I strolled into the gallery after the party was in full swing. Many artists' works were on the walls, and I appraised each one of them, some lovely, some tacky. The only real reason I came here was one particular artist: Dominic Howard. His work was divine, ethereal and entrancing in one piece, then grounded and almost too realistic in the next. My gallery friend spotted me.

"Crystal! Darling, I thought you wouldn't come!" She took a step back and eyed me.

"My, aren't you a doll tonight," she stated. I was in a blood red boat neck fitted dress, the tight arms coming down to below my elbow. The hem ended below my knees, and I paired it with matching stilettoes. My auburn hair was coiffed into 50's pin-up girl style.

"Thank you Miranda, but I must tend to a room now," I let myself go to hunt for the elusive Dominic. I had only met him twice in a gallery and an arts shop, but he was so charming and alluring that I developed a crush, and his work. I perused room after room, searching the crowds, until I came to the last one. This was his room, I noticed, and concluded that he must be here. The throng of people was encouraging, then at the very least, people would be interested in buying. Soon, I saw him, leaning against the wall that held my favorite piece. Dominic was dressed in a full suit, black jacket, pants, and vest, but his tie was a shiny navy blue. I couldn't stop staring. He held my gaze. So intense, even from far away I think I saw a flash of artist's inspiration. I walked over, hiding my nervousness and giddiness.

"Hello," I said when I got to him.

"Hey there," he replied, "We've met before, right?"

"Yes, twice, actually," I said. I hoped I didn't sound creepy or something.

"Ah yeah," he recalled. I didn't want to leave him or have it be awkward, so I continued.

"That painting right there is my favorite of yours," I stated. Dominic smiled.

"It was really fun to paint," he started, and then paused.

"I'd like to paint you someday," he said sincerely, but a small flirty smirk appeared in the corner of his mouth. I blushed.

"I think I'd like that." I was liking him more and more. Handsome, artist, and a casanova. Swoon. I stayed in that room the whole night, and at the end Dominic came up to me.

"I'd love to see you sometime." He gave me the blank side of our brochure and one of his pencils. I wrote my number and pondered, pencil pressed to my lip. I wrote my name a note: "I'll be your muse anytime." Dominic took it.

"I'm almost always in need of inspiration," he said slyly, then winked. I walked out of the building on air. I reached my apartment when my cell phone rang.

"How about tomorrow night?"