~ Living my own life ~

Chapter Two: A dramatic turn of events

Misumi's P.O.V.

After receiving a pair of trainers from Endou, in which I felt pretty embarrassed, we were ready to go.

''You look like sporty girl with everything you wear.'' Endou said grinning.

I walked towards a mirror and looked at myself once again. My knee-length, straight, light brown hair hung loose over my shoulders and a pair of chocolate brown eyes looked back at me. I blushed and puffed up my cheeks.

''This is so not in my character.'' I said, while I examined my outfit.

Then, we both started laughing.

''I can't wait for you to meet my friends.'' Endou said excited.

''Are they nice?'' I asked.

Endou nodded.

''They're amazing. And I bet they're going to love you.'' He said.

I blushed heavily.

''L-Let's go.'' I said.

We said Endou's mother goodbye and left the house again. Endou took his soccer ball with him.

''What's that?'' I asked.

Endou looked shocked.

''You've never seen a soccer ball before? Man, what did you do in your childhood?'' He asked himself.

I looked hurt. Sweet, but also strict flashbacks came up in my head.

''I-I'm sorry,'' Endou quickly said. ''That was horrible of me.''

''It's okay. Let's just … go.'' I said.

Endou nodded and grabbed my hand. I blushed.

''Endou, why are you so … caring?'' I asked.

''I don't know,'' Endou replied. ''I guess I see you as my little sister.''

''Little sister,'' I replied, while I puffed up my cheeks once again. ''We're the same age!''

''It's just figuratively.'' Endou said chuckling.

I smiled. I've always been an only child. Having a brother and a friend at once sounded really nice.

''Mamoru-san, I'm feeling kinda anxious.'' I confessed.

''Why?'' Endou asked, while he stopped walking.

''Because … what if they don't like me? I'm a misfit. I've never been seen as a normal teenager before. I've learned to act like an adult. What if they think I'm weird?'' I asked worried.

Endou smiled.

''They won't. I'm sure they'll like you.'' He replied.

I sighed, but let myself convince by Endou. We continued walking.

''So, if you're playing soccer, what do you have to do for the team?'' I asked.

''Me? Well, I'm the goalkeeper.'' Endou replied.

''The goalkeeper?'' I asked.

Endou nodded.

''I'm the one who keeps the goal clean by blocking the balls of the opponent.'' He said.

''Then you must be very important!'' I said impressed.

Endou laughed sheepishly.

''Thanks, but I think that everybody is important on the team. Everybody fulfills a role and works together as a team. That's what gives a team strength.'' He said.

My eyes twinkled.

''That sounds so cool.'' I said.

Endou smiled.

''You're about to see it with your own eyes.'' He said.

''I can't wait.'' I replied.

Then, we reached a school. In front of the school was a soccer field.

''Here it is.'' Endou said.

''Raimon Junior High.'' I red on a sign.

Endou nodded.

''This is my Junior High School.'' He said proud.

''I've been home-schooled my entire life.'' I said.

Endou's eyes widened.

''You really never had any friend, did you?'' He asked.

I shook my head and felt new tears burning.

''Hey, don't cry.'' Endou said compassionate, while he gave me a quick hug.

I smiled.

''Gomenasai, Mamoru-san. The only thing I've been is a bother.'' I said.

Endou shook his head.

''You've had a hard life and now, you're finally experiencing something fun. I understand how you feel.'' He said.

I smiled.

''Arigato, Mamoru-san. You really act as a big brother.'' I said.

Endou grinned his sheepishly smile.

''Endou!'' ''Captain!'' We suddenly heard.

''That are the team members. We better hurry.'' Endou said, before he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the field.

''Endou, there you are!'' A boy with green hair in a high ponytail said.

''You're always late.'' A boy with platinum blond hair said grinning.

Endou grinned.

''Wari wari.'' He replied.

''Who is that?'' A pale guy with red hair asked, while he looked at me.

I blushed heavily and looked to the side.

''This, my friends, is Misumi Naomi.'' Endou said.

I saw some eyes widen.

''No way, THE Misumi Naomi? The famous pianist?'' A boy with a plaster on his nose asked.

I blushed.

''Yeah, she is. Today, she's here with me. I wanted you guys to meet her, so please be nice.'' Endou said.

Then, Endou turned towards me.

''Naomi-chan, this is my team, Inazuma Japan.'' He said with a proud smile.

I glanced nervously at anybody and made a really deep bow.

''I-It's an honor to be here. Nice to meet you all.'' I said.

Endou looked around.

''Is everybody present?'' He asked.

''No, Kidou isn't here yet.'' A boy with blue hair, tied in a ponytail with bangs, replied.

''Kidou?'' I repeated. That name sounded somewhat familiar.

''Ah,'' Endou replied with a smile. ''He's the game strategist of our team and a really good midfielder.''

''What's a midfielder?'' I asked.

All the people on the team looked shocked at me. Endou laughed sheepishly.

''Ahahaha, I kinda forgot to tell you guys that Naomi-chan doesn't know what soccer is.'' He said.

Everybody fell anime-style on the ground.

''S-Sumimasen.'' I said, while I bowed deeply again.

''Hey, you can't help it.'' A boy with silver-blue hair and a sweet appearance replied.

''Tsk, can we just start practice without Kidou-kun?'' A boy with a mohawk said.

''No need for that, Fudou.'' I heard a voice behind me.

I turned around and saw a boy with dreadlocks, put into a ponytail. He wore a red cape and a pair of blue goggles. He looks kind of … funny.

''Kidou!'' Endou greeted him happily.

So that is Kidou. He gave me a nice smile.

''I think we haven't met before.'' He said.

His whole posture was so … gentle-man like. I could immediately tell this boy was well-raised.

''Hajimemashite! I'm Misumi Naomi.'' I said, while I made a deep bow.

''Likewise. I'm Kidou Yuuto.'' He replied.

Then, I realized where I knew him from.

''I've heard your name before.'' I said.

''Really?'' Kidou asked, while he raised his eyebrows.

''You are Kageyama's greatest creation.'' I said out of the blue.

Everybody started awestruck at me, Kidou most.

''E-Excuse me for a moment.'' He said, before he walked away.

I gave everybody worried glare.

''Did I say … something wrong?'' I asked.

''That subject is kinda sensitive for Kidou.'' A boy with blue hair and an eye patch said to me.

''G-Gomenasai.'' I said, while I felt like a fool.

I bowed deeply and ran off.

''NAOMI!'' I heard Endou shout behind me.

''I-I'm such a fool.'' I scolded myself, while I ran through unknown parts of Inazuma Town.

I didn't saw where I was going and ran straight into a guy in a black suit. He immediately grabbed me by the shoulders.

''Misumi Naomi.'' I heard a sly voice.

My head shut up and my eyes widened. One of the bodyguards of my father had found me.

''N-No, let me go!'' I shouted.

The guard dragged me away.

''MAMORU!'' I shouted.

I was completely terrified. In the distance, I saw Endou running.

''NAOMI!'' He shouted.

''MAMORU!'' I shouted again, before I got dragged into a expensive looking, black car.

The door locked and the car drove away. I glared out of the window, only to see Endou's shocked face, before I was roughly pulled away from the window. I looked straight in the eyes of my father.

''Naomi, it isn't very nice to run away.'' My father said, while he gave me a death glare.

I was really terrified.

''O-Oto-sama.'' I said, while I made a deep bow, even though we were in a car.

''First of all, what are you wearing?'' My father asked disapprovingly.

''My other dress was filthy, dear oto-sama. A woman took care of me and promised to wash it for me.

''You ungrateful, spoiled brat.'' My father hissed at me.

He slapped me against my right cheek. He had never slapped me in the face before. My eyes widened and tears welled up.

''Don't you dare to cry, otherwise, you'll regret it!'' He hissed.

I suppressed my tears and smiled at him.

''Yes, oto-sama.'' I said.

''We're going home. You'll be punished, young lady.'' My father said.

I gulped. I didn't want to think about the consequences when we got home. But, to my surprise, some police cars waited in front of our mansion. Surprised, we all stepped out of the car.

''Misumi-sama, you're under arrest.'' A police officer shouted at my father.

My eyes widened.

''What's going on?'' I asked.

''Your father is getting arrested, due to serious abuse of you.'' A female police officer told me.

''B-But, how's that possible?'' I asked shocked.

''That would be me.'' The maid said.

''Mai-san!'' I exclaimed, while I ran towards her and hugged her tightly.

''I missed you too, Ojou-sama.'' Mai, the maid, replied.

''Mai-san, why did you let Oto-sama get arrested?'' I asked shocked.

''She didn't. I did.'' I heard a familiar voice.

''A-Atsuko-san.'' I said shocked.

In front of me stood none other then Endou's mother.

''B-But why? You didn't had evidence!'' I said.

''She didn't. But I did.'' Mai said.

''Huh?'' I asked.

''Once, when you were asleep, I took photo's of your back. I thought they would come in handy sometimes.'' Mai replied.

She bowed deeply.

''Forgive me, Ojou-sama, but I want nothing more but to see you happy.'' She said.

Tears welled up in my eyes and this time, I didn't bother to stop them.

''Mai-san.'' I said sobbing, while I hugged her tightly.

The thirty-year-old maid smiled at me.

''I'm glad Ojou-sama was having fun today.'' She said.

''How did you know?'' I asked.

''I told her everything.'' Endou's mother said.

I smiled bright.

''Arigato gozaimasu, Atsuko-san, Mai-san.'' I said, while I bowed deep.

Then, I turned towards my father, which was already handcuffed.

''Oto-sama,'' I said, while I let myself fall on my knees and bowed the deepest as I can. ''No matter what you did to me. I still respect you and I'm honored to have you in my life.''

''Tsk.'' My father replied, before he disappeared in a police car.

Somewhere, I didn't like the fact that my father was going to jail. But on the other side, I was finally free again.

''But, what's going to happen to us now?'' I asked Mai-san.

''There has been already taken care of,'' She said with a smile. ''I'm officially appointed as your guardian. If you want, we can live together in this mansion. All the staff will remain to keep us company.''

My eyes widened.

''Yes, oh yes! I would love that idea!'' I said.

Endou's mother smiled.

''But promise me that you visit me once in a while too.'' She said.

Then, she handed me a bag.

''Your dress, shoes and all your other belongings.'' She said with a smile.

I gladly took it.

''Arigato gozaimasu.'' I said with a bow.

''Would you like some team, Endou-san?'' Mai asked Endou's mother.

''I would love to.'' She replied.

The three of us walked back into the mansion, but just before I stepped in, I heard somebody shouting my name.


I turned around.

''MAMORU!'' I said happily.

''You're save.'' Endou said happy.

I nodded.

''Thanks to my maid and your mother.'' I replied.

That was the moment that Endou discovered his own mother.

''Oka-san?'' He asked confused.

''Maybe you should also come inside.'' Mai suggested.

A few moments later, everybody sat in the living room with a cup of steaming tea.

''Now, please explain me what happened. I saw lots of police cars driving away.'' Endou said.

We all explained the story to him.

''No way.'' Endou said afterwards.

I nodded.

''But now, I'm save again.'' I said.

''I'm glad,'' Endou replied. ''After all, you're my little sister.''

I giggled.

''Well, if you will excuse me, I would like to go upstairs and change.'' I said.

Everybody nodded and I headed up to my room. The entire atmosphere in the house felt so … different. So empty but yet so peaceful. Soon, I found my room and I walked inside. The chandelier at the ceiling lightened up the white and soft pink room. My double bed looked untouched and was neatly made. I walked towards my big wardrobe and opened the doors. I pressed the light switch and a giant room, filled with gowns, gloves, shoes and jewelry greeted me.

''I really did live the life of a princess…'' I mumbled against myself.

I stepped into the room and picked out a plain, long-sleeved, soft pink gown with my white ballerina's. I also putted on some fresh underwear, brushed my hair again and putted it in a nice bun on the upper back of my head. I let some hair strands out of the know, who waved softly with the wind. I applied some slight make up and putted on my favorite, silver necklace. I didn't want to wear gloves. I didn't had a performance today, so it wasn't necessary. Besides, it just had to be a plain outfit. I sprayed some perfume on and left my room. I looked at the pile of clothes I wore beforehand. I folded them and putted them in the bag Endou's mother gave me earlier. After that, I walked down the stairs again. The three people in the living room looked in awe at me.

''There's our stunning Ojou-sama again.'' Mai said.

''You can call me Naomi now, Mai-san.'' I said with a smile.

Mai blushed.

''O-Okay, Naomi-san.'' She replied.

I handed Endou's mother the bag.

''Mamoru's clothes.'' I said with a smile, while I winked at Endou.

He smiled.

''Even though you're wearing a dress and make-up again, you're still pure.'' He said.

''How can you see that?'' I asked.

''It's your smile. It's a real smile. That makes you pure.'' Endou said.

Endou's mother nodded in approval. I smiled bright.

''Sodane…'' I said.

''Well, ready to go back to the soccer field?'' Endou asked me.

I nodded.

''Yeah, let's go.'' I replied.

I smiled at Mai.

''I'll be back before dinner.'' I said.

''Actually, I wanted to ask you if you would like to have dinner with us.'' Endou's mother asked me.

She looked with a smile at Mai.

''You can come over too.'' She said.

Me and Mai looked at each other and nodded.

''That sounds lovely, Atsuko-san.'' I said.

''Good, then I'll make the preparations. You two, have fun.'' Atsuko said to me.

''Endou-san, matte kudasai.'' Mai said.

Endou's mother looked at the maid.

''Nane?'' She asked.

''Please let me come with you,'' Mai said. ''I'm happy to go grocery shopping with you.''

Endou's mother laughed.

''That sounds lovely.'' She replied.

Then, the four of us left the mansion and I breathed in the fresh air. For some reason, it never felt so good before.

End of Chapter