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Chapter 2: Roomate, Training, and...Mikans?

I stared at the man for what felt like a life time until...

"What do you mean 'have a lot to talk about'!?" I shouted. "Where the hell am I and who the hell are you!?"

The man let out a frustrated sigh at my questioning. "First, my name is Morgan and Second, we are inside your head." he answered.

"Bull Shit!" I shouted. "Do you expect me to believe that crap!"

"Fine!" he shouted. "How about this, your favorite anime is One Piece and you find Nico Robin attractive."

My eyes widened and my face went red in embarassment. "How did you know that?" I catiously asked.

He just raised an eyebrow at me. "I said we're in your head." was his reply. "I know all kinds of things about you."

"But...How..." I couldn't even think of the right question to ask him.

"Just listen and I will explain." he told me. "Alright, let's start with the most obvious thing right now. You are not dead, just unconsious."

"That's a relief." I commented.

"Moving on," he replied. "Now, I'm what's known as an 'Overseer'. An Overseer is a being that watches over the different dimensions, to make sure that things that do not belong there come into that dimension or 'Leaks' as we call them" he explained.

"Wait!" I exclaimed. "Other dimension actually exsist?"

"Uh, Yeah." was Morgan's reply. "Now, Overseers watch over every dimension, except your dimension." he told me.


"Simple, your dimension is what we refer to as 'The Birth Dimension'." he answered. "Your dimension is what causes the birth of every other dimension that exsists and actually has no 'Leaks' in it."

"Huh?" was the only thing I could say.

"Okay, lets try this." he said. "All of those shows, movies, books, and what not that you have in your world created dimensions of that stuff."

I was still having a hard time undestanding all of this and Morgan could tell.

Letting out a sigh he tried another approach. "Here, this should help. I was one of the Overseers to the dimension that you might know as the 'Narutoverse'."

At the mention of that my eyes widened in realization.

"Now, you get it!" he shouted.

"Wait!" I exclaimed. "You said that every dimension has an 'Overseer' but, you just said that in the 'Narutoverse' that it has more than one."

"That's true. So let me explain that." he told me and with the snap of his finger a black board was now there.

He drew a circle in the middle of the board and a few other circles around that one and then connected them all with lines.

"Okay, the one in the middle is your dimension, all the ones around it are dimesions that have been born from yours. You following so far?" he asked.


"Good. Now, these lines are very important." he said pointing to one that was from my dimension to another. "These are the paths that we Overseers take when we travel from one dimension to another, but these paths also determine how often 'Leaks' appear in that dimension."

"But, if that's true how come my dimension doesn't have an Overseer?" I asked.

"That's because, you dimesnion creates the others so bits of that dimension exsist in yours so 'Leaks' don't happen there." he explained. "Now, the amount of 'Leaks' in a dimension is determined by the line that connects it to other dimensions, the longer the line the fewer the 'Leaks' the shorter the more. But, that is not the only thing that determines the amount of 'Leaks'."

"What else does?" I asked curiously.

"The energy in that dimension." he answered. Seeing my confused face he decided to explain. "You know that in the 'Narutoverse' they have is what is known as 'Chakra'. Now, that in itself isn't a problem, but those demons that are made of pure raw chakra act as magnets for 'Leaks' so even if a dimension has a long path that energy makes it seems as if that path was shorter." he explained.

"That makes sense." I commented.

"Good, with the technical stuff out of the way let's move onto why I'm in your head." Morgan said. "To put it simply I was running from some of my fellow Overseers and was traveling through your dimension when I crashed into you and well now I'm stuck inside your body."

"What!?" I shouted at him.

"I. am. now. stuck. inside. your. body." he said slowly like I didn't hear him the first time. "Think of it like Nauto and the Kyuubi."

"Can't you just seperate yourself from me?" I asked hopefully.

"If I could we wouldn't even be having this conversation." he answered. "I don't like it and you don't like, but we are stuck together...roomy."

I let out a frustrated sigh, as if this day wasn't already bad enough. Then I realized something. "Wait, why were you running from other Overseers?" I asked.

"We had a disagrement." was his answer.

"Care to explain?" I asked in annoyance.

"Well, we Overseers are not allowed to interfer with the dimension itself." he said. "I wanted to change the 'Narutoverse' so that Naruto himself would actualy have a nice life, parents, and all that."

"How does that seem bad enough for you to have to flee?"

"I got into a fight with the other Overseer and the penalty for attacking another Overseer is well...death." was his answer.


"Yeah, so I was running to another dimension to hide in and well I ended up 'running' into you."

"So, those Overseers are going to come for you and kill me to kill you!" I shouted in panic.

"No, they won't find me for two reasons." he answered. "First, the dimension I was heading to actually doesn't have an Overseer either. Second, I lost all my Overseer powers when we fused so, they have no way of tracking me."

"So, that's it your just going to live in my body as I go about with my life?"

"Hehe, well about that. You see when we hit I had opened a portal into that dimension I was going to so when we hit you...kind of went through the portal." he told me.

After hearing that I ran over to him and grabbed him and began shaking him. "You mean to tell me that I'm in some dimension and no way to defend myself!?" I shouted.

After getting out of my grip he decided to answer. "No, you actualy have a way to defend yourself."

"What do you mean?"

"Okay, now Overseers are assigned to dimensions based off the energy that they have. So, me being from the 'Narutoverse' means I have chakra and with me being stuck in you your lucky that the chakra some how managed to stay around to go into your body." he explained.

"So I have chakra?" I asked him, which he nodded his head to. "Sweet! I can really defend myself being able to do some jutsu! I exclaimed.

"Yeah, you can't actually do jutsu." Morgan told me ending my celebration.

"What!? Why!?" I shouted at him.

"For two reasons. First, you do not have an element to your chakra so no you can't be shooting fireballs. Second, I don't know how to do most of the jutsus that use normal chakra." he explained.

"Oh, so I'm not royaly screwed just screwed! That makes me feel oh so much better!" I said sarcasticly.

"Listen, smartass just because I don't know how to teach you to transform doesn't mean I can't teach you anything at all!" he shouted at me.

"So, what can you teach me?"

"How to use chakra to applify your strength, like Tsunade." he answered.

"That's better then nothing." I replied. "Anything else?"

"Let's see the 'Tree Walking' exercise and the 'Water Walking' one. That's about it." he answered.

I just let out a sigh, hey it was better then nothing at all right? "How much chakra do I actually have?"

Morgan adopted a thinking pose. "Hmmm, I'd say about a tails worth of chakra." was his reply.

Before I could comment I noticed the gray void was rippling. "How what's going on?" I asked.

"Seem's your waking up." he replied. "Remember, I'm in your head so if you need to talk, think it."

I couldn't even reply before it was all gone.

My eyes slowly started to open and at first all I could see was a bunch of blurs, but then everything was slowly starting to come into to focus and I noticed I was what looked like a bedroom.

"Well, it looks like someone is waking up." came a female voice coming somewhere in the room.

I quickly sat up to look for the person, but that was a bad idea as my head started feeling like some beat it with a hammer.

"Careful, the doc says you have a pretty nasty head wound." the woman said.

After the pain went down for me to handel I managed to find the person to go with the voice and my eyes threatened to pop out of my head.

Sitting in a chair not to far from the bed, I was apparently put in, was a young woman in her early 20's, light blue hair kept out of her face by a red hair tie, light pink lip gloss, green eyes, a swirling tattoo running down her right arm.

"H…bu…humma….adu…" was my intelligent reply.

The woman raised an eyebrow at me. "I hope your actually trying to say something." she said. "Here, let me introduce myself, my name is Nojiko and you are..."

After managing to get my thoughts back together and pick my tongue off the floor, hey can you blame me? I know for a fact that I'm in another dimension and just now figured out I'm in One Piece and the first person I meet is Nojiko! I'll tell you right now, she is pretty damn good looking when you see her in real life. "I'm Vladamire Cortez." I answered, remembering last names go first.

"Well, Cortez mind a telling me why I found you in the middle of my Mikan Grove?" Nojiko asked.

Damn, I can't say 'Hey, I'm from another dimension and landed there' that will get me thown into some nut house, do they even have those here? Anyway not the point.

"I'm not sure. That part of my memory is just a blank, the last thing I rememer was falling asleep." I lied.

Luck was finally on my side. "Well, the doc did say that head wound was pretty bad, probably messed up your memory." she told me.

I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding.

"Well, since your awake and healthy enough to move your going to help me make up for lost time picking Mikans." she told me with an evil smile.

"What! Why should I do that?" I asked her.

She sent a glare my way. "Because, I could have just left you out there or brought your ass to jail, but I was nice enough to think that someone would be kind enough to help their savior." she stated.

Realizing she had a point I decided to do the right thing. "Alright, I'll help." I told her.

"Great, now let's get to work." she said forcing me up off the bed and out the door.

Once, we were outside we got to work, and when I say 'we' I mean me, Nojiko just sat back and barcked orders, now I see how she and Nami are sisters bossy and a pain in the ass.

'She played me inside the house, didn't she?' I thought to myself.

'Big Time.' came Morgans voice.

The sudden appearance made me jump slighlty, luckily Nojiko didn't notice.

'Don't do that!'

'Whatever, so when are you going to train?'

'When, my head is all fixed up.'

'You don't have time to wait around! You have no idea when Luffy might show up.'

'You got a better idea?'

'Well, I could try channeling some chakra into you head where your injured and speed up the cells there to help you heal.'

'Wait, you can do that?'

"In theory, our relationship is like Naruto and the Kyuubi, so I should be able to do that.'

'Well, give it a try.'

After I finished talking to Morgan my head started to feel warm, not real hot but enough to feel.

"Alright Cortez, that's enough!" Nojiko shouted at me.

I turned back to her to see she had a drink and a sandwich. I walked towards her and she handed to me.

"Thanks." I said as I began eating. I then remembered I needed I place to train. "Hey, Nojiko do have like a woods or something on your island?"

"Yeah, just back behind my house. You can't miss it." she said as she pointed to it. "Why do you need to know?" she asked.

"I'm going to go up there and train." was my answer.

"Not any time soon, with that injury to your head." she commented.

'Hey, Morgan you done?' I thougtht.

'Yup, just finished. I can honestly say I'm suprised that it actually worked.'

I grabbed the bandages that we're wrapped around my head and began removing them.

"What are you doing!?" Nojiko shouted at me. "Your not fully healed!"

I gave Nojiko a smirk. "I heal pretty fast see." I told her as I gave my head a tap to prove my point.

"Hold on before you run off to do something stupid." she replied as she ran into the house. She came out later with a backpack. "Here, this has some supplies that will last at least a week or two." she told me as she handed the bag to me.

"I can't take this." I told her as I tried to give the bag back.

"Yes you can and you will." she said firmly as she pushed the bag back. "You can always work the debt out later." she added with an evil smirk.

I just rolled my eyes. "Sure, but if anything bad happens put a white flag on your roof and I'll be here to help." I told her.

When she nodded her head 'yes' I made my way towards the woods.

Once I made it to the edge of the woods, Morgan decided to make another appearance.

'Alright let's get started.' he said.

'Where do I start?'

'First, let's try you actually tapping into that chakra.'

'Easier said then done.'

'Look, just close your eyes and concentrate.'

I did as he said and closed my eyes.

'Now, do you feel something inside you?'


'That's the chakra. Now, I want you to try and force it into your legs.

'What!? Why!?'

'Listen, how do you think all those ninjas moved so fast or jumped so high? They learned to channel chakra into their legs to increase those. So this is your first steo to increasing you strength.'

'Alright, damn.'

I then began concentrating on the energy and willing it to move towards my legs.

'Ok, I think I got it.' I thought as I opened my eyes.

'Good, now jump.'


'Jump, let's see if it worked.'


I did as Morgan said and jumped, but unfortanetly I didn't expect to go real high and ended up slamming my head into a branch.

I feel back to the ground with a loud THUD, groaning in pain.

'Hahahahahaha! That was F*%$ing Hillarious!'

This was going to be a long training time.

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