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2 Months after creating the Teen Titans which was Beast Boy's idea and the rest of them grew to like the idea, Silent ,Red-x and Robin were in one of the many hallways of Titans Tower.

Starfire and Cyborg, two other Teen Titans had gone to an alien tech conference somewhere in space and it was Beast Boys turn to go shopping for all their food for the all hoped he would buy some non-vegan products for them.

Raven, the last of the titans to be mentioned was in one of the quiet corners of the infirmary .it was the only room in whole of the tower where she could read in she thought about her room but then found out that Silent could easily sneak in and bug her she tryed every other room to no avail. At least there if she was needed she was in the right place.

meanwhile in one of the hallways with Robin, Red X and Silent."So ja...Red X?",Robin asked nervously about to call X by his real name.

"What can't you say my name right Dick-bird",X said trying to not kill him in front of his had been getting on his nerves for a while.

"Please don't fight",Silent whispered her plea almost in tears,she hated when her brother got angery .At villains it was OK but at his and her friends it hurt her more.

Red looked down at his sister she seemed to shrink more and more the angrier he got .He couldn't keep hold of his anger when she was about to cry both boys both looked at each other and sighed and said, "Sorry".

"OK", Silent said happy again and not in tears."So Robin you were going to ask Jason something?"Silent said calmly with a small smile.

Robin stopped tuned out the world and started to think. What was it, what was it.He sighed and then said sheepishly,"I forget".

Red smiled at what he thought was funny though you couldn't see it threw his skull mask."I have a question ",Silent said head down and hand up.

"OK,whats you question Rose...Uh i mean Silent",X said said to her still trying to get used to calling her that.

"Why didn't you recognize me ?"Silent stood there silently waiting for an answer after a minute she looked up to see a frozen Red X,in other words he was in shock. Robin put his hand on X's should and snapped him out of it.


"Why didn't you recognize me ?"Silent stood there silently waiting for an answer again.

"Uh...Um...I hadn't seen you in five years", he said sheepishly .she knew he was lying to her which made her furious it was just a simple question.

"Stop lying to me tell me the truth",she yelled ,this was out of character and made Robin and X jump out of there skins for a second.

"Uh...Um..I'm not",he said and again he was lying.

"Stop lying to me", she said again but more calmly because their had to be a reason for him to lie to her not once but twice to lie to her hurt him a lot more then it hurt her so he gave in and told the truth.

"I'm blind Rose".

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