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About an hour later

The twins, though still enjoying their lovely game of torture Tamaki, were beginning to worry about Haruhi. What had happened to their dear toy they wondered, surely it couldn't take this long to wake Kyouya. But what if something had happened to Haruhi? What if the dreaded Low Blood Pressure Demon Lord had harmed her in his wrath over being awoken so early? At this thought Hikaru and Kaoru shared a worried look and dashed through Kyouya's bedroom door, heading directly to where his bed sat in the upper loft.

Shock and disbelief shot through the pair as they looked upon the sleeping, cuddling couple. How could this have happened they wondered? Did Haruhi secretly harbor feelings for their Shadow King or was it the other way around. Surely they would know about their toys feelings and they had never really wondered about Kyouya's. Now that they looked upon this scene they could clearly see the look of contentment plastered clearly on their sleeping senpai's face. And for that matter Haruhi didn't look to upset over the situation either.

The longer they gazed the more ideas formed in their heads, ideas of how to get the sleeping two together.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Kaoru?" Hikaru whispered to his mirror image.

"Yes, Hikaru, this is going to be a fun game." Kaoru replied.

At this decision they smiled deviously and headed back down the stairs, intent on keeping the others at bay.

Back in the Bedroom

Kyouya slowly awoke to the sounds of the twins whispering and leaving his bedroom. He couldn't tell what they were saying in his groggy state, but was happy that they had left him alone. Snuggling back down in to his comfy bed he realized that he was holding onto a warm mass. Belatedly he realized that he was holding a sleeping Haruhi. Shock and several other emotions crossed his face rapidly as he remembered how they had come to this present situation. Embarrassment set in as a light blush tinged his cheeks. Kyouya was thankful that Haruhi was still asleep and unable to witness this moment. Chastising himself Kyouya began the meticulous task of unwrapping himself from the sleeping girl. He knew that he needed to get some distance between them before he did something ungentlemanly.

Kyouya was finding it hard to muster the will to extract himself from the sleeping girl. Her features seamed more sensual in the dim light, He noted to himself. Even in sleep she captivated him with her soft feminine looks and pouty lips. The Shadow King wondered to himself if her lips were as soft as they looked. Slowly he leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers in a soft kiss. Yes they are, Kyouya thought. Unfortunately this only made him want to truly kiss her. Silently he chastised himself again as he unwrapped himself completely from Haruhi. He knew that nothing could come of this infatuation with the commoner. There were no merits to be gained, unless of course he counted his own contentment as a merit. That was an interesting thought indeed. As Kyouya left the bed Haruhi stirred in her sleep.

"Kyouya…" she breathed out, a small smile lighting her face though still soundly asleep.

Kyouya paused mid-step as he heard this. Was she dreaming about him? What had caused that beautiful smile to light her features? Did it have something to do with him? All these thoughts passed through his mind in rapid procession. Perhaps there could be something between them he thought, if she wanted it of course. No matter how much he played the villain he would never force himself upon her. She had called his bluff once before and it still remained true. He would have never harmed her for even then he was fond of her. With these thoughts hovering around his brain The Shadow King smiled to himself and glanced at the sleeping girl once more before heading down the stairs.

Meanwhile outside the Ootori Mansion

"Would anyone be interested in a game?" the twins said together as they pushed a traumatized looking Tamaki toward the limo where Mori and Hunny sat eating sweets.

"Hide and seek?" asked an excited Hunny.

"Ah" Mori stated, signifying that he would like to know more as well.

"Is this a commoner game?" asked Tamaki as he was miraculously healed from his trauma and wagged his imaginary tail.

"Well…" began the twins as they stuck one of their signature poses.

"This is a new game you see." Kaoru said to the rest of the Host Club.

"And this is how you play…" continued Hikaru.