Welcome, welcome. I am back after a long long hiatus I have decided to return to the world of fanfiction with my new story. This plot bunny has been gnawing at my ankles for a while now and I plan on seeing it through. I've always been interested to see what would happen to a human in the covenant society so now I get to bring it to life. Now my writing is a little rusty so please forgive me it'll get back up to par soon.

Warnings: Violence, Strong language, graphic scenes, Strong Freelancer Elements.


When salvation comes

The reclaimer shall be the key

He will open the path

And the Great Journey shall begin

-Prophet of Despair Third Age of Strife


Febuary 2495
Epsilon Indi System

"Get up into Slipspace NOW!" A gruff baritone voice yelled as an explosion ripped through the dimly lit bridge killing

"Slipspace drives at 68% Captian!" A voice that was decidedly female responded.

"Not good enough Maria! Get us in anyway! Jump now!" the Captain snapped.

"But Captain! That suicide! We could end up inside a star or a fucking planet!" The woman now identified as Maria screamed.

"It's suicide to stay here! Now jump!" He barked half rising from his command seat.

Maria didn't respond from the navigation seat but a purple miasma ripped a tear in space in front of the small corvette and it slowly glided in all the while UNSC navy ships fired at the shattered pirate fleet.

The bridge crew cheered as the portal closed behind them effectively guaranteeing their escape from the blasted UNSC pirate hunters who had been tracking them for months.

But in the excitement the small crack in the view port that was slowly leaking air went unnoticed, as did the fact that the large, airtight blast doors that served as the entrance had been jammed shut.

Due to the nature of slipspace even after the excitement died down the crack still didn't leak enough to cause an alarm. But when the small mako corvette suddenly dropped into real space the effect was instantaneous.

Klaxons wailed and a metallic voice reverberated around the metal room "Hull breach detected! Hull breach detected! Evacuate the bridge!"

The reaction was immediate the entirety of the bridge crew, about a dozen or so, charged at the large blast door and slammed the open button. The waited anxiously for the hydraulics to kick in, but to their dismay it never did. They wailed and beat on the door hoping that by some miracle the door would open.

The captain was the first to resign himself to his fate as he walked solemnly back to his command chair, he quickly shut of the klaxon and disabled the automated warning. Slowly the crew slid down the door, one by one, into a seated position. Many breaking out in tears.

This wasn't how it was supposed to end... Raiding a UNSC supply line? Sure. A drunken bar fight at a pirate port? Alright. Getting a heart attack while satisfying three of the hottest reach supermodel? Bring it on! But suffocating to death on a scrap heap of a ship, in the middle of bloody unknown space?

The captain sighed as he put his forehead into his hands. Through them he muttered. "Computer, how much air do we have left?"

The dumb AI that came standard with every ship, no matter how much of a crap heap it was replied in that same cold metallic voice. "Five minutes of oxygen remain on the bridge captain."

And there it was five minutes, five minutes to live the rest of his thrice damned life. He wanted to do one last thing before he went out, he hit the ship wide communication system.

"Attention." his voice cracked as his emotions got the better of him and he struggled to fight them down. "All hands, attention. This is your captain speaking for, probably, the last time." he let that sink in before continuing. "As I speak to you air is slowly leaking out of the bridge and during the fight the door got jammed." He let out a shuttering breath.

"All of you, every single one, were the best damned crew a captain could ever ask for. You've followed me through thick and thin and we've made a living for our families." the thought of his wife and daughter caused him to choke on his words for a moment. "But I refuse to let you go down because of my stupidity. Right now I am activating the ships tracking beacon, you'll all make it home."

"Good bye my friends, it's been one hell of a ride.". And with that he shut the comms. Looking down at his leg he shakily drew his side arm. He was the only one who ever wore one around the ship and was often teased by the crew about it. He clicked the mag release and grabbed it as it slid out of the weapon.

Ten rounds...

There were eleven crew members...

He slowly slid the clip back in and handed it to the person beside him.

He closed his weary eyes, eyes that had seen to much, and waited. Waited for the air to run out, waited as he listened to some of his closest friends take their own lives around him.


Two Months Later...

"This is the last one dear." a shaggy looking man said as he entered the room holding an Smg at the door until the lock clicked.

The man once a proud marine turned pirate had wasted away in the two months their vessel had been adrift. His beard had grown out and his hair was chin length. His arms and legs had become less defined over time as the lack of food started to take a toll on his body.

He walked into the small room that held four beds, a small desk and a table, a standard military style bunk. Sitting on one of the bunks was the love of his life, Natalie. In her arms she held two small seven month old toddlers, Vincenzo and Gianvito. He placed down the last MRE aboard the ship reverently on the table, almost as if in fear that it would break. If they rationed it it would last them four days.

After that he would have to go scavenge again.

Life had been hell since their captain had died two months earlier. The ship had been stocked for a week long raid of a small UNSC supply cache. At first it had been sombre, everyone set up an organized ration system that could last them months. It might have worked had this been a military ship, but it was not it was full of pirates. And if one word could describe a pirate it was greed. The system broke down within a week, small gangs forming and having full out fire fights over a single can of beans. Friends who had known each other for years and were like a small family, tore out each others throats for a sip of water.

Out of the original crew of sixty probably two thirds were dead from infighting, starvation and even their own weapons when it became to much.

The man slowly ate the lentil soup, relishing every bite and committing it to memory. It had been days since he had last eaten, what meager supplies he found went straight to Natalie so that she could nurse their children.

As he and his wife ate his thoughts turned to his captain, or more specifically his last words. He said he turned of the rescue beacon, yet help never came. Which was extremely odd as no matter where you were someone would always find you within a week tops.

As if a divine entity heard his thoughts the entire ship shook violently. He fell to the ground as did his precious food. He wanted to cry at the sight but his body refused it was to dehydrated to waste fluids. He slowly got up and held his hand up so that his wife stayed put. She nodded as he unlocked the door and stepped through the thresh old and into the corridor. A few other people exited as well weapons drawn to their shoulders.

Normally this would cause a gun fight to ensue for what ever measly scraps where available. But pirates everywhere had one rule. No matter what the fuck the problem is as soon as the ships in trouble get the fuck along.

There was an actual plaque that had that engraved word for word in the mess hall.

Slowly a group of six formed and moved down the hall toward the hanger bay, ready for anything.


Thel' Vadamee flexed his mandibles in anticipation, he was going to be the first Sangheili to make contact with a new species in millennia! He could still remember his reaction when he was told what they found adrift in space.

An Hour Earlier...

"Shipmaster! We've picked up a signal from the edge of system." A Young Sangheili minor called from his signal station.

The elder shipmaster bedecked in his gilded golden armour walked across the gap separating him from the minor. The bridge he was currently in was massive the domed ceiling reached it's peak almost ten meters up and curved gracefully to the floor. The entire room was the elegant purple that all Covenant space faring vessels were, and it rested in the centre of a SDV-Class Heavy Corvette.

"Who is it? No one ever travels to these desolate mining colonies." the shipmaster asked himself as he bent over to see the hologram of the seated Minor.

The Minor eager to please responded as if he was asked. "I do not know my shipmaster, but I know one thing. It's not a Covenant vessel, the signal doesn't match anything in the data banks military or otherwise."

The Shipmaster stood back up quickly as his mandibles twitched involuntarily in surprise. "Are you sure?" His voice betrayed none of his surprise to the seated Sangheili.

"Absolutely Shipmaster."

"Good work. Get the coordinates for that signal and transfer it to navigation" Striding back to the centre of the room, where he sat into his grave chair and started to bark out commands to his crew getting them under way to intercept the vessel. Once the ship entered slipspace he grabbed his comm link and turned it on. "Thel. Come to the bridge bring two of the Majors."

"I'll be right there uncle." a voice replied through the link.

It took less than ten minutes for the three Sangheili he had summoned to arrive. On the flanks stood two Majors armoured in the orange color scheme that was traditionally worn by their rank, he was surprised to see that one of them was a female! But in-between them was Thel' Vadamee, his nephew, the son of his sister. He stood unhelmeted, it being clasped under his arm, and his white Ultra armour reflected the dull lights of the consoles around him.

"Uncle Lak, we are here what would you have us do?" Thel spoke as he inclined his head slightly in a show of respect, the other two following his lead but bowing much lower.

Lak' Vadamee put his hand on his nephews shoulder. "Nephew you and your friends are to receive a great honor. You three will be among the first to make first contact with a new race." All three Sangheilis eyes widened to almost comical proportions before Thel managed to calm down.

"This isn't another one of your jokes is it uncle?" seeing his blank expression the full dangers of the situation hit him like a mgalekgolos charge. "Your serious?" a nod "What do we know?"

"Not much but the vessel they are on is broad casting a signal, and that you three are going to give greetings in the name of the gods."

Now here he was aboard a breaching craft with two of his most trusted friends, Fal and Jora. Both of them held large plasma repeaters, just incase this new race didn't want to be friends. He himself carried weapons, his left thigh held a plasma rifle which was the smaller brother of the plasma repeaters and on his right he held his most valuable possession. His Type-1 Energy weapon, or Energy Sword, it was his mark of honor and courage. He laid his hand on it and his nervousness fled him quickly.

The whole craft jerked as it made contact with the aliens hull and started to burn it's way in. The waiting was tedious as it took near five minutes, now that may not seem like alot of time but it is plenty to build up tension and nervousness.

Slowly the piece of hull dropped into the ship and the black and purple energy barrier stood before them. "Let's go." he said as much to his compatriots as to himself.

He took a deep breath and stepped through the portal.


The marine turned pirate was sweating nervously as he watch the hull heat up in a circle. He was crouched behind a crate with his Caseless Smg waiting for something to happen, he could only imagine that his five friends turned rivals turned allies felt the same way behind him.

They were absolutely clueless and that fact only added to the worst part the waiting. Usually the waiting would cause men and women to think of all the possible scenarios that could happen to them, but when you had no idea what you were waiting for it got a whole lot worse. You started to add implausible situations and monsters that went bump in the night. What ever was drilling the hole could be anything, A UNSC extermination team, a rescue, or even a Insurrectionists craft.

They waited...

And waited...

And waited...

And waited...

Until finally the large meter thick titanium plate of the hull crashed to the floor with an ear shattering BANG! It caused him to jump to such a degree that he didn't register the mass of purple and black or what exited it, but when he did his bowels fought to empty them selves. Only the fact that he had barely eaten saved him from that fate. In front of him stood three aliens.

That's right aliens.

If he had to hazard a guess he would say they stood around seven and eight feet tall. They were bipedal but were very animalistic in a way resembling some sort of lizard with it's legs jointed wrong. The faces were prop ably the most shocking and intimidating parts. The two flanking aliens had four mandibles almost as if someone had split they're jaws in half.

And they just sat there staring at the first extraterrestrials humanity had ever encountered.

He was the first to act standing up and letting his Smg hang on his sling, the gun painfully slamming into his starved ribs. Behind him he heard the rattle of gun parts as his comrades tightened they're grips on their weapons.

"What the fuck are you doing!" One of the yelled while trying to keep his voice bellow a whisper.

Half turning his torso he motioned and mouthed 'relax' before turning back to the aliens. He walked slowly trying to avoid sudden movements that could startle the unknowns. He slowly ever so slowly pointed to himself and said "Human."

The centre one tilted his head as if curious. Then after what seemed like a life time of silence it repeated the gesture and growled a word that sound like 'Sangheli.'

Then the gates of hell opened.


Thel tilted his head as the alien pronounced a word he assumed his race was called. They were strange creatures, almost resembling a very frail Jirahlanae minus the fur and lighter skin. It was garbed in clothes that were tattered and dirty but a weapon hung from his neck. It was about the size of his plasma rifle but it was nowhere near as advanced, it looked like it still used gunpowder!

He pondered on how he should continue as he stared at the creature who was standing there hands above his head waiting nervously. He was afraid, no not afraid, but being cautious so that he wouldn't do some thing that would cause the situation to spiral out of control.

He was already at a disadvantage as there where five weapons of varying appearance pointing at him, yet he couldn't draw without a fight breaking out. Beside him he could sense Fal and Jora were tense, waiting for any sign that would allow them to take up arms.

Seeing no other way he raised his arm pointed it at himself and said "Sangheili."

What happened after didn't expect. He was just glad his comrades did.

One of the creatures must have lost they're nerve because as soon as he introduced his species projectiles started to impact his shields in front of his face, causing him to flinch back at the unexpected sight. But to his credit he reacted quickly though not as quickly as his comrades.

"Treachery!" Fal roared as he whipped his repeater from his back and fired at the shooter, plasma impacting it's body at faster and faster rates as the repeater cycled itself. The creature roared as the bolts struck home, burning through cloth, flesh and bone. He dropped behind a shipping crate still screaming. Jora was also quick on the draw but she laid down large sweeping fire keeping the aliens heads down and in cover.

Thel finally reacting a moment after dropped his hand to his thigh and activated his energy blade. The ionized plasma snap-hissed into life trailing clouds of blue plasma and stabbed it into the alien before him with such force that it was raised off the ground. It gasped in pain as the sword held him aloft and tried to breath with his punctured lungs. Letting it drop in a heap before he could focus his attention elsewhere his shields started to drop, quickly grabbing his rifle from his opposite thigh he fired a burst at his aggressor who took it full in the chest and dropping like a stone.

It took Thel a moment to realize that the sounds of the fire fighting had stopped, but the screams of the first shooter filled the hold. Walking over to it he looked down as the creature started to claw feebly at his leg as if to ask for mercy. He didn't look up as Jora and Fal came up in front of him.

"What are your orders?" Jora asked quietly. It was a long while before the Ultra of Vadam looked up but when he did he gave his order.

"Clear the ship." Then sent a ball of plasma into the mortally wounded man.


Natalie was frantic as sounds of gunfire echoed through out the ship, accompanied by the sounds of roaring. It quickly died down and was replaced by screaming. Oh the screaming! It drove her to insanity and terror! It was the scream of the damned, it belonged to the souls of the living dead, those who's final moments were near and would end soon they always did. As the ships chief medical officer she knew they always did. But to horror they continued, past the normal limit, past the time it took for those to stubborn to drift away, for over FIVE minutes the halls were filled with the dying wails of a man who unknown to the few still alive had sealed their fate. It had to stop.

It had to.

Didn't it?

When it did she was finally able to snap out of her trance. Quickly she scrambled to the shelves that sat next to the bed and ripped them open. Grabbing the pistol in side she shoved it into her pocket and grabbed her kids holding one in each arm and left the unit. She took off and soon the sounds of gunfire and a strange snap hiss followed by more screams that never ended.

She had to make it to the escape pods, there were borders on board meaning that they were finally unlocked, the only other ways were hull breach and captains approval. That's why they were stuck for so long. But now she had a chance.

She ran down the main stair well but the screams sounded closer than ever. She was glad the corvette was so small as the pods quickly came into view she used her last bit of stamina to make it to the control panel. What she saw filled her with hope and joy, the pods were active! She quickly started to bring all the systems online.

The doors slid open with a pressurized hiss and the red lit interior beckoned. "We're almost there angels. We're gunna get help." she whispered to her babies.

"Dada!" Vincenzo squealed pointing over her shoulder. The young mother was filled with hope, but as she twirled around it quickly evaporated and was replaced by dread. Before her stood a white amoured creature, it's right arm was covered in bright red blood which was slowly dripping down. In it's left a blue thing was pointed at her.

Quickly she placed her kids down in the pod and whipped out the pistol, squeezing of five quick shots. The first round hit right in the chest but was reflected by some sort of barrier, the same happened for the next three rounds, they bounced harmlessly. It was her final round that had an effect causing the field to collapse around the creature it roared as a sixth round pierced its thigh causing it to fall to one knee. She ducked back behind the doorway as blue globs of energy streaked her way. She started to eject the magazine when she saw a blue glowing orb only half a meter away from her and her kids. A part of her brain was yelling 'grenade' and she reacted almost immediately, Natalie lunged at her screaming and crying children trying to shield them with her own body. She was only partially successful as she lunged Gianvito started to crawl TOWARD the blue grenade. It is the most horrible and heart breaking thing to have to chose only one child to save, being half way through the air the distance was to great to get both so she made the split second choice.

She grabbed Gianvito.


Thel grunted as he collapsed, the female had his respect she was probably the only honorable warrior on this alien vessel. She fought protecting her offspring wounding him in the process but in the end she died for them, a worthy death.

Jora rounded the corner behind him and stopped when he saw his friend and commander kneeling on the ground. Quickly she ran over and grabbed his arm. "Thel! Are you hurt?" she almost yelled worry over taking her.

"I'm fine. Just a flesh wound. Now come, I hear a heartbeat." he pushed himself up and Jora was quick to support him they walked over to the door way and looked inside the small escape pod. Ate the far side was a crumpled heap, the woman, has huddled next to some sort of terminal but it was what was in the centre of the pod sat an infant barely a summer old and when it saw them it squealed yelling "Daddy!" and reached up it's arms opening and closing it's hands. Thel leaned against the door way as Jora walked up to the youngling and picked it up cradling it in it's arms, and tickled it with one of her long fingers causing it to laugh.

"Thel we can't kill it, it would shame and dishonour us." she said pleadingly.

Thel looked at her and the child thoughtfully. It's mother was honourable striking a would while protecting her kin with her life. If this youngling retained that honour and loyalty to family he could prosper in the Sangheili culture. Slowly he nodded. "You saw the conditions on this ship, it stank of death as soon as we stepped on here. There were bodies that had died of starvation, for all we know this youngling could be the last of his kind. His mother fought with honour, so we shall not kill him. No, we will bring him to Vadam." he said.

She smiled widely her grin infectious. "Well, he will need a name."

"Hmm you are right, he shall be called Tero of Vadam. Now let us go." as they walked out of the pod they heard a groan, spinning around on his unwounded leg he brought up his plasma rifle only to see the womans hand slam down on a button of the terminal. The doors quickly shut and the pod launched rocketing of into space.

It entered slipspace soon after.


Two days later...
Unknown location

"Get this door open now!" A human man in a suit yelled at the assorted crew in front of him.

"Director, sir, one of the life signs in there is fading fast. If we don't get in soon whoever it is, is a goner and even then..." The field medic trailed of not needing to go any further.

"You heard him I want the doors open yesterday!" the Director barked.

Suddenly a tech jumped from where he was crochet with data pad in hand "We got it! Doors opening in three..."

The doors opened and people went reeling back as the smell of death and decay washed over them. The Director entered unaffected and knelt down next to the woman who had a child in her arms. "H-h-help my b-baby. H-h-his n-name is G-gian-v-vito." her voice rattled as she struggled to get the words out. Her back and arms were covered in open burns. He nodded taking the little babe in his arms, as he did this the woman bellow him smiled and gave her last breath.

Standing back up he walked out of the pod and headed toward the hanger exit a dark skinned man following close behind. He leaned his head down and whispered.

"Welcome home Agent Maine."

=][= Transmission Severed =][=

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