and loud exclamations of relief filled the atmosphere as they all caught sight of the Siren, without moments notice, flesh and blood decorated their surroundings.

A monster in white appeared, it was roughly the size of a human, but instead of eyes, it had a clear crystal in its stead.

"Shit! Shit!" One of them who had gathered enough composure shouted

"H-he killed him!" The beanie wearing guy named Sugita shouted in terror

Soon enough, two more creatures that were more monster-like in their stature appeared, their only similarities was that they all had the crystal-like object protruding out of their bodies.

"Run!" Another shouted, but before all of them could carry out that action...

Asaga Hiryu, suddenly lashed out with a strong kick to the nearest monster "I've had enough of you!", but instead of hitting it's head like the redhead had intended, the monster had it's claw-like hand holding Hiryu's foot the unceremoniously threw him straight to a boulder.

With the only fighter incapacitated, all of the Psyren drifters met their ends...

'Damn it!, Am I going to die here?!, what about Tatsuo?' Hiryu thought as one of the monsters approached him but just as it came near him, a voice saying "Outta the way!" was heard...

and soon enough, Hiryu was met with the image of the teenage guy that they left alone with a comatosed girl holding a sword.

The attack managed to kill the monster... though moments later a crack that signified the end of the sword's life was heard

"Ugh... well I guess I can leave the sword-fighting to Amamiya." Discarding the sword, the teen then faced Hiryu, follow me." with that he walked away, leaving the still shocked Hiryu to numbly follow his steps.

"Where's the woman that you were with? The one you said that you were taking care of?" Hiryu asked as they walked

"Her name's Amamiya, I left her in a cave near here. She needs rest and I couldn't have caught up with you if I had to make sure that she was safe. This is the Danger Zone, so we should get outta here before many more of those things come."

"Hold it, Danger Zone?" Hiryu asked loudly, stopping in his tracks "What the heck are you talking about?" He continued aggressively, as he connected the dots.

Knowing that Hiryu needed to let off some steam, he let the punch that the red-head threw connect to his cheek, making him fall down to the ground.

"Quit screwin' with me!" the angry redhead shouted "What the hell is this map! You fucking knew everything?!... and you didn't say a word?!"

"'Didn't say a word?!' If I remember it correctly, you were the ones who didn't fucking listen! I warned you about the monsters didn't I?! I only found the map after I inspected the phone! All of you were too busy making an asses out of yourselves that you didn't give a damn about anything!" Ageha retorted angrily while slowly standing up and looking at Hiryu' eyes as he watched the flash of guilt after he finished every sentence.

Feeling bad by seeing the flashes of guilt that flashed through his friends eyes, he started again "Listen here, getting out of this hellhole is more important right now, If you wanna play the blame game, then it's fine. Blame it on me, after all I could have all kept you back then by kicking all of you asses right?" Ageha offered, while also holding out his hand.

The previous guilt that was slowly creeping it's way to the redheads face disappeared as he took Ageha's hand but before he could say anything...

"Did all of them die?" the blu-ish haired teen asked

"No, I think one of them survived... though I'm not very sure" hiryu answered, remembering Sugita taking a glancing hit.

"Then that's enough if there's even a small chance that he's still alive, then I'll go and try to find him while you go to where I left Amamiya, here take this " with that, Ageha handed the paper where he drew the map and handed it to the redhead "Take her and go to the gate, she needs help as soon as possible."

"Are you crazy?, you're going to go alone?!, You're as good as dead!" Hiryu yelled as he tried to persuade the smaller teen to take him.

"Nah, I'm not going to die anytime soon, after all I still have a promise to keep. Well then see you at the gate!" With that Yoshina walked away.

(In the cave)

"Are you Amamiya?" Asaga Hiryu asked as he finally arrived to the cave where he knew the girl was resting on.

She looked as if it was a chore to even breathe but she had managed to get out "Who" in a raspy voice

"From here on out, i'm taking you to the gate. Preparations are being made for us to meet with that guy at the gate... Can you believe my words?" Asaga asked as he chanted in his head 'I'm paying my debt, I'm paying my debt.' over and over in his head as he knelt down near the injured girl.

Mustering up a weak smile, Amamiya muttered "Geez." then nodded

Using Rise to accelerate his travel time, Ageha arrived at the site where former drifters lied with their bodies in different states of death.

Spotting Sugita in the midst of the bodies, he quickly made his way as he called out "Oi, You still hangin in there?"

"Ugh...It hurts..." The beanie- wearing teen mumbled weakly

"Don't worry about it, I'm here to help ya." Yoshina said encouragingly as he knelt down near the boy to inspect his injuries.

Just like before, Sugita was injured by an arrow shot by a crossbow. The wound was deep enough that he knew it was fatal injury, the only reason Sugita was still alive was that the arrow that embedded itself in his arteries, preventing him from bleeding out completely though if left alone, he knew that the beanie-wearing teen had only precious minutes to live.

As he was inspecting Sugita's injuries, the bodies of the drifters that died recently turned to dust.

"Heh... I were right after all..." the teen said between pained breaths

"Don't talk too much, it might aggravate your injuries, I'm going to take you to the gate soon so you should just relax till then."

With that, Yoshina carried the other teen on his back, they had been walking for a while but soon the silence was broken by Sugita's raspy voice

"Hey... Can I just... ask a favor?... My name's Sugita Nozomi if by chance I die... my phonecard... could you bring it to my mother... I only used it once... but it's worth... my life.." the newly introduced teen said as he handed Yoshina his card.

Instead of being stubborn and tell the boy that he should deliver it himself, Ageha accepted the card solemnly and said "I'll make sure that she'll received it." he promised, though he already knew that when the boy turned to dust so will the card, he wanted to give comfort to his nearly dying companion.

And within a few moments later, he felt Sugita's body turn to a statue-like figure until... it finally turned to dust, leaving him holding nothing but the card which was slowly fading away.

(Somewhere else)

"Go down this road, and you will see two ravines... exactly as the maps says Son of a Bitch!" The red head shouted to the barren wasteland as he check the map.

At his back, Amamiya piped out "You are... Asaga-kun... aren't you?"

A bit surprised, he answered uncertainly "Hm.. Yeah... I'm Asaga... Did I tell you my name?"

Adapting a creepy smile on her face, she answered in dangerous yet sweet tone "Haha... I just know, there's not a damn thing to it!"

With that statement, Asaga Hiryu had a sudden epiphany that would no doubt save his life quite a few times in the near future 'This woman is... dangerous'

Not in the mood to travel while using Rise, Ageha walked alone as he walked the path towards the gate where he knew that Amamiya and Hiryu was waiting.

He couldn't stop thinking on how it could have been, if could have done something else, maybe he hadn't tried enough?

His musings were cut short as his senses registered the fly-looking taboo go near him.

It tried to take a swipe as it dived down but Yoshina easily dodge the pre-emptive strike while using Rise, he quickly made a single Melchsee's Lance and let it hover in his right hand as he stabled himself in the ground.

"You're just in time, you ugly son of a bitch... I was just looking for someone to beat the hell out of... it was nice of you to offer to be my punching bag..." With that, he let the lance that he was holding home in on it's core before walking away, leaving not even a trace of the Taboo in it's wake.

He hadn't felt that mush better even after totally obliterating it, but he knew that by now Asaga would have already reached Amamiya and was currently on his way to the gate and be attacked by cross-bow wielding Taboo on the way. The first time it happened, Amamiya was already weak from overusing her Psi while Hiryu was already injured from his first encounter, and Amamiya was forced to use her Psi even with her condition. There was no way he was going to allow that.

With that in mind, Yoshina Ageha steeled his determination and used Rise to quickly get to his destination.

"That's it! The gate must be in there!" Amamiya weakly exclaimed as she pointed to the nearly destroyed building

Hiryu nodded as he walked to the direction the teenage girl pointed but before they could enter, an arrow was shot in their direction, his body reacted before his mind even registered the danger and once he got his bearings again. He could only stare at the arrow which had embedded itself to a nearby wall where his head had been just moments ago.

He didn't have time to waste, as soon as he saw the humanoid monster that took most of them down when they found the siren, he quickly moved to take cover whle tightening his hold on the girl on his back as he ran.

Entering the building, he his the two of them behind a wall, gently but quickly putting down Amamiya to the ground as he picked up a nearby pipe to serve as make-shift weapon as he analyzed the damage done to his body.

'Shit!, My vision is getting blurry, and I can feel my rib-cage with my every breath!' He thought as he watched the monster enter the building

Momentarily losing sight of the monster as it went further to the building, he readied himself for a fight as he extended his senses honed from the fights he had gone through as a student, hoping against hope that the monster wouldn't find them.

Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed as the head of the monster suddenly made itself known by putting it's head to the wall where they had been hiding.

Taking his chances, he lifted the pipe for the momentum and smashed it directly to its head, for a moment he had thought it was the end but once again his prayers was not answered as even though he had broke the skull open with the force he generated to the blow, the thing had only momentarily stopped before it was up again and destroyed the entire wall with two punches.

'What power!' Hiryu thought as he watched with morbid fascination the monster obliterate the wall after just taking a blow to its head 'but still, he's slow enough that I can dodge his attacks.' The redhead thought as the monster prepared itself to punch.

Waiting for an opportunity, he merely dodge 'There!, He's open!' he thought as he lifted his hands to punch the area where his earlier blow had shattered the armor thinking that it would finally end it, but sadly it was not to be, as soon as his hand was near the other hand went up with surprising speed and threw him with enough force for his body to fly to a wall and destroy it.

Even with the pain he felt that coursed through his body, he tried to stand up. Only to find out that his body was responding to him sluggishly, as if he was wading through mud, not only that but even moving a tiny bit of his body hurt like hell but even then he struggled to move as he tried to ignore the pain as he watched the monster made its way to direction.

Each step the monster took, gave him motivation to get his body to respond, but when he heard the sound of movements stopped, he raised his head. Only to see the monster several steps in front of him and prepare it's bow.

It was already aimed at him when suddenly a two shoes entered his vision.

His brain clicked as he further inclined his head to look at the person before him "Amamiya!"

She was obviously still in pain, her panting as well as the obvious weakness of her feet made that clear as she tried to balance herself.

"What the hell are you thinking!? You wanna die!? Hurry up and run!" He shouted though he knew that it was already futile.

"I'll buy some time. So hurry up and get out of here..." Amamiya replied as she took of her glasses

Before he could reply, a crack was heard and then he watched as an arrow had made it's residence to the crystal-like object of the monster.

The monster fell, revealing a panting Yoshina with his hands in a thrusting motion.

Amamiya's previously nearly closed eyes widen as she watched the boy who had told her that he would be there for her slay a taboo with an arrow.

"Heh, that was close..." Ageha said as he watched both Hiryu and Amamiya watch him, their disbelief etched clearly in their faces.

Her shock finally leaving her, Amamiya's body collapsed and nearly fell to the ground before Yoshina caught her.

He laid her next to a pillar to rest as he went over to Hiryu to help him up, which the red-head had gratefully accepted.

"Thanks for carrying Amamiya." Ageha said to him as they both finally stood.

"I'm just returning a favor." Hiryu replied as he turned his eyes to the girl "By the way, what were those things?

Ageha tuned out Amamiya's explanation as he tried to locate the phone that would take them back.

"Hey!, It's here the gate!" he called out loudly after the two had finished their talk.

As the two came up, the three of them heard a voice exclaimed "Wow!, It was real after all! I did it!, I found the gate!"

"So you were still alive." The reckless teen stated

"Aw, Don't tell me you were trying to leave me out! That's not very nice." The guy that had previously survived by following him answered mockingly

"Nah, but I thought I lost you when you were trying to follow me around. So how did you get here?" Yoshina bluntly asked

A bit startled to the teen's knowledge of his initial plan, he stepped back then continued "Well, I followed this other guy." the man then pointed to Hiryu

"What?!, You mean you were watching when I'd been fighting?!, why the hell didn't you help then?" The redhead angrily questioned

"As if, No one's dumb enough to be that suicidal!" the man uttered, totally unrepentant.

Before the moment could devolve further, Amamiya shouted with authority "Enough!" satisfied by the attention, she continued

"Save it for later, Everyone, take your cards out" She ordered as she went near to the phone booth which suddenly glowed.

She entered her card, then picked the phone and sigh "We're going home" she said, her satisfaction and relief obvious in her tone, before continuing "Don't be afraid, just follow my lead." With a final glow, she disappeared.