The Priest

It took me far too long to gain the freedom to move beyond the city that still clung to me like a fetid stench... Silvermoon could never be ugly, but the corruption that it was built on lingered. Paladins brought up to torture the pure and beautiful crystalline beings that fought with all they had against the onslaught of demons that craved nothing but our destruction and enslavement. It ate at my very soul. As a priest, I drew my power from the blessings of my Gods... Was I also drawing from them? Was I also sinning against nature?

The Northern Barrens lay before me as I stood with Naragah. She was a powerful specimen of Orc female. Lithe and beautiful in a way that my own kind never were... She was coiled power and violence, and yet she and I shared the feeling that nature could not be abused without consequences... She occupied more than just my occasional moments in conversation as I dreamed of her. The kind of dreams that left you sticky and embarrassed the following morning.

"Do not worry so, Priest. The Gods are not sleeping. They created Nature to take care of Herself."

Her voice is dusky honey. Sweet to my ears and smooth, yet deeper than any Blood Elf woman. I wondered if she knew of my attraction to her. I never spoke of it, and she never mentioned such to me. Perhaps she was being polite as I knew that Orc's could smell things that Blood Elves could not. Surely I filled the air between us with pheromones.

"I cannot help the despair that flirts with my soul Naragah. My own people hunger so for the power that was torn from us with the explosion of the Sunwell that I am ashamed to be of the Blood.

"Not all of them burn so, 'Tiron. You are only one, but I have seen more in my time here. Even some of your Paladins are dissatisfied with the source of the power they wield in the name of the Light."

I looked away from her, my face burning with the shame that welled within me every time I recalled seeing the Naaru that had been held captive and tortured for its power just to train the new Paladins in their craft. I remember how we came to be known as Blood Elves, but at the same time, it shamed my people, and also the Humans who brought it about.

"Not enough of us Nara'. Not enough of us."

"Listen. I am on duty right now, but later tonight, I have some free time. You could use some relaxation. I know I give good massage... Meet me in the common room of the Inn. We will have a few drinks, and I will treat you to some true relaxation Orc Style."

My heart leapt to my throat. Could she possibly be suggesting what it sounded like? Perhaps... but I was not going to assume anything... I had to finish a job before I could join her anyway.

"I have to do something for Tonga Runetotem today. If I am able to return tonight from this job, I will meet you and take you up on your offer. The Gods know I could use a massage. " I would have taken her hand and bowed over it in the manner of my own kind, but she was not an Blood Elf and I worried that she might take it as a sign of weakness. Instead, I gave her a firm nod, my glowing eyes meeting her clear green, and a smile curved my lips echoing the smile nestled in hers. Her small tusks merely adding to the beauty before me... Damn it... How could I tell her without sounding foolish... Who ever heard of Blood Elves and Orc's making a pair of anything together.

I stood away, and offered her a bow, then leapt down the hill into the deep plains grass, and towards the Stagnant Oasis.