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'symbiote think'

"symbiote talk"

'The war is lost but I think I found a way to save our race.' Janus thought.

Janus was going to one of his hidden laboratories to use his one of his latest inventions, one that he had previously not had a use for but built any way to see if he could. He had decided to clone himself and use his new invention, the reality drive, on a cruiser he'd stolen and modified to serve as a mobile lab and escape route should the council discover any of his unapproved projects. He also took a few constructors that he managed to save.

The constructors were small robots that could self-replicate and build nearly anything but the high council decided to destroy them when they destroyed the Asurans because they feared that they would loose control of them too.

He choose go to an alternate universe and seed a new Alteran people. this new race would hopefully be more adept at warfare; because even though the his people were vastly superior technologically to the Wraith they still lost. And then there was the threat of the Ori who he'd found out about in the database in a file that the high council missed when they tried to erase all information about them and they may be as advanced as them, if not further, so he must prepare the Nova-Alterans he will create in the other universe.

To prevent the high council to find about his travel, he decided to leave a clone in this dimension. He didn't want to send his clone to the other dimension because he was dying and his clone could continue his research on the Attero device and maybe, if he is very lucky, beat the Wraith. He was dying because of a failure in the Attero device's shielding that irradiated him with an unkown particle and he couldn't find a cure for or even a temporary reprieve. He had no more than eight months to live and he wanted to find someone in the other universe to finish his work. He will have to find someone that is evolved enough to match, or surpass, his people.

After a week of work, his ship was finally ready for his trip to the other universe and he had modified it with a dozen probes with hyperdrives, an intergalactic hyperdrive to facilitate finding his successor and a location to create his base before he dies. The crossover was easy but there was a problem when he arrived in the other dimension: he couldn't detect any sign of life in the solar system. He decided to search the entire galaxy in hopes of finding any sentient life but first he had to find a way to extend his life. He knew that stasis wasn't perfect and he would age, albiet slower than usual, and then die even in stasis. He thought about it and then he realized that there was a solution; he knew that there was a time dilatation effect when you are close of the speed of light so he decided to go in stasis and use the time dilatation while his probes explore the entire galaxy to find sentient life.

It took 50 years to explore every solar system in the galaxy and still he found no signs of life in the galaxy so his ship woke him to choose a new course of action. He eventually chose to go to the Avalona*. The travel between the galaxies took him a week which he spent in stasis. When he arrived at Avalon*, he was very happy to find primitive humans but they weren't advanced enough technologically or biologically to be able to have all the knowledge of the Alterans.

Knowing they wouldn't be advanced enough biologically until long after he died even with the time dilation he decided to jumpstart their evolution. After the Catalyst cocktail had been spread over the planet he decided to send probes, with constructors on board, thoughout the entire galaxy to find resources and put a probe to watch humans of Avalon and to wake him up if they find any sentient life that is able to store the knowledge needed, After sending the remaining constructors to the moon's surface to begin the construction on a base while he went back in stasis and started using the time dilatation to survive longer.

After twenty five thousand years, he awoke to find a message from the probe orbiting Avalon (now called Earth by its inhabitants) that it had found someone able to handle the knowledge of the Alterans, is old enough and, most importantly, would choose to help from the observations of the probe. He found that his lab was ready with everything he would need, he had a repository ready to be used and his constructors spent the last 25,000 years collecting resources throughout the galaxy so he could build anything. After all this time, he was only a little over two months older and he still had almost six months to teach everything to the person that would help him. He was ready to create a new fleet to beat the Wraith and correct all the mistakes his people had made.

Little did he know that the Catalyst Cocktail had had several interesting outcomes...


* Avalona- Milky Way

* Avalon- Earth