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We were all sitting on a hill high up, looking out over the remnants of the ancient city; his city, his old home. Nobody spoke as we contemplated what we all knew we would soon have to face. Everyone either stared at the pyreflies, the fire or just at the ground. We had stuck our weapons in a mound of earth a little away from where we were; we knew that we would be fighting almost constantly soon enough – tonight was not a night to be armed, it was our evening of calm before the storm.

Eventually, Tidus stood up. As he rested his hand on Yuna's shoulder for a moment, she turned her head slightly and closed her eyes. I couldn't help but smile at the two of them, earning me a glare from Lulu. I knew it wasn't right for me to encourage them, but I couldn't help it; they were perfect for each other. Lulu knew that, but she was also convinced that nothing could ever happen between them. What Lulu didn't seem to understand was that both Yuna and Tidus knew Yuna's fate, as did we all, but they didn't care about what it meant for them. They still wanted to be together, even if it was just for a short time.

Tidus let go of Yuna's shoulder and, as he walked away, her face changed. She was trying to hide it, but she was sad. Anyone in her position would be. It wasn't just that though; this was a sad place just to be near. You could feel it in the air. Hundreds of summoners and their guardians would have sat in the exact same spot where we were, looking over the same ruined city, probably feeling the same things we all were: worry, fear, sadness, confusion, maybe even a bit of regret.

Tidus climbed up on a high mound behind Auron and Wakka. From where I was sitting, between Kimahri and Rikku, I could still see him. He stared out at Zanarkand, his now-destroyed homeland. Nobody followed him. We all understood why he wanted to be on his own, Rikku and I more than the others. We know how it feels to see your home in ruins.

I looked round at the rest of our group. Yuna was now staring into our small fire, her face thoughtful, but still sad. She knew that we were all worried about her, and she hated us feeling like that, although if we weren't worried, we wouldn't be very good friends.

Auron was also watching the flames, but his face was emotionless. Auron isn't exactly known for being gushy. I don't think I've even seen him look sad about anything, although he would be anxious for Yuna's safety along with the rest of us.

Wakka on the other hand could get pretty emotional sometimes. He was keeping his eyes on the floor, probably not trusting himself to look any of us in the eye in case he bubbled over or said something he'd regret.

Lulu was sitting on a rock instead of on the ground like the rest of us, but she wasn't acting high-and-mighty; she looked just as upset as Wakka, but I knew she could hold it together better than him. She felt like she had to be strong for Yuna's sake. She still thought of her as her younger sister that she had to protect.

Rikku looked like she was about to cry. She's not very good at hiding her emotions. I felt like I should give her a hug, but I was sure that if I did, she wouldn't be able to keep a lid on her tears and then she'd feel embarrassed.

Kimahri…well, Ronso are very good at hiding their emotions, but I knew he'd be feeling the same pain as the rest of us, maybe even more so. I think sometimes he still looks at Yuna as the child he first met years ago in Bevelle.

Me, I felt upset, worried, afraid and, of all things, guilty. If Tidus, Rikku and I had managed to think of another way for Yuna to defeat Sin, things might have been different. We might have not been sitting here, and everyone wouldn't look so sad.

I looked up at Tidus, who was still looking out at Zanarkand. I saw his fist clench. He was mad at himself too. He was one of Yuna's guardians too, and he felt responsible for her. We all did. But the question now was if we still had time to think of a way to save Yuna.

This is our story. Please listen; it needs to be heard.