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Blood and Dreams: Entering Nightmares
First Night: Kyuubi, Naruto and the Everlasting Nightmare

A man stood on a rocky hillside overlooking his handiwork. The giant fox with nine blood colored tails dwarfed the forest that hid the ninja village known as Konohagakure. Even if he would never see the village or his kinsmen…no, he had no kinsmen, not anymore. After they banished him, he forsook the Uchiha namesake. Now he was only Maadara, or Tobi, and with the orange mask that spiraled endlessly, he watched his former village consumed by his hatred.

He was glad to see that by controlling the Kyuubi, he was able to complete his plan that would bring Konoha to its knees and plummet into obscurity. He watched as countless shinobi, both male and female try to attack the great and majestic beast, laughing as they threw away their lives.

"That's right Kyuubi! Bring my rage down upon this village! Let them know just why they should not have banished Maadara Uchiha from the history books! Show them, Kyuubi!" He yelled, shouting the last part out as he forced more of his will onto the demon fox in front of him. He then started laughing, as the trees that all natives of Konoha praised for their defenses did nothing to slow down the demon fox in front of them. If only he knew that plans were in motion to stop all of this. If he knew that, then he would have done more than just sit and watch the wreckage occur so wantonly. If only he knew…

"You can't be serious...Minato, if you do this, who would look after your son? As much as I want to, I can't be leading my spy network and keeping an eye on a newborn baby. Plus I have several enemies…I know you want to see your Kushina again, especially after she died fighting that man and giving birth to Naruto, but don't let her sacrifice be in vain!" Jiraiya shouted to his pupil, the Yondaime, as he finished writing a seal in ink on the newborn boy's stomach, said boy squirming at the cold feeling radiating from the ink placed on his stomach.

"Jiraiya-sensei…," Minato started, as he continued placing the final markings of the seal on Naruto's stomach, but Jiraiya wasn't finished yet, and quickly interrupted him to continue.

"As much as I wish it also, Tsunade-hime would rather start dating Orochimaru-teme before even thinking of placing one foot near this place. Even if you asked her to take care of your son, I don't think she would, seeing as he would remind her too much of Konoha and the things that she lost." Jiraiya said as Minato finished the last detail on the intricate seal, the seal that would save Konoha at the cost of his life and the humanity of his son. He wished deep down in his heart that the villagers would befriend Naruto, make him feel like a hero for what he will be doing, but he was not naïve. He knew his people would betray his final words and not treat his son like a hero.

"I know sensei…I know," Minato said with a tired voice, picking Naruto up and turning towards his sensei and long-time friend. "What else can I do? If I can't do it myself, then who will? Even if someone else activated the seal in my place…I wouldn't be able to sleep at night, my conscious wouldn't let me. I'm sorry sensei…this is something that only I, myself, can do." Minato said, as he gave Jiraiya three pieces of parchment paper, each of them sealed in an envelope that would allow only the attended person to open them.


"The first one is for Sarutobi-sama. It is a request for him to take up the mantle of Hokage once again as well as my final requests for Naruto to be seen as a hero by the public and that no matter what happened, under no circumstance should he be put under the care of Danzo, among other things." Minato then looked down at his son and rocked him back and forth slowly. "The second letter is for my student, Kakashi. I know that with the deaths of Rin and Obito, my death will be a big blow to his psyche. I want him to know that I do what I'm doing with a heavy heart, and I hope that he can forgive this man and not take it out on my Naruto. It is my greatest hope that Kakashi will see Naruto as a little brother."

"And the third?"

"The third is for Naruto when he's older. I want you to hold onto his letter until he becomes sixteen or Chunin, whichever comes first. Until then, I want you to hold onto it. It mentions several things about Kushina and me, about the Rasengan and Hiraishin, as well as a personal note to Naruto explaining what I'm about to do, and why I'm doing it. Sarutobi-sama also knows that you have Naruto-kun's letter and I asked him to let Naruto know that he had parents, and that they loved him very very much. Now then, please…take those to Sarutobi-sama and Kakashi. And sensei?" He asked, Jiraiya turning around.

"Yes Minato?"

"Thank you…for everything. Farewell," He said before using a shushin to vanish onto the battlefield. The only evidence that showed he was there were the various amounts of paper showing the seal that both student and teacher worked on for the past days. Now, it was going to be put into action. Jiraiya left the office with a shushin of his own, going to find both Sarutobi and Kakashi.

Kyuubi was standing in front of the strong wooden doors that housed Konoha, the great symbol of the leaf decorating the center and guarding it from outside intruders. Behind the great beast, several bodies wearing headbands bearing the symbol of the great village it was trying to break into. Each body lay on the path in a mangled heap, some bodies torn at the waist, while others had heads taken off, or an arm and a leg. One body had three puncture wounds in the body, easily caving in the chest cavity and piercing the heart and the lungs, making the female it belonged to bleed out quickly.

Bellowing out in rage, the demon fox raised its colossal tails high above its head before sending each individual tail thundering down upon the protective structure in front of it. The wood creating the door creaked and groaned under the pressure. The Kyuubi stepped closer to the doors and raised its mighty tails once again in order to attack the structure a second time. However, before the creature could get any tails down to attack the door for a second time, something grabbed its tails and pulled. This brought a mighty roar from the fox as something pulled the fox back to where it started, at the beginning of the forest, before jumping after him, his tanto posed to strike.

"No!" Maadara shouted out as he saw the Fourth Hokage summon a toad that not only matched the fox's size, but also able to pull him back from the walls of Konohagakure. The beast was so close to destroying the protection of Konoha before heading into the village and razing it to the ground. However, when that amphibian pulled the fox back by his tails, Maadara actually growled, the pitch of the growl growing as the toad jumped towards the fox. Over the noise of the fox, no one heard him. He scowled before making a retreat, not knowing nor caring to what happened to the Bijuu now that his plans failed. He would have to think of something else altogether before even starting to think of burning Konoha to the ground.

Someday you will fall into the hands of Death Konoha, someday, the insane man thought as he reappeared back in the place that he called home for the last several years. He then closed his eyes for a few seconds before he was lost in a dream of where he was the rightful ruler of Konohagakure, not realizing that two onlookers were in the sky watching, savoring the dream energy that he was creating. Unfortunately, this mortal only had one flowing crystal around him, which irked the two onlookers greatly, seeing as they could only bleed so much Dream Energy from this man after all.

They stayed there gathering as much energy as they could, noticing that the human's Ideya of Intelligence grew just a tad duller.

"Minato-kun, whatever you're about to do, do it quickly, I don't think I can hold the Kyuubi off for much longer!" Gamabunta shouted as Minato stood on top of the boss toad summon, staying glued to the spot by channeling chakra to his feet. Minato didn't respond as he focused on the fuinjutsu. Even one incorrect seal could cause the whole sealing jutsu to end in disastrous results, not just for Minato, but also for Naruto and Gamabunta as well. After finishing the jutsu, Minato held the last hand seal in place before looking at the fox demon in front of him with eyes bent on determination.

"Shiki Fuin!" Minato shouted as an image of a shinigami appeared behind Minato. Furthermore, the seal that Minato wrote on his son's abdominal also started to glow a light blue color as Minato's chakra within the ink activated. The spectral form went through Minato before plunging the blade into Kyuubi, causing the fox to start fighting in fear as it felt its soul being ripped apart. Roaring in extreme pain, the Kyuubi thrashed its tails as it tried everything in its power to stop the shinigami, several craters instantly forming as several shinobi and kunoichi used whatever means necessary to get away from the beast. It was, however, too late for the Kyuubi as the shinigami held its soul on the edge of its knife before transferring the sphere of crimson energy into his hand.

He then placed the crimson sphere on top of the seal that was on Naruto's stomach. As the seal accepted the crimson energy that was the Kyuubi's youki, the process of both human chakra and demonic youki caused the young boy to wake up and start crying. Minato smiled sadly, as he looked upon his boy one last time as the shinigami came through Minato's body once more, taking his soul with him before he left. With Gamabunta vanishing after Minato completed the sealing technique, it would mean that both Naruto and Minato's body would have hit the ravaged earth hard, most likely killing Naruto. However, that did not happen as Gamabunta was summoned once again, this time Jiraiya standing on top of his head.

"I got you little guy, don't worry," Jiraiya said as he caught Naruto, moving his arms downward to negate the momentum of the fall. He quickly created a clone to do the same for Minato's body, knowing that his student would do the same thing if the roles were reversed. Sighing lightly, he looked at the little guy in his hands, wishing that it were him lying on Gamabunta's back lifeless instead of his apprentice, especially since he had so much to live for. He quickly shook his head to rid himself of those negative thoughts.


"I'm sorry for summoning you right after you returned to the summoning world after Minato-kun's death but I couldn't…

It's all right Jiraiya-kun; I understand…Minato was well respected at Mount Myoboku by all of the toads. Even more than you, I think…Gamabunta said, causing Jiraiya to slouch lightly at the news that the toads respected his apprentice more so than the original holder of the contract. As he got down from Gamabunta and let the grand toad take his leave, he saw his sensei standing in front of him.

"Sensei…I couldn'-"

"You don't need to explain yourself Jiraiya-kun; I know you tried everything within your power to make him change his mind so that he could be there for young Naruto," this is when Sarutobi's frown grew. "He also asked me to place Naruto in an orphanage," at this statement, Jiraiya's eyes bulged out.

"B-but why?! I could certainly take him as my apprentice or I bet I could find Tsu-hime and…" He started saying hysterically, not remembering what he said to Minato moments ago before his sensei looked at him with saddened eyes.

"I'm afraid that won't work, and while I agree with your offer of taking young Naruto here with you, I have a feeling that the Civilian Council would negate your offer. They would state that with you just starting your spy network, it would be too hard for you to juggle both caring for Naruto and taking care of your network. Naturally, I would usually ignore them in manners like this, but there's also the Shinobi Council as well. Most likely, each member would claim a reason as to why he or she would want to adopt the young boy to benefit him, while secretly benefiting the clan he was adopted into. Especially Danzo, who would want to take Naruto and train him into an emotionless shinobi, and we both know that he would send shinobi after you in order to try and take him," Sarutobi said as Jiraiya sadly nodded, knowing that his sensei was right. He didn't have to like it, but he knew that the Professor was right.

Jiraiya handed Naruto to Sarutobi carefully, making sure the young baby was held securely in his sensei's hands before vanishing in a shushin, knowing that if he stayed he would do something that he would later regret. Sarutobi, unfortunately, didn't have time to deal with his student as survivors started trickling out of their homes, wanting to know what had happened to the fox, as well as their loved ones and the village that they lived in. As they gathered around the wreckage, Sarutobi sighed lightly to himself before quickly using a small jutsu on himself to amplify his voice so that everyone in the vicinity could hear him.

"My people, we have come through a terrible travesty and witnessed what nature, herself, can vent upon us. However, Konoha and her loyal protectors proved to be the stronger fighter in today's battle, and have killed the Kyuubi!" Sarutobi shouted, waiting for the small to settle in. Once it did, he heard several shouts of celebration and happiness that the attack was finally finished. Sarutobi waited for the shouts to die down before continuing, "However, the price for our victory was high…today we have also lost a great leader, as well as a great friend. It is with great sorrow that I must inform the people of Konoha that Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, perished in the fight against the great beast Kyuubi."

At this, anyone still grinning or happy about the news of the Kyuubi's death instantly evaporated at the sound of their Yondaime Hokage perishing. One of the females in the crowd standing close to the reappointed Sandaime Hokage noticed a small baby within his hands.

"Hokage-sama, who's that?"

Sarutobi looked down at the sleeping blonde for a few seconds, knowing that what he said now would make him either the hero and prince of Konoha or the scapegoat of Konoha. As such, Sarutobi took a few minutes to choose his words carefully.

"This child...is a survivor. He survived having his parents torn from him just a few seconds after his birth...not only is he a survivor, but Konoha's saving grace. Without him, our shinobi forces would still be battling the Kyuubi as we speak, trying to protect our home," Sarutobi said, hoping that the villagers would see Naruto as the savior that he claimed him to be. ANBU quickly rushed in and protected their leader as people started shouting for the child's death, misinterpreting what the old Hokage just said. Sarutobi looked upon his people with sadness before he and his ANBU vanished in several uses of shushin.

Sarutobi looked down at the sleeping newborn as he sighed before looking back to his desk with a blank scroll in front of him. Next to the scroll was the letter that Minato left for him laying open. He growled lightly at Minato's actions and words. Minato knew. He knew that the village was going to hate his son, so he put in a few safeguards in the seal that would protect both his son and Konoha, implanting a small portion of his soul into the seal, among others. He also knew that the Kyuubi wasn't at fault and claimed that someone with an orange mask was controlling her. However, the thing that bothered him the most was that Minato wanted his son to be put either under his student, Hatake Kakashi, or in an orphanage. The thing that made it worse was the fact that Sarutobi understood the reasoning behind both decisions. He was about to write down when one of his ANBUs came in, somewhat distracting the reappointed Hokage from his current headache and giving him another one.

"Inu-san, please, take off your mask. There are several things that we need to talk about, things that are of a personal matter, not business," Sarutobi stated as Inu reached a gloved hand up and behind his head, placing chakra on a certain spot behind his head which made his mask able to come off. Moving the same hand up the front of his face, he removed the ANBU mask from his face and placed it on his belt, the chakra seal on both his belt and the mask resonating, letting the mask hang there without the risk of it falling off. Once the mask was off, the slanted forehead protector showed into view, covering the prized possession that made Inu known as "Sharingan no Kakashi".

"This is…this is about my sensei's son, isn't it?" Kakashi asked, standing a little bit straighter as the Hokage nodded. He then picked up the sleeping baby and held him so that Kakashi could see the child.

"Kakashi…I asked you here…for a favor. I want to put young Naruto into an orphanage," The Hokage paused and held up his hand, requesting that Kakashi not speak for a few minutes. "I know full well that you can take care of both you and himself should the villagers…no, when the villagers try to attack him for surviving the Kyuubi's attack, at least that is what the villagers will think and what I will tell them, to continue the story I already started.

"B-but sir!" Kakashi exclaimed, knowing the truth behind the event.

"I know the truth, and you know the truth, but Kakashi, what do you think the people would do with the truth?" Sarutobi asked as Kakashi stared at the man with his one uncovered eye and sighed lightly.

"I understand. You do realize that I'm going to do what I think is right, even if the Council thinks otherwise?" Kakashi asked as Sarutobi nodded, knowing that Naruto would need at least someone to protect him.

"I'll do what I can to protect him from politics, but there is only so much I can do for him Kakashi. What I cannot do, I know you will do it for me in my place. Am I correct at assuming this?" the old man asked as Kakashi nodded. "Good. You're dismissed Inu-san, thank you for listening to the ramblings of an old man," he said, as Kakashi took the mask off his belt and replaced it on his face. Both knew that the decisions they made today and in the years to come would shape how Naruto saw Konoha…for better, or for worse. He then turned back towards the blank scroll in his hand and started writing new laws that he would have to enact; laws that would protect Naruto from some of the things that the villagers would most likely come up with to make the newborn's life a living hell. He brought his hand to his face and rubbed his temples. I'm too old for this shit…it's why I retired in the first place, the old man thought to himself and sighed again, knowing that in the coming days a lot of things would be changing; some for the better and some for the worse.

As people slept peacefully, they dreamed…or that's how it used to be. However, ever since the Kyuubi's attack, no one had peaceful dreams, not anymore. Whether it was by fighting the great beast or hearing that one of their loved ones perished, several, if not all, people in Konohagakure had nightmares based around the Kyuubi.

"Ugh, why is that second level excuse for a Nightmaren getting all the attention? It's not like she actually did anything," the red jester said, scowling at coming from another dreamscape that had nothing but the Dreamer running away from the giant fox, while another was battling it. The jester scowled, remembering how he saw a new color of Ideya and yet couldn't claim any dream energy from it.

"-ala, Reala!" his partner finally shouted into his ear. Reala swatted his partner away annoyed.

"Damnit Nights, don't do that!" Reala exclaimed as he placed the gathered dream energy into a container on his thigh, before sealing it shut with a wave of his hand. He was curious as to why he couldn't take any energy from the crimson colored Ideya.

"Alright fine, be that way," Nights said, annoyed at his brother as he headed off into what seemed like an older and decaying dream sphere, almost making Nights think that this Dreamer almost made it out of his dream/nightmare and into Nightopia, but that was impossible. No Dreamer could. He then entered the dream sphere and found himself in an…office? That seemed like the right word for it. He then saw an old man sitting at a desk, but Nights could tell that whatever was concerning this old man wasn't on the desk, but to the side of him, in a crib. Curiosity piquing his interest, he leaned over and stared into the crib before he felt something pass through him. Looking to the wall, he saw several sharp objects placed on the far wall. The information of what those were instantly entered his mind. No way…did he see me? How? The purple jester thought to himself before deciding to leave, making a mental note to come back to study this Dreamer later. He then exited the dream sphere with a scowl on his face, which Reala noticed instantly.

"I'm heading back to Father…something of great interest has just happened," Nights said before disappearing. Reala scowled lightly, wanting to continue and ask Nights what happened, but if something spooked Nights then it had to be something quite interesting.

Sarutobi was huffing for a few seconds after he threw the kunai. Whatever it was that tried attacking Naruto must have been a trick of the light…especially when the kunai he threw went through the shadow-like apparition and into the wall. I must be more tired than I thought I was…the old man said to himself before sighing lightly and rubbed his tired eyes, deciding on taking a small break from all of the paperwork, deciding on taking a small walk through the village. Getting up, he sensed the two ANBUs protecting him coming to attention before he moved over to pick the baby up. Knowing what he was about to do, he mentally prepared himself and made a vow to do whatever he could for Naruto.

~*~Timeskip: 5 years later~*~

Uzumaki Naruto woke up in a cold sweat for the fourth time this week, suppressing the sound that wanted to escape from his lungs. The reason he was suppressing it? He learned the hard way that any loud sounds that he made during the night weren't met with a feminine voice soothing away the fears. However, they were met with the harsh reality of a gag to seal off his yells and cries the first time he awoke from such a nightmare.

That same nightmare…just like all the others, the blonde boy thought to himself as he looked up at the drab ceiling in front of him, thinking back on the nightmare he just woke up from. Calming down, he focused on what he remembered of it, lightly biting on his lip as he suppressed a growl.

I remember closing my eyes and falling asleep, hopefully getting away from the nightmare that I live throughout my daily life. At first, this place seems like heaven. Grass everywhere, people actually being nice to me and there's not a cloud in the sky. I can walk through Konoha without having to fear what will happen to me…at least in the beginning. However…it's when I get back to the orphanage, hoping that someone will finally adopt me…that's when everything turns into a nightmare. The people who have smiles on their faces turn into frowns and start coming after me. After that…I woke up Naruto thought to himself as he finally calmed down. However, he knew that he couldn't go back to sleep, not after a nightmare such as that.

Naruto carefully made his way towards the window, making sure to keep silent, listening for any sounds that were not his own. After hearing nothing for several minutes, the boy slowly opened the window and climbed out of the window and onto a nearby tree branch. Before heading towards the ground and the freedom that the night provided Naruto, the boy turned around and carefully closed the window to where there was only a fraction of an inch left open. Naruto turned back around and soon felt the soft earth underneath his feet, causing the boy to let out a small sigh of relief. He started walking around Konoha, letting the crisp night air work its magic on him. He didn't have a destination in mind, but just let his feet move on their own. As his feet were doing this, his mind tried working on the reason he was having the same dream repeatedly.

After a while, Naruto found himself upon the Hokage Summit. Once there, he closed his eyes and let everything else around him consume him. The sounds and touch of the night appealed to him and he stood there, letting it consume him. He was so calm and at peace that he didn't realize he had company.

"Couldn't sleep Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi asked, causing Naruto to jump slightly in surprise. He turned and stared at the elderly man for a few seconds before nodding. "Same one?" He asked softly once he got closer to Naruto, seeing the boy nod again.

"I don't get it Jiji…why am I having these nightmares?" the boy asked as he bit back a sob. Before Sarutobi could answer, Naruto asked more questions. "Why do the villagers hate me? Call me names? Make it so I can't have a family? Why Jiji? Why?" Naruto asked as the floodgates finally let open, the boy's tears cascading down his face as the night sky hid the image from the old man's vision. As Sarutobi saw this, he was at war with himself. On one hand, he could tell Naruto everything he knew: his heritage, the Kyuubi, everything. On the other hand, he could just sit back, just listen to the crying boy with an open heart, and lie to him saying that he didn't know anything. Both sides fought for a few minutes before they both agreed on something; Naruto trusted him. That was when his mind was made up.

"Naruto?" Sarutobi asked softly, but Naruto heard his voice all the same and turned towards it. "I can't answer all of your questions, but I know the answer as to why," he said as the Hokage noticed he had Naruto's full attention now. "This is an S ranked secret and if you tell anyone of this, I will be forced to brand you as a traitor to this village, understand Naruto?" He asked as Naruto nodded, and gave a positive answer after Sarutobi asked for one. "Five years ago when the Kyuubi attacked, I had to tell the village a lie. I told them that the Yondaime Hokage defeated and killed the Kyuubi in order to save the village and that you were a lucky survivor. The actual truth is that he sealed it away. In spite of this the only thing that is capable enough to hold the beast's massive power was a small infant born that day," Sarutobi said as he was interrupted with a gasp from the young boy.

"Does that mean…what I think it means? That I am the Fox Demon?" Naruto asked, looking down and ashamed. He wished that he didn't know after all then, but Sarutobi spoke once again.

"No. You are not the Kyuubi no Yoko, just Uzumaki Naruto and let no one else tell you differently," Sarutobi said as he noticed that Naruto still didn't believe him before an idea came to him. "Naruto, you've seen how the ANBU work, right?" he asked as Naruto nodded. "You know how all ANBU members are issued a katana, and a sheathe to protect themselves from the blade when they wear it. You are the sheathe, Naruto, and the Kyuubi is the katana. They're two separate things but can be used to both defend and attack. Understand?"

"I understand Jiji, thanks," he said, before yawning lightly as the five-year-old finally starting getting tired again. Sarutobi shook his head and chuckled lightly. Sometimes the boy could act several times older than he really was and other times he acted his age. He soon noticed that Naruto had fallen asleep once again.

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