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Chapter 19: Epic Fail of a Rescue

Mister Fluffy-Pants was running at break neck speed through the thick jungle.

"At this rate, will be with the rest of the guys in no time flat." I declared.

'How do you know he's going the right way?' Morgan asked.

The answer to that question didn't come from me, but from someone else.


It was quite for a few seconds, but Broggy's voice quickly came back.

"DORRY! YOUR ALIVE!" Broggy shouted, but I could hear that he was also crying as he was saying that.

The next sound to fill my ears were of some explosions, meaning Mr. Five was involved.

'You were saying?' I replied to Morgan.

'Shut up.' was all he could muster to say.

"Step on it, Fluffy-Pants!" I shouted to the tiger and spurred it in the sides, making it increase it's speed.

As we got closer to where Broggy's voice was coming from I could see bits of the two giant's, not bits as in pieces but just small portions though the trees. I also saw what looked like a giant white cake with a white pumpkin on top of it and it was spinning.

But, my observation was cut short though. Mister Fluffy-Pants had decided he wasn't going to get any closer to all of it, because he quickly stopped. And I, who wasn't paying much attention and had a loose grip on his fur, was sent flying like an arrow towards the clearing that all this was taking place in.

As I flew into the clearing, I slammed face first into a tree and fell back on my back, groaning in pain.

"Owwww! Next time I see that tiger, I'm going to turn him into fur skin rug." I complained, as I stood up from my place on the ground.

I turned and saw Mr. Five, Miss Valentine, Mr. Three, and...Mr. Three's partner. I can't remember her name. Three out of the four of the looked surprised to see, but that quickly changed for Five and Valentine when they noticed it was me.

"You!" Five and Valentine shouted.

I gave the two a mock salute. "Hey, you two. How have you guys been? I got to say it's good to see you two." I told them.

"You two know this one?" Mr. Three asked.

"We ran into him when we went to Whiskey Peak to take care of the princess. He was running around like a drunken fool, I thought I killed him when I sent him flying with a bomb, but look's like I was wrong." Mr. Five explained, in semi bored tone.

"And a pervert." Miss Valentine added with a growl, while glaring at me.

"Wow, one drunken 'Mis-Adventure' and you get labeled for life. That's not real fair." I complained at the two.

"Cortez!" Vivi and Nami shouted.

"Quite screwing around and get to kicking their ass!" Zoro added.

As soon as Zoro said that Mr. Five, Miss Valentine, and Mr. Three all got ready to fight.

'Thanks a lot Zoro. I can't fight all three of them at once.' I thought.

'Well, I hope you have a Plan B, then.' Morgan told me.

'Not really, but I can bullshit my way through one.' I replied.

"Hold on you three." I told the three, raising my hands up. "Let's be a bit civil about this and try to work out an agreement."

Mr. Five and Miss Valentine didn't look like they were going to listen to a thing I was going to say, but Mr. Three, either out of arrogance or some form of sympathy decided to hear me out.

"Hold on you two, let's see what he has to say." Mr. Three told the other two.

The two looked like they weren't going to listen, but I think they remembered that he out-ranked them for a reason and backed off.

"Good to see some one has some civility " I commented. "Now, we all know that I wouldn't be able to beat all of you, let's not pretend it's even possible. We also all know that you want to make me and the rest of my crew mates to disappear and you guys don't have the time to search this island for the other three members." I began to explain.

"Get to the point!" Miss Valentine shouted at me.

"Alright, sheesh. Don't have a cow." I told her. "The point being that I fight 'The Booger-Man' and 'Heavy Haley' over there without no interference so I have a fighting chance." I told them.

"Now, why should we do that?" Mr. Three asked, slightly curious as to my offer.

"Because, if one of them wins, then I tell you where the other three crew members are." I answered.

I heard Nami, Vivi, and Zoro shouting at me, but I ignored them. I had to say something to try and give me a fighting chance here.

Mr. Three was silent as he seemed to be thinking it over. After what seemed like an hour he finally snapped out of his little thought trance.

"Alright, you've got yourself a deal." He replied. "Mr. Five, you'll fight him first."

Mr. Three then made his way over to his partner and took a tea cup off the picnic blanket and began sipping it.

Mr. Five stepped forward and Miss Valentine looked confused, but eventually made her way beside Mr. Three.

"I don't know if your a genius or just one lucky bastard." Mr. Five commented at me. "But, I really don't care."

He stuck his finger up his nose and readied one of his explosive boogers.

"Nōzu Fanshī Kyanon!"

He flicked the little bomb at me, but having already fought the guy once and no longer being drunk, I was well prepared for this fight.

I jumped to the side to avoid the blast and quickly charged him, hoping to end this fight quickly or at least give my self a chance of winning.


I delivered a nice chakra charged punch to Mr. Five's gut, hoping to send him flying away in pain. But, I was in for a shock when the area my fist had hit gave off an explosion, burning my hand and sending me flying back instead.

"What the hell was that?" I questioned.

"My 'Ultimate Defense'." Mr. Five answered. "The Bomb-Bomb fruit isn't all about offense." he explained.

'I don't remember him being able to do that in the series.' I thought.

'Your in a world you originally thought wasn't real and have to deal with characters from other dimensions that you thought weren't real appearing in this one. And your surprised by the fact that one guy is going to get an upgrade in his abilities?' Morgan asked.

'Smart-ass.' I replied.

I had to quit my arguing with Morgan, as I had to jump out of the way of one of Mr. Five's drop kicks. Which when it hit the spot I once was went off like a bomb and sent me skidding a bit back.

And since I brought my hands up to protect my eyes from any debris I wasn't able to protect my body from an explosive punch to my stomach that burnt a hole in my vest, burnt my skin, and sent me flying through a tree.

Miss Valentine was watching the fight with little interest. She then turned to Mr. Three. "Why did you even agree to his proposal? We could have easily tortured him for the information." she said.

Mr. Three took another sip of his tea before he replied. "True, but this way we can have a better chance of getting the information."

"Huh?" Miss Valentine questioned.

"By agreeing to his proposal, we've given him some hope that he has a chance of winning and saving his comrades. And once he loses his spirit will be crushed, along with most of his bones, meaning he won't have the will to resist any form of torture we give him." Mr. Three explained.

"But, what if he does win?" Miss Valentine asked.

"Then he'll be too tired to continue fighting and he just continue with our original plan." Mr. Three replied.

"Demolishing Kick!"

I tried to give Mr. Five a roundhouse kick to the chest, but his 'Ultimate Defense' was really living up to it's name, as the point of impact blew up agian and sent be back once again.

'I think it's time to try a different course of action.' Morgan said.

I slowly stood back up to fight, glancing over what bit of my body I could see. Most of my skin was burnt and a good portion of my clothes were burnt.

'No, I know they're is a weakness to his defense. I just need to find it.' I replied.

'But, at the rate your going all your chakra is going to be wasted on healing your burns. And your not going to be much use in a fight after it's all gone.' Morgan reasoned.

I wasn't able to reply to Morgan as I had to avoid a punch from Mr. Five, that was aimed right at my face.

I prepared to counter with another kick, but I lost my footing and ended falling forward; punching Mr. Five in the face.

But, since I didn't put no chakra into the punch, all I did was knock him on his ass. I did learn something important from that attack.

I quickly put some distance between me and Mr. Five for me to collect me thoughts.

'I think I found the weakness to his 'Ultimate Defense'. It only works if he knows where the attack is going to hit.' I thought.

'Are you sure about that?' Morgan asked in concern. 'Seems a bit to easy to get by.'

'Well, we're about to find out.' I told him.

I saw Mr. Five beginning to get back up, so I charged at him again.

"Aren't you getting tired of this game?" Mr. Five asked me.

I didn't reply as I pulled my arm back and got ready to put a punch into his chest, but at the last second I changed the punch's direction and put a chakra charged punch into his chin.

And it looked like my guess was right, cause the fact that my hand wasn't engulfed in an explosion and Mr. Five was sent flying up into the air meant that he had to actually focus on the point of the attack to cause the explosion.

I didn't let up though, cause on Mr. Five's way down I decided to give him a roundhouse kick.

"Demolishing Kick!"

Once again l was able to land an actual attack on the guy as he was sent flying away from me and into a tree.

"Guess that 'Ultimate Defense' isn't as great as you made it out to be." I commented.

"Damn, you!" Mr. Five shouted. He then pulled out a revolver and fired a shot at me.

I jumped out of the way, luckily I was able to remember that that gun shot explosives. As I watched the tree that I was next to fall over, I noticed that the tree had coconuts on it, which I thought was weird.

'I need to end this or I'm not going to be able to fight against the others for long' I thought.

So, I went with a crazy plan that no one saw coming.

I grabbed one of the coconuts that had fallen of the downed tree and threw it as hard as I could at Mr. Five, plus a bit of chakra added to my arm to give it a bit more power.

"Do you really think that's going to work?" Mr. Five questioned. He didn't try to stop the projectile, as he was going to be a show off with his defense, but he wasn't expecting one little thing.


The coconut dropped a bit and pegged the poor guy right in the family jewels.

Mr. Five fell to his knees in a silent scream of pain.

"Wow and people say getting a 7-10 split in bowling suppose to be difficult." I joked.

'Quit screwing around and finish the fight, you moron!' Morgan shouted.

I took Morgan's advice and charged the downed Mr. Five.


I put a chakra charged punch right into his face sending him through the tree he had hit earlier and into another one, knocking the guy out.

"One down and tw..." I began to brag, but when I turned to the direction of Mr. Three I saw it was only him and his partner and no Miss Valentine. "Where's the other one?" I asked.

Mr. Three of course, didn't answer as he took another sip of tea and his partner kept eating her cookies, but I did notice she looked up for a second.

"Ichiman Kiro Puresu!"

As soon as I heard that I looked up to see Miss Valentine falling right at me and I knew I wasn't going to be able to move in time, so I just raised my arm up and put chakra in my arm and my hand. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.


I felt myself sink into the ground a bit and a lot of weight on my arm, but that was better than feeling nothing or a lot of pain. Which meant I wasn't dead or dying.

I opened my eyes to see that I had caught Miss Valentine in my hand, well actually it looked more like she was sitting in the palm of my hand.

The next thing I know she hoped off my hand and turned to face me, her face glowing a bright red.

"You pervert!" she shouted at me.

"What the hell are you talking about!?" I shouted back her, the reason for my shouting was she was trying to hit me with that damn umbrella.

"You just grabbed my ass!" she shouted.

"I was trying to keep your fat ass from crushing me!" I yelled at her.

Which wasn't a good idea for me to say, because her face went from embarrassed to angry in the blink of an eye. And she tried to slam that umbrella of her's as hard as she could onto me skull, but I was getting tired of it all so I grabbed a hold of it, yanked it out of her hand, and gave her a nice whack on the head instead.

And to my utter surprise and disbelief she was knocked out.

'That...was easier than I thought.' Morgan said. I could tell by his tone of voice that if I could see his face that he would have a huge sweat drop on his head.

'No kidding.' I replied with a sweat drop.

"Alright, time for your turn." I told Mr. Three, as I began charging him.

'Are you sure this is a good idea?' Morgan asked.

'I need to try and end this quickly or things are going to go down hill.' I told him.

Mr. Three didn't look all that impressed as he just set his tea cup down and raised one of his hands in my direction, he looked ready to attack but his partner whispered something in his ear which he nodded his head to.

"Wax-Wax Leash!"

I was confused by the attack name, cause he never used an attack like that in the series. Which worked to his advantage since I was distracted long enough for the attack to hit.

A bit of wax hit he in the neck, while that doesn't seem bad it had enough force to knock me back into a nearby tree.

I tried to charge at him again, only to realized that I had a wax collar around my neck and that was connected to a line of wax that kept me stuck to the tree.

'Looks like that plan was a failure.' I thought

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