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The two young superheros looked in shock at the girl running to the end of the ally way and then looked at her friend, "She's a huger", the girl said in monotone .

" Oh ... well that explains everything " , the green boy also know as Beast Boy said sarcastically, waving his arms about. His remark earned him a glare from all of them and a giggle from above . Everyone looked up at the girl with smiles and she giggled once again.

"..." Robin asked trying to wrap his mind around how?" try not to think to hard ,it crinkles up your mask ,Robin ", Raven said without a smile although she was tying to be funny . Robin turning to Raven was about to say something when he heard another almost silent giggle , all three boys looked at the girl who was standing next to Raven that a moment ago was three stories up on a fire escape .Raven didn't even flinch when she found out Silent was there.

"... uh... cool", Beast Boy said scratching his head and smiling .

The girl smiled back shyly, " Don't ask how she does that I don't even know it'll just hurt your head ", Raven said looking bored . The shy girl smiled at Beast Boy before running off again .

" Who is she"? Red-X asked still shocked that he was hugged by a stranger and at her powers.

" Her name's Silent and you should know she's your sister X ", Raven said without excitment or emotion but with a small amount of concern .

" M-my s-sister? Wait y-you mean ... Wait,wait,...Back up what! She's"? He couldn't even form a sentence without stuttering . He hadn't seen his sister in five years she stopped talking to him when he started to find stealing fun, which he did but he was a good guy now.

Raven shook her head slowly and closed her eyes then sighing, she thought he would at least recognized Silent they were twins, been together since birth well X was older, except the five years before today." Yes X she's ", Raven looked at Silent to ask if it was OK to say her name . Silent replied silently and Raven finished her sentence,"Silent's Rose ".

X didn't say anything , Beast Boy even waved his hand in front of his face to get his attention which he did but his attention was not on Beast Boy. X just ran over to Silent A.K.A Rose and gave her a hug ,a big brotherly bear hug.

When he let go she smiled shyly and said " Jason it's great to see you again big brother I have really missed you ", in a whisper still everyone heard her.

" I've missed you too Rose" X said in a whisper mocking his little sister kindly.

" Jason? So that's your name , interesting " Robin said to himself interrupting a family moment.

"yes , Dick very interesting ", X said smirking under his mask at the now shocked Robin ,"I do my research too but i actually found out things" .

Dick? Oh...My...God ",Beast Boy said in between laughing and trying to breathe, was now on the pavement laughing uncontrollably .

" Stop being so childish his real name is Richard", Raven said in montone using her hood to hide a smile," Garfield" . Everyone was shocked .

"How did you know"? Beast Boy said joining everyone in shock but he was for some unknown reason scared.

She sighed walked over to him, grabbed the tag of his uniform and showed it to him. it said 'Garfield Logan'.

No one said anything for a little while,they just let it soak now knew each others names and it was the two other boys turn to laugh uncontrolably at Beast Boy's name .

After a minute everyone stopped laughing even though two people hadn't even started , Beast Boy and Raven:

Raven didn't laugh because her powers wouldn't let her show that kind of emotion or any emotion actually and she didn't find it funny she thought his name was 'cute' which she wouldn't ever say aloud.

Beast Boy didn't laugh because it didn't matter how much he hated it was still his name .