~ Living my own life ~

Chapter Eight: Love is in the air

Misumi's P.O.V.

After school, me and the soccer players walked towards the soccer field. The boys got dressed in the changing rooms, while me, Aki, Fuyuka and Haruna prepared water bottles and giggled together about silly rumors. Elle said she went home. I could tell we weren't best friends, but I was glad we finally could talk normally to each other. I smiled. I was really glad for that.

''Hey, Fuyuka. I heard a strange rumor about you.'' Aki said, while she grinned.

Fuyuka blushed.

''A rumor? About me?'' She replied.

Aki nodded.

''Something about you and ... Midorikawa?'' She asked grinning.

''W-What?'' Fuyuka replied with a red face.

''So, it's true?'' Haruna asked.

''Well, no…'' Fuyuka replied, but she avoided eye contact.

''Liar! You never dare to look someone in the eyes when you lie.'' Aki exclaimed.

''Awwhh… how long have you guys been dating?'' Haruna asked.

''T-Two weeks now.'' Fuyuka replied blushing.

''That's really cute, Fuyuka.'' I said with a smile.

Fuyuka smiled anime-style at me.

''Fudou and I are a thing now too,'' Haruna added with a blush. ''Thanks to Naomi-chan.''

I blushed too.

''I didn't do anything special. I just motivated you.'' I replied.

Haruna smiled at me.

''But still, thanks.'' She said.

''I-It's nothing.'' I replied.

''I'm stuck in this long-distance relationship.'' Aki sighed.

''But you still love Ichinose, right?'' Fuyuka asked.

Aki nodded.

''Of course I do! I just wish I could see him more.'' She replied.

''He's a representative of America, right?'' Haruna asked.

Aki nodded.

''Maybe we'll meet him in the FFI finals.'' She replied.

''But first, we have to win the prelims.'' Fuyuka said.

''Are you guys training for a tournament?'' I asked.

The three managers nodded.

''The Football Frontier International, or FFI in short.'' Aki said.

''Sugoi!'' I said.

Aki nodded.

''The first match is this Sunday. That's in six days.'' She said.

''But first, we have the prom!'' Haruna said excited.

''Prom?'' I repeated.

''This Friday, the annual prom will be held for the third graders.'' Fuyuka replied.

I smiled.

''Sounds lovely.'' I said.

''You should come too.'' Aki replied

''Me? I don't think that's a really good idea.'' I said a bit nervous.

''Oh, come on! It's going to be lots of fun!'' Haruna replied.

''I-I really don't know…'' I said.

''Then think about it.'' Fuyuka said.

I smiled.

''I definitely will.'' I replied.

Then, we focused back on soccer practice.

The next day

''OH MY GOSH!'' Haruna shouted, while she came running towards my.

It was Tuesday afternoon and I was walking towards the soccer field for another soccer practice.

''What's wrong?'' I asked, slightly shocked.

Haruna's eyes sparkled and she looked like she ate tons of sugar.

''I've been asked to go to prom by Fudou!'' Haruna said.

''Really? That's amazing! How did he ask you?'' I replied.

''Well… He just … asked.'' Haruna said awkward.

''No special method?'' I replied.

Haruna shook her head.

''But I don't care. I'm so happy!'' She said, while she started to jump on her spot.

Behind her, I saw Aki and Fuyuka giggle.

''Haruna…'' I said with a sweat drop.

The next day

''Eh?'' Fuyuka asked surprised.

It was Wednesday and it was time for lunch break. Me, Fuyuka, Aki and Haruna sat on the rooftop and just opened our obento's.

''What's wrong?'' Aki asked.

''There's a piece of paper in my obento.'' Fuyuka replied with a blush.

''Open it! Open it! What does it say?'' Haruna asked impatient.

Fuyuka slowly folded the paper strip open and gained a major blush.

''Nane?'' I asked curious.

''I-It's from Midorikawa. He asks if I want to go to the prom with him.'' Fuyuka said.

''That's so cute!'' Aki said.

''And? How are you going to reply?'' Haruna asked.

''Yes, of course! I mean, we've been dating for two weeks now.'' Fuyuka replied.

I smiled happy for her. Still, I haven't been asked myself. Not that I was waiting for it. It only confirmed my feelings about not going to the prom.

''Hey, do you girls already have a dress?'' Aki asked.

''No…'' Everybody replied.

''Let's shop for one tomorrow after school. I heard soccer practice was cancelled, due to personal circumstances from kantoku.'' Aki said.

Everybody smiled.

''Girls, that's not necessary.'' I said with a smirk.

''Huh?'' The three girls replied.

''You can all come to my house tomorrow afternoon and pick out a nice dress from my formal closet.'' I said with I smile.

I've been thinking about the idea for a while now.

''Sugoi! We get to pick a dress from the famous pianist's closet?'' Fuyuka replied.

I blushed.

''Only if you want to. I f you girls rather go shopping, then that's okay too.'' I said.

''No freaking way! We love to come over tomorrow afternoon.'' Aki replied.

I giggled.

''So, does this mean that you're going to the prom?'' Haruna asked with a hopeful smile.

I sighed.

''Do I have a choice?'' I replied.

''NO!'' The girls replied in union.

We all laughed. Then, the school bell rang again and indicated it was time to go back to the classroom.

The next day

I sighed. Thursday already. I sat in class and looked bored out of the window. Tomorrow was the prom and today, the girls were going to pick out a dress at my home. I smiled. I looked forward to the fitting session. I wonder which dress the girls would pick.

''Misumi-san, what's the answer on that question?'' Sensei said.

I looked up.

''A-Ano…'' I mumbled.

''Not paying attention, huh?'' Sensei said, while he laughed.

I blushed.

''I guess the prom makes you guys excited.'' Sensei said.

''HAI!'' The entire class replied.

I was glad the teacher focused his attention on the others now. The rest of the day, I wasn't really paying attention. I was happy when the final bell rang.

''Naomi-chan! I'm so excited!'' Haruna said, while me, Aki and Fuyuka met up with her in the hallway.

I smiled.

''I hope you all can find a nice dress.'' I replied.

''Oh, I'm sure that'll be fine.'' Fuyuka said with a bright smile.

The four of us walked towards our lockers to change some books. When we almost reached our lockers, Aki pointed at the floor.

''Look! Rose petals.'' She said.

''Awwhh, I wonder which guy did this.'' Fuyuka replied.

''For who would it be?'' Haruna thought out loud.

''That girl sure is lucky.'' I said.

I walked towards my locker and opened it. My eyes widened and I gained a blush when I saw that the inside was decorated with the same rose petals I saw earlier.

''No way…'' I said.

There lay a letter in my locker. Nervously, I folded it open.

''Follow the rose petals.'' I red out loud.

''Naomi-chan, dosta? Why are you so red?'' Fuyuka asked.

''Wow, your locker!'' Aki said.

''Oh wow! The rose petals are for you!'' Haruna exclaimed.

I trembled on my feet.

''What should I do?'' I asked.

''Isn't it obvious? Follow the rose petals!'' Aki said, while she gave me a small push towards the rose petals.

With a hot choco feeling, I followed the rose petals. The leaded outside and followed the contours of the building. The rose petals guided me around the building and leaded me to the floral garden at the back of Raimon Junior High. I tried to think of possible names from persons I could encounter any moment. I was really nervous. I turned around the corner and found a heart, made of rose petals. In the middle of the heart lay a beautiful, red rose with a card attached at it. I crouched down and opened the card.

''Tomorrow. Eight o' clock. In front of your mansion. xoxo your secret date.'' I red out loud.

I gained a major color. Who was this guy? With a red face, I walked back towards the girls.

''And?'' They asked curious.

I handed the rose over.

''KAWAII! A secret date!'' Haruna said.

''Who would it be?'' Fuyuka thought out loud.

''This is so cool!'' Aki said.

I couldn't say anything. Only blush.

''What's the theme actually of tomorrow's prom?'' Haruna asked.

''Masquerade Miracle.'' Aki said.

''That means we have to wear masks!'' Fuyuka said excited.

''I have masks at my home.'' I said with a smile.

I finally could think clearly again.

''Yosh! Let's go!'' Haruna said.

My chauffeur drove my car in front of the girl and me and the girls stepped inside.

''What a nice car.'' Aki praised.

''It looks so expensive.'' Fuyuka added.

I smiled. After a short while, we reached my mansion.

''SUGOI…'' The girls said breathless.

''It's so big!'' Haruna said.

''I didn't expect less from the famous pianist.'' Aki added.

I smiled.

''Let's go inside.'' I said.

Mai already waited for me at the entrance.

''Okairi, Naomi-san.'' She said.

Then, she spotted the girls.

''Ah, the girls you talked earlier about.'' She said.

The three managers introduced themselves.

''I'll send up some tea to your room later.'' Mai said.

I nodded. Then, I beckoned the girls.

''Let's go to my room.'' I said.

''Hai!'' They replied excited.

We walked up the big staircase and I opened the doors to my bedroom. The mouths of the three managers fell open.

''KAWAII!'' Haruna said.

''It's bigger than the living room at my house.'' Aki added.

''It's decorated so nice.'' Fuyuka said.

''Arigato.'' I replied.

Then, I walked towards my closet.

''Well then, shall we start the fitting session?''

End of Chapter