Chapter 1 - Fryd ev ed ec risyh?

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Also, for anyone who's wondering, the chapter title translates from Al Bhed to "What if it is human?" which is what Rikku says to stop the other Al Bhed killing Tidus at the beginning of FFX.

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I leaned over the rails of the salvage ship and sighed. Being a kid sucks. Uncle Cid never let me go on salvage missions or recon with the others. Apparently I was "too young", but he let Rikku go! She's only two years older than me.

I picked at the diving suit that Uncle Cid said we have to wear on the ship. I really didn't like it; it was orange which doesn't suit me at all, and it went right round my head, pulling back all my hair back off my face which made me feel really uncomfortable. It wasn't a real diving suit anyway; if I was to leap off the ship into the sea it wouldn't keep me dry. It was just a jumpsuit. A hideously orange, awkwardly tight jumpsuit. Rikku just gave it to me so I wouldn't feel left out after she convinced her father to let me come on the ship.

Cid was Rikku's dad. He's been looking after me for as long as I can remember. My parents died when I was very young in an accident with a faulty machina, the same accident that killed Rikku's mother. My mother and Rikku's father were brother and sister, and Rikku and I, as cousins, have always been very close. Brother on the other hand…

"They leave you behind again?" I heard a voice say in Al Bhed behind me.

I turned around and, as I expected, there was Brother, my other cousin, Cid's oldest child.

"What about you? You're still here too, in case you didn't notice"

"Father needs my help on the ship. You, on the other hand, are just being a nuisance", he grinned.

I smirked and pushed him. Not expecting it, he fell over. I burst out laughing, the loving little cousin that I am.

Brother and I have teased each other since we were both children. Because he was older than us (and, although he'd never admit it, because he's a boy) he thought he was better than us at everything, and we always took great joy in beating him in races, or in getting him in trouble for things that we did wrong.

"Suki!" he complained. "Respect your elders!"

I held out my hand to haul him up. "Earn respect then!"

He grabbed my hand, let me pull him up, and then pushed me down as revenge.

"You look really stupid in that suit by the way!" he called over his shoulder as he ran back off the deck onto the bridge.

I grumbled under my breath as I stood back up. For all that Brother was older than me, he wasn't half immature. Sometimes I just wanted to chuck him overboard. He didn't even have to wear a dive suit because he was on the bridge with Cid most of the time. I thought he looked like an idiot with his chest all tattooed and his problem of seemingly never wanting to wear a shirt. The masses of earrings didn't help his image either in my opinion.

"Salvage team's back!" Brother yelled from the bridge. I couldn't see him, but I could definitely hear him. "Sakura! Go help; they've got something!"

I didn't usually appreciate being ordered around, but helping to haul anything the team finds on missions is pretty much the only job Uncle Cid lets me do, and I really want to do whatever I can to help, the main reason being so maybe he'll finally let me go on recon with Rikku.

I ran round the deck to the back of the ship. Rikku was already up the ladder, leaning over to pull something up. Usually the only thing they bring back onto the ship is any machina that need extra equipment to fix them that the salvage team can't carry with them. So you can probably imagine my surprise when I leaned over to help and saw that they were pulling up an unconscious person.

"What the…" I muttered, my eyes getting larger.

It was a young guy, tanned with dirty-blonde hair. His clothes were pretty weird: he had a jacket which showed his chest, with one short yellow sleeve and one long blue and red sleeve. He had a short black glove on one hand and a long brown one on the other. Even one of his pant legs was longer than the other. All in all, he looked kind of uneven.

We dragged him onto the deck and round to the front of the ship, under where the search lights are. After we'd rolled him onto his side, everyone else went onto the bridge to report to Cid and Brother. Rikku just stood there looking sheepish. I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Care to explain?" I asked in Spiran, with a disapproving look on my face. Sometimes I swear I should be the older cousin.

Whenever Rikku and I want to have a private conversation, we usually talk in Spiran, as not many Al Bhed can speak it fluently. Rikku had been teaching me Spiran since before I can remember, so it almost feels like our secret language.

"A fiend was attacking him! I had to help!" she argued, looking down at the floor.

I rolled my eyes. "That doesn't explain why he's here! Why'd you bring him back?"

She glanced up, still looking like a kid getting told off, which I suppose she kind of was.

"The others wanted to kill him. They thought he was a fiend disguised as a human."

I crouched down to get a better look at him. "He looks human to me." I looked back up. "How come he's passed out? Did the fiend hurt him?"

Rikku went back to looking sheepish. "Not exactly… I punched him. Hard. In the gut."

My head dropped in embarrassment at my cousin. "…Dare I ask why you felt the need to punch the guy in the gut?"

She was about the answer when Brother ran onto the deck.

"Rikku! Suki! Get away from it!"

He grabbed my elbow and yanked me up, practically throwing me behind him.

"Don't call him an 'it'! He's a person!" Rikku yelled.

I grabbed her arm. "C'mon Rikku, let's go see Cid. He'll be worried about you."

Rikku refused to look away from the boy. I locked eyes with Brother and he nodded. I pulled Rikku towards the door to the bridge, and she allowed me to lead her away. As the door closed over, she leaned back against the wall, pinching the bridge of her nose. I put my arm around her shoulders.

"You ok?" I asked.

She nodded but sighed deeply. "What d'you think Brother'll do to him?"

I squeezed her shoulders. "Don't worry; I'm sure he won't do anything."

At that moment, Brother walked through the door. Rikku immediately stood in front of him, blocking his path.

"What have you done to him?" she shouted accusingly.

Brother held his hands up in surrender. "Nothing! Honestly, I've just got two guys guarding him for when he wakes up."

Rikku stomped her foot in agitation. "He doesn't need guards!"

I laid a hand on Rikku's shoulder again. "Rikku, when he wakes up he might freak out. He'll have no idea where he is, and the last thing he'll remember is you punching him. Someone's gonna have to calm him down."

Rikku took a deep breath and nodded. Brother just looked confused. He never really picked up much Spiran.

Just as I was about to explain what I'd said, one of the guards that Brother had posted outside ran through the door.

"The captive's awake!"

Brother, Rikku and I walked out of the door quickly and headed towards the human who, sure enough, was sitting up, awake and alert, behind the two guards with guns.

I saw his eyes fly to Rikku, and a flash of recognition crossed his face. Then his eyes flew to Brother and then, in turn, to me. He looked pretty confused. I didn't blame him. It must be pretty weird waking up in a place you don't know, surrounded by complete strangers, most of whom don't even speak your language.

"Search him!" Brother demanded.

Rikku walked behind him, pulled him to his feet and patted his pockets, confirming with a nod that there wasn't anything there.

And then Rikku, the boy, the guards and I had to witness the horrific embarrassment of Brother trying to mime.

He pointed at the human, then attempted to mime diving off the boat and swimming about. It took all my willpower to not burst out laughing. I saw a smirk cross Rikku's face, but she wiped it off quickly.

"Right, whatever…" the boy muttered quietly in Spiran, sounding bored, nearly making me giggle again.

"Do you not speak?" Brother asked, apparently having not heard his comment.

He pulled out a pair of goggles from his pocket. He held them out to the human, tapped him on the shoulder and then pointed behind himself towards the sea, grunting the whole time.

"I said I don't understand!" he sighed.

One of the guards pointed his gun in his face. "Insolence!"

I nearly ran forward to stop him, but Rikku beat me to it.

"Wait!" she demanded, holding a hand up. Turning to the human she explained: "He said you can stay if you make yourself useful!"

He turned to her in shock. "You…You understand me?!"

One of the guards got his attention by punching him in the back.

"Alright, I'll work!" he growled angrily.

He looked up and caught my eye. I smiled, and he kind of half-smiled back. A new recruit – this could be fun!