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After entering the kitchen, one look at the pair left Gantlos and Duman snickering. Ogron, was blatantly uncomfortable as the tent in pants rubbed against the fabric of his sweatpants and Flora's cheeks were dusted with pink with a dark hickey peeking out just above the coverage of Ogron's turtleneck.

Rolling his eyes, Ogron pulled Flora further into him before Anagan emerged from the kitchen, a plate of fresh herbs and vegetables in hand to complete the set table filled with plates of various toppings. Upon seeing the pair, he glared at Ogrons arm which was securely tucked around Flora's waist.

"What took you so long?" He asked, staring intently at Ogron with his eyebrow raised.

But his nerves had already been soothed. Eyeing her, Flora appeared calm and relaxed, leaning into Ogron's grip. Her cheeks were gorgeously flushed and her hair shining from the shower. She was dressed comfortably in a sweater, which was a major improvement from her prior attire. But his admiration was cut short when his eyes fell to look at her bare honey tan legs. Abruptly, he jerked his head away from her figure, a blush creeping onto his cheeks.

"Ogron, where the fuck are her pants?"

Gantlos and Duman whipped their heads to Flora who immediately pulled down the turtleneck without avail, to cover her thighs. Both Wizards suddenly burst into laughter and craned their necks trying to catch a glimpse of her as she hid behind Ogron's large frame.

Amidst his laughter, Gantlos managed to growl out, "Flora, that's kind of hot."

The comment sent her flying behind Ogron and a small indignant noise left her lips but he only

managed to laugh harder.

Unlike Flora, Anagan was immensely amused by the incredulous situation, and the corner of his lips pulled up into a smirk before setting down the plate of vegetables and pulling out his chair. Gantlos' laughter died down and Ogron started to pull out his chair before realizing the lack of seating for Flora.

"Baby, you can come sit in my lap."

At the sudden comment, all eyes landed on Gantlos who was shooting a dazzling smile in the nature fairy's direction. Flushed pink to the tips of her ears, Flora peered up questioningly at Ogron who nodded his head towards Gantlos. But she still felt scandalized by his behavior and could solely imagine unpleasant scenarios in his lap. Therefore, she managed only one step towards him while pulling down her turtleneck, wishing to remain with Ogron.

Flora's slow and cautious approach towards Gantlos made him vividly apparent of her uneasiness; his smirk was wiped off his lips before he began to pull off his shirt. He quickly handed it to her before helping her pull down the turtleneck so she could pull it on without flashing his brothers who's eyes remained glued to her supple thighs, waiting for a glimpse of her backside.

He didn't allow it, his grip on the sweater firm as she lifted her arms to fit into his shirt. Glaring at his brothers' expectant gazes.

Instantly, she relaxed and with a satisfied smile Gantlos eased her into his lap. Making room between his legs she settled with her legs draped across his before his arms cautiously wrapped around her, careful of her comfort. Tucked into his chest, the nature fairy was once again unsure of Gantlos, thrown off kilter by his instinctive care for her. She wanted to deliberate on the topic longer, but at once, dinner had started to begin, and her hunger swiftly invaded her thoughts.

The Wizards started to reach across the table for their toppings while Flora attentively watched Gantlos pick up various vegetables to pile onto a heap of noodles underneath a wrapper. The inviting smells revived her appitive and she vigilantly eyed his plate, her mouth watering. Once his toppings were to his liking, he began to pull at the edges of the wrapper underneath, pushing the ingredients under the wrap, folding similar to a burrito. The wrapper was curiously transparent, so the various vegetables and noodles were consequently visible. The foreign roll was then dipped into a sauce, smelling strongly of peanuts, and then raised to her lips.

The unexpected action dusted her cheeks pink in embarrassment as she realized he meant to feed her by hand. A mortified whine left her lips, but the smell just under the tip of her nose was invigorating and she yielded. Her lips parted and the moment the wrap hit her tongue; a burst of flavor overwhelmed her. Her eyes widened in surprise and a moan left her lips, clearly indicating her enjoyment. Her fingers brushed against his as she reached for the wrap to fully indulge and a wide smile stretched across his lips at her blatant happiness from the food.

As she continued to finish off the roll, Gantlos started assembling another and noticed Anagan's halt in conversation with his brothers as Flora indulged in his cooking, clearly pleased with himself.

Relishing in a bout of mischief, Gantlos eyed Anagan before making eye contact, a smirk rising on his lips. He lifted his hand to quickly swipe his thumb across the corner of her lips, wiping off some left over sauce before bringing it to his lips. Flora was so engrossed in the food that she remained unphased, continuing to devour her roll.

When the unexpected maneuver registered, Anagan inhaled suddenly to only choke on his roll which forced a laugh from his brothers at his apparent disbelief.

Unlike the wizards, Flora glanced at him rather worryingly before pushing her glass of water across the table towards him. Her eyes insisted he take a sip and after their unfavorable encounter earlier at the beach, Anagan was in no position to refuse. Lifting the drink to his lips, he downed the entire glass before peering at her brightened expression.

Emboldened by her behavior, Anagan sought to expose his brother's antics and prolong their interaction but another roll prepared by Gantlos snagged her attention away. Feeling temperate, Anagan instead relished in their brief moment and counted her concern as a win.

The remainder of the night proceeded without much more liveliness and as the night continued the long evening eventually began to take a toll on Flora, and she drifted off snuggled into Gantlos' embrace.

"Did you figure out what happened to her?" Gantlos asked, his voice low and soft to ensure she remained asleep.

All eyes were trained on Ogron as he shook his head, "She was really out of it."

He continued to recount their interactions in his room and even mentioned her impulse desire for a kiss.

"I do have a hunch though." His eyes focused on her sleeping form. "We know she hated us, so for her to ask for a kiss means something must've happened with that boyfriend of hers."

Anagan was the first to respond, an uncomfortable noise leaving his throat, "Do you think she's using us?"

The thought didn't sit right with him; from what he knew of her, she didn't seem capable of such manipulation.

Gantlos was quick to defend her, "Think of her morality, galaxies of people admire her selflessness."

He shot Anagan a look, "Even if she wanted to, she wouldn't."

"For now," Orgron paused, "let's give her time to recover without pressuring her into something she'll regret."

His final statement was firm and resolute.

Agreement sounded through the room and in an equally firm tone Gantlos said he was bringing her to his room and ensured them he would leave her in his bed and take the couch himself tonight.

He stood carefully, clutching her close to his chest before heading to his chambers. Ogron and Duman divided their attention among the numerous dishes that required cleaning while Anagan relaxed in their living room.

When the door to his room shut behind him, he carefully laid her down on his sheets and tucked her in. He lingered for a moment before dipping down and leaving a quick kiss in her hair after brushing stray strands away from her face.

"Sleep tight," He whispered, his thumb rubbing into her cheek before withdrawing and leaving to help clean up the remainder of their meal.

Once his door clicked shut, Flora opened her eyes revealing small tears that had begun to gather. The rumbling of Gantlos' chest had awoken her from the start, but she remained pliant in his arms as they discussed her wellbeing.

She was still unsure of their intentions towards her and continued to eavesdrop, but the longer she listened, the more cherished she felt. She was beginning to see the Wizards in a new light because somehow her greatest enemy seemed to care more for her than the friends, she considered family.