"Harry Potter and The Carnival of Crime"

By: Wtchcool

Beta: IronAmerica

Disclaimer: If I owned The Cape, you'd associate David Lyons with the show, not with the (undoubtedly doomed) series "Revolution." If I owned "Harry Potter"… you know, no good can come of daydreaming about all that money.

Here are a few things you may need to know, or maybe, you just forgot: Harry Potter, loving husband and father, was framed by his new boss—Severus Snape, the CEO of ARK Corporation. Now, everyone in Palm City believes that Harry was the masked murderer known as Chess, before he died in an explosion. Unbeknownst to them, Harry was not caught in the explosion, and Chess' secret identity is Snape.

Now a fugitive, Harry is driven by the desire to clear his name so that he can go home to his family—his wife, Ginny, and son, Albus. To that end, he is bringing to life his son's favorite comic book superhero, "the Cape." His allies in his fight against Snape—the Carnival of Crime, consisting of Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks, Ron, and Sirius Black, and the mysterious blogger he knows only as "Orwell."

He doesn't know Orwell's real name is Hermione, or who her father is.

Previously on "Fred & George":

Chess held up a tarot card.

"The Chariot. You come highly recommended by your masters. You must be Fred and George."

"We are. You must-"

"-be Snape."

"Nice to meet you," the twins said in unison.


"-most of the people we meet-"

"…aside from clients…"

"we kill." Chess smiled.

"Well then," he said. "I have someone I'd like you to meet."

"Potter," Fred repeated. They checked their surveillance video of the target.

"We've been hired…"

"…to kill a dead man." The twins stared at each other, and then spoke in unison.


"Okay," Freddie said to Al. "Now I'm going to hook this up to that and we should be all set…" There was a click and then the lights in the apartment went out. So did virtually all of the electronics across town. Freddie blinked as he considered the timing of the blackout.

"My bad."

Fred & George Part Three: Moving On

Freddie and Al sat in the darkened apartment, eating ice cream straight from the carton. (Well, who knew how long the blackout would last? It would be a shame for all that ice cream to melt…)

"My dad said he was going out for cigarettes," Freddie volunteered in between mouthfuls. "He never came back. Now it's just me and my mum."

"Oh," the other ten-year-old replied.

"What happened to your dad?" Freddie asked.

Al looked at him. Was it possible that his new friend hadn't heard the vicious rumors about his father?

"My dad was a police officer. He died in the line of duty. Anything else you hear is a lie!"

"Okay. Have you gotten over it?"

"What?" Al asked.

"Well, I've gotten over my dad being gone. What about you?"

Al stared out the window a moment before responding.

"Yeah; I'm moving on."


Across town, Harry and Hermione had realized who was behind the blackout.

Fred sat in the van, talking with George over the headsets as his brother stalked through the darkened building in search of the vigilante, night vision goggles in place.

"So, afterwards, for dinner," Fred began.

"Are you buying?" George interrupted his twin.

"Yes, George? George?!" Fred frowned. He'd lost transmission. The door of the van slid open a moment later and he sighed in relief. "George, what happen…?" The assassin trailed off. That wasn't his brother. That was a very pissed off blogger.


Ginny Potter came home to find her son lying on his back with a stomachache and an empty carton of ice cream next to him. But what really surprised her was the other ten year old boy lying next to him in similar distress.

"Al, who is that?"

"This is my mate Freddie," Al replied. Ginny smiled. Finally, a friend who wasn't imaginary, or a backstabbing traitor like Malfoy had turned out to be.

"That's good. We can use all the friends we can get."


100 Miles East of Palm City, Twenty-four Hours after the previous rendezvous.

Severus Snape met George Weasley at the appointed hour.

"Where's the cape?" Snape asked, referring to the agreed-upon proof of the assassination. In reply, George held out his knife, on which a sliver of blue fabric had come off. Snape plucked the threads from the blade.

"Funny, I imagined it being a lot bigger," Snape drawled. He knew what this meant, although, really, the fact that the other twin was missing had tipped him off. The brothers had failed in their mission. The Cape was still alive.

Snape kept the relief off his face. He was, as far as George was concerned, the same man who had ordered the hit on the vigilante the day before. No one, with the exception of his therapist, Dumbledore, knew that Chess was a separate personality.

Snape was going to keep it that way.

"We need more time," George replied.

"You had twenty-four hours," Snape shot back.

"They took Fred—"

"Then you could finish the job by yourself."

"I can't. We're a team. Look, I do have something," George reached for a USB drive he had around his neck, the one with all of the brothers' data on the Cape.

"Enough," Snape interrupted him. "You failed in your mission. Now it's over. You can tell your masters that I'm never hiring anyone from Tarot again."


George met with Potter and Orwell in the diner he'd watched them in before. Again, the vigilante was in his standard civilian gear, complete with ball cap and hoodie to hide his face. Weasley passed the USB drive over to Harry.

"It's everything we found out about you," he explained. "We keep files on all of our victims and take their secrets to the grave. We won't tell anyone who you are."

"Not even Snape?" Hermione asked.

"Especially not Snape," George frowned, thinking of the brush off he'd gotten earlier. "Now: Where is my brother?"

"What makes you think I'm going to tell you?" Harry asked. George glared at him.

"Owl Island; we took him to Owl Island Prison," Hermione said.

"I see who wears the cape in this relationship," George smirked.

"Relationship? What relationship?" Harry asked.

"Harry," Orwell sighed. George started to stand.

"Hey. I don't want to see you or your brother in my town again, do you understand?" Harry warned the assassin.

"Oh, I think we'll meet again. So long for now, Mr. Cape," George waved to them on the way out of the diner.

Author's Note: Thus ends episode 6. Anyone ready to read about the Dark Lord?

Some of you may be wondering what's going on, since it was only a couple of days ago that I ended The Cape of Kozmo due to a lack of reviews. Well, dem bones persuaded me to give it another go, so here it is: I will only continue this fic if I feel that the reviews and alerts warrant it. It's not like I don't have other fics to work on, people.

If you're confused, the epilogue I wrote at the end of TCK hasn't happened yet. We might not get to it. We certainly won't get to that point if things continue as they did with TCK.

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