Flour To My Heart

A/N- Hello readers. I am new to the Camp Rock writing area. So by the means of that, this is my first Camp Rock fanfic. It takes place after the first movie, right after Final Jam. It is mainly a Smitchie story but there are others. One day I was like I want to write a Camp Rock fanfic. I started to write and I couldn't stop so I already have 7-8 chapters written. It was like 28 pages and like 18,000 words when I stopped and decided I needed to post some of it. When I wrote it there were absolutely no chapters at all, but I then worked the past couple days and hours and tried to make it into chapters. So I am sorry if the chapters seem a little awkwardly placed because this is one LONG continued story on one document, so there were no chapters. But now there are and this is chapter 1 of Flour to my Heart. I really hope that you enjoy it because I had so much fun writing it! Read and review!

Chapter 1

"Camp Rock!" We finished the final jam song and I was looking into the amazing eyes of Shane. I can't believe everything that has happened lately. The Shane Grey said I was the 'girl with the voice' that he's been searching for. But when did he ever even hear me sing in the first place. Whenever I performed at a jam I was with Tess, Ella, and Peggy. Never by myself. Whatever, I'll figure it out sometime. But back to the point, Shane Grey member of Connect Three was yes looking directly at me. But why me?

All of a sudden someone was standing right next to me, "Could you pull yourself away for awhile for a canoe ride?" He whispered into my ear and I could feel the warmth of his breath on my ear. It was Shane. The thought gave me chills that ran all through my body. I nodded and once we were off stage we were about to head towards the lake.

"Mitchie? Hunny! I need your help in the kitchen. Brown needs me doing things that I don't know what I actually need to do and I still have about a dozen more batches of cookies to make. I have absolutely no time and your father had to leave to get back for work in the morning so he can't make them. Plus he usually does something wrong in the batter, he really needs to learn it better. You are my last hope and you are the only one who knows how to correctly. Can you please go make them?" I of course said I would and she ran off back off in the direction she came from to go help Brown with whatever was needed to be done. I turned and gave him a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry Shane. I really need to go and get them done for her. How about later?" I said about to go since I wanted to get them made quickly. He wasn't saying anything. But as I turned he grabbed my arm and turned me around.

"Want some help?" I just nodded and smiled and we headed for the kitchen. Of course there was no one around since everyone was enjoying the party that was being held. There was a huge bonfire and everyone had free time. But I was sent to work. "How much do we have to make? Doesn't your mom usually bake excessive amounts of food in the first place so we shouldn't have to make that much right?"

I tried to not laugh. "Yes and no. My mom yes does make a load of food. But not when baking. She bakes cookies last minute because she feels as though that means people are allowed freshly warm cookies that still melt when you take a bite into them. So that means since Brown needs her so she asked me to do it. That I, no WE have to make that excessive amount of cookies for her. Oh the joy." When we made it to the doors I went to get the handle but Shane beat me to it and opened it and held the door for me. "Thanks" he nodded and followed me in. I looked around and everything needed was already out. At least she did that much. "Okay. Let's see. She has all the ingredients out. Let's get started."

"There is no recipe?"

This time I actually laughed. He looked at me all 'what did I say that's so funny?' It just made me laugh harder. I shook my head, "N-no." I just kept laughing. I then took a breath and exhaled calming down. "No, we make all cookies by a family recipe that gets ingrained into your head since you are little so there is never no need for a recipe. Always comes in handy."

"Except for the person who doesn't know the recipe to help." He smiled and shrugged.

"Right. I can write it down." Then I went on a search for paper where it usually is. Not there. Hmm, "Paper, paper, paper, paper, where are you? Come out, come out where ever you are." I said while searching everywhere. This made Shane laugh because yes, I looked crazy, and was talking to the paper. I spotted paper finally, "PAPER!" I grabbed it and a pen and wrote down the recipe. "There you go. Now lets get these things cooked!" I decided against an apron because well I didn't care. It was dead silent when something came into my mind, "Wait. You can cook? Well bake?"

"Yes Mitch. I am capable of baking cookies. It can't be that hard. I might not be the best cook by the fact that I almost burnt down the kitchen in the bands apartment. Whoops. But I can bake, I am a cookie-cutter pop-star remember."

"You almost burnt down the kitchen in your apartment? Please don't burn down anything here or me. I don't think I will look good with singed hair."

"Yeah, not very good. Jason and Nate now ban me from cooking. On my nights for food choice it is take out. Your hair would look fine singed."

"Thanks. But lets not let that happen. I am okay with it not being singed or to find out if it does right now."

"Got it." It all of a sudden got quiet again. All I could do was think about Shane. Why was I so special and where did he ever hear me and the 'voice' ever sing?

"Shane" He looked up at me. "Tell me."

"Tell you what Mitch?" He said walking up to me and leaning next to where I was standing but still looking at me.

"The voice. Well my voice I guess it is. When did you hear me sing? I never sang anything solely here when you were around until Final Jam. I only solo sang in my classes." He looked at me intensively and I looked back a little pleadingly. "Please Shane."



She wanted to know about the voice. Wow. I guess I usually never really pulled the entire story out to tell. I would just give the short story. But for her? Anything. "Okay," I then stared off into the distance quickly to remember that day. "It was the first day of camp and I was being my over dramatic old self. I was on the phone with Jason and Nate. "I have looked at a tree, taken a cold shower, it's been three hours. I need hair product."" I mimicked the phone call, "They told me it was time to brace the natural look and hung up on me. Then I turned a corner and was chased by a ton of fan girls. I turned a corner outside the mess hall and tripped and fell into a bush." She laughed.


"Thanks. Anyways. I look cover there because they wouldn't be able to find me there. But while waiting there was a voice coming from the mess hall. It was singing a beautiful song being supported by a beautiful melody on the piano as well. It spoke to me and once the girls left, I got out of my hiding place and walked into the mess hall. By that point, the voice and its owner were gone. I called out but it was already gone. You disappeared but that voice never left my mind for the rest of the time. I knew that by the end of the summer I had to know who had that voice."

"You know now. Are you okay with knowing it's me?"

"I am more than okay knowing it belongs to you." I looked at her and she looked upset. "Mitch, what's wrong?"

"Look Shane, I am so sorry for lying to you earlier in the summer. I never meant for you to get dragged in. I never meant for anyone to. I just wanted to fit in for once in my life. I was finally going to a place that no one knew me so it was a fresh start and I wanted people to like me. But I guess I am not meant to fit in."

"Mitch, look, it's okay."

"No it's not. I didn't plan for it to happen. It happened before I even met you, so you unwillfully got dragged in. I never planned on it getting so out of hand or letting my mom get pulled right in."

"Hey look. First of all you would have fit in no matter who you were. So what if you aren't meant to fit in with Tess. She really isn't the greatest person in the world. Secondly, I never just hung out with you going in circles in a canoe just because of the whole Hot Tunes thing. I hung out for you."

"Well you were hanging out with the real me. I swear. That was the real me. My music is the real me. Everything. The lie was so that hopefully people liked me. Firstly about you, I didn't hang out with you because of you being Shane Grey member of Connect Three or because of free stuff. I hung out with you because of you, Shane. Secondly, I never would have ever told anyone anything. That's not me."

"Thanks. Now if we have all this settled let's bake some cookies."


We got back to work, "Do you remember the first time we met?"

"It was probably in class. Or when I interrupted you and you were playing non-stupid cookie cutter pop star music. I think it was the second one though."


"Then I think class."

"Your hesitating Mitch!" I started laughing.

"I am not! What is so funny?"

"Yes you are. Plus you're lying."

"Fine. If I am then what was the first time then?"

"Here. I came in being a jerk asking to see the head of the kitchen. How I couldn't eat because of the food allergy list that no one supposedly got. Then I ate frosting off a cupcake. I was called a jerk and that the way I was speaking was not the way you talk to someone. But what I remember the best, was you. Face full of flour."

"You knew it was me?!"

"Not right away. But eventually I figured out it was you."

"How'd you figure it out?"

"I think you calling me a jerk many times gave it away. Plus, your voice. You never tried to hide your voice, which most people do to not be noticed or recognized by people. I recognized it but couldn't tell why at first. But then it came aware that it was yours. I just couldn't tell why you'd not let it known. But then I realized after I found out your mom was the chef and that you weren't who you said you were. You didn't want anyone to know that your mom was the chef and that you had to help her. You wanted that to stay separate from everything else here. Plus you were carrying a box of chips, that was a little suspicious." She nodded and shrugged.

"I thought if people knew I was the cooks daughter that they'd treat me different. Which did happen once they did find out."

"So what. I was there when you stuck up for yourself against Tess in the mess hall after everything that happened. That was pretty awesome. Totally deserved."

"It was all true. She deserved what she got. Now lets get back to work. Finish your batches and then put them in the top oven. I'll finish mine and put them in the bottom one."

"Got it," I grabbed the batches and went to put them in, "By the way, flour suits you pretty well."

"Oh really? That's a great thing to know. But I wonder something."

I closed the oven. "What is that?" I said and turned around.

"This." And a ton of flour hit my face.

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