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"Where is that idiot boyfriend of yours?" Dad asked rudely.

I sighed and poked the piece of chicken with my fork. "I don't know, Dad. I'm sure he'll be back soon."

My siblings watched the exchange quietly. Brady scraped his plate with his fork.

Dad snorted. "He's probably out partying or something."

Just then, the doorbell rang about a hundred times. Whoever was at the door was frantic. Dad groaned and got up from his chair to greet the mysterious doorbell-ringer. The whole family scampered after him.

"What?" he asked loudly.

My boyfriend stood at the door, looking like a scared baby. "H-hey, Mr. Gardner. M-may I come in?"

Dad pretended to think. "Nah." He finally said.

He tried to slam the door shut but Travis stuck his foot in the doorway. He winced as the door hit his foot.

"Please, Mr. Gardner," he begged. "Please let me talk."

For a while, it was excruciatingly silent. Tension grew and the doorway of my home started to feel rather small and stuffy.

"Joe," Rachelle, my step-mom spoke softly. "Maybe you should let him-"

"Fine," my dad grumbled. He glared at Travis. "You better make it quick- you interrupted my dinner and I'm hungry."

A small, relieved smile climbed onto Travis' face. "T-thank you so much! I pro-"

"Get on with it!" Dad snapped. His hazel eyes glowed with anger. He clenched and unclenched his fists, as if he was resisting a great urge to punch Travis' face.

I was quite angry too. Now that I knew Travis was safe and not attacked by some hellhound or something, I wondered what he was doing. He had promised that he would be here at dinner time! I didn't want to be some clingy girlfriend, but I'm allowed to be angry at him for disappearing, right?

"Okay," Travis started, running a hand through his blond hair. "So, it was just a regular day, and I was off to the local joke store. I brought lots of money. Like, tons. I could probably buy a cow with that money! But I don't know why I would need a cow. But cows are cool! I mean-"

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. "Travis,"

"Right, right." Travis laughed uneasily. "Stupid ADHD. Anyways, where was I again? Oh right- so I was at the joke store when I saw Kelli!"

Relief coursed through my veins. So Travis wasn't at some party or something. An empousai had just attacked him and that's all.

I pulled my light brown hair into a ponytail as I picked up a bag of ambrosia from the nearby closet. While I closed the closet door, I heard Dad speak.

"Kelli? Who's Kelli? Are you cheating on my daughter?" Dad asked incredulously.

Brady started to quiver. "What?"

Chloe shot me a look of sympathy and Tori laughed mockingly. Cerberus meowed and rubbed herself against Chloe's leg.

"What? N-no!" Travis exclaimed while I laughed.

"Dad," I started to explain. "Kelli is an empousai."

Travis smiled at me in relief. "Yes. I'm glad you know. ANYWAYS, she attacked me and then I killed her! Not that it was entirely unexpected. I mean, I'm such an awesome sword-fighter."

Dad started to shuffle out of the doorway and into the kitchen. "Awesome my butt." He muttered.

That was a cue for the rest of the family to leave. We all filed into the kitchen, Travis pulling off his black coat and shutting the door. He sat down in a wooden chair next to me and we all started eating again.

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