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Poppy and Dani – as well as Kate, Kiki, Josie, and Drippy – finished off the semester, as well as the year. Harriet was replaced by a rather quiet, but really sweet girl in her year. Every Saturday, unless Dani had something to attend to or he was at school, Freddie was allowed to take her out.

The girls continued to gain popularity until they basically ruled the school. But they were always rather nice about it, and were not very…Californian about it.

After the school year was over, it was planned that Freddie, Drippy, Kate, Kiki, and Josie would hall spend at least half the summer in Malibu with Dani and Poppy.

Finally, mid-July, The Moore family – because Dani had finally officially changed her last name to Moore, until she gets married that it – waited at the airport with Ron for their five friends.

"Finally, Dani caught sight of messy blond hair that could only belong to one person.

"Drippy! Over here!" Dani started jumping up and down, trying to get her attention. Drippy finally noticed then and looked behind her, where the others stood, motioning them to follow her.

"Hey" Dani grinned, holding still as Freddie wrapped his arms around her in a hug. "Hello, trouble" he greeted fondly, kissing her head. 'Hello Moore, Poppy Moore" he still teased her about that. The group never explained to Mrs. Kingsley or Mr. Moore why, tough.

"Freddie, this is my best friend and Poppy's proper boyfriend, Ron. Ron, this is Freddie" Dani introduced, ignoring Poppy's cry at her dig at Roddy.

After the introductions were made, they all loaded into the limo – yes, a limo – and headed to the Moore household.

Drippy got along really well with Molly, who loved talking about food with her. When the group wasn't together as a whole, the smaller groups broke up to be: Poppy and Kate, Drippy and Molly, with Kiki and Josie going in between. Ron was always with Poppy. Freddie and Dani were often by themselves, just enjoying their time together.

One night, Freddie and Dani were sitting outside, looking up at the stars. "You know, in a couple months I'll be eighteen" Freddie told her, drawing random patterns on her arm. "I turned seventeen last June, on the 21st" she told him.

"Your birthday's on the Summer Solstice?" he asked. Dani nodded. "I always found that little fact to be pretty cool" she told him.

"Anyway, I'll be going to University while you finish off school at Abbey Mount. So, I wanted to give you this" he held out a small ring. The band was silver and there was a little green jewel. "It's not an engagement ring, nor was it really expensive, because I know you hate that" he said, knowing her too well.

"I just, I want you to have something to remind you of me when I can't be there" he finished, looking at her. "It that where you and Poppy and Molly went last week?" she asked him, laughing slightly. Freddie nodded.

Dani sat up and kissed him. "It's sweet. Thank you" she slipped it on her finger and they spoke no more for the night.

The girls were lined up against the edge of the pool on their floaties, all wearing sunglasses and bikinis. Freddie was on the patio net to the pool, his head right next to Dani's. Ron was next to him, his head next to Poppy's. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Her green bikini didn't hide a lot, and he was soaking up the image of her skin while he could.

Suddenly, Poppy's phone started ringing. "Give it here" Dani asked. He handed Poppy's phone to her, asking, "Who's Ruby?" It took Dani a moment to answer, as she was busy ogling her boyfriends naked chest.

"Nobody" Poppy told him.

"Just some horridious cow we used to know" Dani finished, rejecting the call and handing the phone back to Freddie. Ron laughed, knowing exactly who it was.

"Can't do it?" Kiki asked as they all stood together, arms locked. "No way!" Josie cried.

"You're completely insane" Kate added.

"But you're still here, aren't you?" Dani laughed. Freddie and Ron sat back and watched the girls interact.

"Are you guys ready?" Poppy asked.





And they jumped into the ocean.