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Chapter 9

After breakfast

"Hello campers!" Brown announced through the mess hall, "I am saddened to say that it is the end of the summer which means that we all need to start getting ready and packed so that we can get going home" everyone groaned "I know you all are sad that it is the end of the summer and I am too but it is time to get back to our lives outside of camp. The bus will leave at 1 if that is your ride and parents will be arriving around that time as well, which means that you have a couple hours to get packed, and say goodbye. Lunch, I've been told by Connie, will be a grab and go and get on the buses home because we need to get the kitchen all packed up and cleaned. So enjoy your last few hours before we say goodbye until next summer." Brown went back to where he started which was the kitchen.

Mitchie, Caitlyn, and Connect 3 were still sitting around the table that they chose for breakfast. Mitchie sat next to Shane leaning on his side with her head on his shoulder while he had an arm wrapped around her waist with his head leaning on hers. Caitlyn and Nate sat opposite of them mirroring the same position, but with Jason next to Caitlyn. They spent all of breakfast joking around while eating enjoying the time they had with them all together. But after Brown's announcement, they sat in silence. Mitchie knew that herself and Caitlyn hadn't even thought of packing yet, but also knew that Lola and the others in the cabin hadn't either and needed more time to get packed. Caitlyn without knowing yet and if agreed by her parents was going to be with Mitchie and had another hour or so after the bus left to get their things together. Connect 3 had just about the same time as Mitchie and Caitlyn so they decided to linger from packing for a while.

Mitchie's POV

I couldn't believe that it was almost time to go home and go back to school. I can't even think about what it is going to be like going back to that place called a school. I don't want to think about what they are going to do or say to me this time around. But what I don't want to think about is being away from Shane. I'm a bit scared that the distance is going to be a toll on us. I know that we'll talk and text all the time, and hopefully see each other as much as we possibly can. I know they are only in New York and I'm in Jersey, but I still am nervous.

I hope though that Caitlyn's parents say yes and allow her to live with us. It would be amazing to have her live with us and it would make it easier for Nate and Shane if we are in the same place, well Jason too, because I want to see him too. Also it would make school more bearable if I had Caitlyn and Sierra with me. Sierra doesn't get it as bad as me, but she gets a bit of what I do, but nothing as bad. But I think with this newfound confidence that I have after sticking up to Tess that I'll be able to hold my own better. Plus with Caitlyn there I think it will be better. I wonder when my mom and I will get to tell her.

I yawn into Shane's shoulder and just watch everyone around the table. Nate and Caitlyn are so cute together and Jason is well Jason and he makes the tone of everything just so much lighter. I look up at Shane and see that he is watching me as well, I smile and kiss his chin and gaze back around me. The mess hall has emptied quite a bit now and we are one of the last people to be in here so it seems a lot more quiet and serene than normal. I grab my coffee cup ready to have more of it when I notice its empty so I slowly pull myself up, kiss Shane's cheek and tell him I'll be right back and motion to my coffee cup. He nods okay and I weave my way through the tables and enter the kitchen. My mom is just sitting on a stool with her back facing me so she doesn't hear me come in. I quiet as a mouse put my coffee cup down and wrap my arms around her waist and lean into her.

She slightly jumps and turns her head and smiles, "Hi mija how are you doing?"

"I'm okay. Breakfast was delicious by the way. Still love your omelet and still say you need to put it on your menu."

She laughed, "Okay mija I'll put it on the menu at your request. Excited to be going home?"

"I don't know. I am excited to see Sierra, but I don't know about facing that school. Also I am upset to be leaving here and being away from Shane mostly."

"Mija we have been talking to the school board about everything as you know and we hope that this time they will try and do something to prevent everything. I just don't understand why people are so cruel. I can tell there is something you aren't saying though, what's wrong mija?"

She knows me too well. "I don't know. I am scared that being away from Shane, is going to be a big toll on everything. I am scared it's going to be ruined."

"Mija listen to me, I can tell that that boy cares deeply for you. I think that yes, it is going to be hard to get used to not seeing him every single day like here but I think that you guys are going to be able to deal with it better than most. You guys will talk all the time and we don't live far from New York so you can drive or take a train there or they can come this way because they are always welcome."

"Ugh I sound so childish right now."

"No mija, not at all. I was just like this with your father. It's called being in love."

"Love? Are you serious? We only just started dating like yesterday."

"Time doesn't matter at all when it comes to your heart. I can tell you both care very deeply for each other. It doesn't matter if it's been years or hours, you just know when it's meant to be."

"I guess you are right."

She laughed, "I know I am. I was going through the exact same things as you and someone told me exactly what I told you and I can tell you right now, if you ever have a daughter or kid in general, they will have the same problems and you will tell them this exact same thing and about this very same conversation."

"Really? Who did you have this conversation with?"

"Grandma. I was around your age, maybe a year or two older than you are right now and I was with your father. You remember how we dated for quite a few years ahead of actually deciding on marrying?" I nodded. I knew they dated for like 5 years before deciding to get married. "Well it was within maybe the first few months of me dating your father and he was so quick to being able to express his feelings about how he knew he loved me from the first time he saw me. I was rendered speechless at the idea of someone falling in love with little old me that easily. I knew I had deep feelings for your father but didn't really understand what love was just yet. I wanted what my parents had which was this amazing love story that they still have today. But I didn't know how to achieve something like that. When I brought this up with my mom, she said that no one has the exact same romance story. She said that love blooms in everyone differently. She met grandpa before he was deployed into Vietnam and she said that she never stopped loving him while he was there. She said they sent letters back and forth, never saying goodbye because it made it feel as though they would never see each other face to face again. He was gone for so long but she never gave up hope that he would come back and sweep her right back off her feet just like he did when they first met. What surprised her was the day he returned, he didn't tell her he when he was returning back and just showed up at her house that day not even going to say hello to his parents. She opened her front door and almost fell over at the sight of him, he didn't say anything but reached and kissed her and went down on one knee and asked her to marry him just like that. She of course said yes and they've been happy ever since."

"I don't think I've ever heard Gram and Gramps story before like that. I knew they met before he went to war, but I didn't know all of that."

"I guess it's because we knew it would become a time when you would hear the whole thing. I think we knew it would happen just like it did for me and your grandma too."

"So what about you mom? What was it like with you and dad? How did you know that you were in love with him?"

"I think you just have to know it. Know in your gut that you love them like they love you. I remember asking my mom the exact same thing as you, she told me, that you just know, that there is no other way to describe it at all. The way you look at each other, how you are around each other. The hardest part I think, is admitting to yourself first that you are in love with them. When I realized I was in love with your father, I at first had the hardest time to actually believe that I felt I was in love with him. But when I came to terms with it, there was no denying it. Once I finally told him that I was in love with him, you couldn't get me to stop saying it. I didn't want to stop saying it. It's different in all people mija; everyone has a different love story. Plus, you don't want to have the same love story as everyone anyways it makes things boring. Now even though I am loving our conversation why aren't you with everyone else?"

I realized then why I'd come in here in the first place. I had a lot to think about with what my mom just said. I knew she was right, I just had to come to terms with that whole thing first. I picked up my coffee cup again and pointed at it to my mom. "I needed a refill and knew there would be a hot new pot of it ready in here." She laughed at me as I refilled my cup and took a sip. There was nothing different in the aspect of coffee from my house and here. Mom always had a full pot of coffee around all the time when she was around. "I almost forgot, when are we telling you know who?"

"Oh right! I almost forgot too. Do you want to tell her now?" I nodded immediately and my mom smiled grabbed her own coffee cup and followed me back into the mess hall where we knew she'd be. I almost skipped back but didn't want a hot cup of coffee all over me, so I tried to contain my excitement. I plopped myself right back next to Shane and kissed his cheek and took a sip of coffee. He though gently pulled my chin to him and kissed me quickly but with all the passion he had. I smiled and turned back to my mom as she slid in next to me.

I looked at her and she nodded for me to start. Everyone said hi to her and I just smiled and looked right to Caitlyn. "Hey Caitlyn!"

"Hey Mitchie!" Everyone laughed at our antics. Remember the conversation we had earlier with mom in the kitchen?"

"Yeah I do Mitchie, it was a bit of a Debbie downer in a way to remember what I am headed back towards." I Just ended up smiling brighter, "What Mitchie? Why does me going back to Davy Jones Locker of hell make you look so—. Why are you smiling so big?"

I looked at my mom and she nodded "How would you like to live with me?"


I just nodded and squealed "How would you—"

"I heard you Mitchie but are you serious right now?" I nodded even more enthusiastically. She ended up squealing now, "YES!"

She leaped somehow out of between Nate and Jason without even tripping and literally pulled me out of my spot somehow and we kept squealing jumping up and down hugging. She then pulled my mom off of her seat and hugged my mom even harder than she did to me.

"Now Caitlyn, I talked to Steve and he agrees with me that we don't like how you have been having to live and deal with school and your parents. So you will be living with us and attending Mitchie's school with her." Caitlyn just kept squealing in glee, "But we also are going to need to get your parents permission for this to happen" This though made Caitlyn stop and fall onto the bench of the table next to ours. Tears brimmed her eyes and I immediately sat down next to her hugging her.


"My parents are" blubbering "going to never answer their phones" more blubbering "how am I going to get them to agree to something" blubbering "when they never care to EVER PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE WHEN I NEED THEM". She was full on crying now. I hugged her tighter than before. I couldn't believe how horrible her parents seem. How can they not care when their own daughter needs them? I looked at my mom and she looked just as upset with Caitlyn's parents.

My mom moved to her other side and wrapped her arms around both of us. "Caitlyn, sweetie, it's going to be okay. Just give me both their cell numbers, house number, work numbers, the company numbers if anything. You won't have to deal with your parents at all. I don't want you to ever have to deal with them again. It's going to be fine."

Caitlyn nodded and wiped her eyes and hugged my mom and I. Nate came over and pulled her into a hug. She was holding onto him for dear life. She wrote down all the numbers for my mom while Shane pulled me into a hug. I didn't want to cry for Caitlyn but I couldn't believe what she was going through. After that Jason pulled Caitlyn and I into one of his amazing group hugs.

"Now why don't you all go and enjoy the bit of time you all have left before you all go and get all that packing I know you haven't at all done yet. I am going to get on with these calls but first calling dad." We all laughed knowing my mom was telling the truth with the whole not having packed yet. Jason skipped out into the sun, Nate with Caitlyn wrapped in his arms walked out the door after him, while I look the last gulp of my coffee, hugged my mom kissing her cheek telling her to say hi to dad for me and with my hand in Shane's went and joined my friends.

When the sun hit my face I smiled and noticed where we were all headed. The dock was our favorite place to all just hang out and relax. I looked up and stared at the sky, it was such a clear day and I couldn't believe it was the last day here. Where the best summer of my life happened. I looked over at Shane and he as well had a bright smile on his face, but his was looking at me. I blushed and smiled and sauntered off to Caitlyn and hugged her. I then took a seat at the end of the dock, slipped off my flip-flops and placed my feet into the water. Shane came up and sat behind me with his legs around me in the water as well and I learned into him and just smiled out at the water.

Caitlyn and Nate did the same our right and Jason plopped himself on our left. The first person to break the silence was Nate, "I can't believe it's the end of summer."

"Ditto." I said leaned further into Shane. He tightened his grip around me and kissed my temple.

"But it has definitely been one amazing summer I'd have to say." He said kissing my temple once again.


"I wish it didn't have to end though. I really hope they pick up Connie's calls and say I can live with you Mitchie."

"I do to Cait. It will make it feel as though summer isn't completely over having you around all the time. Plus it would be so much fun."

"I know! It would be great. Plus there would be no lemmings to ruin it this time."

I laughed, oh the lemmings. "Yeah true, but now it is back to the lemmings of high school again." I sighed. I wasn't ready for those in particular lemmings at all.

"Yeah well with me on your side, they don't stand a chance at all. They are going down once and for all."

"Please Caitlyn, fix that problem so I don't have to show up at her school myself and probably get trampled to get them to leave her alone."

"Right there with you Shane, I'll get trampled right with you if it means them leaving Mitchie alone."

"Ditto to what Shane and Nate said!"

"Thanks you guys, it means everything to me. But I hopefully can deal with it now that I learned to stick up to one lemming, hopefully that means I can do it to these a hundred times worse lemmings. But I don't think the world would like to find out that you guys were trampled trying to help me. Plus hopefully I'll have Cait to help me."

"I don't care if my so called parents say yes or no. I refuse to go back to boarding school and to people who don't care about me at all. I'll just stow away in your mom's van and well I don't know much after that."

I laughed, "The funniest part of that, even though stowing away in my mom's van might be probably really bad, I don't think my parents would even be mad about it. They'd probably be all okay, lets do this."

They all laugh. If I know my parents as well as I think I do, that they truly wouldn't care. They would care as much as I do, to get her out of her situation and to a place where actually caring about her would happen. But it is still probably a lot better idea to get the okay with her parents first.


Once the kids went off to enjoy what was left of camp, I went back to my cabin and pulled out my phone and started to make the calls to Caitlyn's parents. If they are as bad people as she puts them out to be I want to get her out of that environment as soon as possible. She is too great a kid to have to deal with parents who don't care about their children. I don't get how she's gone so long with dealing with it.

I am glad that through all that Mitchie has gone through with people and that school, that she has had Steve and I. I can't even begin to think of how much worse it would be without us there throughout it all. Except, with this summer, I never guess I knew how bad she really seemed to have it. I can't believe that she has so much self-doubt in herself that she couldn't be herself. She has so much to offer people and is such a beautiful girl that I don't know how it could be. But I am glad that this summer has shown her that if she just goes for it she can achieve so much more than she knows. She has found such great friends, and Shane. I could never have told you at the beginning of the summer that she would have given him the time of day. More like I wouldn't have at all been able to tell you that she would end up dating Connect 3's Shane Grey. But all that has changed in him and how well he treats Mitchie, I am happy for them. I can tell that love is blooming between them, they just can't tell yet.

When she met Caitlyn I saw her have a true friend. Sierra is a great girl, but they are so different. But with Caitlyn she is practically Mitchie's twin. They are so alike and mesh perfectly. Also their boyfriends are friends and in the same band. Caitlyn brings out the best in Mitchie. Caitlyn doesn't deserve what she has given to her, so I plan to help her and give her the chance of a life with people that will actually care about her.

I pull out my cell and call the first number on the list, Caitlyn's mother. I don't know what to expect I hope that she picks up but based around what Caitlyn has said there is a rare chance that she will. It rings on and on and on and to no avail. It goes to voicemail you've reached Martha Geller, I will be at sea for the rest of the year. This number will be discontinued at the end of this month due to the fact that I have no personal calls to worry about seeing that my husband is right along with me and there is no other person except him that is important to me. I wouldn't bother leaving a message. I will be throwing this phone into the ocean at the end of the month anyways. The message clicked off.

I was disgusted. It was as though she doesn't even know she has a daughter. Worst of all, what if there was an emergency, she doesn't care and is just gong to throw the phone into the ocean. She is the worst kind of person ever.

I dialed the next number, her fathers, but I couldn't expect even a pinch that he would be better than what her mother was. His though went straight to voicemail, I was going to hang up because well what else could you do when you have a phone turned off and knowing how her mother acted based on that voicemail alone, I could guess it was on the bottom of the ocean already but I listened to his voice message to see if he was any better than her mother.

This is George Geller. Go fuck yourself and leave me the hell alone and fuck someone. I'm probably doing my wife right now while we are at sea for the rest of the year. So go find someone, maybe a hooker or a hobo and get laid, I don't give a shit what you do. Just leave me alone so I can fuck my wife. I slammed my phone shut and chucked it across the room. I was more than disgusted now.

How did someone so amazingly talented, courteous, and full of life come from people so revolting as those two? I walked over to the kitchen giving up for the moment and leaving my phone where I left it to get some chocolate. As I headed over I could see Mitchie and Caitlyn attacking the three boys. I laughed to myself at the sight of them, just having fun and continued into the kitchen. I headed straight for the chocolate and sat on a stool and just kept eating piece after piece. I was so ticked off at them. They have no parental nurture whatsoever in their bodies. All they care about is themselves.

I knew I had to not give up so I grabbed a chunk of chocolate, put the rest back and walked back to my cabin grabbing my phone. The next number on the list was their work. I hoped I could get ahold of them this way at the least. It rang and someone picked up, "Hello Shores Cruises how may I help you?"

"Hi, I am looking for George or Martha Geller? It is important."

"Oh I am sorry, they are both unavailable at the moment."

"What having a party together in their pants?" I mumbled disgusted.

"Excuse me?"

"Look I don't care about if they are unavailable right now, this is important, it is about their daughter."

"Who's daughter?"

"George and Martha Geller's daughter, Caitlyn."

"The Geller's don't have a kid anymore. They said it died in an accident."

"Wait excuse me? She is not dead. Why are you saying it, it's a girl and her name is Caitlyn Geller and she is very much alive still, we are together with my daughter now."

"Well sorry mam but according to them and the papers given to the company, it died years ago in an accident, they do have a death certificate and everything to verify it."

"She is not fucking dead. Go tell them to go to hell."

I hung up immediately. I was now beyond furious. Why would they say that she died? I put my phone down and walked outside to get some air.

"Connie, what has you looking so glum?" I turned and saw Brown.

I sighed, "I've been trying to get in touch with Caitlyn's parents so we could work out the whole her staying with us."

"Ah. How's it been going?"

"Impossible. They are repulsive people. And I only got voicemails and could tell by just that."

"Yeah, I haven't had all too much contact with them. Actually to tell you the truth I don't think I've had any at all. When Caitlyn was first signed up for Camp Rock, her grandmother did it all, but then when her grandmother died a few years back, her grandmother had made sure before she died that Caitlyn would always be able to come back."

"Oh that's horrible. At least she's had Camp Rock. Did she have another sibling at all by any chance?"

"No. She is an only child. Why?"

I sighed "I can't believe those two horrible people." He look at my confused. "After I got both of their terrible vulgar voicemails, I called the next number Caitlyn gave me which was the company that they work for, I got a receptionist who said that they don't have a kid which she kept calling her an 'it' and said she was dead because of an accident that they had papers and a death certificate to prove it."

He looked shocked. "Why would they ever do that to their own child to poor Caitlyn to top it off. Why would they say that she was dead? Who would ever do something that terrible ever?"

"I don't know. So now I don't know what to do. There was no way I was leaving her in that environment based on just what she said about them, but now there is absolutely no way at all that I could let her go back to that life. But even as much as I wish I could just take her back with me and that be it, it's not very legal."

"Well its actually very illegal and called kidnapping. Even though I know how much Caitlyn would be happy about it even though it would be really bad. If anything, try and get the rights of Caitlyn and adopt her and get her away. Go to court and tell them what is going on and that she is not living in an environment suited for anyone. She needs a family that cares for her, and I know you all care for her and would welcome her with open arms."

"Why didn't I think of that to begin with? You are a genius. I need to call Steve and talk to him about this and getting it squared away immediately. Thank you Brown!" I called over my shoulder and I went back to my cabin to call Steve. If they refused to even acknowledge they have a daughter than, we will make her ours and she will get to have a family that loves her.

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