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Ichigo trains with Alucard, Kyoka, and gets his reiatsu under control mildly. Ichigo attends his inauguration ceremony and most know of his relationships with Unohana, Yoruichi, and two others but they don't know who exactly they are. Ichigo gives his speech, everyone loves it, and the party continues. Tia and Nel talk about how they came to practically fall head over heels for Ichigo in three days and Apacci is still skeptical.

Let's get to it then!


Grimmjow sighed as he watched the dancers on the dance floor. It was his, Starrk's, and Ulquiorra's first night on the job as bouncers and it was still eleven o'clock. Afterlife was a bar that stated open until five in the morning thus making it to where they had to stay there until every club-goer left or they were told to go.

It had been boring to say the least. There were no fights so far, no kick outs, nothing. The boss, a man named Tenzo, assured Grimmjow that there would be a fight of the sort as the sexta Espada had clearly explained he was in this to fight people more than the money. Tenzo had told him that if someone started trouble and refused to leave, then he could have at it.

Grimmjow wasn't complaining after the boss had told his that. He got free booze but was restricted to non-liquor containing drinks. He could still drink beers and what-not, but was restricted because of the concentrated alcoholic content of the liquors. That was just a precaution so that he couldn't get drunk. He had to stay sober for his job and all.

He looked around lazily as his gaze lingered over to Starrk of which was flirting with a few girls. He sighed with a smirk. Starrk never took any initiative in Hueco Mundo and the only attractive women there were Nel and Tia but now they were both taken by the same guy. Another smirk played across his lips.

Fuckin' Kurosaki… he thought. Over the week he stayed at Urahara's, the shop keeper explained to each of them that Ichigo was a prude, or at least used to be, and had no flirting skills what-so-ever. And now he had three girlfriends.

He didn't know about Unohana, hell, Starrk, Ulquiorra or Grimmjow didn't know. Only the female arrancar's did. He was sure to throw a bitch fit, too when he learned of it.

With Ulquiorra…

The cuarto Espada watched silently as the dancers weaved around one another, some lustfully grinding against their dates or some they met here. He inwardly scoffed at how easily these humans fell into lust and pleasure.

Such primitive creatures…

Some of the passing women winked at him, thinking his green eyes and green tear-like marks on his face were cute. He inwardly shivered as the same thing had happened earlier when he was walking on the street towards Afterlife to get the job. Teenagers and some grown women alike were ogling him. It made him shiver.


He cast the thought from his mind as he scanned the dance floor again. He wore a simple pair of black dress shoes, black pants, and a black tee-shirt, the same as Starrk and Grimmjow. His brows furrowed ever so slightly as he thought of what had happened earlier that week.

The first day, he had seen a white light before he was in a doctor's arms. He was then in the arms of a random woman he knew nothing about, and any chance at forming coherent sentences was replaced by gurgling sounds. He saw another man smiling down at him; he didn't know the man either. But not a second later everything started to go black as both the man and woman were screaming frantically for doctors. He didn't feel pain when everything was going black, just that he was slipping to somewhere familiar. And before he knew it, he woke up back in his old body with familiar, but unwelcomed faces.

He knew what happened. He was being born again, literally, before his soul was forced back into his old body. It wasn't unwelcomed but he couldn't help but feel a little something for the man and woman who had lost their baby, him to be exact.

And then he was revived from the very person he least expected. No small part of him was happy when he was revived. But what was strange was that he basically threatened to rip out her heart once before and she so easily consented to reviving him?

Humans are strange… he concluded as yet another girl, of which he was zoning out from, slipped her number into his shirt pocket. She winked at him, found it hot that he didn't acknowledge her, and walked away with her hips swaying.

He reached into his shirt pocket to find a wad of paper, at least a dozen of them, which contained messages with hearts, cell phone numbers, or addresses. Some contained all of the above.

Strange indeed…

With Starrk…

"Alright, alright, separate," Starrk said lazily as he had to separate his boss and some guy about to get in a fist fight. The two had been at it for the majority of the night. The first encounter being at ten, the next half an hour later, the current one being at eleven, the current time the guy that wasn't his boss had a purple suit and a lot of jewelry on. Starrk didn't know why but the man was so familiar.

Meh, he didn't get paid to think about things.

"C'mon, dude, we were just having a friendly chat. Nothing serious," the purple clad said with a creepy grin as he looked over Starrk's shoulder to see the bouncer's boss, Tenzo, sticking his tongue out at him.

The man in purple growled as Starrk looked him in the eye. "He's my boss so I gotta do what he says if I wanna get paid," Starrk responded with a half-lidded haze.

The purple-clad man tch'ed before putting his hands in his pockets and was about to turn before his eyes widened as he looked at Starrk again. He growled under his breath before a grin came across his features.

Starrk paid it no mind as he sifted his way through the crowd to get back to his position at the door, Tenzo following close behind. When Starrk reached his destination, he crossed his arms and looked over the crowd before looking at his boss.

"He just won't stop bothering me. It really gets annoying, Starrk," Tenzo sighed as he sat in a chair close by.

"Why won't he stop bothering you?" Coyote asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He thinks I owe him and the gang he works for, the Yakuza Devils, a lot of money but I paid it back last week. His name's Ao by the way," Tenzo explained while Starrk nodded silently.

"So what you're saying is that he just wants another cut, right?" Starrk drawled with a raised eyebrow.

"Precisely," Tenzo replied. "He's done this before and his superiors usually do something about it after a few nights. This time he's being extra persistent," the nightclub owner explained making Starrk nod again.

"How big is his gang?" Starrk asked.

"They have a good number of businesses under their boot but it's less than ten percent of Karakura in all. Maybe a good two hundred members or so? The leaders are ex-military and all that crap. The gang specializes in sex trafficking and drug dealing mostly," Tenzo explained while Starrk nodded again.

In a booth not far from Starrk's location sat about eight men, drinks in their hands, and firearms tucked at their sides, secretly of course.

"Hey, boys, I just ran into one of the guys that beat your asses a week ago," Ao said while the other gang member's eyes widened.

"Let's go kick his ass then!" a burly member said as he stood up while others nodded in agreement.

"I was actually thinking about something else," Ao grinned.

"Oh, and what do you have in mind? Shin's teeth aren't gonna fix themselves and I'm sure he wants payback," the burly man growled.

"How about we steal his car? I saw him leaving earlier to go get something from it. What do you guys say?" Ao grinned again making the other Yakuza members grin as well.

With Grimmjow…

"Oi, Ulquiorra, how's the night treatin' ya so far?" the sexta asked with a raised eyebrow and grin. "I've gotten like seven girls' numbers and I'm just standin' here," he chuckled.

Ulquiorra let a ghost of a smirk appear on his lips. It was clear that this was something that Grimmjow would say to start something. "I've gotten thirteen," the quarto said casually.

Grimmjow's eyebrow twitched in annoyance before he propped himself against the wall beside the other Espada. "So…when are we gonna get to this Segunda Etapa thing?" he asked.

"Soon," Ulquiorra responded as his green eyes scanned the dance floor, taking in the strobe-lights, dancing bodies of the men and women there, and flashing colors. It was very…different than his stay in Hueco Mundo where the most predominant color was gray.

"That's a bullshit answer…" Grimmjow retorted.

"There are certain…requirements that one must fulfill for it to work. But, I must warn you, the Segunda Etapa takes an extreme toll on one's body," the cuarto said. "Do you want to know how I died?" he asked afterwards.

"Some bullshit by Ichigo, I'm sure," Grimmjow chuckled. He was actually pretty correct.

"I used the Segunda Etapa so long I eventually disintegrated," he said making Grimmjow's eyes widen.

"So, what you're saying is, use it sparingly if we can get it?" he said making Ulquiorra nod.

"The battle between Ichigo and I, took about an hour if I can remember. Fifteen minutes of that was me being in my Segunda Etapa mode. It might be a little longer than that because of the stress of getting my organs ruptured that sped up the process. So give or take fifteen thirty minutes at most," Ulquiorra explained.

After a moment Grimmjow chuckled. "When did you start talkin' so much?" he said with a smirk.

Ulquiorra didn't respond.

"Ah, that's better," Grimmjow grinned.

With Ao…

"Hmm…I've always liked going car shopping," the purple-clad man grinned as he walked to the maroon-colored Suburban, a clothes' hanger in hang with the hook bent.

"How long will this take?" a bruiser asked with a raised eyebrow as he and his cohorts set up a 'perimeter' around the car lot.

"Don't know, but take that car over there, too. The big man likes his collection and that Mustang paintjob must have been expensive," Ao said while an agile fighter nodded before pulling out a screwdriver to pick the car lock. The Mustang GT was purple with thick, silver lines going along the length with a silver dragon going the right side of the car.

"So, what're we gonna do with the Suburban?" a bruiser asked as he stood next to a concrete pillar, his attire consisting of all black.

"You know that street race?" Ao asked as he successfully picked the long and slowly opened the door to check for the car alarm in which there was none. He then got a nod from the bruiser. "This'll be the prize for the winner and the Mustang over there is what we'll enter to win it," Ao explained as he sat in the Suburban. It was a mess inside. "Damn! These fucks ever heard of spring cleaning?" he said before checking the miles drove on the dash. "9010 miles? Damn, these guys ride this thing around Karakura a lot," he added before looking for a key in which he found in the glove compartment. "Dumbasses," he grinned before starting the car up and letting three others get inside.

"You know the place, right?" Ao asked the four agiles getting in the Mustang of which they also found the key in. They nodded individually before starting the car up. Ao then directed three others to hijack a nearby black Mercedes Benz.

With Grimmjow, Starrk, and Ulquiorra…

"Hey, Tenzo, why're we out here again?" Starrk asked his employer as the four walked to the latter's vehicle in the car port. "The first time you asked us to check on your car, now you want all of us to?" he asked the short man.

"I just want to make sure my delivery's safe is all," Tenzo explained as he round a corner only to be pulled back harshly by Grimmjow as a familiar maroon Suburban, black Mercedes, and purple Mustang flew by making Tenzo's eyes widen.

"See ya, bitches!" Ao flicked the four off before a barrage of bullets impacted the wall beside them, making the three arrancar instinctively jump behind a nearby car in search for cover with Tenzo merely falling over behind the car, bullets still hitting the wall and car.

"Hmm…so those are the weapons Kisuke explained to us," Ulquiorra muttered making Grimmjow grin.

"I want one," he said just as the hail of lead stopped signifying the three vehicles were gone.

Meanwhile Tenzo was freaking the fuck out.

"Son of a bitch! Those assholes stole my car!" he then turned to Starrk, Grimmjow, and the bored looking Ulquiorra.

"I'll pay you each five thousand if you can get my car and package back in one piece!" he said to them making them raise their eyebrows before peeking out the back window to see if the gangsters were truly gone before standing up.

"I understand what's so important about your car, but what's important about the package?" Starrk asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Make it ten thousand for not asking questions!" Tenzo begged.

"We could use the money," Ulquiorra put in his two cents.

"As long as I get to blow shit up," Grimmjow grinned again.

Starrk rolled his eyes before nodding. "I'm not taking our car, I'll take the blame if it gets destroyed so what're we gonna do about a vehicle?" he asked before Tenzo gave him a deadpan look. The short man then reached down, picked up a pipe before swinging it to a nearby F-150's window making the alarm blare.

"I'll hotwire it, you just get ready to get in and leave," Tenzo explained just as he got in the red truck before getting under the steering wheel. Not ten seconds later the alarm stopped and the truck roared to life. Tenzo got out before reaching in the back of his pants to reveal an M9.

"Called it," Grimmjow grinned before taking the firearm and spare mags and getting in the passenger seat.

Ulquiorra merely rolled his eyes and got in the back.

"Be back by morning and get my shit back!" Tenzo yelled as Starrk hopped in the driver's seat and took off.

Tenzo cried anime tears. "I want my candy back," he whined before trudging back to the club.

With Starrk and Co…

The three had just exited the three story cement cart port, Starrk looking both ways before casually going out into the street.

"Dude, this is like Grand Theft Auto! Fuck the laws! We have to chase those fuckers down and get our money!" Grimmjow yelled at the Primera making the latter roll his eyes.

"We have to figure out where they are first, Grimmjow. It'd do us no good if we just sped out into the street," Starrk explained making Grimmjow 'tch'.

"We could just use our soul forms to find 'em," the sexta suggested.

"The Soul Society would detect us indefinitely," Ulquiorra explained while he was rummaging around in the back.

"What the hell are you looking for-oh holy fuck," Grimmjow's eyes widened as he saw what Ulquiorra picked up.

"I believe this is what they call a rocket launcher," Ulquiorra said in a bored tone as he looked at the green-colored weapon while Grimmjow was drooling with a stupid smile on his face.

"Don't give that to him," Starrk said warily before Ulquiorra sat the AT4 disposable launcher down before pulling up a Mini-Uzi.

"Man do I love rednecks," Grimmjow grinned as he snatched the submachine gun from Ulquiorra's hands.

"Why do you think these people are red-necks?" Starrk questioned as he drove past other car before Grimmjow gave him a deadpan look. He then pointed to multiple stickers of the Confederate Flag on the dashboard, then to the steering wheel cover which had the 'Dukes of Hazard' logo on it.

"Beep the horn," Grimmjow asked him casually.

Starrk inwardly shrugged before beeping the horn making the traditional Dukes of Hazard, General Lee horn go off. He sighed in defeat.

"Told you," Grimmjow said with a grin before gave the M9 to Starrk.

Starrk drove down the semi-busy street for another minute before he had to stop at a red-light. He looked at the pistol in his hands before sitting it back in his lap. "This is gonna be a long night," he said exasperatedly as he looked to his left.

With Ao…

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world~, wrapped in plastic, it's fantastic, c'mon, Barbie, let's go party, ah, ah, ah, yeah~," a bruiser sung to himself as the radio in the Suburban picked up that song from a radio station.

Ao rubbed his left temple behind the steering wheel. "You queer. How can you like that song?" Ao asked as he stopped at a red light.

"That's good music, man. And don't diss it, either," the bruiser said as he looked out his window just as a familiar red truck pulled up.

"Hey, Ao, don't we know them?" the bruiser asked just as the two other bruisers looked out the same window before their eyes widened.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Ao grumbled before leaning over to see what the bruisers were gawking at.

His eyes widened. "Oh holy…"

"Shit," Starrk unknowingly finished just as Ao sped off through the red light with his mini-entourage following, all three cars cutting off many cars also making them crash. They were at a four-way intersection so there were many cars coming back and forth.

"Hey, Starrk, when are we-oh Holy shit!" Grimmjow yelped as Starrk put the petal to the metal, following the three cars while he himself also cut off many others drivers.

Starrk weaved in and out of traffic as he followed behind the Mercedes, many other cars beeping their horns as Grimmjow regained his bearings before grinning and pulling out the Uzi.

"Don't use that unless they shoot at us first. And try not to shoot Tenzo's van," Starrk said as he put the stick-shift truck in the second gear.

"Man, Starrk, you're no fun," Grimmjow said in a mock-pouting tone as he put on his seat belt.

"For some reason I get a tingly sensation when I put my finger on the trigger of the rocket launcher…" Ulquiorra said absently making Starrk and Grimmjow look at his with wide eyes before the latter cracked a fanged grin.

"Ulquiorra, you little gun enthusiast!" the sexta grinned making Starrk sweatdrop before his attention was turned back to the road.

He turned sharply on a curve before sticking the truck into the third gear. He floored the accelerator to try and catch up with the Mercedes. Not a second later a fourth vehicle, a black truck came right up behind them hitting them in the backside bumper.

"Oh, what the fuck?!" Grimmjow exclaimed as his head hit the ceiling of the vehicle.

Starrk readjusted himself as he got back in the correct lane of the road, the black truck hitting his vehicle every so often. His ears were numb as for all of the horns beeping as he passed the other cars on the road.

Starrk weaved out from behind a red car before he ran a third red light. He saw the mini-convoy with the Mercedes at the rear. He put a little more force into the accelerator. Not a second later he rammed into the back, his bumper denting the back of the car.

Not a second later the black truck from earlier pulled up beside the vehicle Starrk was in. The driver steered over into Starrk's fender making the red truck veered slightly to the sidewalk making many civilians jump out of the way.

Starrk looked out his side window to see the driver of the truck grinning before he saw the passenger pull out a classic M9. Starrk's eyes widened.



"…Shit…why'd we have to do this again?" Ichigo complained as he got up from his comfortable bed and other, *ahem*, pillows. He stretched as a male servant waited patiently for the new official clan head to get out of bed.

The servant was dressed in a pair of khaki slacks with white button up and red vest with tie. It was an odd getup but Ichigo inwardly shrugged. He had short brown hair with the occasional streak of grey and a set of hazel eyes.

"Lord Ryu and Mistress Aki insisted you get up at dawn to walk around the grounds of The Forge. It usually inspires high morale for the citizens when you do that, Lord Kurosaki," the servant bowed while Ichigo groaned.

"Please, call me Ichigo. You don't have to address me like that, Mr…?" Ichigo trailed off as he sat up.

"Taiken, and as you wish, Lord Ichigo," Taiken smirked slightly while Ichigo groaned.

"You're not gonna drop the 'lord' are you?" Ichigo said as he stood up and looked at nearby clock before his left eye started twitching at it reading six o'clock.

Taiken smirked slightly. "I have been raised to call the clan heads their appropriate titles, Lord Ichigo," he responded.

Ichigo merely rolled his eyes as he turned around to see Yoruichi and Retsu's sleeping faces. They were truly beautiful all of the time.

Yoruichi had a few strands of her violet hair covering her face and her golden orbs were closed. She had a demeanor of calmness around her that Ichigo had to smile at. Though Ichigo did notice that it had shifted from happy to just calm when he had gotten up.

The captain's gaze shifted to Retsu as her braid was let down and her hair cascaded down her form to her mid torso. She wore a purple nightgown that would have complemented her eyes if they were open.

Ichigo smiled slightly at both of them. He truly was lucky to have them…

HIs stupor was cut short as he resumed to the task at hand. Taiken had left the room and he had gathered his haori, sash, waraji sandals, tabi socks, Alucard, Kyoka, and Zangetsu before lying the on a desk next to the entrance to the steam bathroom.

Ten minutes and a refreshing bath later, Ichigo exited the restroom with only a towel as his safeguard to modesty. He picked up his shihakusho, haori, and sash before reentering the bathroom to dress himself. Two minutes later he exited and put on his socks and sandal before situating Zangetsu at his left hip, Kyoka at his right, and the Casull and Jackal below his shoulders.

He looked over to Retsu and Yoruichi to see them both still sleeping soundly in which that brought a small smile to his face. He walked over without a sound before placing small kisses on their foreheads.

When he kissed Retsu on the forehead, however, he noticed a somewhat noticeable scar in between her breasts. He grew curious but brushed it off. If it was important she would have told me already, Ichigo though before he walked over to the door to walk out. He took one last glance at them both before smiling softly to himself. He then opened it and left to go meet with Taiken.

Taro, the blank faced stone samurai, and Shiro, the happy-faced one, were waiting outside his room when he exited. He raised an eyebrow as Taro pulled out a small book.

"This book will act as your daily schedule when you stay at The Forge. There is already a pre-determined schedule waiting for you but if you veer to an undetermined activity, either you or we will add to the book or you will have to write down a new schedule. We would have given you this earlier but you were technically not the actual head of the Kurosaki Noble House until your inauguration last night," Taro explained making Ichigo sweatdrop slightly.

Ichigo then took the book from Taro's giant hand and opened it to the first page.

7 A.M. Walk around Forge

8 A.M. Breakfast

10 A.M. Tea with Byakuya Kuchiki

11:30 A.M. Delegates from Shihoin Noble House to discuss trade

1 P.M. Lunch

2:30 P.M. Captain's meeting in Seireitei

4 P.M. Free until 7 P.M.

7 P.M. Dinner

Ichigo's jaw dropped at the 10 A.M. allotment of his time.

"You're joking, right? Why would Byakuya you guys schedule tea with Byakuya and me? I honestly thought he hated me…" Ichigo chuckled weakly making Taiken chuckle lightly from his position in the hallway.

"He was the one that requested it actually. He said something about showing you proper manners," Taiken said making Ichigo sweatdrop again.


Ichigo breathed in deeply as he exited the Kurosaki palace to meet the morning sun. "The air seems cleaner here than in Karakura," he noted idly before his brain processed that is was probably the pollution from cars and whatnot. Seeing as how Soul Society didn't have cars and other things that could give off substantial amounts of noxious gases, then the air would naturally be cleaner here.

Taro, Shiro, Suko, the angry-faced samurai, and Jiro, the sad-faced samurai were now with him were by his side, the four massive samurai chatting amongst themselves, Suko talking about how his division of stone soldiers might have gotten his model, but didn't get his hard-working aspect.

Ichigo wave at the passing servants as they did their morning routines around the palace, either cleaning or helping set the table for breakfast, or anything that needed doing around it. Ichigo waved as they passed him and nodded his thanks to a few and waved to the kids.

After passing through the gates that led to the main portion of The Forge, Ichigo noticed the small city was busy as usual. People going to their occupations, shops opening, and a portion of the people were picking up trash that had accumulated the previous night after the party. Ichigo chuckled when he heard a few women yelling at their husbands and making them go to their occupations even with a hangover.

Ichigo then looked back at the people picking up trash all the while smiling, bowing, and waving at him. He waved back but before he knew it, his body was on auto-pilot over to where three bags of collected trash were with an old man and a kid near them. The party was thrown in the large square near the palace so the two were near shop at the edge of the square.

"C'mon, grandpa, let's go ahead and take these to the incinerator already! Why do we have to wait on dad to help us?" the boy whined. He wore a pair of sandal, beige shorts and red shirt. He had brown eyes and black hair.

"Because, Toi, I'm too old to carry these bags and you're too small," the old man smiled gently. He was hunched over with his hands behind his back, grey hair with streaks of black, brown shirt, beige shorts, and sandals, and a pair of aged blue eyes.

"I could go ahead and take them to the incinerator if you don't mind," a voice said to their left making both of them turn to see Ichigo with a small smile on his face. Both immediately went wide-eyed and bowed slightly.

"No need, Lord Kurosaki, we were going-," the old man was cut off by Ichigo.

"No, really, I insist. It's the least I could do since all you guys threw this party for me," Ichigo smiled making the old man take on a smile of his own. The kid then spoke up.

"Can I go with him, grandpa?" Toi yelled excitedly with a grin.

"No, no, Toi, I'm sure Lord Kurosaki has a busy schedule today," the old man said as Ichigo reached for the bags, scooping up two in his left hand and one in his right.

Ichigo chuckled, "You gotta remember to listen to your elders, Toi. They usually have some pretty good advice from time to time," he said making the kid giggle and wave as Ichigo started to make his way back to where Suko, Taro, Shiro, and Jiro were waiting.

"Lord Kurosaki! Thank goodness we found you! We were worried sick!" Jiro, the sad samurai said with worry in his voice.

"I just went to help pick up some trash to take to the incinerator. It's the least I could do to help out…you guys wouldn't know where the incinerator would be, would you?" Ichigo chuckled weakly as Suko started to lead the head to his desired location. Meanwhile Taro was inwardly smiling at the newly appointed head.

I'm glad your son has a sense of duty about him, Lord Isshin… he thought as the five of them kept walking to their desired destination.


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