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"Morning Miss Poppy"

Daniella Brown pulled the giant curtains Poppy Moore's room apart, letting the startlingly bright light from the morning sun shine upon the sleeping girl's face. "Dani, not now" Poppy moaned from her comfy bed. The red-head sighed at walked over to the teenager, yanking off the comforter from the bed and stealing the pillow from under Poppy's head.

"Dani!" Poppy cried, sitting up.

The difference between the two girls was comical, especially at this time in the morning. Poppy had long blond hair, tan skin, and wore a skimpy pink nightgown that didn't cover much. Her day clothes were not much different: designer labels galore, skimpy shorts and skirts, skinny jeans, thin shirts, only the highest heels, and thousands of sunglasses.

Dani, already dressed for the day, wore her usual dark colored knee-length pencil skirt with a matching jacket and a white blouse, paired with her black stiletto heels, her only indulgence. Her startling bright red hair was pinned back in a tight bun, so you could tell neither the length nor the style of it, and the shade was dulled. Not a speck of make-up was worn on the teenager, and she had thick-framed glassed hiding her eyes.

"Remember, Miss Rosemary is moving in today, Miss Poppy" Dani reminded the other girl in her light, British accent.


"Molly? Molly!" Poppy called as she headed downstairs, Dani on her heels. Poppy's little sister was in the kitchen making herself food while listening to music. "Molly!" finally having enough, Poppy pulled one of the ear buds out of Molly's ear. "Hey, I was listening to that!" Molly protested.

"Earth calling sisterling. Have you forgotten today's the day Rosemary moves in?" Poppy asked as if it was the end of the world. Her world, maybe.

"Like you'd let me forget. Morning Dani" the younger brunette greeted the red-head. "Morning Miss Molly"

Molly turned back to her sister. "Please tell me you're not going to do anything crazy" she pleaded. "Look, you know I love you, Mollster, but there are some things you're just way too young to understand" Molly and Dani looked down to see Poppy cutting the crust off of Molly's PB and J.

"I know what I'm doing, though, okay? Trust me"

"Poppy!" Molly cried in frustration, but Poppy only smile patronizingly before walking away. "Dani" Molly groaned, but Dani shook her head. "Molly, you know better than I do that when Poppy gets an idea in her head, there's no talking her out of it"

"That doesn't mean you have to go along with it" Molly cried. She hated watching Dani get ordered around and walked over by Poppy's friends and always getting in trouble for things Poppy did.

"You know that's not true" Dani sighed. "Besides, Poppy isn't all that bad" Molly rolled her eyes, but dropped the argument. "I need to go and help Poppy" Dani sighed, knowing what Poppy was planning, and hating it.

The driver opened the back of the moving truck and Poppy announced to her 'friends' "All right, guys. Let's give my dad's girlfriend the perfect Malibu welcome. Everyone, help yourselves!"

People rushed forward and started grabbing boxes, passing them back to get torn apart. Dani stood on the balcony above, watching, not wanting anything to do with Poppy's so-called party. Miss Rosemary was nice enough, and she couldn't understand why Poppy was so horrible to her.

"Have you seen what Poppy's done?" Molly cried as Dani came up next to her. Dani sighed, something she did a lot in her life while it revolved around Poppy. "Never mind, of course you did. At least you're not helping her" Molly added before Dani could say anything.

"I'm going to my room, tell me if anything interesting happens" Molly said, leaving Dani to watch the destruction.

Dani watched as Poppy jumped off the patio and into the ocean. "Welcome to Malibu, biatch!" Poppy's voice echoed when she reappeared.

Just then, she noticed Mr. Moore going through the crowd to look over the edge at Poppy. "get up here, right now. Get up here!" he ordered. "That is the final straw, Poppy!" Mr. Moore shouted as he ushered people to go home. "You are going to England!"

"Yawn, the boarding school threat again" Poppy shouted back, completely calm. "I don't even recognize you anymore" Mr. Moore replied. "All this is going to stop right now!"

"So what, big deal. You can just replace me with a newer, trashier version, like you did with Mom!" Poppy cried back. Dani nodded. So that was why she hated miss Rosemary. Dani shok her head and headed inside, pulling out her truck to pack. If Poppy was going to boarding school, so was she.

"I take it you're planning on going with Poppy" Dani turned around, not startled at all to see Mr. Moore standing in her doorway. She simply gave him an are-you-kidding-me look. He sighed as stepped inside, sitting down at the foot of her bed, next to where she had set out some of the things she was taking.

"You know, I can't understand you. You are such a good girl, you just need to get over your confidence issues" he ran a hand through his hair. Dani still said nothing. "Alright, you can go with Poppy. But please, just try. You're not the hired help, you know. You're part of the family" Dani nodded, making sure not to make any promises, before he walked out of the room.

He didn't even have to glance around the room. Dani kept so few things; it was easy to believe she could pack everything she owned and still have room in her trunk. Her room was a plain white color, and her carpet was just the generic grey that came with the house. There was nothing personal in the room, except for two things. One was a photo of Dani with a young, blond boy. It was her best friend, Ron. Gerry knew Ron would be stopping by to see Dani soon. Ron was the only thing Dani had to herself that wasn't by Poppy's orders.

The other was a picture of a red-haired man with a straggly, short beard holding a petite brunette woman in his arms. They were both smiling and laughing, their love shining clearly in their eyes. It was Dani's parents.

"I suppose it's nice to be going home, kind of"

Dani was sitting on the floor, leaning against her bed while Ron was on his side, lounging on her bed, his head right above her's and slightly to the side. "Dani, no offence love, but you're a door mat" Ron told her bluntly.

Dani huffed. "I know that, but it's not like I can help it. It's easy around you, you don't intimidate me. Poppy, well, she's another story. She's changed, into this horrible, bitter person" Dani ranted.

"She misses her mom, and feels like she's the only person that remembers her. And with Rosemary moving in, she feels as if her father is replacing her mother" Ron rationalized. Dani turned her torso to glare at him. "Well, if you're so sympathetic, who don't you go talk to her" she snapped.

Ron gave her a look, and Dani's expression softened as she turned back around and plopped back against her bed. "Sorry. You know, Poppy's boyfriend is a cheating pig. You'd be so much better for her. And I'm sure she's like you if you just told her" Dani said softly.

"You and I both know that's not true. Part of what you said is right, Poppy's not that great a person right now. I think she just needs something to connect with her mother, and maybe she'd be alright" Ron thought out loud.

"I don't know, but here's to hoping the next semester is beneficial to us" Dani sighed, raising her soda pop can. "Cheers" Ron said, clinking his can with hers before getting up and leaving Dani to sleep.

"In England, it rains 200 days out of the year" Poppy moaned, looking up facts about the boarding school that her dad was sending them to, as well as the surrounding area while her 'best friend', Ruby, browsed through Poppy's things. "You will definitely get SAD" Ruby told her.

"She is sad" Molly said, setting out Poppy's shoes for her. "Seasonal affected disorder" Ruby scoffed at Molly, making Dani frown, but she said nothing. "Depression due to lack of sunlight, resulting in acne and weight gain"

"What?" Poppy cried in panic.

"What? I saw it on Dr. 90210" Ruby replied defensively.

"Are you all packed, Dani?" Molly asked her. Dani nodded. "It's all ready to go" Dani told her before turning her attention back to the miserable Poppy.

Ruby gasped when something caught her eye. "Not those shoes. They don't do rain" she cried, holding up a pair of Poppy's heels, causing both Molly and Dani to roll their eyes. "Just take them" Poopy said kindly, knowing Ruby's real meaning and reasoning.

"hey, you promise we'll talk every day?" Poppy asked the happy Ruby. "Swear on your life" yeah right. Ruby's not that considerate.

"Dude, who loves ya? Everything's going to suck without you" Ruby said instead of answering, not even looking at Poppy. "Aww" Poopy sighed as if that was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to her.

"Ruby, you're my best friend! I'm gonna miss you so much" causing Molly to huff as Poppy hugged the taller brunette. What she didn't see was Ruby's smile drop to a look of disgust as they hugged. Dani and Molly did, though.

"I know, let's check out their website" Poopy cried, turning back to her computer. Molly left, slamming the door while Ruby and Poppy sat at the computer. Dani stood back, already knowing about Abbey Mount. She had looked it up earlier.

"Oh, my God" they said simultaneously.

"'Abbey Mount School is an independent boarding school for girls ages 11 to 17'" Poppy read. "'Founded in 1797, the school is one of England's top institutions for young ladies.' It's all brick! Please tell me that's not in the countryside!" Poopy begged in horror.

Dani sighed, not even bothering to try to tell Poppy that isn't wasn't all that bad. She just wouldn't get it.

It was pouring rain as the car drove through the wet England countryside. The rain cleared up by the time they reached the school, though. Poppy looked at the grounds in disgust while Gerry couldn't help but smiling, noting the almost euphoric look on Dani's face.

Mr. Moore, the driver, and Dani all climbed out of the car, while Poppy stayed seated. "Mr. Moore" both the man and the red-head turned to see a woman, who must be the headmistress, standing next to the car.

"I'm Mrs. Kingsley" they shook hands. "Please, call me Gerry. This is Daniella Brown, one of your new charges" Dani smiled at the kind-looking woman and shook her hand as well. "Please to meet you, Ma'am. Please, call me Dani"

"Not American" Mrs. Kingsley looked slightly surprised by Dani's clear British accent. "Born and raised in London until I was eight, Ma'am" Dani explained briefly. Mrs. Kingsley nodded.

"Thank you. I am so grateful that you're taking in Poppy" Mr. Moor told Mrs. Kingsley. "I'm happy we could help out"

"She's going through a rather difficult stage" Mr. Moore tried to explain gently, not really knowing how to explain his daughter's situation.

"Just leave it to me, Mr. Moore. I have a double first in difficult" Mrs. Kingsley smiled, winking at the prim looking girl standing beside the man. Dani beamed. Mrs. Kingsley approached the door at Poppy's side of the car.

Dani didn't watch their interaction as Mr. Moore turned to her. "Now, I know that the only reason you came is because of Poppy, but since this isn't a punishment for you, please try to enjoy yourself. I know you're excited to be back" he pleaded. Dani shook her head, not able to feel anything other than happy now that she was back. "Don't worry about me, Mr. Moore" she noticed he didn't flinch whenever she called him that, anymore.

"Alright, just have fun. Okay?" Dani nodded. "Okay"

"Dani!" Mrs. Kingsley called the girl over. Dani stood beside Poppy, whom she noticed was getting a lot of attention. "Poopy, Dani, this is Kate. She'll be your big sister at Abbey Mount" she introduced.

Kate was a tall, slender, blond girl with a kind smile, about the same age as Poppy and Dani themselves. "You'll soon settle in" with that, Mrs. Kingsley left them alone.

"Hi, how do you do" Kate greeted.

"I already have a sister" Poppy snapped before Dani could say anything. Dani felt slightly hurt at the remark. "It's just school lingo" Kate assured her, not fazed in the slightest…yet. "I'll be your friend, a helping hand, that's all" Kate explained.

"Okay, but Dani's my helping hand and I choose my friends, and FYI, you don't make the cut" Poppy sniped.

"I'm sure that comment would sting a lot more if I knew what FYI meant" Kate said slowly, "But, for the moment, let's just pretend it's had the desired effect, shall we?" with that, Kate walked away, feeling slightly bad about not even looking at the other girl.

Poppy turned on Dani. "Can you believe her nerve? Urge!" Dani flinched at Poppy's tone.

"Saddle up, girls. We've got ourselves a bronco" Kate told her roommates. They all looked over to see Poppy shouting at the other girl, and watched with sympathy as the girl flinched, as if expecting to get slapped. "Poor girl" Drippy sighed sadly.

"Poor!" Josie cried.

"I meant the red-head that's being shouted at" Drippy explained.