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Chapter Seven - Sense to the Senseless

Dumbledore and Sirius seemed rather surprised by my revelation, though to be honest, I had been equally surprised. When the auror had cast the killing curse I'd given it little thought, knowing that, no matter the spell, if the weaves were static - as they were when one used a wand - then a blade of spirit could easily slip in and through it, severing its own threads and rendering it useless. However, when my weave of spirit had shredded the weaves that had flown from the auror's wand it had only revealed the spells true nature; it manipulated reality into gathering some of the dispersed and Senseless force of Destruction into a single point and a single purpose. Once the spell was cast the True Power would take form almost instantly and after that it would be nearly impossible to stop - invisible to even my senses.

That brought me to think of something else I had long ago realized; there was another reason to call this the Second World. Creation gave Destruction Sense, but not in every reality. Perhaps the Sense given couldn't span more than one reality, perhaps each reality had a unique Creation and Destruction, but my own interpretation was that each reality was an expression of a single Creation, and that Creation either tried everything at least once, or could learn from its mistakes. I believe it learns, for if it is capable of giving Destruction Sense, then it must have some sort of Sense itself. I also believe giving Destruction Sense was a mistake, a mistake Creation learned from and has never repeated; thus this reality could not have come before the one in which Destruction was given sense.

It was an odd train of thought, more philosophical than most I had pursued, however, when one has lived so long, such thoughts inevitably take up some of one's time. I have come to believe that Creation and The Creator are two distinct and separate things. That Creation is a force, and that it cannot exist without its opposite, Destruction. As for the Creator, there are so many different beliefs about him - or it, however, one imagines the Creator - I'm not sure which I believe, though I have trouble believing it some all powerful, all benevolent being. I think that if there truly is a Creator, that he must be indifferent to us, not cruel or benevolent, nor even really aware of us; after all how aware are we of the tiny single celled organisms that exist all about us, numbering greater than all the humans of an entire world in just a small space. We have become aware of these things and on occasion a person will spend their life studying them and experimenting with them, but for the most part we think nothing of them, neither to act against them nor to be at all concerned for them. In comparison to our own capacity to think and feel these organisms are nothing, likewise I expect our own ability to think and feel must be insignificant when compared to a being capable of Creation.

I have also come to believe that magicals and channelers are, in a way, Creation's own experiment and inspiration; he gives us a little of his own power and then watches what we do with it, to see if we do or discover something he did not, this is why I expect that each successive universe he creates will likely have fewer and weaker magical beings in it - even if it still has the same amount of Creation and Life.

Though all of this is a terrible tangent from the matters at hand, and has very little to do with what I need do, now that I have returned to the home I was long ago torn from.

"The history and reality of the Dark One and the true nature of Creation and Destruction, such as we know it, are just a few example of something that is common knowledge in the First World that isn't here. The position as a teacher will allow me to impart knowledge of it and much else to your students while I learn of the magic I had not the time to, before." Adrian finally said, when he dragged himself from his wandering thoughts. "In fact, I might just take the time to teach a few individuals how to use magic correctly." He smiled a little wryly, amused by Dumbledore's and Sirius' confused reactions.

"Use magic correctly?" Dumbledore prompted, clearly willing to hear this explanation.

Adrian smiled fully, "Why yes. You would agree, would you not, that I am an above average wizard?" Adrian asked, receiving a nod in answer. "Well then, how would it interest you to know that because of the incorrect way in which we go about using and learning magic, I am considered little more than a squib in regards to power, in the First World."

Dumbledore's eyes widened slightly, contemplating how powerful the witches and wizards in the First World must be if Harry were weak in comparison. He frowned slightly, "Am, or was?" Dumbledore asked.

Adrian understood the question, whether he still was weaker than the channelers of the First World. "Am." Adrian said in answer. "Do you know much of wand lore, Dumbledore?" Adrian asked, curious, as he knew very little but what he had been able to guess.

Dumbledore's brows furrowed. "Only what is common knowledge, I am no expert in the subject."

Adrian smiled, surprised slightly that Dumbledore could admit ignorance. "Please, share what you know, as I likely know far less of what you would consider the common knowledge."

"Very well. Wands are a refinement of Staffs which were first introduced about six thousand years ago by Merlin, the founder of modern magic. It was said that before wands magic was wild, that if the witch or wizard didn't tame their magic that it would inevitably rebel against being shackled to a week host and that it would lash out at the world, destroying civilizations. Then staffs were introduced as a way of connecting an individual and their magic in a way that permitted them to tame it and make it their own so that there was no more destruction. Since then we have only refined our control of magic and our techniques in creating wands and harnessing our magic." Dumbledore explained.

I smiled, his story had confirmed my own beliefs. "That is only partially accurate." I said. "You see I have discovered that to bond to a wand is to have a permanent cap put on your magical potential at the time you first bond. This is has stopped to 'wild magic' as you call it because as we grow older we should grow into our full potential, and as we do the power we have will become impossible to ignore and will demand a user use it, often resulting in wild magic if the user isn't taught proper control. That also means that muggleborns who don't bond with a wand until they're eleven, have actually had longer to grow into their power than purebloods who will often get their hands on a wand much earlier." Dumbledore's eyes widened slightly, the revelations of the day continuing to surprise him. "In the First World magical individuals rarely grow powerful enough to even access and begin learning to harness their magic until their late teens or early twenties, also they rarely reach their full potential until their thirties or even forties. That means that you are stopping all magical growth anywhere from twenty to thirty years before we are meant to reach our peak." Adrian smiled wryly. "The only reason I ever accomplished anything at all in the First World, besides being laughed out of the Tower, was because witches and wizards wield their magic inherently differently than they do, we have refined the way we wield our magic to a degree that they cannot hope to match with their massive torrents of power. Where a Channeler of the First World could start an earthquake, tsunami, massive gusts of wind, or even great gouts of fire more easily than a wizard casts a levitation charm, a First World Channeler will never have the finesse necessary to produce a Patronus or the more complicated transfigurations." Anyway I am very unlikely to try and teach that magic to anyone, because to achieve any success with it once one has bonded to a wand is incredibly difficult, I was, after all, a novice in the Tower for over eighty years.

"Regardless, I clearly have much to offer your students and much in turn Hogwarts can offer me in expanding my understanding of wizarding magic. So I suppose this is my proper request for you to allow me to teach at your fine school." Adrian said, smiling.

Dumbledore contemplated him for a moment before speaking. "I will need to get approval from the governors to introduce a new subject, as well as add another teacher to the payroll; for that I think it would be best if I had a syllabus and some general summaries about just what you have to offer the students to be presented to them. Also we must consider how you will teach the class - as yourself, or under some disguise. However, the summer holidays have just begun so time still remains for all of that to be done." Dumbledore spoke in a rather businesslike fashion the administrator in him coming to the surface. "During that time I would like to invite you to make yourself at home in the accommodations we have for guests here at the castle." He finished with a welcoming smile.

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