For the Love of a Trickster

'Ow, ow, ow, ow!' I grit my teeth as I gently lower myself onto Uncle Bobby's couch while placing an icepack on my aching shoulder. Damn Pestilence throwing me through a fricking window…I swear to the ever-missing God if this thing doesn't end soon I'm going to lose my mind. Probably a couple of limbs, too.

I smirk as I lift the beer I had just gotten from the fridge to my lips and let the cool liquid warm my body before lifting the icepack to check on my slow healing wound. The cut – received by a stray shard of glass – was an angry red and very noticeable under my black tank top. My green eyes flinch at the sight, thankfully I'm use to pain and it looks much worse than it actually is.

"Alright, sis, we're going to head down into town and get some food," my big brother, Dean, says as he comes into the room, putting his worn leather jacket on in the process.

I swing my dark jean clad legs over the edge of the couch and let my grey leather boots touch the floor. "Finally a change of scenery! Let me grab my jacket," I say as I look for my black leather jacket only to be stopped by a large hand on my non-injured shoulder.

"So close," I whisper under my breath. Bad thing with having the Winchester boys as your brothers: they are very protective. Even my little brother! That's what I get for having a baby brother that's taller than Sasquatch.

Speak of the devil – haha get the pun? – Sam looks down at me with concerned eyes. "Savannah, you need to take care of your shoulder. Stay here and get some rest," he says in a caring voice. Hey, he may have done some screwed up things, but that doesn't make him a bad person. It makes him stupid, but not a bad person.

I groan, stomp my foot, and cross my arms like the four year old I am. Actually I'm 27, but that's the same thing, right? "I don't wanna rest! I've been resting for three days. My body is bored of rest," I say stubbornly moving toward the door.

To prove his point, Dean grabs on lightly to my injured shoulder causing me to jump back and hiss at him like a pissed off cat which – by the way – isn't the first time that reference has been made to me.

"You're hurt. You're staying here," he says in his annoying big brother voice.

"He's right," Bobby says coming into the room with…his…keys?

I roll my eyes and turn them sharply to my brothers. "You're saying I can't go because I need to rest, but you're letting Uncle Bobby go? He can't even walk!" I exclaim pointing at him.

"I've been around a lot longer than you, Sage. That means that you and your brothers don't get to tell me what to do. Now I raised your stubborn ass and that demands a bit of respect. Which means if I say stay you stay!" he says in a firm voice causing me to look down at my feet like a small child.

I walk off mumbling to the couch and plop myself down crossing my arms as I begin to pout. Dean smirks and walks over, placing a light kiss on my cheek. "That's my little sister," he laughs as he jumps back to escape the elbow to the groin that was headed his way.

Dean runs to the door, sticks his tongue out, ducks the oncoming pillow, and laughs as he exits the house with Sam and Bobby not far behind. "Jerk!" I yell at him with a smile.

"Bitch!" I hear him yell back.

I smile and fall sideways so my body is completely on the couch. After another swig of beer, I allow my eyes to slide shut. Trying to stop the apocalypse is exhausting I think and begin to drift off into a world where angels have feathery wings and sit on fluffy clouds playing golden instruments, and demons were…well they're the same.

I am asleep for no more than five minutes when I feel a hand on my cheek. Without looking, I lash out and grab the hand preparing to pounce on the unknown person. I'm gently thrown down with my head facing the other end of the couch with them on top of me. Struggling, trying to pry my arms out of their grasp I open my eyes to see a man with an impish grin on his handsome face.

"Gabriel," I yell finally releasing one arm, hitting him on his hard, firm chest.

He laughs and gets off of me, allowing me to sit up as he sits himself down next to me still chuckling. Quickly I place my long brown hair over my shoulder, hiding the wound. I turn and glare at the infamous trickster for a second only to get a cheeky smile in response. "Miss me?" he asks innocently.


Gabriel clutches his heart, feigning hurt. "Oh my dear, Savannah, how you wound me," he says in his overly dramatic voice. I continue to glare causing him to sigh and put his arm around my shoulder. "Come on, Sage. It was only a joke."

"I know," I say, leaning back into the couch. "It's just been a hectic couple of days. Did you find out anything about Death's location?"

The last time my brothers and I saw Gabriel was right before we left to take care of Pestilence while he went off to find our last horseman. Yes, that means that he doesn't know about my injury. After the incident at the hotel, he's even more protective than my brothers, so I figure it would be better if I just don't tell him. He shakes his head. "Sorry. My big brother has been smart about hiding his location. Oh, come on now! Don't look so sad. We'll find him and we'll end this whole ugly mess then maybe he can finally ditch your brothers for a weekend," he suggests happily.

Laughing I finally allow myself to give him a once over. I may never say it to him, but I really did miss him. Gabriel seems to be the only light I have in this dark time. Honestly, I don't think he could be any less than perfection if he tried. His dark hair, laughing eyes, sexy body…

"Like what you see?" a deep voice whispers in my ear causing me to jump back. Damn. I guess I should probably pay more attention to my surroundings and less to Gabriel. But damn it all if that isn't the most impossible thing to do.

Smiling coyly I slightly lean my slim body into his sculpted one and reply, "Well it's hard not to like something so…angelic."

Scoffing, he runs his hand from my shoulder to the back of my neck and brings my head closer to his. "Smartass," he whispers pressing his lips to mine in a passionate kiss; a kiss so full of love and need that I could literally feel myself going lightheaded. And you all thought that, that was just movie stuff. Ha, silly kids.

Gabriel's devilish tongue traces my bottom lip almost begging for entrance into my mouth. My inhibitions gone, I don't even consider teasing him or denying him. No, instead I let him in and permit his expert tongue to pleasure my mouth. Slowly he leans back and drags my body onto his. His other hand slowly traces down my back holding me closer as both of my hands remain pressed tightly to his strong chest. The hand on my neck moves up slightly and the fingers are suddenly entwined in my long brown mane.

We remain lost in our moment of rare bliss until a small crunch is heard underneath Gabriel's shoulder. Regrettably, we separate from each other panting heavily. We both pull our bodies up into a sitting position; Gabriel's slightly turned as he reaches under the pillow. Shit, damn, fuck! I scream in my head as I see him pull out my icepack from earlier.

"What's this doing here?" he asks slowly turning back to face my guilty face. "Savannah?" God any other time I would be begging to hear my name roll off his tongue. He voice is the only one in the world that can make it sound that beautiful. Now, however…

"Hm?" I ask looking at him like I had no idea what he was talking about.

Gabriel's gaze hardens slightly and he holds it up in front of my face. "This, Savannah. What is an icepack doing under a pillow that you were just sleeping on?"

"It got cold," I say with a straight face. Hey, in some cases being a smartass can get you out of awkward situations…

"Savannah!"…But apparently not this one.

I let out a heavy sigh and look up at my boyfriend/lover of three months and say, "The job with Pestilence just got a little more…violent than we originally assumed it would. It's not anything that serious I swear!" I exclaim after seeing worry flash across his eyes.

"What happened?" he asks through gritted teeth.

"…He…uh…threw me through a window," I say while scratching the back of my neck.

Suddenly the lights began to flicker and I look over to see a shaking Gabriel literally trying to stop himself from going homicidal. I cautiously move my body over so I'm sitting right next to him and place my hand on his back lovingly. The lights stop flickering, but Gabriel still has a bit of rage left in him.

He stands up from his spot on the couch and begins pacing in front of the coffee table. "How could you have gotten hurt? Isn't that the reason you have brothers? So they could protect you! I swear…" he rattles off muttering under his breath.

"How could I have gotten hurt? I-I have no idea. I mean it was only one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. It should've been no big deal," I say sarcastically causing Gabriel to stop his pacing and look up at me sheepishly obviously realizing that he was slightly overreacting.

Sighing he sits back down and looks me dead in the eye with only one question remaining in them. I let out a slow breath and move my hair so it is now completely behind my shoulder and cascading down my back. I squeeze my eyes shut, so the only thing I hear is a sharp intake of breath. The next thing I know there is a calloused hand on my shoulder, a thumb gently running over the red cut just below my shoulder blade.

I smile at him before gently kissing the side of his mouth, and leaning into his side. "You really didn't need to overreact like that. I mean come on. Pestilence compared to your brothers was kind of like fighting Colin Mochrie after going a couple rounds with Mike Tyson," I tell him showing him that he really has nothing to worry about.

"You could beat either of them in two seconds flat so your comparison is irrelevant," he reminds me, but continues before I have a chance to retort. Damn. It was a good comeback, too. "I know I don't always need to worry, but this is getting ugly. Both sides are getting desperate, and it's only a matter of time before a little cut turns into you getting stabbed in the heart. My brothers have already almost killed you once…I don't prefer to watch it happen a second time."

I scoff causing him to look down at me. "Lucifer wouldn't have killed me. Sliced me up some, but never kill me. He loves you. No matter what he might have done that night, he proved that much. Of course, I can't really blame him. You are just so adorable," I say in a baby voice pinching his cheek causing him to scrunch up his nose and swat my hand away.

"Father, you're as bad as my brothers. I'm not a little kid!"

"You act like a little kid, Mr. Trickster."

"So do your brothers."

"Oh are we really going to start complaining about brothers now? I do not think you even want to open that can of worms," I say throwing my hands up. To anyone else in the world they would think this would end badly. However, the smiles on our faces prove differently.

Now you are all probably really confused. How did the sister of the infamous Winchester brothers fall in love with an angel? What happened that night? What did Lucifer have to do with it? Well I'll tell you. Any of you seen Hammer of the Gods? Yes? Oh, good that means I can just skip to the important part.

Flashback – Meeting room at Pagan god infested hotel

"Luci...I'm home," Gabriel says as he stands protectively in front of Kali, blocking her from his vengeful brother.

Sam, Dean, and I watch this scene unfold from behind one of the tables that once stood upright in the meeting room of the hotel. 'This is not good,' I think to myself as I watch Gabriel hold the angel blade closer to Lucifer.

"Guys," he says picking Kali up from the floor. A low growl escapes my throat as I see him look at her. This causes Dean to look at me with a raised eyebrow before standing up to go to the two.

You see, ever since Changing Channels when we found out who the Trickster really is and what he wanted...I kinda...accidentally of course...fell in love with him. I – okay stop seriously's not that funny! …Are you done? Good. I don't know, I guess I just kind of connected with him. If you think about it we both have the same problem. We're both the sibling who has to watch their big brothers – the people they love...most of the time – kill each other, and honestly there is nothing we can do to stop it. It comes down to the fact that I have just never met someone like him. Someone who can agitate me like he can, make me smile like he can, trick me like he can, or make me love like he can.

A yell breaks me out of my trance, "Savannah, we've gotta go. Now!"

I nod at Dean and follow him, Sam, and Kali to the door. Looking back I wait for Gabriel to follow, but he just stands his ground. I furrow my brow at him. All he does is shake his head. 'Oh, no. No you're not,' I think. 'You are not seriously thinking of taking him on alone!'

"Sage!"A large hand on my arm yanks me out of the room and down the hall.

I can hear Lucifer as I'm being forcibly removed from the premises, "Over a girl. Gabriel, really? I mean I knew you were slumming but…I hope you didn't catch anything." 'Asshat.'

In front of us Dean – holding onto Kali's arm – leads us outside to the Impala. I keep struggling against Sam, trying to make him let the hell go while the pouring rain begins to soak through my clothes!

Kali looks at our car in disgust. I guess for gods there is no account for taste. "I'm not getting in that thing," she states.

Dean points to the car, "Just get in the car princess."

"You guys aren't seriously considering leaving, are you? Gabriel's still in there. Alone. With the King of Hell!" I remind them in a less than calm voice.

Sam looks down at me curiously, "So? It's his family, he has to do this. Why do you care?"

"No," I say, my voice shaking slightly. "The question should be why do you NOT care?"

Before any of them have a chance to respond I break out of Sammy's grip and run toward the door. Right before I go in I stop, my wet hair sticking to my face as the water continues cascading down my skin, "You guys go ahead. I'm not leaving him here to do this alone."

I duck in through the door and quickly make my way back toward the hallway. I'm about to open the doors, but stop myself as my thoughts finally catch up with my movements. 'No, coming in through here won't help Gabriel. If anything it'll just distract him.' Thinking fast, I run down the hall and make a right, coming to the side door that also leads to the meeting room.

Now, what is important for you all to remember is…I'm not my brother. I don't just go rushing in without at least thinking part of my plan through. I especially just don't bust into a room where the man – uh, angel – that I love is fighting his brother who happens to be the devil. No, see that would be bad.

Instead I inch the door open slightly and watch the scene unnoticed.

"Gabriel, if you're doing this for Michael -" Lucifer starts, but is quickly cut off by Gabe.

"Screw him. If he was standing here I'd shiv his ass, too." I put my hand over my mouth to muffle the sounds of someone laughing their butt off. That would probably be bad, too. Right?

Lucifer scoffs slightly looking at his little brother, "You disloyal –"

"Oh, I'm loyal," Gabriel interrupts as the two begin to circle each other. 'Dude interrupting him is not going to help you live to see tomorrow. Stop it!' I scream in my head. "To them."

Wait. What?

"Who? These…" Lucifer motions to the room. "So-called gods?"

The angel turned trickster just shakes his head. "To people Lucifer," this statement causes Lucifer to look down with a look of mock humor on his face. "People," Gabriel repeats as if he's trying to get a point across.

'What are you doing?' I wonder curiously. This isn't his natural behavior. There is something here that I'm missing…don't you hate being kept out of the angelic loop?

"So you're willing to die…for a pile of cockroaches. Why?" Lucifer asks, not sounding like he cares about the answer at all. 'Hey! I take great offense to that!'

"Because Dad was right," this prompts a slight change in the morning star, obviously hitting an old wound. "They are better than us."

It doesn't even take Lucifer a beat to respond to this with more conviction and anger than I've ever heard come from him, "They are broken, flawed, abortions."

'Something tells me that they've had this conversation before,' I think sarcastically.

"Damn right they're flawed," Gabriel says taking a deep breath. "But a lot of them try. To do better. To forgive."

Lucifer's face…it softens ever so slightly; there is almost a sense of – of guilt. "And you should see the spearmint rhino," Gabriel adds. 'Seriously!? You were so close to actually having said something meaningful. Did you have to go and add that? Oh, what am I saying? Of course, you did.'

Another look of realization flashes across Lucifer's eyes, this one I can't read. 'What are you going to do?' I think, panic rising in my chest.

"I've been riding the vine a long time, but I'm in the game now, and I'm not on your side or Michael's. I'm on theirs," Gabriel declares looking straight into the eyes of the brother he once looked up to.

'He knows something is going to happen, too.'

There's a moment of silence between the two as Lucifer's eyes seem to grow sadder. Gabriel just raises his eyebrow at him. The devil shakes his head, his voice…shaking? "Brother, don't make me do this."

"No one makes us do anything," he reminds him.

"I know you think you're doing the right thing, Gabriel," suddenly my eye catches movement from behind Lucifer. I look only to see…Gabriel…with an…angel…blade. Oh damn. 'No no no no no no no, hell no!'

I only slightly hear Lucifer finish his sentence, "But I know where your heart truly lies."

As, what I'm assuming is, the real Gabriel steps forward, raising the blade. I react without thinking – yeah, yeah just call me Dean. I quickly push the doors open and dart through them toward the reluctantly fighting brothers just as Lucifer turns around.

Right as Lucifer reaches up to grab the knife and stab it into Gabriel's grace, I grab the knife as well. I wrap my left hand around the upper hilt, and elbow Gabriel in the stomach forcing him to let go and stumble back. Lucifer, still continuing this movement, realizes that someone else has now joined the fight, and pulls the knife right as the blade reaches my neck.

I stand shocked and still staring up at Lucifer whose other hand was holding on to my upper right arm, making it impossible for me to move. Not that I'd be stupid enough to try to anyway…not with Satan holding a knife to my throat. However, I keep my feet firmly planted on the floor refusing to show any sign of weakness or backing down. Otherwise neither Gabriel nor I would be making it out of here.

"Well, well, well, Savannah Winchester," Lucifer drawls with a smile. "I have to admit…I didn't peg you to be the stupid, reckless type. I always thought that, that role fell to your eldest brother."

I just cock my head and raise both my eyebrows, "Why, Lucifer, I didn't peg you for the kind of man that would kill his baby brother. I always thought that role fell to Zachariah."

"You don't think I could kill one of my own?" he asks darkly.

"Oh, no I think you could, I just don't think you want to. Especially not him…not Michael really either, right?" I ask with the taste of an accusation underlying my words. I hear Gabriel suck in a breath.

Lucifer raises his eyes and takes a step forward and I automatically step back. "Really? Why would you say that?"

"A man who wants to kill his brother wouldn't look like he was going to cry right before he did it," I say getting right up in his face, the knife pressing closer to my flesh.

Emotion rages through his eyes for a brief moment before they turn back to ice. "I don't cry," he states confidently, trying to keep up the heartless persona.

"Yeah, and I don't need caffeine to ensure my survival," I retort sarcastically causing Lucifer's eyes to harden even more. "Oh, stop with the tough guy routine. You don't need to pretend that you could have killed your favorite brother to convince everyone else that you're strong. Let's just say it now, Luci. You're hurt, you're upset because of what happened during the fall, and you want to know something else you psychotic sonofabitch? That's fine."

'Goodbye cruel world,' I think as I hear a growl rip from his throat definitely reinforcing the idea of my imminent doom.

"Savannah, stop!" Gabriel yells at me standing up and about to step forward, but I just shake my head.

"Shut up, Gabriel. Admit it," I turn back on Lucifer not missing a beat. "You love your little brother. You taught him everything he knows. He was the one person that – no matter your faults – stood beside you. He still loves you. If you think about it…I'm sure the same could be said for Michael."

"What could you know about them? About me?" Lucifer fires back.

I shake my head and let out a non-humorous laugh. "Seriously? Look, I may not be your vessel, but you and me…we're a lot alike," he narrows his eyes. "I know what it's like to have an older brother who is loyal to an absent father, and a little brother who torn and half the time is missing. I know what it's like to feel completely alone. The difference? I'm willing to fight to keep us together, and even though it may hurt it's worth it to see my brothers happy. And I have to do all this while taking care of your stupid, pain in the ass brothers, and a stubborn old mule of an uncle. So don't even start trying to bitch to me about family."

"Hey!" I hear Gabriel yell, catching on to the slight insult I aimed at him and Castiel. I continue staring down his older brother, shrugging at him.

He stays silent for a while – staring back – probably trying to get a read on me. Finally I feel his grip lessen and the blade lowers. A sigh of relief is heard from behind me, but I don't take my eyes off Lucifer.

"You never wanted to kill him," I tell him.

"No," he agrees.

I feel something cold in my hand and shift my eyes downward to see the blade in my hand. I step back slightly so I'm standing right next to Gabriel. Lucifer turns to leave, but stops at the door.

He looks back at Gabriel, regret filling his gaze. "You've made your choice, Gabriel. Your…" he trails off looking at me.

I tilt my head and sarcastically ask, "Broken, flawed, abortion?"

"Yeah, that," he says. I frown and take a step forward only to be yanked back by Gabriel's arm wrapping around my waist, pulling me into his body. Cue fangirl squeal. Hey, it may not be dignifying, but it's kind of involuntary, okay? "She may be right, but that doesn't mean that this will end the same way next time."

Gabriel nods, "I know."

Lucifer exits the room, and Gabriel's stiff body relaxes slightly until his brother's low voice is heard down the hall, "And next time, keep your bitch on a shorter leash."

"Oh, hell no!" I yell pissed about to run after him, but Gabriel grabs me with both arms holding me back. The resounding laughter of his brother fades as he flies away.

"Bastard," I state calming down slightly. However, it seems that taking on the devil was going to be the easiest part of this experience.

Turning to Gabriel, well, all I can say is…I have never seen him so mad in my life. His eyes are burning with worry and anger and all that emotion is pointed right toward me. "Now before you go all archangel on my ass, how about we take a moment to remember that I just saved yours," I remind him slightly backing away, the hardening of his gaze telling me that, that wasn't going to work. Had to try though right?

"Are you stupid!?" he screams causing me to jump. "You could have gotten yourself killed! That wasn't just some random demon or angel…that was Lucifer. The second most powerful archangel in history…the king of hell! Do you know what he could have done to you?"

"Do you know what he WOULD have done to YOU!?" I scream back, never one to be the timid kitty cat. You see, I don't do touchy-feely…I do ouchy-bleedy! "I wasn't just doing this to prove a point – though apparently I did and it really made an impact on your brother – no, I did this to save you."

He turns his back to me, "You assume I needed saving maybe I was doing what was for the best."

"You were going to die," I choke out. "How could that have been what's best?"

"Don't play the martyr, Savannah. You just wanted to save me, so I could help you kill him later," he accuses turning back toward me forcing myself to keep the tears at bay I move forward.

A slap sounds throughout the room as Gabriel looks at me shocked, a red mark appearing on his face. "How dare you. Did it ever occur to you that I just didn't want to watch you die? Huh? Did it? Ever think that maybe, just maybe, you mean something to me you selfish bastard?! Did you ever stop and think that maybe I love you?!"

He gasps as one tear slips and slowly rolls down my face. My words and this small action quickly softens Gabriel's eyes as I cautiously moves toward me. I just turn away, unwilling to look him in the eye. 'God damnit…well I wasn't supposed to say that,' I think bitterly.

His rough hand touches my shoulder, but I continue looking away. "Sage? ...Savannah? What did you just say?"

I scoff and retort with, "What are you deaf as well as dumb?"

"Apparently," he says simply.

This causes me to turn, "Wha-" but I never got the question out for the moment I turned around his sarcastic, cocky, amazing lips fell onto mine and his arms wrapped around my waist, bringing me into him. Quickly my arms found the back of his neck and tangled themselves in his soft brown locks. Slowly our mouths moved together in perfect harmony, fireworks literally clouding my brain of any other thought. His hands graze the wet skin under my shirt causing sweet sparks of pleasure to go off all over my body.

Slowly that damn need for something called oxygen comes into play and we're forced to part our mouths, but our bodies stay pressed against each other…our chests so close we can feel each other's frenzied heartbeat.

"You know," he says after a couple of moments. "I may be deaf and dumb, but you're the blind one."

Blink. Blink. "Excuse me?" I ask confused.

"You never noticed that I love you, too," he says, pulling me back into him, picking me up bridal style. All I'm going to say is…I'm happy that those gods fixed up this old hotel.

Back to Bobby's couch!

I look up at him and just smile. That is my most cherished memory, and I wouldn't change it for anything. Not even to stop this Apocalypse. He looks down at me and raises his eyebrow.

"What's with the look?" he asks running a thumb over my right eyebrow causing me to involuntarily shiver. Damn angel knows all my weak points by now, I suppose. That means I'm just screwed doesn't it? And for all of you with the dirty minds, I did also mean that literally.

I shrug and nuzzle my nose into the crook of his neck, "Just remembering that night at the hotel."

"Which one?" he asks curiously, mischief filling his eyes. Well, he's not completely wrong. Hunters spend a lot of times at hotels.

"First one. Elysian Fields?" I question, knowing full well he knows what it is.

He rolls his eyes, "Oh, that one."

"Oh, now don't be like that. It did end well…very well, if you recall," I say crawling over so I'm straddling his lap.

Gabriel plants his hands on my waist and runs them up and down my sides, "Oh I remember that part, now if only I could forget the first part."

"Yeah, that was kind of bad," I agree.

He looks me dead in the eye with a look that says, really? "I will never know what – or who – possessed you to take on my brother like that, but I swear if you ever scare me like that again," his pulls me so I'm pressed tight against his body. "I'll show you exactly why it is that all the other gods fear me."

"Sure you will," I scoff, knowing full well he'd never hurt me. I turn my gaze back to him and look him straight in the eye. "I'd never force you to fight your brother."

Gabriel pulls back his body slightly, shocked at what I just said. "W-where did that come from?" he asks confused, looking all over the room for some clue to what just happened.

"That night…you said I just wanted to save you so you could help us kill Lucifer later. I never quite refuted that statement. Unlike Dean, who really doesn't think of you guys as family, I know you are and I know how hard fighting your brother can be. I promise you when it's time to finally finish this fight, what you do will be your choice. I'll back you up no matter what you choose," I tell him.

He just stares at me shocked at my declaration for a minute before a soft smile makes its way onto his gorgeous face. "You are way too good for me," he declares running one hand through my hair.

"Yeah, well, I'm sure you know a way to…up your status," I say suggestively causing him to smirk.

His hand stops its ministrations in my hair and grip hard onto my neck, pulling my mouth roughly down to his. We quickly move into an all out make-out session, but we – sadly – don't get much farther. As Gabriel's hands begin to move my shirt up my body a scream forces us to break apart.

"What the hell!?" My big brother screams from the door way, as the other three men – Sam, Bobby, and Castiel – all stand there, mouths wide open.

Gabriel looks up at me and smiles, "Gotta go."

I nod and then a flutter means I am now sitting alone on the couch. "Did you guys get the food?" I ask while leaning back into one end couch, resting my head on my hand.

Dean's mouth opens and shuts a few times before he's finally able to get out, "You – him – together – kissing – nightmare – please?"

"Sorry, I don't speak moron can you expand?" I question with a smartass smile looking back over at him.

"What the hell was that?" Dean fumes. Yeah that intimidation tactic might have worked if only I was scared of him. Too bad I'm not.

"They were kissing," Castiel states oblivious to why Dean is asking such an obvious question.

Dean slowly turns his head over toward the angel. "I know that, Cas. What I want to know is why!"

Sitting there I grab the once forgotten beer off the table and take a couple more swigs as I let those two handle the conversation. It makes life so much easier for me. After a couple minutes of Dean, Cas, and Sam arguing, Bobby finally brings the conversation back to me.

"Idjits! If you want to know what happened shouldn't you be asking the kid who was obviously dropped on her head as a child?" he asks slapping me in the back of the head as he wheels by.

"Hey!" I say rubbing the spot he hit. "That hurt!"

"It was supposed to! Now care to explain why one of the children I helped raise was about to have sex with an angel on my couch?" he asks a little angry.


"Sage, come on," Sam tries.

"Nothing good on television."

"Savannah!" Dean roars at me coming directly into my line of vision.

I looked him in the eye and said, "I love him."

I brace myself for the major freak out that I have every right to assume will occur. There was a slight pause then a rumble of…laughter? What? I open my eyes to see Dean rolling on the floor, and Sam and Bobby covering their mouths with their hands.

"Are you all on drugs again?" I ask rolling my eyes and finishing off my beer.

They all begin to calm down slightly, but still have smiles on their faces. Dean wipes at the tears in his eyes, still chuckling, and says, "Sorry, Savvy, but can you blame us? You really expect us, your family, to believe that you fell in love with the Trickster? That douche-nozzled coward? The Hugh Hefner wannabe? The guy is one conquest away from having collected every STD on the planet, and you expect us to believe that you fell in love with him? Wouldn't it be kind of hard for him to be your bitch and his brothers' too?"

Oh, now he is just having way too much fun with this! "He's not that bad, Dean. Gabriel's a good guy," I try to explain. Any of you ever tried to tell your brothers/uncle why you love a man that made their life hell for three years? Yeah…not easy.

That statement just causes him to start laughing again. Groaning in frustration I stand up and take the empty beer bottle with me. I move toward the kitchen to grab another when something outside the window catches my eye. I stop and slowly walk backwards until I'm at the window again. Bracing myself I turn and compel one eye to open.

"Oh. My. God," I force out – mostly to myself – as my hand reaches up to cover my grinning mouth. Didn't go too far did you?

"Savannah?" Sam asks cautiously.

A loud laugh erupts from my mouth as I stare at what I can easily assume to be Gabriel's handiwork. I point out at the window to show the boys what it is that has caused me to experience such a change of emotion. Though I don't think they will get nearly as much joy out of it as I am right now.

They move over to the window and Dean literally explodes, "My baby! Damnit all, Gabriel!"

Sam and Dean rush out the door and to the Impala, hoping they are just seeing thing. I start laughing harder as I see my big brother almost crying at the sight of his newly remodeled car.

Bobby makes his way to the door as Cas moves to stand by me. "He painted it…pink?" Cas asks confused.

My uncle stares for a few seconds and I look out at him from the corner of my eyes. He turns and looks at me, a small smirk playing on his lips, "Maybe he's not so bad."

I nod and give him a wink before he wheels himself out to try and calm Dean who is now hugging the car. One of these days I will get him to admit that it is just that, a car. Oh, come on now…it could happen!

"Why would Gabriel paint Dean's car pink?" Cas asks me still confused.

I turn completely from the window and give Castiel a small smile and pat his arm. "Your brother," I start trying to find the right words. "Has very interesting forms of payback."

"What would he have to pay Dean back for?"

"For what he said," I tell him. "And because Dean gets under Gabriel's skin about as much as Gabriel gets under Dean's."

"He heard Dean?" Castiel asks looking around the room.

I smirk. "You are going to change that car back eventually, right?" I yell into the semi-empty room.

A small flutter is heard next to me, and an arm wraps itself around my waist pulling me to that warm body I love once more. I place my hands on his chest and raise my eyebrow at him. "We'll see," he says cheekily.

He looks over and smiles at his baby brother who is still confused. "Hey, bro, you take care of my girl here, got it?" he tells him.

"That's my job," Castiel reminds him. "But where are you going?"

"Gotta find Death, remember?" he says flicking Castiel in the forehead like a normal big brother would do to his little brother. I smile at this show of affection as Cas reaches up to rub that spot on his forehead.

Castiel is about to respond to his brother when Gabriel reaches down and presses his lips to mine in a short, but passionate kiss. He pulls away far too soon causing me to groan. Gabriel smiles and runs his thumb over the cut on my shoulder once more before whispering in my ear, "I love you."

One last flutter and Castiel and I are left alone. I smile and even though he isn't physically hear I know he can hear me. "I love you, too."

Castiel tilts his head at me, "You really love him?"

"Yeah, Cas," I say before looking out at my brothers – who are still freaking out – and the pink car before looking back at my angelic brother smirking. "I really screwed us over didn't I?"