Terra sub Mea - The Earth Beneath Me


My eyes wandered over the destruction, the chaos. It seemed almost as if Time stood still, pausing so that I could truly take in the world around me; waiting for me to see the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort, to see how magic wasn't so much cast from their wands as it was flowing from their beings - bending the world around it into vicious storms of violence and destructive fury. Time stood still so that I could gaze around the room, it's tiered amphitheatre like structure grim in its foreboding presence, not lightened or lessened by the bright flashes and harsh sounds of magical battle about it. I could take in the various smaller battles sprinkled throughout the room; between Death Eater and Order members. I could see the violence in their eyes and stances and saw spells fly that would shred a body more easily than stepping through a cobweb.

Of all the loud noises, bright lights, and harsh sights in the room it was two figures at the center that drew my eyes, not Dumbledore and Voldemort, but Sirius Orion Black and Bellatrix Black Lestrange. My eyes fixed upon the horrifyingly bright and seemingly innocent stunning spell that was slipping past my godfather's defenses, like so much a slippery fish between one's fingers. That simple, seemingly harmless spell in this maelstrom of cruel magic. But it wasn't innocent, for Sirius was standing not in a dueling ring or an empty field, but directly in front of the center of this megalithic structure; he stood before the Veil of Death, the shimmering bleak light of its darkly fluttering veil that whispered across its own material evoking thoughts of the soft spoken entreaties of those long past.

And yet.

Time wasn't standing still. In fact, Time was flying by and Sirius was about to die.

I don't know when I started moving, or even the path I took there, only that I had dodged Remus Lupin and slammed into Sirius just before he would have slipped into that slippery, fluttery embrace of death.

I succeeded, I saved him. I pushed him out of the way of certain death.

But now there was no one there to catch me; to slow my momentum as my ratty trainers failed to gain traction on the ancient smooth granite of the floor. Even as I saw Sirius slumping to the ground his strings cut by the stunning spell and Remus' with an outstretched arm, a hoarse cry, and horrorstruck features, Dumbledore spinning out of the way of a deadly spell and flinging out his wand in a desperate attempt to call back my motion, ignoring for a moment his deadly opponent who had taken the momentary lull to watch in vindictive glee.

I saw all this. But Time wasn't standing still, there was time for nothing more than to take in their expressions and their fear as I slipped deceptively quietly and smoothly through the strangely light and soft veil that parted and welcomed me into its embrace.

And then there was silence.

A/N Okay, so this idea popped into my head last night and wouldn't leave me alone for almost four hours while I half-heartedly struggled to fall asleep, and now I have spent a large portion of my morning, skipping classes to write it. I already have the majority of the first chapter written so that should follow this up soon.

This is a crossover between Harry Potter and The Wheel of Time, however, most of the action and story will take place in the HP universe, and it isn't really necessary for you have read the wheel of time series.