I didn't remember anything. I didn't know who I was, or why I awoke in the middle of a dirt road, wearing tattered, dirty clothes and holding a knife. It was dark, nighttime.

A few hazy memories resurfaced as my eyes opened, looking up at the tree branches above me. Men surrounding me, holding swords and knives. I remembered them circling me, running at me, where I stood all alone, unable to defend myself against so many of them…

Who was I?

I stood up, feeling an intense pain stab me in the shoulder. I grasped at it, and felt that my skin was sticky with blood. A deep gash stood out on my shoulder, and taking a step it felt like my ankle was pretty messed up too. My head hurt. I began to walk forward slowly, painfully, gripping the kunai knife in my hand. Maybe I could find my home, if I was able to walk far enough…

Voices reached my ears and I stopped, panicking. How could I fight against anyone right now?

"I hear someone nearby. It one of ours?"

"No, I see them. They aren't wearing the headband."

"Let's check it out."

I couldn't see anyone, how was I able to hear them?

Abruptly, six figures jumped out of the shadows of the trees, standing before me in the road. Despite the darkness I could see that they were dressed in black, with gray vests, wearing strange white masks that looked like they had animal faces on them. Who the hell—?

"Who are you?" one of them asked me.

I blinked. I wished I knew how to answer him. But I sensed danger from these guys, and I gripped my kunai, taking a step away. I had to get out of here. But how could I when I was barely able to move?

"We should take her to Konoha," one of the masked guys said. They had a name…what were these people called, and where had I seen them before?

"Right," another one of them said, and then they were coming towards me. They were fast.

But the moment I realized I was in danger, my body jumped into action and I jumped backwards, my instincts kicking in. The pain faded and I gripped my kunai, bringing it up to meet the blade of one of my attackers. I kicked him in the chest, sending him sailing backwards, then whirled around, blocking the attack of another enemy.

I landed on my bad leg, and pain shot through it. Abruptly the adrenaline faded and the pain returned to my body, worse than before. Someone caught me from behind, and the energy left my legs. I crumpled to the ground, consciousness fading away.

"Her chakra…" one of them muttered as I fell into oblivion. "Who is this girl?"

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