Today was the day the Winx were celebrating the disappearance of the Wizards of the Black Circle. But a certain nature fairy was worried and frankly confused. The Wizards have been gone for nearly a month and nothing showed signs of dark magic but somehow Flora still had a dark feeling in the back of her head. Even though she wished it would go away; it wouldn't.

Sighing she turned her head a little to the left. Everyone else was either dancing or drinking at the bar while she sat there being consumed by her negative thoughts. She couldn't help it, but that was the very and only thing on her mind, until suddenly someone touched her arm.

Immediately she whipped her head ready to strike, but relaxed as soon as she saw that it was Bloom along with the rest of the Winx behind her. They gazed at her softly and sat themselves down next to her.

" Flora relax, they're gone, and even if they'll come back lets enjoy this time without them. Besides your making your special prince worry." Everyone chuckled as Ashia spoke. Even Flora's dark feeling had began to lift, leaving only a small lingering trace.

Having her spirits lifted, she smiled and accepted the small two drinks Musa handed her.

"Go get him" Bloom responded, giving her a wink. Letting out a light laugh Flora nodded and arose from her seat to scout for her boyfriend.

First she headed to the bar, looking around she brightened when she found him in a corner next to Roxy. Making her way towards them, she seated herself next to Helia and grinned. But soon her grin faltered as neither noticed she was there. Rotating herself to face Helia, she lightly tapped his shoulder.

" Hold on" he replied.

Waiting once more until she had enough. She went to tap his should once again, but before her finger could even make contact with him he turned to her.

"Flora stop, not everything about you, can't you see I'm talking to someone else. I know your a fairy idol and everything, but for once can you stop being so clingy. You've been acing so gloomy can't you just stop and accept you can't get the same attention as the rest of us. You're nothing compared to Bloom and Winx so stop wanting to find affection. Your powers almost render you useless and your magic is proof of how weak you are. I'm sick of pretending. Just stay away. " Were the harsh words that she never thought would come out of her boyfriends mouth.

Frozen and stiff, the only thing she could do was stare and process what she had heard. He had expressed something deep inside of him, it was either a misunderstanding or the truth, but still it hurt deeply and made her chest dangerously tighten. Her thoughts spun thinking of the possibilities but it all just resulted in her feeling light-headed and dizzy.

Feeling her vision blur she quickly wiped her eyes and smiled. Setting down the drinks she looked at him and slowly whispered, " Sorry...I'll Go."

Quickly she walked across the dance-floor to the doors of the beach and briskly walked out.

The sun had just about finished disappearing behind the horizon and the wind was beginning to pick up. Shivering, she wrapped her arms around herself as she walked towards the striding waves. Setting herself against a rock she finally began her sobs. At first it was just a few tears and whimpers, but soon they grew into large drops of salty water and her body severely shaking from her chokes and sniffles. Her knees where tightly hugged to her chest as her arms chained them in place. Her dress which was bunched up against her thighs was covered in sand and clung tightly to her shaking form from the waves that came crashing down onto her. She was broken.

Gazing down at her hands she slowly began gathering her magic. It glowed a pink and green with small glittering dust floating around it. Concentrating, she spun her finger as her magic began to take shape. Not a moment later all of her power was shaped into thousands of butterflies that varied in size.

Opening her hand, one by one each butterfly flew out of her palm and soon swarmed all around her. It was beautiful and slowly she let some butterflies free. If her power was almost useless to herself, it could at least be useful to others. She thought, and slowly one by one her magic flew from her grasp. About 10 had been released and as she was about to absorb her magic; black smoke proofed up in front of her. The wizards had appeared. Letting out a gasp more of her magic flew away as some returned back into her chest.

Looking towards the sky she gazed at her magic that was flowing near the stars until suddenly all the butterflies were caught in a dark container. Horrified she turned to Ogron; he was taking the powered she had released. Quickly standing up, she faced

Ogron, but immediately she fell down back onto her knees. She was too tired, her body was cold and everything from earlier still had her head spinning. Then remembering his words once again, her tears came pouring out. He was right she was weak. She couldn't even use her power properly she couldn't do anything. Her arms wrapped against herself once more and she shook vigorously as her cries came racketing out. But her shaking soon subdued as she felt herself being wrapped in something warm. It was Ogron's jacket. Crying out she tried to free herself from his grasp as he lifted her to his chest. Struggling against him his jacket fell of her shoulders and she soon stopped resisting as his warmth spread across her skin. Snuggling closer she smiled as he smelt of...she Paused.

No this wasn't right; shoving herself away from him she fell into the water and then she felt her dress rip. Now her light pink dress had a long rip down the side it was almost in two. Frightened, she swam deeper into the water, and as the currents pushed against her, her dress ripped all the way was now two pieces floating away. Reaching for one to cover herself she was then pulled back flush along Ogron. Letting out a surprised yelp she struggled against him.

"Please leg to, I'm-I'm no-not worth it." she whispered lowly.

He gazed at her for a moment before slowly his lips lifted into a small smile

" No your not" he replied softly.

Shocked she quit struggling, and stared up at him. She was amazed and when she looked at his expression, she felt her cheeks heat up. Chuckling he began leading her back to the shore. But before the water got two low, shes stopped him. Blushing darker she pulled him closer to herself.

"I'm not wearing anything" she whispered.

Looking down he realized she was only in a pair of panties; smirking he ran a finger down here spine.

"I'll be back." He spoke huskily into her ear.

With her head in her hands she nodded. He smiled, he had noticed the tips of her ears glow a faint red.

Reaching the shore, he turned looking for his jacket and saw that Anagan had his arm stretched out, with what he needed in hand. Giving him a nod he was about to head back into the dark waters until a deep voice stopped him and directed a question towards him.

"How is she?"

Ogron turned to look at Gantlos. Groaning he ran his pale fingers through his blood red hair.

"She's making me so hard."

For a moment it was an eerie silence until someone began chuckling.

"So who knew our leader would fall first." was his reply.

Turning to face Adman, Ogron threw him a dark glare. Raising his hands to his head he grinned sheepishly.

" I was just saying"

Giving him one last look, Ogron left to find the nature fairy.

They all stared at his back with a smug look, oh yes he defiantly fell.

Turning to each other Duman asked, "So who's going to fall next?" As they all looked at each other their stares landed on Anagan.

"Your next"