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Sleight of Hand

Savannah's POV – 3 months after Reichenbach Fall

I sit on a small ledge looking out the window to the junkyard at Uncle Bobby's house absent mindedly playing with an odd deck of playing cards. Playing cards that belong to my baby niece Parker…well belonged now I guess. They have your regular numbers on them, but the symbols all mean something to the Bishop clan or any witch clan. There are things like skeleton keys, knives, scales of justice, cat's eye, witch's ruins, etc. She loves these cards, and she taught me a lot of tricks with them.

Sighing, I look over at my big brother who is sitting on the couch nursing a beer with Angel sitting next to him trying to give him some comfort. These three months have done nothing to sooth his soul and stop the aching emptiness in his chest at losing his daughter. Especially since the last thing they actually did was fight. It's sad when you think about it. Dean only got to spend about five years with his only child. Angel eases the pain somewhat, but it isn't the same. I'm afraid he's going to get too reckless on one of these many hunts he's been going on lately to find Raphael and then I'll be out two family members.

Lucifer is doing about just as well. Almost none of the guys see it, but Angel, Gabriel, and I know that there was something between him and Parker. She always seemed to be around when he was, and she always did something that was made to give him support. That is why she showed up to help me save Gabriel. The former devil seems to go from hot to cold with very little needed to set him off. Glancing over, I see him just staring at the wall in the kitchen. My eyes dart over to Angel who looks at me with guilt still shining very clear.

Angel and Parker had kind of planned that whole stop Lucifer and Michael from going to Hell thing, but she didn't know that Parker was going to perform that stunt. However, she still feels guilty and has confided in me many times that she worries people, aka Dean and her father, blame her. We don't, trust me.

So where does that leave me in this whole mess? I'm just trying to be the pillar of support to this family that finds it digging deeper and deeper into ruins. I have to keep a façade up because someone needs to be strong for them. I don't need Dean feeling more upset, Angel feeling even more guilty, or Gabriel getting even more worried about me. Gabriel…Thank you, God for creating that man. He's been so amazing. It's times like these when I get lost in these gut-wrenching thoughts about that girl who was almost like my own daughter that I couldn't imagine what life would be like if he died that day at Elysian Fields.

Speak of the Trickster, I think with a wry smile as an arm wraps around my shoulder and a pair of warm lips softly connect with the top of my brunette head. My hands still their actions with the cards and I turn my green eyes up to face the angel always on my shoulder. "Yes?" I ask blinking my eyes.

"Come on, let's go for a walk. We've been in here for days and if I don't do something I'm going to have to start pranking your brother. Due to the fact he is in such a lovely mood that could spiral out of control very quickly," he says with a smile while tugging on my arm.

I let out a dramatic sigh and stand up while entwining my fingers with his, "Well, I suppose I can't let him kill you; can I?" He smiles brightly while shaking his head to indicate that he would appreciate it if I didn't let that happen. Without realizing it, my left hand still holds onto the Bishop's Cards of Fate as the two of us leave the depressing air of the room behind us and move out to explore the junkyard.

"You know…some days I just feel like this is one big dream," I mutter as we make our way around Bobby's place. "Others I just think it's a never-ending nightmare."

Gabriel nods and puts a comforting arm around my shoulder. "I know, babe. I know. Some days it just feels like you were only put here to see the worst humanity has to offer, and you guys really can't catch a break. However, things will get better. I'm going to do everything in my power so you get the happiness you deserve…understand?" He whispers in my ear. Nodding, I don't have the strength to bring up that these are the moments, the ones with him, that make it feel like a dream.

After about twenty minutes, these two soldiers find a car with a hood intact enough to sit down on and rest. As I lean back in Gabriel's arms and let the sun hit my face, my hands trace the Bishop crest on the back of the cards (story picture for Hell on an Angel). Suddenly a pair of calloused fingers is tracing my own and gently slides one the cards that I have refused to let out of my grasp. Opening my eyes, I see Gabriel examining the odd card and smiling. Of course he'd know what it was. He was here before the world began, and I'm sure he's seen something like these before.

"Parker's?" he asked recognizing the crest. I only nod in response and sadly gaze down at the rest of the deck. "You know what these are, right?"

I laugh at him and give him a small kiss on the cheek before sitting up to avoid a simple kiss being turned into anything else. After receiving a baby-like pout, I answer his question. "Yes, Dean, Sam, and I found them on us many times. Each card represents a different prophecy or warning. Like the ace with the scales of justice," I say plucking the card from his hand. "Basically, it means 'remember things aren't always what they appear' since just like the scales, an ace can be high or low. On every hunt it almost became a game to find them than bet when they'd 'disappear' if that's what we could really call it."

"What do you mean?" he asked with that infamous curious smirk on his face.

I rolled my eyes, "Parker never just relied on her powers. She was a master at the concept of sleight of hand. Always slipping them somewhere then, without us ever noticing, getting them back. She even taught me though I'm nowhere near as good. Thankfully I have you to rely on for that now though." That causes a smirk to tug at the side of his mouth which leans in close to my ear.

"She always wanted to prove how good SHE was," he points out looking at me. Placing a hand on my neck he lets his thumb slowly trace up and down my pulse point which began to beat faster as he continued as his lips trace the outline of my ear. Damn him. "Wonder where she got that from?"

"Her daddy," I say looking away from the man who obviously meant to blame me. His beautiful laughing was suddenly surrounding me which made me smile. However, thoughts of Parker and Dean suddenly washed over me and made the smile drop. Naturally, my trickster noticed.

Quickly, he wrapped me up into the side of his body, and in an attempt to make me think happier thoughts said, "Tell me the story. How did Miss I-enjoy-driving-everyone-crazy-with-my-sarcastic-n ature show her family that there was just one more thing she was better at than them?"

Smiling, I look at him in thanks before beginning this classic Winchester tale. "She had been with us about a year. We were on a hunt and looking into this guy we were sure was actually a thousand year old warlock. At a restaurant, we were staking him out when he walked by us. Dean was about to go up and talk to him when Parker starts digging through this guy's wallet. She takes a picture of his I.D., gets up, and follows behind the guy before slipping it back into his inside jacket pocket. She wouldn't say anything the rest of the dinner – just smiled, but when we got back to the hotel…"

Flashback to 5 years ago

"What the hell was that?" Dean asked his daughter with wide eyes as we walk back into our hotel room in Missouri. I just shake my head laughing while shoving my back on Parker's and my bed. "In the three short years your mom had you she taught you how to do magic and steal?"

Parker snorts and sits next to me, playing with these weird cards that my brothers and myself often find laying around whenever we're on hunts. "No, old man. Mom just gave me the tools for magic and I taught myself sleight of hand when I was at my third foster home and had to find a way to eat," she points out while looking at him with the signature Winchester smirk. My brother flinches at the mention of her horrible foster homes but shakes it off.

Dean playfully shoves her back on the bed, "First off, what the hell is sleight of hand? Second, what are those? And third I am not that old!"

"You just keep telling yourself that," is all he gets in response. I can't help but fall over laughing on the bed while Sam shoves his fist in his mouth to avoid the look Dean is giving me. I just shrug while sticking my tongue out at my big brother.

"Come on, Dean. Even I know what sleight of hand is!" I rub in his face. "You really are only good for your looks aren't you?"

Out of my peripheral vision I see Parker nodding her head while she lies sideways on the bed doing weird shuffling tricks with the cards. "You wanna see how it works?" She asks excitedly staring up at her father with big, happy eyes. Immediately Dean's gaze softens as he stares at his pride and joy.

Nodding his consent she sits up and shows the deck with the numbers and symbols facing him and the back facing her. "Pick a card but not the first or last," she says and I see him pick the 4 with a cross on it. Then per her instructions he puts it back. She twirls them around in her hand a couple of times before fanning them out to Dean again. His card wasn't there.

"I don't see it," he says amazed looking over them again and again.

"Of course you don't," Parker points out. "You are looking far too closely (1). The reason magic works is because the illusionist can make a trick play out over twenty years where as the one being played is being forced to focus on what is right in front of them which results in you seeing less than you need to."

He just opens his mouth at her and shuts it again before narrowing his eyes. "So what can you see that I can't?" Her only response is a shrug and a smirk while shuffling the cards. Dean rolls his eyes before standing up and shrugs off his jacket before chucking it on his bed. "Whatever I'm going to take a show-" he stops. There in the center of his jacket is his card.

"Every time we come back from a case you do that," Parker points out. "And when you are on a case involving warlocks remember: they can turn any simple path into a critical crossroads."

Sam suddenly pushes himself into the conversation, "Wait. That is what the cards are for? They're like tarot cards?"

"No, idiot, they aren't tarot cards. These are what we witches call Fate Cards. They have the crest of the family on the back and a number with a picture on the other side. Each card represents a prophecy or warning. I'm not trying to tell you the future, I'm just trying to give you a constant reminder, which you idiots need, that may help keep you alive."

Dean mumbles something and then yells to Sam, "Hey let's go get pie! That place had no good dessert!"

Sam immediately agrees and Dean goes to throw back Parker's card he sees it already gone. I smirk and tilt my head to show she got it about thirty seconds ago. "Seriously guys?" I ask. "You're pigs!"

They both smile and lean down to give Parker and I a kiss on the cheek before busting out the door. "Don't you feed them?" Parker asks with a raised eyebrow.

"I try not to," I say with a smirk. "But then they just chew on the furniture. The only reason he's going is because we got a male waiter and well, he's him," I say before I catch myself. When what I said catches up with me, I cringe and look at Parker who doesn't seem bugged. "Sorry."

"About what?"

"Well, I mean that is your dad and he was supposed to be with your…" I trail off. "You know what I mean, kid."

She just shrugs and cocks an eyebrow. "He hasn't been with my mom in over 14 years. My mom's been dead for ten. It's not a big deal. Frankly, I'd like it better if he'd look for someone he likes instead of just someone to screw but," she just smirks as I choke on the Pepsi I just took a drink of.


"You say it!"

"I'm in my twenties. I'm allowed. I'm your aunt, and I say don't!"

"Fine, but can I ask a question then?" she asks with a curious look as she leans forward. God I hate that look. It usually means I'm going to end up regretting getting into this conversation.

Warily I nod my head giving her the okay. "Is that why you are never talking to any of the guys who flirt with you when we're out? You're looking for someone to love?"

I blink my eyes a couple of times before taking a second to think back to all the clubs, bars, and restaurants we've been at in all the years we've been travelling. I never thought about it because unlike Dean I don't want to roll the STD dice more than necessary. "That's a nice concept, but as you've noticed with your dad and uncle it doesn't work out," I say sadly putting a hand on her shoulder. "You'd have to probably find another hunter or something supernatural and neither of those seems like the best idea."

Parker nods understanding what I'm saying. "Think that could change?" she asks hopefully. "Weirder things have happened."

I snort and smile at my niece before tackling her to the bed and tickling her. She begins laughing uncontrollably while squirming in an attempt to get me off of her. "Yeah, but for that to happen I think you and me would need some divine intervention."

Still laughing she pushes me off of her. She begins to go for her cards when she realizes that I used her own trick against her and jacked her cards. Parker lunges for them and I hop off the bed away from her. "Who knows," she says sitting Indian style and smiling. "Maybe we'll both fall in love with some angels."

"One of your magic cards tell you that?" I ask flipping through them and landing on a joker card that holds a skeleton key on it. "I like this one," I say showing it to her.

Parker nods. "I figured you would, and no they don't. It's just that with our screwed up lives that would seem like the only not logical enough explanation that fits!"

Nodding my head in agreement I see headlights come in from the window. Looking out, Parker and me both see that the Impala and our boys have returned. "Come on," I say tugging on her arm. "Let's go make fun of your daddy."

Present Day

I knew I was crying. I started crying the second my baby niece was bonding with her father. Furiously, I tried to rid myself of the wet traces of weakness that had fallen from my eyes. Suddenly, I felt Gabriel's rough fingers brushing away my hands. His mouth is place lightly on my hair kissing and whispering sweet words as his other hand grips tightly around my shoulder. Letting out a pathetic laugh, I lean into the perfect body of my perfect angel.

"You planned this," I accuse weakly, my red eyes attempting a glare at his for-once serious face.

He shrugs his shoulders. "I hate having to see you stand so tall while everyone else just wallows. You have feelings to, but you insist they don't matter as much as the rest of ours. They do, and if you feel you can't cry for the sake of your brothers then you can always let go around me," a soft kiss is placed on each eyelid as a smile finds its way back onto my weary face. "I love you so much, Savannah. I don't know how Lucifer does it."

"I love you, too – wait. You know? I thought I was the only one with the brains enough to see he loves her. No matter how much I'm against it," I mumble the last bit while a sneer replaces that smile and the bitterness slowly disappears only leaving a small ache in its wake.

Gabriel gives me a look, "First of all, he's not that bad…anymore. Ignoring the fact that she is Dean's and your little angel and you don't want anyone near her. Secondly, I'm not that dumb. I saw there was something going on between those two stubborn asses at Elysian Fields which reminds me…"

My guardian angel trails off before digging into his jacket. Eventually he pulls out…his wallet? I cock an eyebrow at him and he smiles. "…about that joker card," he says with that famous impish smirk that makes me shudder both in delight and worry. Gabriel pulls something out before handing it to me. "She really was almost as smart as her beautiful aunt."

Mouth falling open, I stare shocked at what stares back at me. The joker of hearts, a card that exists in no other deck besides the one I'm holding. I'm about to say something when Gabriel smiles and holds my hand in his, guiding it. "Look on the back."

Right over the Bishop Crest, Parker had written the words Ew, ew, old people, ew! Closing my eyes a loud laugh erupts from my mouth as I fall back onto the car. I look up at Gabriel with an amused expression and wait for an explanation. "After I dropped you back off at Bobby's that night, I found this in my jacket pocket. At first I thought you did it because you are the only one that can fool me. Then I saw the back," he says while putting it the card back in its home. "You damn Winchesters."

"Frickin' angels," I whisper, my hands coming up and skimming over his shoulders as I sit up and lean into his back. Leaving a lingering kiss on the pulse point of his neck, I hear him sigh as one hand reaches back to grip my thigh. "A hunter and an angel. This is so weird," I mumble.

"You're telling me," He said still looking at me. Turning around, he placed both hands on my own shoulders before pushing me back down. He leaned on one strong bicep smiling at me. The other arm lingered over my head as he gently pushed his flawless lips against my own. I remembered. I remembered our first time, him laying me on the bed after Parker saved us from her own angel. God knows we will always remember Elysian Fields.

"Still dreaming?" He asked smiling as he references my comment from earlier. I reached my right hand out and gently stroked his firm chest and neck.

"Think so," I murmured. He laughed and slowly pulls himself off the car standing up.

"Come here." He said pulling me up from the front of the car. His fingers ran through my hair and he smiled at me. The small gold flecks in his eyes shimmering brighter as they stare directly into my own pure green.

"If you were dreaming would you feel this?" He whispered kissing my neck. I inhaled sharply as his gentle lips grazed my skin. He chuckled kissing my throat and moving up to my chin then lips. He pulled me closer to him as he kissed me. I exhaled softly and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Dreaming?" He whispered between kisses.

"Must be." I smiled. He laughed and kissed me harder. I squealed as he lifted me up into his arms.

"You she-devil," He whispered. Gabriel was about to kiss me again when something seemed to come to mind. Checking his watch, he lets out a long, frustrated groan. "Crap. Your siblings and my niece are leaving for a hunt. I think we were supposed to see them off or something," he scratched his head trying to remember anything that didn't have to do with what his pants were telling him at this exact moment. I then here him mumble something to the effect of 'I was looking forward to where this was going.'

"Oh well," I whispered teasingly at him and brushed passed him making my way to Bobby's allowing the sway of my hips to be a little more noticeable.

Suddenly, I hear a flutter of wings and immediately take off running through the junkyard. Laughing, I throw my head back letting my long brown hair trail behind me. Attempting to outrun a celestial being is not an easy thing, thus before long I find myself being tackled to the ground. Two hands make their way to my sides causing a fit of uncontrollable laughter to emerge. I try to squirm away, but the powerful archangel above me will have none of it.

Eventually, I can take no more and yell, "Alright, fine! Uncle!"

A proud smirk makes its way onto that handsome face and I make a mental note to get him back for that later. Gabriel jumps back and extends his hand to me which I begrudgingly take. I attempt to wipe off all the dirt that got on my clothes but to no avail. As we continue on our way to Supernatural Headquarters I point at him accusingly and say, "You can be the one to explain this to my brothers!" He just laughs.

When we do eventually, after several more sarcastic comments, playful shoving matches, and sweet kisses, make it back to Bobby's, the guys and Angel are about to take off. Dean sees us walk up and rolls his eyes. "Thought you two would be too busy to see us off," he says a little disgusted at the thought of what his baby sister and her angel boyfriend may or may not have been doing amongst the cars.

"Oh, we were. Your sister is just a tease," he says pointedly at me as his shoulder grazes Dean when he walks past. Dean turns to glare at his less-than-favorite archangel before I grab his hand that was itching for the angel blade he carries.

My big brother turns to look at me before sighing. "Lucifer and Michael have gone to talk to one of their brothers who says he might now the general location of one of their swords. Maybe even something about Raphael's plans. You two are going to be alone. Shut up, Gabriel I really do not want to hear what sick comment you have to say about my sister," he says pointing a finger at the cocky archangel. "Because frankly I already want to kill you."

Angel walks over and shushes him with a light hand to the shoulder. He turns and gives me a hug, but before he lets go completely I slide something into his hand. Pulling back, he tilts his head slightly before looking down. There in his hand is the Crossroads 4 card from the Bishop deck. He looks back up at me shocked before I just shrug, my eyes downcast.

"I didn't just want to slip it into your jacket or suitcase or something. That…would just be cruel," I whisper before going to stand next to Gabriel. Quickly, I'm pulled back into one more fierce hug by my older brother.

He whispers in my ear, "I miss her, too. I still wake up thinking she's not really dead, having these dreams where she talks to me. I only had her for five years, Savannah. I couldn't protect her for the first 12 of her life when she was left a-alone with one worse foster family after another, and I-I didn't get better. This feeling…this emptiness…will it ever go away?"

His pleas and breaking voice only contribute to further breaking my heart. However, I pull back and look him in the eye. "It'll ever only really go away if we stop thinking about her. That doesn't mean it can't get more bearable," I tell him sincerely, placing a kiss on her cheek.

Dean nods before quickly composing himself, only wanting me to see that weakness right now. "Let Angel take care of you," I whisper. "For I swear, if you die I'll bring you back to life then kill you myself, and that won't be pretty."

"Yes, ma'am," he replies with a sarcastic salute. "Both you and Gabriel watch out, too. Raphael already showed he's not really above anything."

Nodding my consent, I make my way over to Gabriel's side. Those three wave their goodbyes as they drive off out into the world that for some reason we still attempt to save. Looking up at Gabriel, I convey my want for a little more time of peace to him with my eyes. He wraps his arm around my shoulder before leading me back into that house which we needed to escape from a mere hour beforehand. As he goes into the kitchen to grab something to eat, I sit on the couch to think over our situation once more.

I bury my face in my hands as I let my brother's broken face melt into my mind. I don't know how long our conversation replayed in my head before I felt strong arms take me into a comforting embrace. His hand soothingly strokes my hair as he whispered words of comfort in my ear. Never was there a safer place for me than Gabriel's arms. Arms that I am lucky enough to have wrap me in love every night.

I had calmed down by taking a couple of deep breaths. It was then that I noticed it. It was his scent. It was very masculine and a scent that I had become intimately familiar with. It was all his.

"Gabriel, you can let go now," my voice was shaky and not very strong at all.

"I can't." he whispered in my ear. "I'm afraid I'm going to lose you to this pain or worse to Raphael," he tightened his embrace around me.

"You'll never lose me, Gabriel," I wrapped my arms around his waist, hugging him back. Realizing he was taking my words in a far more serious light than was originally planned.

"How can I possibly know that? I already almost lost you once to my brother. Am I going to have to go through what Lucifer is now? I can't help but worry everyday that Raphael is going to use you as recompense for Zachariah. Maybe he'll do something to your brothers, anything that will make me lose the woman I already love so much," I just stare at him with surprised eyes.

His arms loosened and he looked me straight in the eyes. "If you can give me one reason, one honest reason why I should feel secure in letting you go, I will. Only if you can promise I'll never regret this decision." Sadness filled his voice as he gently touched my face with the pad of his thumb.

I thought of pointing out that I'm a big girl who has killed big scary monsters all my life, but the argument just wasn't there. Parker was strong too, and obviously she could never tell her angel love that he could let her go and she'd always come back. I tried to point out that I could easily lose him to. I couldn't come up with an answer. I just couldn't.

"I can't," I softly whispered as tears formed again. I broke away from his eyes, fearing that if I looked at them any longer I might lose myself.

Both of his hands gently cupped my face as the pad of his thumb caressed my cheek. I looked at his lips and how soft they looked how it always feels like I'm in Heaven when I kiss them. Before I knew it, he was slowly drawing closer, his lips mere millimeters from mine. I could feel his soft breath on my face. With just the slightest hesitation, he brushed his lips across mine with a feather light touch. I drew a shaky breath craving more than just his light peck.

He pulled away for the slightest moment before pressing more deeply. It was deeper than the last, but it was still so impossible soft and gentle. He was trying to show me all he could never say. We both knew that I would hunt again, and we both knew that I'd fight Raphael. He would never even try to stop me because he loves me as much as I love him. Gabriel was purely asking me to never be Parker and die for him. He was begging me to never make that decision for him and remove my love from him. All he wanted right now is this moment.

His fingers tangled in my hair drawing me closer to his body. I felt nothing but the movements of our mouths and my heart pounding against his. His kisses became pure air as our mouths softly meshed and moved together in sync. Somehow, my fingers found their way up to his tousled hair and wound themselves in it. Like always, it is soft and silky.

I broke away from his diving kisses for air that was much needed, but apparently only on my part. For as his lips leave mine and they begin to travel down my neck. Everywhere he touched left a trail of blazing fire in its wake. Scorching kisses were placed in the crook of my neck before he gently took the skin and nibbled on it.

Moans and little sighs of pleasure escaped my lips as he continued his slow and sensuous torture. He is more than anything I could have ever prayed for. His hands roaming, exploring my clothed figure cause me to feel more exposed than ever. I felt him reach my shoulders and start to push off my infamous black leather jacket. I let it slip from my arms and fall to the floor. I wasn't going to stop him like I did back in the junkyard. No, the time for teasing him as long since passed. I wanted this more than I'd ever admit to him. More than I'd ever let him know.

Suddenly all of his slow attentions stopped. My eyes flashed open and saw the naked desire in his exquisite hazel eyes. Gently taking my wrist, he began to pull me down the hallway, up the stairs, to the room at the end. Our room.

Next Morning – 6:00 a.m.

"Have you ever been caught in a sea of despair and your moment of truth is the day that you say I'm not scared? Put your hands in the air if you…" My phone's ringtone blares from the bedside table.

Grumbling curses and death threats, I look at the caller I.D. before turning to Gabriel who is rubbing his eyes. "Why the hell is my brother calling me at six?" I ask annoyed. He just shakes his head, his hazel eyes exhibiting a very similar look.

"He wants to die," he mutters before flopping back down. Giving a nod of agreement, I press the green answer button.

Before giving him a chance to say anything I bluntly point out, "I hate you."

"Get over it. I thought you said you weren't going to slip a card into my duffel, Savannah. Wasn't that why you gave the one to me in the driveway or are you just attempting to be funny like your little doormat?" he asked clearly upset. What other card?

Gabriel attempts a grab for the phone, but I smack his hand away and point my finger. This gives the clear impression of an owner reprimanding their dog. "Dean, I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't put another card anywhere on you," I say with complete honesty. I look over at Gabriel and just shrug my shoulder.

"Yeah? Well, I'm looking at a Queen card with a golden sword on it. And guess what? The Bishop Crest is staring back at me pretty mockingly with some weird words on it. How can you explain that?" he asks. I can hear Angel attempting to calm him down.

I tell him to wait a second as I bolt off the bed and over to my dresser. Quickly, I begin flipping through the deck to find the only card that looks like that. Eventually, my hand stills, and I make my way back to my phone.

"Well, I hate to break it to you big brother, but I'm looking at that same exact card. There's only one in a deck, so someone must be screwing with you and it's not any of us. I promise!" My voice betrays urgency as I try to make him understand that I have no more of an idea what the hell is happening here than he does. "What does it say?"

There is a couple moments of pause as Dean relays the message to the others. "The Gleam on icy fallow and faded forest, drew to the valley named of the shadow. And slowly moving again to a melody, yearningly tender fell on the shadow, no longer a shadow. But clothed with The Gleam," he said so quietly I almost didn't hear him. "What the hell does that mean?"

Shaking my head, I tell him, "I don't know, but we'll figure it out. It could be Raphael screwing with you for all you know, so do NOT go where I think you're going. Hey, I'm up now and need coffee. Let me talk to Michael and Lucifer who I think are home. We'll come up with some answers."

After a quick goodbye, I put the phone down before looking at Gabriel who is staring at me having heard the whole conversation. Shrugging my shoulders, I just mutter, "Here's a new unexpected twist."

His gaze never leaves mine as he gets up and makes his way over to me. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he embraces me for a few moments as his hands glide up and down my back. "How serious were you about getting that coffee?" he asks in a teasing manner before that hand slips a little lower.

Laughing, I step back and smack his arm. "Gabe, come one! Your brothers are here!" I whisper, embarrassed.

"So? Darling, I'm pretty sure they already know what we do up here," he jokes. I just shake my head and walk away. Throwing on shorts and a tank top, I look back to see Gabriel just wearing his boxers and a t-shirt.

Walking out the door, I call back, "You are impossible."

"I try, sweetheart!"

Both of us make our way into the kitchen to find Michael and Lucifer sitting around discussing the news they received about Raphael. Immediately, I start filling the coffee pot up with water. Getting woken up at six in the fricking morning does not make me a very nice person. Coffee helps sooth the soul.

Lucifer chuckles at my unhappy appearance. "Finally awake, huh? You know you wouldn't be so tired if you and my brother…" he continues laughing as he ducks a flying spoon that I sent his way. He raises his eyebrow in a really fashion. I just shrug. "I think your hyper enough, Miss Winchester. Do you really need any outside interference?" he continues mocking me motioning over at the coffee pot.

"Dude," Gabriel talks before I get the chance. "Coffee makes her happy. When she's happy, the whole world is happy. When she's not, the whole world is deadwood. So zip it!"

"I didn't even think you'd be up for a couple of hours," Michael's relaxing voice is much more appreciated at this exact moment over the bickering of his younger siblings.

My hand hesitates over the cabinet holding the coffee grounds before I turn to look at Gabriel. He nods saying we should go ahead and tell them. The older archangels just look confused. Quickly, I relay the story of what just went down a couple of minutes ago. Michael looks awestruck, Lucifer looks pissed.

As the diving brothers discuss, some in a more angry fashion than others, what this could mean. I go about finishing the coffee. I pop the lid and let the smell envelope the room as Lucifer says, "Raphael may be my brother, but so help me Father if he is going to do these things I'm going to turn his ugly ass into a human voodoo doll, leaving Meg and Crowley in charge of the work." At least he recognizes that those two are a rather sadistic duo

"It's a broken up quote from a poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson. Merlin and the Gleam I believe," Michael responds. "He was quite famous for his poems on Arthurian legend, especially Excalibur. Some think it was meant to model this weapon we know as the Savior's sword," Michael trails off as he Gabriel and Lucifer all seem to know what that he is talking about. Although, they don't seem too thrilled with whatever it is. Great, someone is using Magical poetry to continue the mental screwing I think rolling my eyes before going to fill up the filter.

The next thing any of the archangels know a crash is heard as the container falls from my hands and spills out everywhere. "Savannah!" Gabriel exclaims rushing over to my side. My hands still in the air and body frozen, I can hardly hear him. Breathing becomes increasingly hard. Every breath is coming and going erratically and I begin to feel light-headed.

Gabriel turns me to look at him. When he notices I'm not moving my head, he gently grips my chin, forcing my eyes to gaze into his. "What's wrong?" he whispers, staring worriedly at me. Unable to say anything, I just point my finger at the fallen coffee can.

Lucifer kneels to pick it up. When he looks instead, his eyes go wide. Reaching in with the opposite hand, he pulls out a playing card. On one side is a Q with a golden sword while the other has a familiar crest printed on it. However, that is not all it has. Someone, in a blood red marker, has written words.

"Call your companions, launch your vessel, and crowd your canvas. And, ere it vanishes over the margin; after it, follow it, Follow the Gleam," Lucifer finishes reading the back.

Gabriel's arm tightens around my waist and I tighten the grasp I have on his t-shirt. Looking at the three angelic faces in the room, I know we are all thinking the same thing.

Mysterious cards appearing out of nowhere, angels and demons working together, a mysterious poem about a mystical sword, and a heavenly civil war. What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?

Outside Bobby's – Unknown POV

"You know this is almost cruel, right?" an accent that consisted of fifteen other accents being mixed together sounded on my right.

Cat eyes glare up at my mentor for the long months to come. "Shut up. I have to tell them to move their asses to get the swords somehow. Unless you'll let me walk in there and do that, this is the best way to get it done," I sarcastically drawl, leaning against one of the cars. "Too bad their dumb. They still won't get it."

My companion snorts before nodding at me, signaling that we better high-tail out of here. I look back at Savannah for a few moments. Soon she feels my strong gaze on her back, but as she turns we both disappear in shadows.

Back Inside to Savannah's POV

I run up to the window and look out for the presence I know was there. Who the hell is watching us? I want to scream. It feels like we're being messed with while at the same time…this presence doesn't feel hostile.

A warm hand on my shoulder causes me to jerk and grab the wrist. Gabriel grabs my own wrist with his other hand to stop me. I'm about to ride his ass hard for scaring me when he knows that someone or something was here. He always knows these things. My angel love just shakes his head and pulls my wrist back up the stairs with me following warily behind him.

As soon as our door shuts, I find myself trapped against the wood with strong arms on either side of my head. "Forget it," he murmured, control over his emotions waning as I tilt my head to meet his gaze. "They weren't dangerous. Maybe this is a good sign instead of a bad one. Either way, I had you happy last night. Looks like we're going to have to get back to that." His voice is so low and seductive. Trust me, I am not arguing this time.

Her lips were suddenly so close, my eyes filled with a want so fierce that he could no longer deny me or himself. He slowly leaned in, kissing my already bruised lips softly, almost afraid that if he kissed me harder, I'd finally fall apart. His lips brushed repeatedly against mine, so gentle and agonizingly chaste to the point that I thought I'd burst with need.

Crushing my lips to his, I take his lower lip and tease it mercilessly until a throaty moan suddenly filled the air. My hands slid up the smooth muscles of his back, dancing along each curve and dip, memorizing each distinct aspect that made him my perfect archangel. My Gabriel.

1. line from Now You See Me. Great movie, Jack is my new baby!

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