Screaming was all he heard. He only heard the unadulterated screams of innocents he had failed to protect. It seemed like an eternity to him. It seemed like one hundred years of non-stop screams. Children. Women. The horrified families that would be separated from each other by death because of the perversion of a scheme concocted by mad-man that wanted to destroy the linchpin that held the worlds together. Only because Ichigo couldn't stop him.

Ichigo screamed. It was like a combination of every scream he had heard throughout his dream. His too-real-to-a-dream, dream. As soon as his lungs had exerted as much air as possible into the scream as they could the teen opened his eyes. The young Soul Reaper was dazed, but was happy that the screams had stopped. Colors of all sorts could be seen. Ranging from red to the lightest shade of cyan. To the darkest black only a sick, madman could ever hope to see. Ichigo grabbed his head in pain, but soon the sharp pain subsided. The shinigami was in a hospital. (A/N Will be trying to keep this as Anime style as possible and not Manga so I will refer to both Soul Reaper and Shinigami) Where am I? Ichigo thought as he sat up slowly. The teen grabbed his head once more and closed his eyes. The pain came back sharper than before, but stopped as soon as it came. Ichigo opened his eyes again, slower than before, to see a hospital. There were no machines beside him except a heart monitor. There were also a series of about twelve chairs circled around his bed of which all were empty. Ichigo was beyond confused. He was also worried. There were at least 10 or so empty beds with white sheets lined up right to left of him, and then he looked across the aisle to see 10 more beds lined up across mimicking the opposite side. Ichigo remembered what he could of the squad four hospital, but a realization dawned on him. No this couldn't be…is this really the Soul Society? No sooner as Ichigo finished said thought the door to the hospital room flew open.

There stood five Soul Reapers: Rukia Kuchiki, Rangiku Matsumoto, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Renji Abarai, and Jushiro Ukitake. The five shinigami had worried expressions on their faces. Ichigo simply looked expressionless at the group. One thing that surprised the Substitute was the fact that the third seat of Squad 13 ran around the bed that was in front of the door at lightning speed and darted straight to where he was laying.

Rukia hugged her old friend in which she had friend zoned some time ago. After about a millisecond of shock Ichigo instinctively hugged his friend back. One by one the rest of the group gathered around the hospital bed. As soon as Rukia was finished with her hug she looked at him a smile on her face, but no sooner than the smile was there it was gone. Thought only for it to replaced with a punch that hit Ichigo square in the face.

"What the Hell was that for, midget!?" Ichigo yelled holding his bleeding nose.

"For scaring me, asshole!" Rukia thundered with an angry expression on her face.

Ichigo accepted the excuse and disregarded the deadly punch from Rukia, however he was still trying to stop the bleeding she caused.

Rangiku soon had her turn at Ichigo. "Oh, Ichigo! I was so worried about you! I thought I'd never get to see my favorite Substitute ever again!" she yelled with a sad expression on her face. The second seat of the 10th squad grabbed Ichigo's bandaged head and shoved it between her well-endowed breasts, thus giving him her signature death hug.

"Is that your special way of waking people? You know the whole lack of oxygen to the lungs deal?" commented Toshiro Hitsugaya, the Captain of Squad 10.

Rangiku remembered the last time Ichigo passed out because of her hug and then later commented he couldn't breathe. The lieutenant unhappily released the Substitute as he fell back into his bed. The teen was blushing as red as an apple.

"Oh how I do love you air..," commented Ichigo, but no sooner he grabbed his head again. He heard the screams again. Ichigo screamed all his own once more.

"Get Captain Unohana in here, now!" Ukitake yelled to a nurse who had stopped by to see what's wrong.

Ichigo could see faces. He could see Chad, Yuzu, Karin, his friends at school, Orihime, Uryu, his dad, everyone he failed to protect because he couldn't stop Aizen. All were bloodied, missing limbs, or had a sad, dead expression on their face. All were staring at him with dead eyes. No emotion, no sadness...just...death.

Unohana entered the room quickly and ran over to see the circle around the substitute. "Move," she commanded. She would not allow the person who just saved everyone's lives to endure any more pain than he needed to.

"He's experiencing a...I don't know how to call it. A living nightmare, possibly. Coupled with his reiatsu fluctuating. It must be a...painful experience no less. I will try to stabilize him," Unohana finished as her hands began to glow green from the healing kido she was putting on him.


In Ichigo's inner world a battle was going on. A battle between the titans. The sky was dark and the normally blue skyscrapers were a dull grey.

"Damnit, just die!" Hollow yelled cutting a black conglomerate of faces repeatedly with a giant white cleaver. (A/N Naming him Hollow for short.)

" what happens when you use the Final Getsuga Tensho. It brings pain. Unimaginable pain and fear," Zangetsu said releasing a vibrant blue Getsuga Tensho.

"I don't care what it brings, I just want this thing to die! I'm the only one that gets to bring King pain, and he knows it!" Hollow yelled slicing the conglomerate's head off only for it to instantly reattach itself to it's body.

I will protect you, matter the cost. Zangetsu thought as he released a series of blue moon fangs.

One ting that surprised both Hollow and Zangetsu was the fact that this pain was fighting back...well attempting to.

It sent other smaller black blobs that took the shape on Ichigo's friends. One of Chad, the other of Neliel, though they only took on their faces and not their powers.

Zangetsu sliced the Chad blob while Hollow the Nel one.

"Ichigo, I will protect you!" Zangetsu screamed as he sent a giant Getsuga Tensho towards the main conglomerate.

"No, Zangetsu," came a familiar voice from behind the Zanpakto. "I told you. I have to protect everyone. That includes you, too, Hollow." Ichigo smirked walking past his partner and hollow self.

"What the Hell?" Hollow said raising an eyebrow at the teen.

"As for you, what ever the Hell you are, you are going to be gone from me...forever," Ichigo said raising his cleaver towards the conglomerate while blue reiatsu began to engulf him.

One second Ichigo was where Hollow and Zangetsu saw him, the next he was behind the conglomerate with black goo dripping from his sword. The conglomerate made a hellish scream of its own before separating in two and dissolving into the sky.

Ichigo's inner world went back to normal with its usual blue sideways skyscrapers and blue sky. Hollow had a dumbfounded expression while Zangetsu had a look of admiration.

With that Ichigo left, but the silence between Hollow and Zangetsu was broken once more by a much softer feminine voice. "Do you think he noticed me?" a woman dressed in a green kimono with white flower designs asked. Her hair was a beautiful shade of silver while her eyes were also a beautiful hazel and her skin had a light tan. The kimono had a purple and white cloth so that it would not fall...her breasts were very ample as well.

"Nah, King's as dense a rock," Hollow said dissipating into Zangetsu.

"Do not worry, Kyoka. We will reveal you once he is ready. And that will be soon," Zangetsu said standing on his signature flag pole.

"I hope so," Kyoka Suigetsu responded. "My deepest wish is to be wielded by him."


Ichigo gasped for air erratically for a minute before settling down and opening his eyes.

"Ugh...what the Hell happened?" The teen said rubbing his head with a sore expression on his face. He wouldn't tell them of his little...encounter with the conglomerate so that he wouldn't worry them anymore than he already was.

"Well one moment you were fine, the next you were screaming," Toshiro said with his arms crossed.

"I believe you were in an enormous amount of pain. That coupled with the fear of something. For of what I will never know," Unohana said sighing. "But I am glad that our hero is alive and well." Retsu smiled a truly happy smile.

"Besides me screaming, were all of you here watching me? Why, and how long was I out?" Ichigo asked scratching the back of his head. "Even you, Toshiro?" Ichigo joked.

"That's Captain Hitsugaya," the Squad Ten captain retorted. Ukitake chuckled slightly, but was cut short while trying to answer the young Substitute's question.

A large crash was heard from down the hall. Everyone in the room turned around to see what all the commotion was about and then saw Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, Lieutenant Yachiru, and his 3rd seat Ikkaku had loudly entered the room.

"How was it Ichigo, huh? How was it?" Kenpachi asked with vigor and disturbing joyfulness.

"Uh…what Kenpachi?" Ichigo asked still wondering how Unohana actually let them in here.

"How was the fight with Aizen, dumbass!?" Ikkaku exclaimed. His kick was aimed for Ichigo, but was blocked by Unohana.

"I will not allow anyone to try and harm the person who single-handedly saved all of our lives," the Squad four Captain smiled a smile of death.

Ikkaku backed off a bit. Even Squad Eleven members were afraid of the 'Witch of Squad Four.'

It took Ichigo a minute to respond, but then it hit him like a brick. Aizen…Monster…Final Getsuga Tensho…victory. The teen smiled inwardly. He was happy. Very happy that all he did was not in vein.

The whole room was waiting for an answer. Ichigo finally responded, "The man was a monster. It was by far the toughest fight I've ever fought. Even though I was barely trying." The entire room was then decompressed and Kenpachi spoke again.

"Was he tougher than me?" He said with that devil smirk on his face.

"You see, that's why I don't ever want to fight you again," Ichigo said while crossing his arms and repeating his earlier statement, "So why are you all here? And how long was I out?"

Everyone in the room laughed and the dispatch of Squad 11 joined the rest of the Soul Reapers surrounding Ichigo's bed.

"You were out for about two and a half days," Renji answered. "I'm glad you're alright, buddy. Had me worried there for a sec," the second seat of Squad Six joked.

Ichigo laughed and then Ukitake answered the second question, "Well first we wanted to check and see if you were alright, and second to congratulate you," answered Ukitake.

"For the defeat of Aizen?" Ichigo guessed.

"That and being appointed Captain of the newly created Squad 14," added Toshiro smirking at how Ichigo would take the news.

"Wait…what!?" yelled the new Captain.




Tier Harribel had just woken up in the dunes of Hueco Mundo. The blonde beauty was wondering how she even got here. She remembered the fight in Fake Karakura Town and the small Captain. She was lying on her back, but sat up to see a slash on her stomach and one on her shoulder. The 3rd Espada winced at the pain and put a hand over the slash on torso to try and surpress the bleeding. She then turned her head to the right to see a half destroyed Las Noches and to her left she saw nothing but grey sand. She screamed remembering how she "lost" to the white haired child of a Captain, "AIZEN! YOU BETRAYING PIECE OF GARBAGE!" I will kill that bastard, she thought catching her breath though it was difficult. She tried to stand but was forced to one knee. The Espada was breathing heavier than an oxygen deprived human.

It took all of her might and remaining strength to force herself up on two legs. She looked at the remains of the palace and cursed Aizen once more. She snapped her fingers and pictured her quarters in Las Noches. Tier walked in to the blackness of the portal and swore to kill the Shinigami she called a "leader."

"Oh and Ichigo, there will be a celebration tonight to honor you and the defeat of Aizen," Stated Ukitake while smiling. He was one of the gentler Captains, however he should never be underestimated in a fight.

"Thanks ,Captain," said Ichigo also smiling back to Ukitake.

"Oh so you call him Captain, but you still call me Toshiro?" yelled Hitsugaya now fuming. The air in the room dropped a few degrees.

Ichigo laughed only to hear an interesting comment made by the lieutenant of Squad 10.

"Hope you can make it, Captain Kurosaki," winked Rangiku.

Ichigo blushed madly while telling her to knock it off. She winked at him again smiling her big flashy smile and then left the room. The other wink caused him to blush even more.

"I'll go ahead and get dressed," said Ichigo putting his feet to the floor. He started to feel light headed.

"Did I hear that someone was going to leave my hospital without my permission?" asked Captain Unohana with her smile of death.

"Uh, no ma'am!" replied Ichigo as he got back in his bed and rolling over not facing Retsu while he started breaking out in a cold sweat.

"Now that's what I like to hear," said the Captain of 4th Squad with her usual 'do as I say or you won't see tomorrow,' face.

About 6 or 7 hours later Ichigo was unhappily discharged from the hospital by Unohana. The Squad 4 Captain gave him his sword and then asked if he could stay a little longer. Ichigo respectively declined the offer and then flash-stepped away before she could pressure him with her evil aura.

It was about 8 P.M. Soul Society time when the party started. Some had started drinking about three hours earlier. Ikkaku and Rangiku were obviously being one of the first.

"Well hi there..," commented Ikkaku who was already drunk off his ass. Umichika Ayasegawa was using his foot to repel the drunken Ikkaku of whom was trying to reach him.

"Why does he always act this way when he's drunk..?" questioned the fifth seat of the 11th Squad.

He looked down and lifted one of the empty sake bottles to read who had made this devil's drink for he knew Ikkaku could hold his alcohol. "Shiba Sake I should have known," he said to himself knowing that Shiba Sake was the strongest in the entire Soul Society. "I bet Rangiku ordered it, too," said Umichika about to punch his "shaven" haired friend in the face.

Over in the main party area of the Seireitei trouble was brewing between squads eleven and six. "Oh yeah, ugly?" said an unranked member on squad eleven.

"Yeah bring it on," another unranked member of squad six said about to draw his sword.

Both squads were about to unleash Hell when the door to the area was opened.

There stood Ichigo Kurosaki, the hero of the Soul Society, Rukia Kuchiki, Renji Abarai, and various others of whom were known of being Ichigo's friends.

The squads unhappily settled their differences for the time being to enjoy the festival and honor the great man that defeated the traitor known throughout the Soul Society as Sosuke Aizen.

After about a few dozen handshakes from the male population, a dozen hugs from the women, 4 ass grabs, 1 male 3 female, 1 deathgrip from Kenpachi, 60 different experiment requests from the Captain of Squad 12, 9 lieutenant requests, another deathhug from Rangiku and an ass grab from her as well. (In which Ichigo partially did not mind) And to top it all off a marriage request from a drunk male.

When it was all said and done the celebration lasted until about 1 A.M. Ichigo was sitting on a bench listening to stories although his had topped them all off. Ichigo was also receiving some winks from just about each and every female Soul Reaper that passed him. He was a ladies man though he was too dense to acknowledge it. After about 10 minutes Ichigo was wondering when the Captain's gathering would be called because he wanted to be home as soon as possible to stay with his family. The whole table was laughing, including Ichigo, at a joke that a squad 11 member made, but then a vulgar voice came from the depths of his mind effectively ending Ichigo's laughter though no one noticed.

Cunt. Stated Hollow Ichigo

Pale asshole. Spited Ichigo in retaliation.

Touché. Replied Hollow.

And hey, thanks for keeping that thing busy til I got there. You too, Zangetsu, Ichigo said inwardly smiling at both of them.

Don't worry about it, Ichigo, Zangetsu answered smiling back at his partner.

Whatever, see ya, Kingy! Hollow said before he and Zangetsu both retreated from his mind.

Ichigo, coming out of his train of thought, looked over to another table and saw Kukaku Shiba flirting with Byakuya Kuchiki. Ichigo could see the Captain of Squad 6 blushing, but then the new Captain could also see Kukaku whisper something to Byakuya which made him go scarlet and to which Kukaku was laughing hysterically.

Good for them. They need a break, especially Byakuya. I'll definitely hold this over him in the future, thought Ichigo causing him to chuckle again.

Out of nowhere Toshiro appeared in front of him with only two words to say, "It's time."

"Alright," said Ichigo. "It was good talking to you all," Ichigo smiled as he waved to the table where he was sitting previously. The table waved to Captain Hitsugaya and the soon-to-be Captain as they then flash stepped to the gathering hall for Ichigo's ceremony.

Byakuya saw Hitsugaya and Ichigo and then decided to said his goodbyes to Kukaku. After a nanosecond of thought he kissed her on the forehead. This caught her off guard and she herself turned scarlet, and she soon started to laugh. He then flash-stepped away and made his way to the gathering hall.

Tier stumbled out of the Garganta and into her quarters in Las Noches. It had taken her 6 hours. It would have been much shorter though she was blacking out every now and then. It was rather small considering other Espada 's quarters but housed a very large bathing area, a king sized bed, and stone desk with pictures of her Fraccion on it from when they were all "young" and new to Aizen's army. The 3rd Espada stumbled over to her desk and opened a hidden stone compartment on the side to find a few painkillers for arrancars or Espada made by Szayel Aporro. They were prototypes, but he claimed that they worked.

She grabbed the pills and swallowed them immediately, went to grab a satchel, and put her Fraccion's pictures in it. Tier knew she could not stay long because the entire palace would be overrun with soul reapers in a day or so. The pain killers soon worked but only slightly because of the amount of pain she was in, but the were effective enough so that she could walk more easily though it still to a lot of effort on her part. The Espada soon opened another Garganta portal with pain, betrayal, and hate in eyes and proceeded to the world of the living.

Ichigo and the Squad 10 Captain arrived at the entrance to the gathering hall. Toshiro pushed opened the door and there stood 9 Captains. Shunsui, and Kenpachi were tipsy, but they both somehow managed to keep a straight face. Where's Byakuya? Ichigo thought. And with that the Captain of Squad 6 arrived behind him. "Glad you could make it Byakuya," grinned Ichigo.

Byakuya walked silently to his position with a slight smile on his usually stoic face. Only Ichigo noticed this and slightly shook his head, still grinning. Toshiro followed suit and proceeded to take his position as well.

"Step forward Ichigo Kurosaki," bellowed the Head Captain.

Ichigo stepped forward as the Head Captain spoke once more.

"I heard about your incident at the Squad Four Hospital this afternoon. I trust it is handled?" The Head Captain asked.

Ichigo nodded and told the Captain commander to proceed with the inauguration.

"Now, please heighten your spiritual pressure so that we may judge where you stand in terms of power. This is an unofficial way of choosing Captains, however, we have all seen your Bankai in action, and as well, you defeated two Captain's in battle," said Captain Commander. Kenpachi laughed and Byakuya chuckled which came to a shock to most Captains.

"With all due respect sir," started Ichigo bowing to the Head Captain, "while I was fighting Aizen he said that no one could even sense his spiritual pressure except you, but he also said that he couldn't sense my spirit pressure," said Ichigo remembering those grim words. When Aizen said them Ichigo thought that he had turned into a monster.

Those words shocked some of the Captains, but Kenpachi was smiling like a homicidal maniac.

"I am well aware Ichigo Kurosaki. I can feel your dense spirit pressure now. Now if you may?" the Captain Commander lied.

He's lying, Zangetsu piped in.

I'm aware, Ichigo replied, but he complied with the Head Captain's request.

Ichigo exhaled slowly and began to lower his spirit pressure. He learned it in the Dangai thanks to his father. A moment later some Captain's forehead's began to sweat as they started to feel the powerful and menacing spiritual pressure. A few were starting to feel woozy, though Ichigo had purposely brought it to the Head Captain's level so they could at least withstand it. Kenpachi was, however, still grinning like a madman.

"Thank you Ichigo Kurosaki. Please heighten your spirit energy before one of your fellow Captain's pass out," chuckled Yamamoto.

Ichigo let go of the restraints he was putting on himself and his spirit energy skyrocketed to transcendence so that no one could sense it. Some Captains wiped the sweat that had accumulated of their foreheads off and regained their usual stances.

"Now, for your services and defense of the Soul Society, Seireitei, and its best interests, along with two or more recommendations from Captains of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, I hereby promote you to the rank and new position of Captain of the newly formed Squad 14. It's duties are Search and Destroy of the enemies of the Soul Society and defense of it's best interests. May those who recommended this young man please raise your hand?" asked the Head Captain.

Every Captain in the room including the Head Captain raised his or her hand. That last act caused some chuckles throughout the gathering hall. Even Ichigo was slightly shocked.

"Now, Ichigo Kurosaki, do you accept the title of Captain of Squad 14?" asked Yamamoto.

"I accept the role as Captain," Ichigo said without hesitation.

"Now Captain Ukitake and Captain Hitsugaya, will you two please retrieve Captain Kurosaki's haori?" said Head Captain Yamamoto as more of a statement than a question. "You two were the first to recommend this young man in the first place so I deem it fit that you two will be the ones to present it to him," Yamamoto chuckled again.

The other Captain's chuckled including Byakuya. Ichigo guessed he was in a good mood. The spiky haired teen chuckled as to why.

The two white-haired Captains walked to retrieve the new Captain's sleeveless haori and showed him the symbol. It's symbol was a 四 below a 十. Both were inside a rhombus just like the other Captain's haori's.

"Captain Kuchiki preformed basic kido on the cloak so that it's color would change according to your power level. If you are to use Bankai, then the haori will turn black with red outlines. While you are at your base level the haori will remain white," stated Head Captain.

"What is my squad symbol?" asked the curious Captain Kurosaki. Every other squad had a specific symbol. Ichigo was very interested in what Captain Commander would say.

"Your squad symbol is that of an Angelica flower, Captain," stated Yamamoto causing Ichigo to chuckle to himself. He got a very girly flower, but didn't mind. You did this on purpose, Old Man.

The two Captains then gave Ichigo his new badge of office and Ichigo bowed to Yamamoto and then the Squad 14 Captain nodded to Byakuya of which nodded back.

"And do not worry yourself about your status as a Vizard, Captain Kurosaki. This information will only be discussed here and only if it were to become a problem," said Head Captain with an undetectable hint of kindness in his voice.

Ichigo's eyes widened to the point of which they would pop out of his head, but he calmed down when Ukitake placed his hand on his shoulder and nodded to him.

"Thank you, Head Captain, for this honor as well as you Captain Ukitake and Captain Hitsugaya," Ichigo said with emphasis nodding and smiling to the small Captain.

It was Toshiro's turn to be in shock, but then nodded back and chuckled.

"14 Court Guard Captains dismissed!" exclaimed Yamamoto striking the ground with his cane. He stood and made his way to his private office.

After Ichigo had shaken all the Captain's hands, received another request for a "friendly" fight with Kenpachi along with a deathgrip, another experiment request from Squad 12 Captain, Ichigo went to see Head Captain Yamamoto privately.

"Excuse me sir, but may I ask two small favors?" asked Ichigo passing the squad one lieutenant and into Head Captain's office.

"Of course my boy, what may I do for my new Captain?" asked Head Captain.

"First may you ask Captain's Kuchiki, Ukitake, and Hitsugaya to say goodbye to Renji Abarai, Rukia Kuchiki, and Rangiku Matsumoto for me?" Ichigo chuckled at the last bit knowing Rangiku would be upset the next time they met if he didn't say goodbye to her in some form. "And second may you open the senkaimon gate so I may go to the world of the living, sir?" Ichigo asked with respect.

"Yes I will, my boy. And we do not need to open the gate. You may simply open one yourself. One of the abilities with having a Captain's Haori is you may summon Hell Butterflies to open gates for you. All you must do is think about summoning a Hell Butterfly and then picture a place you would like to go while it opens a gate," stated Head Captain Yamamoto.

Ichigo was surprised and asked another question, "Where do I need to practice, sir?"

"Why you may practice here in my office, my boy," he said with kindness.

Ichigo nodded at the Captain Commander. He then turned around and thought about a Hell Butterfly and where he wanted to go. One moment later the small black and red insect flew in from an open window and opened a gate.

"Thank you, sir," Ichigo smiled as he headed for the now open gate.

Yamamoto nodded, Fast learner, he thought. The old man then chuckled and finished the paperwork that had been on his desk from the previous day.

Tier arrived in the real Karakura town. She appeared in a deserted street to be more precise. The Espada walked close to a wall propping herself up with one hand as she stumbled. The painkillers had worn off because it took her a good 4 hours to get here at the pace she walked through the garganta. The green eyed beauty was starting to feel the full effects of the wounds to her body.

The 3rd Espada was breathing very heavily and bleeding profusely as she rounded a corner and saw another deserted street. She found a telephone pole and sat down drawing her Zanpaktō and setting it down beside her.

As her eyesight slowly faded to darkness she whispered to herself, "I don't care if I die, Aizen. You can rot in-" she was cut short by the light sound of footsteps. The remains of her adrenaline pumped throughout her body and her eyesight returned to it's normal state as she grabbed her sword.

Ichigo was happy to be back in the world of the living. He had a list of things to do in the more acceptable hours of the morning: Stop by Orihime's, Chad's, and Uryu's, houses all while showing off his new rank. He couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces. Later they might all catch a movie or just hang out. He wanted to be close to his friends right now. "Man I should have pictured Urahara's shop. I gotta pick up my body anyways," he said to himself.

Dumbass, said Hollow.

Alright fine you got me on that one, Ichigo said admitting defeat.

Does that mean I'm king now? Asked Hollow with mock anticipation.

"Oh hell no," Ichigo said aloud.

With that Hollow was silenced, but not before calling Ichigo many vulgar and insulting names.

Ichigo then sensed something. It was slight, but his father had taught him the basics of sensing spiritual pressure, but he could sense the slightest anomaly for it was a lot easier because he was so sensitive to spirit energy, though he had to see past the mountain that was his won spirit energy to sense it. He would have to remember to ask Irahara about putting as seal on his power. Though it would have to be a seal that he could remove at any time.

The Captain rounded the corner and saw Urahara's shop of which he could retrieve his body. The Captain of Squad 14 then spotted something quite odd on the ground against a telephone pole.

A Soul Reaper!? Not just any Soul Reaper. That is the one who defeated Grimmjow, Tier thought. She heard him say something, but ignored it completely. The arrancar stood, swaying from side-to-side, raised her sword and prepared to kill him.

"Uh excuse me?" Ichigo asked. The woman was wearing white and had ripped and very revealing attire. She looked wounded and very badly at that. She was also intensely staring at him, but then she started to stand. She raised her sword as well and charged Ichigo. He dodged easily. Is that a Zanpaktō?! He thought.

No it's a sharpened stick you dumbass, replied Hollow.

Not the time, Hollow! Ichigo thought.

She was bleeding and looked as if she lost a lot of blood. An arrancar?! Wait not just any...the 3rd Espada?! Ichigo was panicking slightly as he also blushed because he had looked to where her number tattoo was located. He could also see the remain's of her mask . The arrancar had tan skin, blonde hair, and green eyes. She's beautiful, thought Ichigo,even if he couldn't see her face completely.

The Espada lunged at him again and again, all with very slow speed. Ichigo did not attack for he felt the very strong urge to help this beauty of an arrancar.

"I will kill you and Aizen!" she shouted. With that she attacked again, stumbling.

Ichigo easily dodged this attack the same as before, but also thought about the woman's statement.

She then stopped her attacks, "Avenge Tiburo-" ,she was cut short by falling to the ground still conscious, but in an immobile, exhausted state.

Ichigo ran worriedly over to where she had fallen. He could hear her breathing, but it was in an erratic manner almost as if she was hyperventilating. The new Captain then felt the strong urge to help the same as before, but this urge was overwhelming him. Ichigo picked up the immobile Espada along with her sword and sprinted to Urahara's shop of which was just down the street.

Tier reacted to Ichigo's act of kindness by subconsciously grabbing the hem where his black robe covered his white robe.

He looked down immediately to see her large breasts bouncing because of the running. Ichigo blushed turning red as he was on a desperate mission to save this gorgeous arrancar's life.