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So here is the 3rd chapter! hope you enjoy!

I was grinding some mobs for three hours after I left Infinite city. I decided to go back to my chambers in my castle.

Princess: "Wolf-Dage is it ok to come back to my room in the castle?"

Wolf-Dage: "It is for now. I'm in your room right now. Oh! And Deathless is here so be extra careful not to get spotted by anyone."

Princess: "Okay. Thanks, Wolf-Dage. I'll see you soon."

I walked into the great hall as LoliDragon punched Deathless in the face. He flew past me straight into the wall. Then swan spotted me and yelled.


Everybody then looked at me. Then Wolf-Dage came running in saying…

Wolf-Dage: "Ah! So good you could make it Prin… I mean Lan. Sorry, I'm late I had to take care of some stuff. I'm glad you didn't get lost.

Princess: "Why would I get lost Dage?"

I said in a way that outdid Meat Bun and doll's cuteness.

Miwa: "So who is she? There is only a hand full of people that can make Wicked blush."

We looked over and it was true. Wicked was blushing like MAD!

Princess: "You looked cuter when you were younger Miwa. So how did you turn so violent?"

Yu Lian: "So who are you?"

Wolf-Dage: "this is Feng Xiao, Lan. And she is from another continent. She will be joining."

Princess: "I don't plan on staying long. I just came to check up on my family and friends then I'll be leaving. So don't bother becoming friends with me."

Miwa: "The Hell with that! Get loss! You could be a SPY for all we know!"

Princess: "Zhou-Gege can you please kill your little brother to level 20."

I said in my cute voice.

Wicked: "Miwa apologizes to Lan now."

Miwa: "You're taking her side! What The Hell!"

Princess: "Well I'm going to bed see ya."

I walked out of the room and went into my chamber. Thinking about how to not get caught by them, other people that don't know who I am and gain their trust.

-Back with the others-

Swan: "I don't trust Her at all. I don't know why but I just don't."

Wicked: "Hurt Her in any way and then you WILL be at level 1 again!" in his voice to get Gui away from Prince. Then he left to go find where Lan went to.

Gui: "He was using his 'Protect Prince' voice. But why is he using it for student Feng Lan?"

Deathless: "She was so Cute! I wonder what her screen name is?!"

I walk in as he said that.

Princess: "I'm right here you know…"

They jumped. They didn't know that I was back in the room.

I was in an Illusionist outfit (from Eden Eternal by Aeria games). It was dark blue and red with yellow crystals at the ends of the hat. My hair was down and free.

Yea you guys probably think that this is short or is the shortest chapter out there (but it is not!)

Time for Gui to totally miss out on finding who Prince is!

( 2 days before the first chapter! 7pm)

Gui: well time to go to sleep! we have a field trip tomorrow!

cell phone rings

~~ on the other end~~

Wolf: he is not picking up... sorry Lan I can't tell him your Prince.

Lan: okay ... well, now I have to decide when to tell him that I am Prince... Thanks anyway have a good night!

The End