It has been sometime since Harvey felt like this, actually the last time he felt this uneasy was in college. He couldn't quite figure it out today but being the calm, always-in-control, suave lawyer that he is, he knew he could get past it. Feelings don't control Harvey Specter, he controls his feelings and today would be no exception. Today was Donna's first day back and he was excited to see what she was going to do since she made that second condition for coming back. He rolls out of bed at his usual 6:15am and starts to get ready for the day taking a little extra care as he went through his morning routines and left a little earlier than he normally does. Ray was already downstairs waiting and Harvey felt that this would be one of the best days he had in some weeks. Not having Donna in his life, even if it was for just three weeks, really took a toll on his mood. But today would be different because he had his best friend and confidant back.

As he steps out of the elevator onto Pearson Hardman, Harvey smiles, which surprises a lot of the employees there, knowing what he was like the past few weeks. He passes his temporary assistant and just nods at the poor kid. He wasn't quite sure what she was going to do but Donna being Donna he knew it was worth watching. Then it would be back to work as usual, he had a lot of cases that needed clearing up. He also wanted to sit in on a case Mike was handling, knowing it would be the kids big show. Though he had all confidence in Mike at this time, there was always room for improvement. As Harvey sat at his desk he couldn't help thinking to himself that he was darn proud of the kid, he not only handles himself like a pro with Louis and Jessica but he can go up against some of the best prosecutors that the DA's office throws at him. Like Conner Fletcher, one of the most successful prosecutors that the city has seen, since Harvey left the DA's office of course. Just the guy's name alone makes Harvey's blood boil, which surprises him because the guy was a good lawyer, he was clean, he was honest and people always had good things to say about him. Even Jessica was thinking about offering him a position at Pearson Hardman. But for some reason Harvey didn't like the guy, and one person he knew who would be upset by that is Donna. He remembered she had nothing but good things to say about Conner, as a matter of fact they apparently went out on as few dates. Harvey felt his stomach hurt and he thought maybe it was because he didn't have his morning coffee yet. Something he always depended on Donna for from the very first day they started working together.

As if on queue he saw her walking towards her desk, she had on a green dress, her hair was down and she had a smile and air about her Harvey always admired and always always looked forward to seeing everyday. Whenever Donna smiled at him he always felt more confident and he knew nobody else could replace her in his life. Seeing her now, walking towards her desk, Harvey felt his heart skip a beat. She really is beautiful, he thought, then he listened closely at what was about to happen.

Donna walks up to the temp at her desk,

'Get out and take your colour-coded filing system with you' she said as she glares at Cameron

"It's a filing system…how can I…" Cameron fumbles

"I'm trying to give the moment a dramatic flair" she says as Harvey approaches to stand at his door, "geez and he ruined that too". Cameron walks off as quickly as he could.

"Is that it? That was worth making a whole condition for?" Harvey asks, standing with his hands in his pocket

"I've never fired anyone before" Donna shrugs

"You do know that he's a floating temp right. He'll be on somebody else's desk before lunch" Harvey laughs and heads back to his desk.

"Does everyone have to rain on my parade" she says sarcastically and sat down on her chair, looking at Harvey, he smiles and gave her one of his famous Specter winks that was just for her.

Even though he wouldn't say it to her, he actually enjoyed her little performance, seeing Donna take control and reclaim her rightful place turned him on. She never disappointed him in that area, she was beautiful, sexy, and smart and she was the best at what she did. Harvey couldn't think of anyone who had ALL the qualities that he looked for in a woman, other than Donna Paulsen, his Donna! The day went as it always did, Harvey, along with Mike kicking butt and Donna being one step ahead of him in whatever he needed. Sometimes he wondered how she did it but then he realized that, that was why she was so good at her job. It didn't matter how she did it as much as why she did it. That one time in her apartment when she opened up to him, made him realize WHY she did the things she did for him. And if he was honest with himself, he knew it was why he felt this way about her too.