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It was the beginning of class. The bell has just rung. Giu has just walked into the classroom.

Gui: Class I have great news. We are all going on a camping trip to Oklahoma! And we have three chaperones Yu Lian, LoliDragon, and Wolf-Dage. And a science class is going to be there too. You may bring your Second Life game helmet.

Then he started to teach the class.

It turned out that Zhuo-Gege's class was coming with us to Oklahoma. When we got to the campgrounds we got to choose who our chaperone is. Zhuo-Gege's class has deferent ones then we do. I chose Wolf-Dage as mine, Yun and Jing chose Yu Lian-Daso, Yang Ming chose LoliDragon, and Gui got a bunch of fangirls.

Lan: So I guess it's just you and me Wolf-Dage.

Wolf: Yea. I guess Feng Lan.

Lan: Do you want to help Gui out?

Wolf: I'll see how long he last for today.

Lan: Okay so want to go exploring?

Wolf: Sure, but we have to set up camp first.

Lan: Okay, but you need to lead the way on the exploring. If I lead we'll get lost.

Wolf: You really don't change from the game to real life do you?

Lan: Yea… hold on ... What did you just say?!

Wolf: I know you are Prince, Feng Lan.

Lan: please don't tell anyone Wolf-Dage.

Wolf: Don't worry. I won't. But if you don't mind me asking who else knows?

Lan: Yun, Jing, LoliDragon, my mom, my dad, my little brother, Zhuo-Gege and you.

Wolf: how long did it take Yang Ming to figure it out?

Lan: it was last week when he told me he knew, I was going pee in-game. So are you going to spend time with Yu Lian?

Wolf-Dage started to blush.

Wolf: I have no idea right now.

Lan: Your blushing Dage.

Wolf: He-Hem. Come on we need to set up camp.

Lan: Okay. Hey, Dage have you ever thought about doing that with Yu Lian?

His face got even redder and then went back to normal.

Wolf: No I have not.

Lan: Oh. Hey, Dage who is that man over there?

The man was 5cm shorter than Dage. He had pure black hair. In his early 20's and dressed up as Jack the Ripper. His eyes were cocoa brown.

Wolf: I have no idea.

Gui walked over to us.

Gui: what are you guys staring at?

Lan: a guy in the woods.

Gui: what guy?

Wolf: he is gone now.

Gui: Oh! Well, we better go set up camp.

We left to go set up camp. When we took our fifth step a flock of ravens flew out of the woods.

Lan: I have a bad feeling. What about you guys?

Gui: Nop!

Wolf: No. It must be your imagination, Feng Lan.

Lan: Yea… I hope you guys are right.

Wolf and Gui should have been wary of Lan's omen because of what happens later on the trip in Oklahoma.

Lan: So I'm on cooking duty right?

LoliDragon: Yep and don't try to make us starve.

Lan: Fine. Oh! Wolf-Dage knows I'm Prince.

LoliDragon: What!

Wolf-Dage walked in.

Wolf: Don't worry I'm not going to tell anyone.

LoliDragon: You better not! *NAG NAG NAG*

Lan: If you guys aren't going to help cook then GET OUT!

LoliDragon: Okay. Okay. We are leaving. Happy now?

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