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Chapter One - Getting Foodized While Making Friends

(...Amy's P.O.V...)

A new start. A new school. New friends. A chance to start again.

Well, the person who came up with all of that had never been the new girl at Mobius High.

A chance to start again. Admittedly, I liked the idea of fashioning a new identity for myself, without any preconceptions — I would be a complete enigma. No cringe-worthy memories or reminders; a blank slate would be refreshingly invigorating.

Although, it wasn't as if I was happy about leaving everything behind. My parents and I had made the choice to leave our old town because of a new job offer. I hated saying goodbye to the friends and home which I'd grown up with; my parents weren't overly happy about uprooting my education, either.

But I had convinced myself that this school would be just as good and that I would make new friends. Maybe even better friends.

I was eating my words, three periods later, as I gingerly made my way across the canteen.

There is an unspoken, yet almighty, order in a school's canteen. It can be shuffled into several stereotypical categories, if you know what to look for.

There are the Geeks, who everyone underestimates (or possibly overestimates on maturity, as I was forced to leap out of the way, when a grey wolf mixed two beakers filled with liquid and caused an explosion).

Then the Jocks, which derive of shallow cheerleaders and muscularly oppressive sportsmen. The boys, rather than the girls, have a habit of throwing footballs and rugby balls across the hall, hitting the unfortunate passerby. I was often that "unfortunate passerby" and had been hit in the face at my old school, too many times to keep track of.

A short distance away from the Jocks is the most dangerous table that a student will have to encounter: Those Girls. Aside from the sneering and crude insults, they feed on the pleasure of humiliating 'lesser' students, specifically targeting their fashion sense.

I planned to avoid them at all costs.

Hanging my pink hair over my face, I tried not to make eye contact with them. My gaze was drawn to a brown chipmunk, sitting in the middle, who appeared to be the leader of the group. She was extremely pretty: her light-blue eyes sparkled when she spoke. Red cropped hair fell perfectly, contrasting with her aqua waistcoat. The outfit was a little revealing, for my taste, but it looked stunning.

A little too stunning. I was so busy trying to hide from her that I didn't notice the stray football which had rolled into my path. I slipped; my tray of food flew into the air, before landing all over me with a sickening schlup.

My red dress was covered in sticky spaghetti and my hair had fared no better with the milk. The whole canteen gasped before bursting into laughter.

"OMIGOSH! Talk about humiliating!" I looked up to see who was commenting at my fall. A while rabbit smirked, next to the chipmunk, "You're meant to eat it — not wear it!"

Feeling like I was going to burst into tears, I squeezed my eyes shut in the hope that it would all go away.

"Hey, leave her alone, Suki!"

I opened my eyes, peering at the person who had come to my rescue. A curious and sympathetic-looking blue hedgehog was bent down next to me. I backed away, fearing that he was going to take a picture or something. He simply held it hand out, extending it a little further.

"Don't be mean! Why don't you come over here and make amends?" The chipmunk pointed at the seat next to her, obviously flirting. Man, she's got it bad, I thought to myself. A mongoose was sitting there, but after a quick glare from the chipmunk, she moved. The rabbit, named Suki, pulled a 'hurt' look at the hedgehog. And yet he simply raised an eyebrow, sarcastically.

"I'm being mean? That's rich. No thanks, Sal. I've got my own table," The boy grabbed my hand, without warning, pulling me up from the floor. It was still slippery from the milk, so he had to grab my other hand to steady me. I blushed, but realised that no-one was really looking — they'd gotten bored with it, surprisingly quickly. Maybe a lot of people had done the same thing, so it wasn't as funny anymore?

Let's hope so, I thought.

There was still one person looking at me: the chipmunk. The boy had called her Sal — it was probably short for Sally. She was glaring at me. That was another possible friend crossed off the list.

"You okay?" I focused back on what was happening. The blue hedgehog was staring at me, waiting for an answer.

"Well, I've got food all over my clothes and hair, and the whole canteen was just laughing at me. I've had better days!" I smiled, even though I was quivering inside. The boy grinned, sheepishly. His laugh made my stomach flutter.

"Fair enough," Not letting go of my hand, he led me towards another table, which I hadn't noticed earlier. Analyzing them, I couldn't tell what they were like: they all looked...different. Unique. Then again, these must have been his friends, so I could imagine then being different. But in a good way.

"No point in crying over split milk," The blue hedgehog beamed, cutely, at his joke. (Cutely? Where had that come from?)

"Hey! Sonic! Get over here!" Another voice called out. I looked over, with my stomach growing queasy, as I saw that his friends were staring back at me.

Amongst them, a purple cat muttered into her book, "Not again...", before looking at me, apologetically.

The silver hedgehog, next to her, rolled his eyes, "Yep. Another innocent victim has been foodized,"

I giggled at the hedgehog, but stopped, when he curiously glanced at me.

"I've never heard of being 'foodized' before," I explained. The lavender feline closed her book, offering a sympathetic smile.

"You have now. Consider it an honourary welcome to our school. The last person to receive it was Cosmo," The girl nodded at a green seedrian, sitting opposite.

Cosmo blushed red, "That was a while ago, Blaze..."

"Then why does it embarrass you so?" Blaze scooted over to one side of her chair. They all appeared to be crammed into a table that was meant for six people. She patted the half-space, "Have a seat...?"

"Oh! I'm Amy. Amy Rose," I went to sit down, but stopped when I realised that I would be pulling away from my saviour, the mysterious blue hedgehog. But he was no longer holding my hand, as he sat down at the other end of the table. He'd moved incredibly fast — or perhaps he'd dropped my hand a while ago and I hadn't noticed — and I wondered why he hadn't said anything, as I nervously perched next to Blaze.

"As you're new, I shall introduce you to us. We are the only sane people in this hellhole," Blaze looked across the table, to a youngish-looking rabbit, who squirmed in her seat.

"Could we not call it that, please?" The rabbit kept her eyes on her sandwich, meekly, "It's just...it doesn't give a good impression of her first day here,"

"You raise a good point. My apologies. As for introductions, I'm Blaze and this is Cream," She pointed at the rabbit, who smiled, relieved.

"Hello, Amy! It is nice here, I promise. I started a while ago and I got covered in food too!" Cream didn't seem at all fazed by that experience.

"Is it some kind of initiation test, or something?" I joked, tugging some spaghetti out of my hair.

Blaze snorted, "I don't think so, but it wouldn't surprise me. They're the kind of people who would purposely forget to let you know about it. This is Cosmo—" Blaze moved her hand over to the seedrian. Cosmo held a surprising air of grace, for someone so youthful. I blinked at her elegance, wondering how she could possibly be the same age as me.

"Hello. It's nice to meet you, Amy," Cosmo smiled, bashfully. I grinned back, knowing what it was like to meet new people. I felt just as shy as she did. Probably more so.

"That's Tails," Blaze continued, as she nodded at an orange twin-tailed fox. As if it were the most normal thing in the world, he was in the middle of taking apart what looked to be a mobile phone. He beamed at me, with a friendly chuckle. Laying his screwdriver on the table, Tails shook my hand.

"Hey! As Blaze said, I'm Tails. On account of my tails!" He flicked the aforementioned limbs, on cue. I laughed and he appreciatively bowed.

"Don't let Tails near any gadgets that you own. He will take them apart for research purposes," Blaze warned, raised an eyebrow at him. He snickered into the back of his hand, before carrying on with his project.

"This is Silver," She carried on, turning to the hedgehog beside her. Seemingly older than Cosmo, Cream and Tails, Silver had bright, golden eyes, which gazed right into my skull. I glanced away, shyly, and watched in awe as Cream's glass of water slid across the table. It stopped in front of Silver, who grinned at me before licking his lips and taking a sip. He downed the glass, sighing, contently. Cream pouted at him, looking rather cute.

"Silver, that was my drink!" She moaned, fondly, as Silver gave her a devious grin. I realised that my mouth was still hanging open, like a goldfish. I firmly closed it.

Blaze must have seen my shocked expression, "A lot of people have that reaction. Silver is psychokinetic and he likes to show off about it,"

"Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!" Silver nudged her in the ribs. She sighed, but kept her smile. I raised an eyebrow and wondered if they were anything more than friends. They seemed rather close.

"Here's Shadow," Blaze turned from Silver, to another hedgehog, but ebony in colour. From what I could tell, he was drawing in a battered, old sketchbook. Red stripes ran from the tips of his quills and across his arms. At the mention of his name, he looked up, but nodded without a word. I gave him a small smile, suddenly feeling nervous again.

Cosmo must have noticed, because she placed a comforting hand on my arm, "Don't worry. That's just Shadow. He's always like that," She explained, smiling lightly. I nodded, biting my lip in thought: I wonder what he's sketching?

Blaze lightly cleared her throat, drawing my attention. She gestured at the female bat that was sauntering in our direction, "This is—"

"Rouge?" I called, in disbelief. Blaze blinked, a little shocked by my sudden rise in volume.

"You know her?"

Rouge strode forward. She frowned, before she recognized me and her face lit up in glee, "Amy? Amy Rose? Wow, Pinkie, it's been a while!"

I wanted to rush up and hug her, but feared that it would be too forward: I didn't want to embarrass her in front of her friends. I didn't want to embarrass myself either, as I needed all the dignity that I could muster.

"How do you two know each other?" Tails asked, looking up from his pile of electronics. I grinned, sheepishly, as my face heated up.

"I went to Amy's old school, briefly, before I moved around and eventually came here. Only for six months, mind you, but she was a good friend to me. I'm sure she still is," Rouge smiled, warmly. She placed herself next to Shadow, who carried on sketching, not glancing upwards, "Amy, can I see your timetable?"

"Sure," I replied, passing my crumpled piece of paper over. With her eyebrows raised, Rouge whipped out a pen and started to write on it. I decided to leave her to it and said nothing.

"That explains it then. Only two more people to go," Blaze looked at the red echidna, who was located at the very end of the table. She rubbed her throat, tiredly, "Could I have some of your soda, Rouge? Would you introduce yourself, Knux?"

As Rouge passed the can over, the echidna sighed, with his eyes closed, "Sure. But I'm Knuckles, Amy. Not Knux. Ignore these guys. They can't grasp the concept of names," True to his name, he had huge hands which were curled into fists, with spiked knuckles. I mentally told myself that I did not want to get into a fight with this guy. His red dreadlocks hung straight, showing me his hardened expression.

"But we all seem to call him Knux," Cream giggled, batting her eyelashes when Knuckles gave her a soft glare.

Blaze finished sipping from the soda can, handing it back to Rouge, who was still busy writing, "Thank you. And finally, there's...oh,"

"What?" I asked, confused by Blaze's sudden frown.

"Sonic. He's gone. Again," She shrugged, "He does that. With his speed, he's there one minute and gone the next,"

"His speed?"

Silver confidently nodded, "Yeah, he's the fastest person in the entire school. I'd go as far as to say the entire planet,"

"That explains why Knuckles can never catch him," Rouge passed my timetable back, winking at the irritated echidna, "Knuckie is such a slowpoke,"

"YOU'RE BATTY!" He yelled, causing a few people to stare.

I smirked down into my paper. Rouge has jotted down which subjects I shared with whom: Science with Tails; Maths with Silver and Blaze; English with Cream; Sport with Rouge; History with Knuckles and Shadow; Geography with Cosmo. I stared at Sonic's name, which had been paired up with Art.

I had Art today.

"Sonic is the one who helped me up, right?" I asked Cream, although there was no doubt in my mind.

"Yes, that's Sonic. He's very heroic, like that. He seemed to really like you — he never brings anyone to our table!" Cream nibbled her lower lip, widening her eyes, suggestively.

"Not even Sally?"

Silence fell over the table. They were all staring at me, even Shadow. Fuck — I seemed to have really put my foot in it.

"S-Sally? Why do you say that?" Cosmo asked.

"Well, she...she seemed to like him. He kinda seemed to like her. I thought they were maybe..." I didn't need to finish my sentence, because Silver's jaw dropped and Knuckles guffawed.

"Amy, Sonic doesn't like Sally. No. Just no," Silver adamantly shook his head. I suddenly felt very stupid. And worryingly relieved.

"She's new, Silver, she wasn't to know," Rouge smacked Silver over the head, softly, but it made Shadow smirk. I wondered if Blaze would tell the bat off, but she didn't seem too concerned.

"Sonic isn't a romance-kind-of-guy. He's too busy running free," Tails added, "Anyway, if he did, he's not good at hiding those kinds of things,"

Blaze tilted her head, "But you're right. Sally likes him. So, if you're hoping for a romance with Sonic, you need to deal with his disappearing act and an angry Sally,"

"What? A romance with Sonic? No way! I just met the guy!" I quickly told them, desperately trying to silence an approaching blush.

"Sure, Hun," Knowingly, Rouge grinned, before getting up and dumping her tray on a nearby table, "C'mon, Shads. We've got Geography to attend,"

Shadow sighed, slinging his sketchbook into his bag, "Don't call me Shads," The pair walked away, quietly bickering back and forth. Cream peered at my timetable, then stood and waited.

"We'd better go too, Amy, for English, next period. We can stop by the toilets to clean you up, but the teacher won't be happy if we're late,"

I followed after her, waving to the others as I went. They smiled and waved back, giving me hope that maybe I had made some friends. They seemed keen — that was a start.

That Sonic, though. I still didn't know about him.

I smirked and shook my head at Rouge's suggestion. A crush? On a boy that I'd known for less than a minute?

No way.