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This is Chapter two of:

You Don't Hurt Me!

Chapter two:

The man awoke in a panic, it was dark, not too dark. He was sitting up right in a chair, he darted his arms up to feel his way around, then realizing his head was too heavy. His arms came up and felt metal spikes around his neck protruding outward, he screamed and fell out of the chair. He calmed his rapid breathing and stood to find a way out.

In the far off corner there was a television emitting a blue hue. A lone light bulb flickered on, illuminating the room. It was messy, papers were everywhere.

He spotted a mirror on the wall and rushed over to it. He was breathing heavily and was frantic. He looked into the mirror and his blood ran cold. His left eye was bloodied and bulging.

"Somebody, somebody help me!" He screamed to the ceiling as he began to cry.

As if in response the TV screen flashed on. There was a wooden puppet on the other side, in a tuxedo with swirls on his cheeks. It slowly, as if for dramatic effect, turned its head to look the man straight in the face; it began to speak in a low and demonic voice:

"Hello Ren, I want to play a game.

"So far in what can loosely be called your life, you've made a living watching others, society would call you an informant, a rat, a snitch... I call you unworthy of the body you possess. A life you've been given... now we will see if you are willing to look inward rather than outward.

"The only thing you rely on in order to keep living is the key. The device around your neck is a Death Mask, the mask is on a spring timer. If you do not locate the key in time the mask will close...Think of it as a Venus Flytrap..."

The screen changes to a video of a tall silhouette, towering over the unconscious man on an operating table.

The puppet then continues, "What you are looking at right now is a video of your own body more than two hours ago. Don't worry, you sat asleep and didn't feel anything. Taking into account that you are at a great disadvantage. Here, I am going to give you a hint so listen carefully. The hint is this...It's right before your eyes!" The puppet then laughs in a calm, demonic tone as Ren reluctantly caresses his left eye.

The puppet continues, "How much blood will you shed to stay alive Ren? Live or die? Make your choice." The television then goes static and turns off.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Ren yells repeatedly. He runs up to the television and hits it and curses. He finds x-rays of a scull on top of the TV, the images scare him. They are different angles of a scull... with a key in the left socket he masaged his left eye, more adrenalin filling his body.

Ren is now running around frantically, yanking and pulling at the mask, trying to remove it to no prevail.

A timer starts; 60, 59, 58, tick tick.

Ren trips over a tool box. He turns on the ground to open it. His fingers slip the first few times because of his shaky hands and sweaty palms. He finds a scalpel and stares at it. He begins to cry as he runs up to the mirror. He stares into the reflection of himself, trying to embolden his mind. He presses the scalpel under his eye. He let the breath go he was holding onto, "Ahhh...Someone help me!"

He tries again, and again. Still the same results.

The man throws the blade across the room, screaming, "NO! Help me! Quick! Help me damn it!" He then falls to his knees, crying hysterically.



6, 5, 4...

"NO! NO! NO! NO!"


The timer stops its count down.

The mask had snapped shut quickly, the spikes of the Death Mask penetrating his flesh and skull. Ren falls to the floor, blood slowly leaking from the bottom of the mask pooling beneath his very dead body.

"Hm," A voice said as it made its way around the one way window. He opened a door into the room he was watching previously. He stepped over the body and stopped at the head, or more importantly, the puddle of blood surrounding the head.

"Pathetic," He said as he raised his left arm. It was made of a shiny gray metal... auto mail. The palm of his left hand split into four halves to reveal a cylindrical vial. He moved his right hand in a swaying fashion, the blood on the floor rose and arched itself into his left arm, filling the vial inside.

Soon the blood on the floor was no more and his metal hand fused back together. "But, you were entertaining." He then kicked the man's shoulder, "You should have thought twice before spying on me and nearly getting me killed when I was younger."

He smiled and picked up the man's foot, "Come on Ren, I've got to drain your blood, can't let it go to waste." He began to drag the body to the next room, "Definitely unworthy."

The academy was a buzz with nervous energy, they had just found out that the serial killer in Konoha had changed its MO. The person had been kidnapping people in the middle of the night for the past few weeks. But, that changed when a man went missing earlier this morning. That would be number seven.

Iruka too was panicking, Naruto wasn't in class. He wasn't a fool, Naruto had been missing class often, but more so since this 'serial killer' rose in Konoha. Iruka cursed himself for not stopping Naruto. He didn't know he would go on a killing spree. But, that to was a lie, he knew full well what those contraptions Naruto was creating were for...killing.

Iruka then took role, trying to distract himself:



"Kiba? Akamaru?"





"Hn, here."

"Yanran?" (Not really important.)





She then spoke up, "Here, Iruka-sensei."

"My bad Hinata. Sakura?"




He stopped and paused at the next name, "Naruto?"

Nothing but silence, a few snickering students, "Naruto?"

"Iruka, he isn't here, he's playing hooky once again," Mizuki stated rather irritated.

Iruka sighed and was about to call out the other names, "I'm here Iruka-sensei." Everyone turned to the back of the class to see Naruto standing there. They were all shocked, he wasn't wearing his usual hiding outfit, his sweatshirt, long Anbu styled pants with gloves and boots. Today he left out the sweatshirt and gloves and for the first time the class saw why his left hook was so devastating, it was made purley of metal. The left arm looked like a copy of his fleshy arm, but instead of flesh, it was metal.

The class began to murmur. "What?" Naruto asked as he took his seat at the back of the class next to Shino who was sitting next to Hinata.

"Naruto, I believe they wish to know about your arm," Shino said in a blunt tone.

"Oh, my arm," That was all Naruto said, wishing to stay off that sore subject.

Iruka decided to interrupt the class' thought process by continuing role call.


No response, "zzz"


"Uh, huh? Oh right, here."

Lunch came quickly and Naruto calmly walked over to the center tree and sat by himself. He noticed that he was the focus of all the attention. The blonde never really cared for it, he would rather see them stalk the last Uchiha then being the center of attention himself.

Naruto especially enjoyed what the fan girls would wait outside the boy's bathroom door for Sauske, lieing in wait to pounce on their unsuspecting prey. That always put a smile on Naruto's face.

He looked upwards and saw Hinata watching from the roof top. She seemed rather curious, but, he didn't mind her curiosity and welcomed it. He really liked her, she wasn't like the other girls, she didn't care about money or status or power or how hot someone was. She did not care on that petty, shallow level. She cared on an emotional level.

Naruto believed that Hinata would marry a log if it treated her right and was a nice log. He chuckled to himself and stood to go to her. He wouldn't make his move just yet, but he would someday.

Before he took a single step an Anbu appeared in front of him, "Inu? To what do I own this intrusion?" He then motioned to Hinata with his eyes. Yep, Kakashi got the hint but stood firm. He understood the yerning one had for another but, he must stand tall.

"Sorry Naruto, but, the Hokage needs you in the council room a sap." Kakashi said in a sympathetic way as Naruto gave him a dirty look.

Naruto snorted out his nose and turned to Kakashi again, "Please tell Makina-chan to meet me there."

Kakashi tipped his invisible hat and left in a shushin, Naruto following his lead, shocking his classmates.

Naruto wasn't really expecting anything less then, 'you are the demon fox' yadda yadda yadda, 'you are the creepy serial killer' that was true, but still. He'd never guess what the topic was today.

He walked into the council room and saw many charming faces. The ninja council was made up of the clan heads of Konoha. The civilian council was made up of the most...influential, and richest of the civilians of Konoha. As always, Sarutobi's advisers, Hamura and Koharu were there, along with the snake Danzo.

The room was silent and Naruto was a bit uneasy as he felt a chill run up along his spine. It was the chill that had kept him alive for so long. He looked over the faces and saw a pretty woman with pink hair. He remembered her and hate filled him as he felt his auto mail. That bitch.

Hiruzen quickly adverted the boy's attention, he despised the woman, but, he could do nothing to her, she was part of the civilian council and he had no other evidence nine years ago besides the girl and that he was in her basement, "Naruto-kun, thank you for coming, please sit," Hiruzen pulled out the chair next to him at the round table.

"Why am I here Hokage-sama?" Naruto asked taking his offered seat. Makina walked through the door and quickly sat next to Naruto. This caused the civilian side to become a bit tense.

"Excuse me," The pink haired woman said, "This is a council meeting, you can not be here."

Makina was about to snap back but Naruto beat her to it, "I invited her, she's staying."

Before she could answer Shikaku Nara spoke up, "We are here because you've been holing out on us." He yawned as he put him head on the table, "Did you know the Namaki Clan and the Uzumaki Clan are sister Clans? And the Namikaze were their cousin Clan? Yep." He soon started to snore. Inochi Yamanaka woke him up with a swift hit to the head.

Hiruzen sighed, "It's about your Blood Line, Naruto-kun."

"Oh," Naruto replied, "Now it's time for the whole CRA thing?" He asked a bit irritated.

"Yes, the CRA, the Clan Restoration Act." Hamura said.

Koharu was shuffling through some files and pulled out a paper, "It says here that you are part of the long thought to be extinct Namaki Clan. We are here to discuss the revival of said clan."

"Wait a second," Naruto said but was interrupted by the civilian council side.

"You have no say in what happens from here on out, in the laws of the CRA, chapter three, subsection 42e states that the CRA gives the one's of authority the option to either pick suitors or allow the last clansmen to choose. Your future falls into our hands. Seeing as though you are not yet in the ninja populous."

Naruto growled under his breath, these bitches really thought they could do this, "And if I refuse?"

The pink one laughed, "Then you will be forced."

Naruto then saw himself from an out of body view of his memories. He was nine years old again, stabbed multiple times in the chest, tumbling down the stairs, he growled again and gripped the table. His face was schooled and one would think her words unfazed him, that is, until the rim of the wood table splintered from the force of his left hand.

The room was silent, "I will choose my own harem, if you choose to get in my way or force me to do anything..." He left it unsaid, choosing to let their imaginations run wild. There was fear coming off of many of the people. He hadn't realized that blood was dripping from his mouth.

"Hon," Makina said as she went to wipe off the blood from his chin. Before she could though, it reversed its flow and entered his mouth again. "*sigh* Never mind then." Makina hated not being able to take care of him. He grew up too fast.

Everyone was shocked, "So that was the Blood Line?" Hiashi Hyuga, grade A asshole, stated more than asked.

"Yes, that was the Namaki treasure, the prized Blood Manipulation. It can only be activated through a very, very taxing ordeal." He shot a meaningful glance towards Saraki Haruno. She smirked, she knew exactly what he meant with that little jab.

She then spoke, "We will compile a list of suitors for you-"

"You are not doing anything for me. You've already done enough for me Haruno-san." Naruto snapped back with some killing intent. It wasn't much, it was just to show that he meant what he said. Everyone understood what he meant by that though.

"Hokage-sama, I don't really think this is going to work out. He's too violent," Hamura said to his teammate.

Hiruzen looked to everyone then to Naruto, "I only think he is dangerous when provoked, like all ninja."

The ninja side of the council nodded their heads in agreement, the civilian side still had strong doubts, "Hokage-sama," Saraki differed, "If ninja are still human, they should act like one."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched, "Okay, please, I wish to ask a question," He got a nod from the Hokage, "Alright then, please be honest with me. If I am not human then tell me so."

Everyone tensed, they knew what he was getting at here, he was asking if they thought he was the Kyūbi, "Don't be shy." No one said a word, a pin dropped to the floor. Silence. "Fine. I choose my harem."

Saraki stood, "No you do not, you are under our jurisdiction and will follow orders, or else."

"Or else what? You're gunna stab me? Huh? You're gunna throw me down the stairs and leave my to suffer in your basement? Huh? You're gunna leave me there for your fucking shit faced husband to cut off my legs? HUH?!" Naruto was screaming now. The Anbu had arrived into the room. The Hokage called them off. "What? What could YOU possibly do to me? You're nothing but a pathetic bitch! The lowest life form. YOU MAKE ME SICK!" His arm came apart and showed cylindrical vial of blood, full to the rim.

Makina stood and lowered his arm, grabbed it and dragged him out of the room. Once they were on the other side they both sat on the floor. They sat there for a while and listened to the arguing on the other side of the door, "Naruto-kun, you can't kill her like this. Remember all the time you've put into your devices? Don't let them go to waste. Okay?"

Naruto visibly calmed, "Thank you Makina-chan. I nearly lost it. I was going to kill her." He stood and opened the door for his friend, "After you ma'am." She giggled and went back into the room.

No one would look at Naruto from the ninja side, not even Hiashi. He may have been an ass to his daughter, Hinata, but he could never go that far, no matter how pathetic she was to him.

Naruto bowed to the Hokage, to the Ninja Council, then to the Civilian Council, "I apologize for my out burst."

"Always accepted Naruto-kun." The Hokage stated.

"Yes, we all get out of hand every now and then," Donzo said snaking his way into the conversation.

"Okay, so, what are we going to do about the CRA?" Tsume asked both councils.

"I believe it would be logical to hold a vote," Shibi stated.

"Okay," The Hokage began, "All in favor of allowing the civilian council full reign?" Most of the civilian side raised their hands, and only Hiashi from the Ninja side raised his, Hamura and Koharu, "That makes nine, I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but the CRA is in the civilian council's hands." Sarutobi was very guilt ridden and it showed.

Naruto simply smirked, "Okay then, let's just see how long these girls survive reproducing with a Jinchuriki. I'm not promising to not be very rough."

"You will not harm them brat," Saraki stood again, stepping into round two, "There is more than one way to make a baby."

Naruto's eyes turned to a deep red as they narrowed and his canines grew larger, "I will not be treated like an animal!" Saraki stepped back, "You see Haruno, I can call on the power of the Great Kyūbi, it's very simple."

"Naruto-kun, please calm down," The Hokage said with authority. Naruto sat back in his seat and his features calmed, "Please cooperate, Naruto-kun."

"I can not believe you Hiruzen," Naruto said shocking the council, "You would actually allow that woman to control my fate?" Naruto stood and spit in front of the Hokage. Naruto turned swiftly on his heel and left, the council protesting. Makina ran after him, tears streaming down her face.

The Hokage was about to cry, he felt so powerless, so weak, so...old, "This meeting is adjourned." He left in a shoushin.

Saraki smiled proudly, finally, not only will she have full control over him, she would exact her revenge.

She had no idea just how wrong she was.

Naruto went home with Makina. He ate, took a shower and crawled into bed. He needed to speak to Kyūbi, the fox would know what to do. He always did.

Naruto fell asleep and 'awoke' in a cave, lush grass on the floor. He walked towards his destination. He arrived quickly and looked up at a large pile of furs, the Kyūbi lying awake at the top, "Kit, it is about time you've come to me. I've been waiting."

Naruto bowed. The Kyūbi raised it's head, the seal around its neck like a collar, "We need to act fast about the council. There is no way in the nine levels of hell will I allow them to ever control me."

Kyūbi chuckled, "I say we pick them off one by one, all nine of them and broadcast it through every television in Konoha. But, you would need a stage name, nothing to do with foxes though, that would be too obvious. Possibly your motivation."

Naruto nodded his head and began to think. It should have nothing to do with foxes...hmm, maybe it should have to do with his inner self, maybe? "Anarchy."

The great fox laughed and laughed making Naruto think the fox thought it was stupid, "I like it." The Kyūbi purred out sweetly. He stood from his bed of furs to stretch, "I believe you should act within the week, start with the least noticeable. You should gather information on them now. And remember to have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do Kit." His grin showed off his hundreds of pearly white teeth.

Naruto smiled evilly, "Yeah, fun."

Once morning came Naruto got right to work on his 'toys'. He always took his time, even through his excitement. He had to think of things to do to these girls that the council brought to him, they probably were the left overs, the clean one's from the brothels. It made him sick. If he chose his harem, which he still planed to do, the only woman he'd choose from this village would be Hinata. Yep. Then he would find others outside of the village.

He growled to himself as he tightened a loose bolt. He put down his wrench and marveled at his creation, the motorized anchor lifter was perfect. Now all he had to do was place the chain. It was simple really, yet, it was pure genius. He snickered at how he would go about doing this.

He loved his methods. He wasn't truly a serial killer, he simply put these people in life or death situations and gave them a means of escape... a means for survival. Hey, if they chose not to take it then that was their problem, not his. Plus if they tried to press charges against this 'serial killer' it would be rather difficult because there wasn't a shred of proof that he actually did it. Also no one found this lair, it belonged to Orochimaru over twenty years ago. If the Hokage hadn't found it by now, they won't anytime soon.

He went back to his previous thoughts, the women. Would he torture them? Would he kill them? Would he have rough sex with them? Would he be sweet to them and just kill the council? Oh, so many options. He sighed and went back to work.

'Working to kill the Council,' Naruto mused, 'it should be the name of a song.'

"Kuzon Qui," Naruto said to himself, "What a pathetic man." He was currently spying on Kuzon, a Civilian Council member. He was a fat man in a nice suit. He had the 'perfect' life. A plain wife, four fat kids, a large house, two business' in Konoha and- was loaded. The last thing people would think he'd do was cut himself. Freak. Yeah, Naruto cuts himself too, but it's just to work on his Blood Line. This was perfect dirt to throw around the village. A plan was already formulating as he wrote it down. He quickly shushened from the shadows and was gone.

"Gahn Tomizu," Naruto whispered, "He isn't displaying any signs of anxiety. No depression. He doesn't have any illnesses. There is little to no stress in his life. Yet he is a chronic smoker." Naruto began writing in his note pad, 'hmm, two in one day. I believe that is enough.' Naruto slipped into the shadows and headed home.

Makina was sitting alone at the bar stool, waiting for Naruto to return. He needed to explain to her what was going on. He'd only said two words to her since the council meeting two days ago. He was going to talk to her, one way or another. Oh, and not to mention he wasn't in class either, way to keep a low profile.

The door opened and Naruto rushed into the kitchen, "Hello, Makina-chan!"

She raised an eyebrow, "Why are you so happy all of a sudden? Did the council all inexplicably burst into flames?"

Naruto laughed heartily, "Oh, I wish," He paused and got serious, "I need your help with a project, can I count on you?"

Makina took a swig of her sake, "Oh yeah, what's this project of yours?" She wouldn't lie. Before she would only kill flies and trees. But now, she'd kill anything that looked cross towards Naruto.

"You know, the usual. Some blood here, a little of screams there. The council being killed, nothing major." Oh, but it was major. It was crucial that NOTHING went wrong. Not. A. Thing.

"Oh, so you are taking action. Pray tell me your master plan." Makina said as she poured herself a shot. She would offer Naruto sake but, he would only decline. He told her he needed a clear head to think. What ever.

"I plan to kill the council members one at a time in seven days. One each day. I have been tailing the first two today. I plan to put my plan into motion by next week, on a Monday. You see I'm good on the computer, but let's face it, you are way better than I'll ever be. And that is where you come into play. I want to hack into each television and computer in Konoha buy corrupting the main database. I need to send a live feed of their punishments... their rebirth. I only find it fair that it happens this way, everyone should see what happens when they mess with Anarchy."

Makina laughed a bit, irritating Naruto just like the Kyūbi. She settled down and looked at Naruto, "Anarchy and Chaos."

They both laughed, Tomorrow was going to be a busy day, full of spying and perfecting.

"Sleeeeep," Naruto moaned as he made his way to his bedroom. Kami enjoyed toying with him, a knock was heard at the door. He groaned and turned his direction. He was quite surprised with who was on the other side of the door, "Who are you?"

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